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and will be successful, very difficult, time, time to sit down and talk with a new thought, a new you live in most schools. if you look on the initial, be wonderful up a can use to put a new one. do you do or change,
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but you also done a mostly i didn't so much of that. going to thought that i'm going to believe just to submit it. i see the student bussey's dog room, q lation says decent it done boss with a go to task issue i window. so what's more, much more month of good. i was going for several weeks successful russian entrepreneur, you're either gone or has been moving humanitarian cargo to the people who don't boss from moscow. and he's been doing it at his own expense. he, in a group of like minded volunteers, deliver it to where it's most needed in the region a
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with on you would have gotten them to just look forward to mr. dunn boston. our deal is pretty if you could do is we'll deal with all the most all break. so got alluded, oh i see the steve boss, his dog broke. you lation says this, not to your daughter, don barza. yes. the could utilize europe reduced. you support your another aspect of yury and he's been volunteers. work is that they locate and rescue people from the water still actually on. i just renewed in bunker for minute, uniform all across up in the seal. the dumb fisher show more power the machine by media enough or not. so when you're ready to come, when you are, you need to just move with all the water the additional
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otherwise any ocean design was, is it and what i did about my eatable? so yes, and you're really with them because whether it's a little school bus done or not, and i have called to day maria, but can only be access my special missions escorted by the military. assistant viking is ongoing in the city center. ukrainian, near nancy resolve militants, have retreated to areas around the leech and as of style plants and are putting out phoenix resistance. although to provide new york because it was a working with us, no one will be a sure. but if a procedure, but only the only will postcard button. oh but don't just read them. would always reaches normal business hours. okay. how about the whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, would be with his but the doctor i had already done. you do to just move a move or time glazer. i had to put some which up a double dog. he shot russia. not really job dungarees. right. just because we
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little put a lot of the art fit short or minute. mm hm. as a killer form frosted place in like a dealer must cause good keith or from california initial be well if column interested, i thought so much if i just got stuck, what day did you are? a due date on or 3 the j. purcell co cost of a new job. it will be worth it. im solution cuz we plenty talk with jewish ah little slotskum always did just on board with us, but just for new sport. nicholson and use logo blood use. cuz if with
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the expeditions main objective is to do the food and medicine to one of my are you both districts and to try and find the keys? sales family, maria and alexander from what they understand, alexander isn't able to move around on his own. a couple must be evacuated when we arrive and see some locals by the underground parking garage, which for many has become a real life saver. and i guess the video had doyle i would shy m lab wall mostly because you know, if you're poor, even though this area has been liberated, most people are still living in basements, all the flights and houses have been destroyed or a freezing a saga was there was this with water and candles? was there waiting? gold? who is american? mostly really all you've been through it. people from mary, you pose basements and courtyards on high alert. they see and hear everything in minutes, a crowd gathers around the humanitarian,
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a truck. i think the rumble of artillery increases this fighting and watering exchange in the nearby center of mario built on the as of style plant. brock breed track again. reaching to spies. i wanted to watch any by you show the figure is not functional features. 3, i didn't get it doesn't look good, but i just love moves. absolutely. thank you, melissa john and your last post piano law. correct? no, no actually said of the church kaneshia that it, it could've been the multitude really, which clearly were which was nature you which quickly you rushed up. also though alexandra cheaper was to go with dr. jackson. we tried several times to find the brother suit of a mother and daughter are going,
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you are national but valuable. a chicken dish at the final cordon. so just stop us from moving on. further lunch. a lot of lots more to my food options, usually work well. you know, if i'm from for slots from hunger fung, you have to know what your worker while one group distributes humanitarian aid. the other search is near by streets for the kids. cell family will perhaps want is all called on richey. sheila, almost beginning year to lecture the show these special white markings denote friends there to avoid getting hit by friendly fire. goes to start use and he wants to check with it would call your own student toyota would also wanna delete gene divide that even those of you don't buy sure. sean. so muffled a lot of him. so was the garage choice. got it. been in my door, he showed them donors are good to put on with them, but the william was ricky morgan. um let's just do it super easy here.
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a horse mariani go on a year. motivation last. ashley? laura? not sure what he thought of yet other book i did my voice to watch idea, guardian in my life. i didn't, you know, my leg dosier with hello screen. melissa is long as you didn't want to go get started. so we're going to push it for jose delegation so so more of the dora alexander is seriously ill with diabetes and can't move around on his own. he couldn't go down to the basement since the shelling started, he's been living in the hallway on the 3rd floor all this time. his wife maria has been at his side. the flat below them where
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a ukrainian spotter was station was completely destroyed by direct hit from a shell. it's a miracle that maria and alexander survived the local figure of her will that be willing with her? then we take maria and alexander to a temporary accommodation center in busy manet in the morning family. friends will take them to target rogue in russia. but not everyone get so lucky. many people simply have know where to go, and they're left to build a new life in the ruins of the old one. was for the better for you just it is not so much. laurie hunting voucher will might have to with over. mm hm. joseph, i just the choice reader them. gerald. look what you've got a model. loo dodge, or you could have lena, marianna is uri's, men associate an assistant in the dpr. she coordinates,
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local volunteers who pack and ship humanitarian aid, atlanta which can afford and you can pause. i think most of that is more there's a lower lower to see for a box of presents and a letter to a soldier from russian. children is special humanitarian cargo. today during the mission to don bass, his remote villages will try to deliver it to the dpr delicious front line food ring on this f. a rosier reaching a road lies through villanova. the city was heavily damaged during its liberation, and the locals had foreseen that since the 1st days of occupation plans go when they are below that will cause us recent oklahoma local. he's cause irish to free us to bring in buddhism budget of growth. but those diseases are me and i didn't really do anything. i didn't i. yeah, cause i don't
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a satellite for long. i work at your phone for brain for a while. well i watch a portion of them that could fuel exec would have done. consillio says yes, but didn't still voice sorta yet, syria. we still help you could you call you on the phone if he ever left. this is billy 1st to see me on the i do utilization. but id me as yoga, a well known sponsor, dpr militia commander, died, protecting civilians in this neighborhood of al nova. we delivering food supplies, some residences, still living in the basements. i dont battalion nationalists use these houses as vantage points and gun nests saying, or he just had it on his audio should you put them will shortly masika dealer pasta really want to be honest. can you put value a new and you know, grow and scale always coupled with john to snape,
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euro lou correct 0 chicky button while ago. we shall go month to crimes, to start very will with when we play a, please do these us to really a lot all my he look done through a boy pretty will good on principles of the amendments. i'm pretty close to the low this with the approaches from world war brampton. you will call you within the sins of dongle, so not bundle, but there's one bump a dump on the other crochet was he? no, but the beauty, the credit for me aggressive up already for, for the nurse was sitting in the problem was procedures were you, i didn't go go, come daniel should have sent it a while. you did it all marta, my local scholar shot estimated useful cody. it was a lot of stale person personal talk with your leash only while i want you to put it in the back of the canada and out and you know, i'm not sure which card e though i followed what managed hosting plan was, could not start with the charlotte to live with the gym,
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vulnerable. we've sued us that and i am still folks know how that plays a sure it orchard by y'all as to which the don, those are your lowest grain. ah, [000:00:00;00] a
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with that you know, look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law. show your identification, we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too late truck rather than a very job with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with
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a robot must protect its own existence with a road from ball. nevada is bad. it's dangerous to drive off or even get out of your car. it may be mine's. i see you've seen alexander, ear, katrina's husband, businessman and volunteer with the humanitarian. come boys, maneuvers watchfully and carefully ruled for 200 because or would we reach a destroyed bridge? just 2 and a half kilometers ahead. the dpr malicious frontline positions as your presence and letters from russian kids will be delivered to the front lines soon enough. we don't stay long along the way we distribute food supplies at militia checkpoints.
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priority for more afford, mom on of lauderdale would fill the chart at one check point there's an unexpected encounter. but you said you were, you always look here when roy foolish to buzz music from a little for vo wondering when you are so so that well norma wash each locus, but i've been worth a couple of 2. 04. 0, oh oh oh. and your baby died. video snack was with her through the no vesting. it's a chrome you worked with other stated to speak to la. isn't this lana?
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boston you used the hot was multiple. yeah. which is that is though today people in don't been so recognized by their actions. they defend the republic fight in the trenches, save the wounded and sink, did it a humanitarian age, liberated areas in front mines to help in any way they can under constant stress. often risking their lives. we think i just want to play with me. all right, and that will have sufficient if you can, you might just go for the chance to swallow pool, mumbled mister johnson. m. yes, not from the little dogs really interested me. giuseppe? yeah, use deal up or they brought the blue ballast used to book the yoke was most nest.
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oh my god. that's well mushroom of america and to pass, but the julius was terminated. geena sentenced. yes you have gotten here with the hots east jones. gesenta homes is 17 children of various ages. they mostly come from so called dysfunctional families among them of those who have lost parents in war moodle, possibly on the british m goes there. my employers, possible soccer enjoyed that image, lots of position with a lot sandra from the hordes, a do controller version origin to rule or more. and once among them, she's comes to starting to do to cut them delivered into the gutter at the reading assignment goals. i'm a 7 year old demon. survive shelling in mario paul, his parents. sheila, tim with their own bodies. and the boy miraculously survived. well,
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national so that they are one well beneath set to go on up watching the program. just, i'm a guy for the session mine the plaza. better way to ask a warble bus to come knocking my door pilot, which in ceiling us to rely, it was covered. it's still boy sally. i wanna finish shop, did a viet doors in israel for quote, an image. i look at stella a whole lot though. stumbled baglan, founded to ship, i'd done in the hornets of some authority. nobody came yesterday night. does he need to lay miss thought thus from child set door beside jenina? they don't stay, he said bitter thoughts. can you get them? we go, she i do want you could just get me. oh well you're going to get in the middle ground with your last want to luncheon multiplan i had in sure we're all are yes.
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if you could connect that introducing josh, who did on bus is good boy. oh boy, is it also valuable borges? oh, don't you dot com if you leave your new. so my go to them, but like you, one of these people, i give you a really good loading of way in dc. yet, the puzzle for bog waller knew, i didn't know what to do with dish. nope. anymore dish room less thing. a d d. the muscle talk was no still can you before it start on lee, but i had submitted a leaking. mm. oh, this is
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a crazy adult. his loyal kohler please his but national the g. p on it's just famous international brigade, a fighting force that includes don't bass miners, steelworkers students, teachers, actors, businessman and foreign volunteers. a you can plan your e mail for my business is on a traditional and i should be elian with ship a message from the fed. nashika volunteers finally on the front line and also escort humanitarian deliveries. shortly before the expedition says south america posts most dangerous and exposed to fire area, the commander himself gives us instructions worse to inches on when they just go with them focusing on total chicago. what is your survey store? and i do get
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a model please. we receive a shiny going even then you review what it's, i'm of june, every mission to pushing period. you guys with a few penn national fighters escort us to marry you both were distributing food and water to those have gone without for a long time. well, so visiting several addresses to find people and evacuate them. we have a, [000:00:00;00] a go, we pull them off off. well, let me get back on that. i want you to work
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with a, a little hard to work with or didn't reserve if i still had a short idea to go. sure. yeah. giddy. did you get like a what is some, mr. harris or a sure let me resume that over to you guys. it's feel, wow, nuclear at all, unless he's going to host your credit for 0 we're. we're suddenly through her. sure
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. you're in. yeah. the bum deal is around with, but the world is he just said you would already to just dog jennifer world. it was right. right, you're gonna have to have one on crowley now i think you got brand new and that was not done with buddy myers. yeah. but yeah, i'm pretty good. putting up a whole lot of shoes and what would one rebuilt now? another year? law school and it was a summer school and that older you put oscar last. i wanted to see if you folks didn't follow. excuse me. good to know. we'll see your falls. nice. nice mode. of course, that's gauged on a stormy, most of the disney junior has all done. what you like? we did abusive little boys need more support clinical
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with will not miss mc comes in, but she wants to use certain quality 8 drugs on his way to another place. year he wants to check an address in each blond area, cleared of nationalists just 2 days before to the last little. they need to find alexander camaro and his daughter and take to russia, and it's on the other corner with the solution. good. with noun william william systems, if you're a thumb drive, if you do is read a little bit, i need to thank you. you got over the years
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a year for finishing lots of go my own a do i go up was on it was just a lot in local school. was paul bus on the next, on the motor show, the journalist a similarly with you and you don't try to you by you to go out of school lawyer, the commercial go more. the reason today is couple dollars a little low and then who will but it is we will go, you put village gold so much fun which isn't for you to see talk. sounds so funny. okay. yeah. because you wish you were able to see me pretty what you'll do is i don't live off. she'll know my, let me say both some on this because it was so put out,
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get hit on on that. and i do suppose when you're something we hurry to another address, we need to evacuate the media and tone of and her sister, tomorrow from colleen. g st. boarding just more than it was all for fortunately or you might or just look up also wanted to follow up with the vehicle. yes or sure. what are some if i need a new, a way that i've done that with them or we've got, you know, a job with, oh yeah. did you
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recently self with a stroke and car walk on a michael didn't tell you that. no. and you've been a joy, go up to 2, good doubt gordon lloyd dollar minor blue shield board number more with the expeditions and you, he's on his way back to moscow. his business colleagues say there are many issues to attend to a yes. just discuss that to come up with. dan doubled up my dad
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for good. but he's got the right. it's a really good ah ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time. time to sit down and talk with a heavy fighting continues in the village of noble mikaela kind that don't yet people as a public, with local officials saying russian, that forces have now regained control of 220 residential areas that with the west to key of to continue fighting for as long as possible. some surrendering ukrainian soldiers say they see the situation differently. giving interviews, they express hope for a peace and a fellow. so just to return a really want to war 2 and soon


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