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tv   Interview  RT  May 28, 2022 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, his on offense, very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah, webcam. so seems from we engage in dialogue with all interested parties. so this tool was planned quite some time ago. in algeria, we had very substantive and extended talk to the president to bone and forum, and it's still a member. we have good ties in defense and industrial sectors and, and actually cultural and humanitarian exchange. we also valued the resistance of the arab nations to the west and lead boone and their impartial assessments of the situation in ukraine while, but they don't join the sanctions regime against russia. sure,
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because they generally understand the cause of the current events is the blatant refusal of our western colleagues to grow on equal and impartial. security in our common region from india through my oman visit was the 1st one since soldiers and white had been derek. i'll say either a seated to the throne. he gave me a warm welcome. i spent a lot of time with mitchell skills. really. i really appreciated this from his majesty. as the mom protocol doesn't require interaction with ministerial level officials in such format rules, the talks have demonstrated that we have a lot of potential for developmental, especially in trade and economy of the booby. we are able to take these ties. there's a level of political dialogue that of both of we have a lots of opportunities here, for example, in energy. and i teach bocurel glenn on june. the 1st i will take part in the regular session of the foreign ministers form of golf corporation callous. so russia in riot wait! but if this is a format that has been around for quite some time, i wish the luck g to coven 19, there was a pause in our meetings. now our friends have suggested resemble reticence. in
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addition to the g. c. c, russia forum. we will also have bilateral meetings with almost all members of the organization received. all arab nations, if adopted an ass sheet of responsibility, they have proven that they always act in a way that best serves the national interest and that they wouldn't sacrifice these interests for the sake of some one else is true, political schemes are overall. our relations are based on mutual respect, respect the fundamental interests of the arab countries, and we take their security concerns seriously when you, while they in town recognize threats to russia. security threats that the collective west has been engineering for decades, right on our borders of trying to use ukraine to contain russia and inflict serious damage on our country. close mr. o'clock we do. when do you believe they are ready to come to you without policy? despite the western pressure, the anglo saxon lines, as we call it, the lug was douglas social. yes, the anglo saxon alliance has infinite gloom and they show it daily. the west doesn't honor its obligations under the you and chance to respect the sovereign
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equality of states and abstained from interfering in their internal affairs idiom. instead, we'll keep sending it. sam baset is an emissaries, the arab nations, and every other capital of the well to bluntly blackmail and deliver ultimatums loosely. it also uses certain situations in its black mailing of it and directly threaten. so the party of the punishment you're saying they will regret not showing the sanctions against russia. this is outright disrespect of sovereign nation pittsville, but by the reaction of the arab nations and most of the states in asia, africa, and latin america, we see that they don't want to sacrifice their national pride and be lucky to their senior partners. because it only shows that the colonial states of mind and habits of our western colleagues have never changed from the u. s. in europe is still thinking along those lines. you each in their own historical styles. they think they can impose that will, and others assume this isn't right. and it's deplorable for a bit goes against the historical process of forming a multi polar wild with several sent his economic growth, financial power, and political influence. this, no doubt, india and china,
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the world's most fast growing economies with a lot of influence. that just like brazil and other latin american countries. the colonial is repressed the potential of africa that lies in its immense amounts of natural resources. they are still repressing it in the neo colonial ages. that hasn't ended yellows. so africa is raising his voice to bush me. i'm positive that the arab middle east is one of the pillars of the emerging multi polar welsh. we give him a hershey machine, russia, china, india, and other nations have friendly relations. could we see in the lines of those nations to oppose the u. s. blog guns when you go, this is the young hall young's. we never found that alliances. little buddied up against anybody. good. we have an extensive and well established network of partner organizations years. so lisa, the structure is created after the collapse of the soviet union, but the commonwealth of independent states, so the collective security treaty organization and the eurasian economic union. true, there are also organizations that bring together plays across a great geopolitical landscape before the,
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such as the shanghai corporation organizations of that is currently established and is developing closer ties with the early $811.00. and the coupling of the eurasian integration projects with the chinese initiatives like the belton road initiative, the bully of the people's republic of china, and the even have signed a corresponding agreement issues. the coupling of integration processes include more and more territory, eula, euros. aside from the e, a, e u, and the s c o. these organizations have also sy memorandums of mutual understanding with the syrian and this is the so called great t eurasia project. but the racial partnership, the one connect, the whole continental real president potent spoke about the russia as the in summits 6 years ago shooting. and this project is taking shape based on real processes on the ground. yeah. has a purely eurasian as it is hooking. many arab nations are interested in collaborating with the s c. attributes. wet rule of the, of the leading sub regions of all great continent representatives. my, the substance, civic, positive alliances that don't seek rivalry with any, but it coming
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a global trench organiser. the membership of bricks proves it from brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa, all saudi friends and argentina expressed. similar interest in this organization will show you the foreign minister valentina is declared the nation's intent to become a full member of briggs. the preparation for its next summits is underway, which will feature an outreach formats shall put a dozen countries developing mostly will participates in it said the progresses that is good. but then we know a western friends have many phobias and complexes of superiority and infallibility complexes, for example. but they also paranoid because they see opposition and a threat to that dominance in any process they don't control or not paul itself years. it's time to get rid of such habits as i posted near. would you say the recent russia china joined military exercises are indicative of sampling of the put of those are in english. this is an extension of our partners. you were trained to strengthen security in the region or russia and china hold regular military drugs
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and various of the exercises together. the goal is to enhance saw anti terrorism coordination and strengthen our common borders. as members of the shanghai corporation, organization issues, russia and china has a long history of fruitful corporation in the area of defenseless good of the years . now we've held regular exercises in the areas where we shad boyd is using, where our security interests are. salon. this reflects the responsibility and commitment with both russia and china to masses of security. i get a 6 on his key. the anglo saxon allies has shown 0 concern about the problem of biological weapons. despite all the evidence revealed by russia, how can we make the world recognize the dangers of biological warfare? although if you read the press, especially in the russian speaking world, they talk about a historic moment. now the trasha area has exposed those slabs to the world, but more than the ocean. this is in direct violation with the biological and talks and weapons conventional under this convention. for years we have advocates the
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creation of a transparent and universal verification mechanism next. but in these efforts, we've been supported by all of the companies except the united states starting to propose mechanism would allow all countries to verify that none of the policy has a convention or in violation of their obligations since 2001 to more than 20 years the u. s. is be mainly oppose this initiative. we know today why they have gotten to disposition because all these years they've been creating military violence from the bar trees around the world. so there is an entire division of the pentagon or the defense threats reduction in charge of these operations in developing the network of military and biological trees. and the pentagon is directed special attention to the former soviet union country. and you raise your, in general, if you look at the available data, such report trees have been set up. you can see they've been established primarily along the border of the russian federation and in close proximity to the people's republic of china. initially, we expected that the experiments conducted in these lubarski and not exactly
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peaceful or innocent in nature. then the russian forces, along with a denial from the guns militia, discovered these lavar trees him are equal to the city liberated as part of the special military operation. the americans who abandoned the bar trees and have the arrival of a trick, attempted to destroy all the documents in sample, but they couldn't wipe out all at the office of the passage and samples that survived, as well as documents. clearly demonstrate that the purpose of those experiments was military, was from the same documents. it became clear that there are dozens of similar lives across the crane. so we will work to ensure that 1st of all of the evidence we've presented to the un security council is taken very several things. as you pointed out, the overwhelming majority of developing countries do take your cereal for us. and 2nd of all, this information lay the groundwork of a concrete actions to be taken under the biological weapons convention. the united states must clarify what exactly they were up to, and we will also investigate further reports that certain other countries, me,
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the ukraine, germany, grew involved in these experiments, specifically those conducted in the ukrainian level. so i think if it's not classified where else to define laboratories like this, even close to russia, nuclear, you know, it's not a robot. there are similar labs in armenia who cassock, son, and in several central asian countries. we are working with these countries through bilateral channels. and as members of the collective security treaty organization, we need to address these issues with virtually every c, s, d, o country and other members of the c i. as we have signed or in the process of signing memorandums on biological security labels under these memorandums countries agree to inform each other of their respective biological research programs. borderline naturally, this requires transparency below so we can make sure none of these programs have a military guy. mentioned seeded, that's forbidden by the conventional so also these memorandums allow the site to visit each other's research facilities and examined the activities if they're, by a lapse. in addition of it stated in the documents that there must be no military
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representatives of any 3rd party. it's any of our biological facilities, hulu, towards the crystal. according to this, in what way would these cancers benefit from hosting bio labs like these? some material game may be the material needed to se, ask you so you specially the soviet union had a massive biological research program. when the ussr signing the biological weapons convention, the program which is correct, i said before military components, i speak the research that was still valuable from a scientific standpoint. when the u. s. the saw collapse in 1991. we will remember what they tell country with interest. it's a very integrity of russia was at stake. we had no reserves to pay off our national debt, so people didn't have the money to purchase even the basic, everyday necessity when you're born in our western part as quickly fees the moment as they say, they offered their services and all aspects of life penetrated all areas the newly independent country listening, they sent their advises that consultant and now were reaping the results. but time
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to check. these are no longer young and inexperienced. freshly independent republics just woken up from the soviet dream. this is all in the past now. all the former soviet republics have grown stronger, established themselves as completely sovereign and independent. they cannot decide for themselves which partners to choose in the international arena. what's your problem? we have agreement with them saying the commitments they made back to that. and as part of the c s c s t o d u ration economic union that these commitment must be julie respected by other countries that are interested in fostering relations with all the states, the former soviet union. remember the video and of course we engaged in discussion about the problems we will face back them during the formation of unused through various agencies if we continue to exchange information about the risks associated with such seamless collaboration with foreign countries of incentive areas of death . in addition, naturally, biological research is one of those areas. and as i said, we now have an understanding that we share our bio security issues that directly
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affect public health and the environment within the jurisdiction of the collective security treaty organization. so we will continue to work in a constructive manner in accordance with all these it 3 documents national. ah ah, ah, in least a russian state to never. i've side as on the north landscape, divest knocking sunset, me within a 50000 feet. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. when else about this, even though we will van in the european union,
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the kremlin media machine restate on russia today and split ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with chris with me. ah, to ca, now turn can a totally are proposing some sort of a plan to bring cross shine key of back to the negotiation table. there's even a name for it already. their own plan is russia willing to engage in the negotiations that so far failed to produce and your results? well, her logo does good. we've talked about it many times before. our western colleagues
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simply decided to use lensky and use all citizens of ukraine to the very last person to try and contain russia. they want to close as much damage to russia as possible to try and defeat rush from the battlefield. and the, talking openly about this in washington, in berlin, in london, especially in london and in warsaw of course, in warsaw that went so far as to propose to wipe out the entire russian woke, comparing it to a cancerous chima on the body of mankind. for years, russia's tried to make people listen. we've tried to explain so many times, why nato's expansion eastwood and ukraine being pulled in today to earn expectable . they heard us, but they didn't listen. all they had to do was make ukraine comply with its commitments. they failed to do that in 2014, when there was acute attack and ukraine. despite the guarantees of the for years we've been calling on care to fulfill its obligations. at one point the landscape government publicly stated that they would never talk to these people, meaning the dumbass authorities and the west still covered for them. even though
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they were required to talk to these people by the un security council resolution that approved the minsk agreements. then they said they would never carry out the midst agreements that they would rather die than grunt these republics, any special status. meanwhile, ukraine passed the series of laws banning the russian language and education and in the media. the use of the russian language was prohibited even in everyday situation, as only the ukrainian language was recognized as the language of every day communication the ukrainians. let's not forget what the lensky said about, but if anyone feels russian and they should feel free to go back to russia, he said that in september 2021. we had all these humiliating anti russian races statements, and we saw ukraine's near nazi policies which were becoming enshrined in ukrainian law. we try to make the western nations the o. s. c, the council of europe and the relevant, you embodied take notice, but there was no reaction. occasionally someone would say, well, yes,
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they have to comply with their internal obligations. but zalinski could not care less about his government's international obligations, or the constitution of ukraine, which expressly guarantees the rights of ukraine's russian speaking population. they spat on the constitution on all the international conventions and kept pushing through the anti russian laws. we've explained why we had to make committees, and our findings that the ukranian army positions during the special operation suggests that it was almost too late to commence on february the 24th. they were planning to launch a so called plan b on march the 8th, a large ukrainian force that had been deployed on the line of contact by mid february was meant to launch in assault and take over the dumbass. that would have been a severe violation of immense agreements and the un security council resolution because i have no doubts that had they succeeded. the west would have turned a blind eye to these violations just like it has been doing. so for the past 8 years and, and when care proposed negotiations a few days in the operation,
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we immediately agreed. several rounds were held in person and betters. we were trying to understand the position of ukrainian colleagues what they were trying to achieve. so we made our position class before after a few rounds and bellows, and on line, we scheduled a meeting and stumble during that meeting, the ukrainian side finally provided its proposals in writing for the 1st time. the document was signed by the head of the delegation. we studied that proposals reporting it to the president and confirm to ukraine and colleagues that we were ready to have them as a starting point. and since those were just disjointed elements and not the proper drive that we've prepared one on its basis, and i can't stress this enough with that draft was based on the ukrainian proposals . then we forward it to our ukranian colleagues. but the next day, we had another gross stage provocation and butcher. 3 peaceful days had passed after the russian army left the city. when bodies were found in the streets and russia was accused of mass murder. you know, what happened next year? the west introduced another round of sanctions as if it knew what was going to
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happen. and ukraine said it had changed its approach and wanted to reformulate the principles of the peace treaty. nevertheless, the contacts continued as of today, the current draft is on the ukrainian side and no progress has been made. but as to who's ready for talk, the landscape is giving an in the recently, he's talking to somebody every day these days. so he's giving an interview and he said he was ready for talk, but only between him and posted. there is no point in talks on any of the level. he thought there shouldn't be any mediators. and only after ukraine regains control of its territory on the borders as february, the 23rd. i guess i don't have to explain that this is just silly, but nobody can deny the west benefits from this irrational stubbornness. i've said before that the west is called to inflict a military defeat from russia. so the war has to go on. they need to arm ukrainian, nationalists, weapons, and ukraine, including those that can hit russian territory. president lensky is public. you requested such weapons and we have strongly warned the west against providing them
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. it is effectively waging the proxy war against russia using the hands bodies and minds of ukrainian near not seasons, but long range weapons would drastically escalate the conflict. and i sincerely hope that the few reasonable people in the west understand that yes, we're looking into negotiations right now, but it's already been advertised as some kind of break through step. the same goes for the italian initiative. we haven't seen anything so far. we have respect relations and the descriptions of this piece initiative, the surface in the media. but from what we've read, if that is the real deal, then i must say it's regrettable how little the authors of this initiative understand about the subject or about the history of the problem. if what i saw was correct, then they talk about crimea and the dumbass being parts of ukraine as regions with broad autonomy, no serious politician. he wants to actually achieve progress on the issue and not just advertising self to his electra will propose something like that. the dumbass could have returned to ukraine a long time ago if the ukrainian governments, but parish and coast answer landscape,
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had complied with immense agreements and granted special status to these people. the people who refused to accept the coat all they wanted was to retain the russian language. also, this italian initiative he spoke about says that in addition to the reconciliation between rush from ukraine, if the media reports a correctly, they also want to launch a new helsinki process to ensure the security of everyone in europe. funny, how a friends in rome suddenly remembered the helsinki process. now, when it's too late, because the helsinki process gave the world as well as our region, the euro, atlantic region, a number of very important things where you can renew, for example, the declaration signed at the highest level at the summits of the organization for security and cooperation in europe, specifically in assemble in 1999 and an astonished in 2010. these documents and shrine, the principle of indivisibility of security. they said that security can only be equal and indivisible. these documents contained the detailed formulation. every country has the right to choose its own alliances,
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but no country can choose its alliances or otherwise strengthen it security in a way that would undermine the security of any of the country. and the 3rd components of this formula, no country, no organization in the o. s. c complained to dominate security issues. anyone who is familiar with the situation in europe understands that the key components of this commitment of being flagrantly violated by western countries. they believe they are reinforcing their own security by openly violating russia's rights to its own security. they insist that only nay to conclude the shots in this region and no one else. so we tried to make these noble political concepts into reality so that they don't just remain words on paper, followed by the signatures of americas in europe's presidents. but said that they can actually make a change in the world. so we put forward a suggestion of, let's turn this political commitment. the one i just told you about into an actual treaty. let's give it some legal power. back in 2009, we propose such a treaty to the nato countries. they said that they would not even consider discussing it. do you know why this is important?
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they said only nato can provide legal security guarantees than we say. but what about the a see if you will have your signatures head, don't you? they respond with, well, these are political promises slogans that so this is very telling as to how western politicians treat, that president signatures. but that wasn't our only attempt. we tried again later. i gave you the 20092013 time other than the qu happened in 2014, the minsk agreements in 2015 because all those years we kept saying they colleagues, this will not happen well because you are ignoring all legitimate interests, you're rudely saying no, when we're just asking you to consider all legitimate concerns. and we were not talking about some regions, tens of thousands of kilometers away. we were discussing the situation at the russian border. imagine the hypocrisy, the odessa to the colonial mentality, i am allowed to do whatever, while you will do what i tell you. and we see this everywhere, not just in the treatments of our interests when they need to remember how in 1999
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in the united states, suddenly decided that you get sloppy with a threat to american national security. 10000 kilometers away from the u. s coast and they just bombed it. they use the american who headed up the o. s. c mission at that time, william walker. he cried genocide after several bodies who discovered in red check . as it turned out later, these were not civilians but militants. they dressed them as civilians and laid out their bodies. similar to how things are staged in boots at nick kit on april the 23rd this year. the same technique. and it works even when it's not too convincing . they don't need to convince anyone they bomb the yugoslavia. they recognize conservation dependence, breaking all o c principles. and then they said, this is how it's going to be. by the way, after the referendum in crimea, they said no cost of self determination is right. but crimea self determination is wrong. in 2003, the us decided that another country, 10000 kilometers away, post the threat to america, iraq. they showed a vial with teeth powder,
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i think poor collin pow late to complain that he had been set up by his intelligence agencies. in several years later, tony blair admitted, yes, we made a mistake, but oh, well, what are you going to do? obviously by then there was nothing anyone could do the bomb, the country for millions of civilians were killed in iraq territorial intact. he is still in jeopardy and the country is facing numerous problems. serious ones like terrorism for example, which wasn't a problem before the invasion. yes, iraq and libya had authoritarian governments but no terrace. these were not combat zones with conflicts rising all the time. hibler libby, as another example in 2011 obama said that america will be leading behind europe. spac, france, the most democratic country in old europe, with its liberty, a gala tag, fraternity principle, had it up the nature operation against the reggie and ended up destroying the whole country and libya's having a really hard time getting back to normal. the french of course,
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now trying to help they keep coming up with various initiatives called conferences, amount selection dates, but nothing is working. they should have thoughts about libby as feature after the west interference for the sake of the country security. i am not referring to this to say that if they are allowed to do it, why aren't we? this would be a simplification of a very complex issue. i'm just giving you examples of how the west thinks and operates. they consider the whole world, their security, so therefore they should decide for the whole world. look at nato, when nato crew to our borders. they responded to all our concerns by saying, don't worry nato's a defensive alliance. it doesn't threaten your security. firstly, this is diplomatic insolence. we should be the ones to decide what is in the interest of our security, just like any of the country. and secondly, the north atlantic treaty organization was a defense alliance when it had someone to defend itself from italy, when the war, so packed and soviet union dissipated, the defense line dissipate as well. any military academy graduate will tell you that both that they maintain their military substance and continued to move the
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defense light, bringing it to a border. we've just covered in detail the results of this policy. in recent months, nato secretary general and other hawks like the u. k foreign minister of declared that nato should take on global obligations, nato must and show security in the pacific region. i guess it means that next time nate has line of defense will move to the south china sea. and it's not just nato e. u. lead is also decided to play wall, so you 1st to lavonda line can now compete with the east tough diplomat, joseph burrell, in how hawkish this she also mentioned that the e should take responsibility for the security in the indo pacific. worships. give a go. how are they going to do it? they're talking about some e u army, but nature will not let them have the sa me while the alliance exists. and it sounds like the alliance will not even be reformed earlier on the country. it wants to turn into alliance with global dominance ambitions. this is a very dangerous path, and this plan will inevitably fail spicy, rambo, by showing. thank you very much. one important question left our viewers want to
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know about syria. how is this situation going to affect crush us military presence their day when i heard him so gumble browse through our presence was requested by the legitimate president of the syrian arab republic, the legitimate governments of that country. and is completely in line with the principles of the un charter. we are addressing the tasks set out by the security council in resolution 2 to 54. we will continue to do so, and we will support the syrian leadership in its efforts to fully restore the territorial integrity of the syrian, our republic. because there are still military units of states that were never invited, that in the u. s. military, for example, which has occupied a large part of the eastern bank of the euphrates, is openly crating, cause i states directly encouraging separatism and exploiting the sentiments of a parts of the kurdish population in iraq to that end. problems arise between the various entities that represent the iraqi and syrian cuts. naturally,
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all of this contributes to tensions in this part of the region which are tech is understandably getting involved as well. what we want to solve these problems exclusively on the basis of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the syrian, our republic, as we speak with the cause. we have channels of communication with all of them. and we encourage them to look more closely at recent examples of how the, you know, states promises things and how they keep those promises. oh so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race. this is very dramatic and development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully,
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very difficult time to sit down and talk with if i think continues in the village of nother mikaela and the don't yet people with local official saying russian life forces have now regains control of 220 residential areas and well the west are just here to continue fighting for as long as possible. some surrendering ukrainian soldiers say they see the situation differently, giving it to these, they express hope or please the fellow soldiers to return ukrainians, laid down your own. it is time to wait in the school to return home. i really want the war to and soon protest, wrapped in the us off to texas police admit they make crucial mistakes.


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