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will be successful, very difficult. i'm time to sit down and talk with you will see it's a laboratory or supposedly reco, gracie, but you will see i need to, i was here to what is in time with abilities, parental stability, raise issue, and it's close to global measures unless you mean you may 0 is just the concern there, but you will choose to break things just to about a witness to show that you come back to biological experiments on a union disposal's
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dionisio with with
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them. again, i didn't put out my so, but i was english. my name is j e n n e he mitchell. nobody's uber brothers, lou. it was a billing. i'll do it. yeah, no medium. he was in your nice teaching lupo, she will need to be able to pull the washtub there that i will get a was a must. so, but our senior us no one on the buck, the e or bravo, the local. i see that questioning. yes, we could just go forward until you've been done about that. we should be a leg is good or not, probably not anybody else to know what was your frost? you didn't know what the what are we sure what i see here. nobody tells me. but so focus the severe storm bill use 3rd order. then you hear that here. so give us the us issue a snow and then the sum of all the computer that you my the and there was
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a little symbolical or she wouldn't have to have those used in my song. a here to bill you scared was it was, this was also easy for me was or the city was next me she you, which is a, a very familiar to me. you lead social bob boss, me, religious g. and one thing you, me, a somewhat boss knew you mean feed c or said it's twice the stuff. nobody me, it was all, it was believe it was only a less you only a moment to talk to him and age, but a lot. but i was in your needs be right, you know, it just, it was cool usually a time and we'll get it done. mm hm. can you tell me
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which, but again, we can use one, it'll say like they do more with cookie cutter. more as a rental fee, it wasn't a silly, but she needs to be sure that your billing gets colder and that's i won't really lose it. but i mean, i live in a storm. it's cause you what i pay to call you. i medical, but it was, it was one or you for a piece of good. she's been there. it was a little bit to live nichols focused. it's wrong. it's military number. there is no a will. when you start to listen to go the bathroom, will go to the dealer. i do, but in the mid, in those that are on the door in the right. so immediately when you, me a minute. that's it. go to both still to the sure not from wish than that you would have to manage it. and because co contingent, i don't go to parental stability to go out or re issue and it is for the support and i grant you fantastic across the global religion. as up. great,
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is paul's with the sure dorm did the she feel good, but a smarter with was movement where you aren't the p mean you need to like if you go here with premium use for severe ski. yes, catherine. both are still out of these more recently to 30 on board is all and if there were a sober past nielsen by, you know what you love, your car is brand new. julia said, some are yours that are her shift on the the, the stuff it was it somebody who actually no more than a last month due to the review with home schooling. if it is possible, the staff can you with some program that the business law and the ability to go to us, which is the work when you focus portion you go fix it on on the flu here in union . do you still with the results of publishing?
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yeah, i knew when you the number of years ago used to area are you balls go for that is dealing with one poles. got me. you put them through the studio on a roku special. i need to abuse pause already. there's a new about a new position up on the from sleep. the degraded medical unit 731 was established in 1932 thousands of people almost the present chinese and the 3rd russians became rural material. the subjects when treated as human beings and were referred to as logs. they were infected with cholera. typhoid anthrax and plague pathogens people were cut open alive and dismembered. women were raped and after they got pregnant, infected with syphilis and gonorrhea, they were still alive when their stomachs were cut open and the fetus was pulled
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out to see what changes had taken place. the victims were completely drained of blood and all this was done to create biological weapons, prepay, penal gibbon, rug, chattanooga, russia, korea, annella's, i drew diagnose. you update that information about how many people unit 731, kill, varies. some sources say $5000.00 others would that they go at twice. that number sam danielle, genuine in pneumonia, a bachelor company is still a bag of them all. nonlinear is i use the and only just to weaken those more of us putting in yet 1000000 live warmth material and luca in consider women. yeah. the civil more me. yeah. thank you there at the bottom. all a few few of them are the few of us at a mouth holistic of supreme eniela city. i n e. boy. the more neutral both of them still you still in your bill, you skirt over the years, 3 of them,
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the pro linear on the middle floor they use unless unless you mean you me 0 was this put them so nobody here unless you move super good. it was mailing, you just get a little of but he is gonna also must so what i was doing, yeah, you should be should do it. so the welts who's built them. good though. even though doug, doug wills, agree showing this will not only put up our cool, i will somebody, she museum, you mean year nice silly to pussy at the about the with amy i was on what do you guys, he knew any meals and i mean it comes with name, you know, what i was going to pay me else was can us by the sale school say you was going to was yeah, it will credit you most failure. you're standing in any kind of kenya that i bought, that was or not, but i will and then you buy city us doing a brochure? blue and you wish you committed today? she's crazy. you don't see miss stanley. it was
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a pretty show on the hooks premium in use a movie during that age or why in the delegation says me, if you sleep doing need a shot. you claim it. bush, good, sure to personally not does. what do teach you got to go to the point of crops of duty should still have some good dual controls have been done. if you would collect to put a show, victor, you should come because you didn't to claim the styling example the polish to put up a control and pulls up and then talk to them. this will doris, them. when you go. so dustin and you did teach, you got them good to know. great, you know, if it's not me, cause could you got to put a year, which is leah and i should see nothing but a bomb. he bought a car bama, which include thing to do so well. nestle jim city schools, so use of blood. you really get a book, a school. she's a senior, that was
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a pretty mortgage this little. so you consumers, you pull up a couple to now now should look similar if you give me a list to you is a blessed, nice, and you thought of people use costanza because they list it with a some. some c, e mail is latonia kentoria. rigolato. both that don't use it, but again, i mean, really most dipping yup. awesome. agreeable from terminal. and that's what you need to go about with while. and you could be bush and bush. awesome. it's come. so use a number less human because then we list he used to tell about acoya katara cornelius abreast c. o. but the game of those to be we don't have premier at which knights and producers got that letter will still be when yeah, just as night a bus missed little z e. i said about the cookie, the mary, not a booster, a p delete cook with us more digit, but it will work but useless. copper, atlanta, and wasn't market a se to she toys to breast see if you could possibly boss me, but then you have category. but if you look, which is janice, you to us associates political about a put it by sima, boucher mm. so his mom,
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susan cornelius about system. she musica? yes, we can yearly truly ethan dahlia ethically. it said that the units that are loyal doors to mala threat mortgage, typically possibly the premier east coast or what could be emily consumed? valuable in all kinds of that issue. got them going to collect, sir, but the dealer for some of us are bob boss. know, who he shifted. you know, crane yet samuels of dry me out of the bowl of eastern i me to can ski is, gets at least the kirk me going to be all of you got quite uni me going to be will get back a bit of st. louis. camille just talked to remedy konica. berry are able to find him in dusty for lots of tiskus feeding. i needs disney, it will collect to michelle. he pretty back. so he will come put pre blog um tough wash door laboratory him study soviets kinessa to be at school term is not an unclear of william and norman. mr. burrow on the sofa. a conclusion, adjustable. mentoring your girls, d, t, a, a, as a creature of the gulf war, se shemika, sebastian organ. okay. name. now modern use that sort of edge,
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a club duty, but it would you ladies, g and g americans kister only a posley, mcdonald's antsy waiting laboratory style, proud. you'd say, steve, when you play cham damage horrible to little krinski microbiology, beautiful. again, i eat american ski, but it's 39 forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. robot baby orders given by human beings except when such order is a conflict with the 1st law, show your identification, we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great trust rather than fair with the area with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with
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a robot must protect its own existence with oh was reason is meaningless. garbage and that if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple of don't put your human symbols on display a guy. so you guys don't talk to strangers. i. 7 avoid noisy gatherings with your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll
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rush a specific social with a, a cancer. so i see him now with scott. so senior or that is a junior, there was a, you know, i should say 20 or so with
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a grade school pages, then you mean per hour. i'm sure from a, with a, with a. ready a, a know you're with a yes with her. so she didn't come through and as a me, she's in spirit. say you was there, boardman show us a glass of course, properly by really interested in them and from out. so you,
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through it is not with us, us not a with a with or where is is shamika gosh, to course the washington post are answered in what yeah. and his turns towards your daughter in white. her pistols torn procedure was mucus robertson in washington. a. she used to wash robert e and i had come bill of of show for sure usually was shorter leach than and still a lot of giving up a good day. did a world ah,
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polish to whoop, or fletcher of control in that again his own was up of new stunning is good, which are signaling which that may be a k e posley at our, by in the village scheduled for us to attend to claiming some use the new system, but on the shot e, the push to miss the hundreds that will ukrainian as archer, so full name of human up boston country school. you cuz the jekyll, about a 20 you should got senior including its annually does his pets. and he's the falsely my donnas pets and he's the salute as opposed to grade job. but the, so long in the character, the premium to complete the does with piecewise careful school will probably new school. some kind of brought up as blue, a total money percentage off your phone, scribbling, deduced weakness could couple 2 object of pollution. our bus nice to complete a cd. be a looking it's a least these blue shield could go at either stove. done the club. what a to exclude or the xena stood as a but to its ability scuttle, to know which he put city cumulate to produce to twist his. but i to make a thought of we just were not totally annoying. michigan at the way lower. you know,
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moore, my d to papa day if keith buster, wiley, could cover sport as boone medieval, a pollution. i don't use a mirror, but tom will store play in the building. you said ecos guido, a summer with utica. gus da still kramer se lee was up on the corner by which it was originally as quickly conceded nipple. didn't let her do sharon abroad. amy's just thought, also sure was used anywhere. nobody was it unless you don't. you breathe in your on . the billing is qc you see on the table who graham? i'm an easy on them with the upgrade for you be with you. lobrado loses junior hero sat on the claims k going to ask you a shout on. a spreadsheet, know things which on their business i just am i me ask you to order. are you looking at the last of she's here in the ceiling. yeah, i wish i passed it, but i with chrome. it i well usually with luxury or
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a senior when i'm going to promise to show my grade book down your name and you will have all my thought with honda. i mean, yes, i will put in the little special, but i thought i could keep opening on your mobile nature. looks like i just have to put on your shoulder. linda. no, go ahead. i need someone to contact me a, but i couldn't get it. what it is for the propaganda and the one tongue. what principal bill and you just go about the position now, but again, i'm at the not a mile. anybody on the picture was you can't now you push only 230 will play a d. and if anybody from the kafka center i just wanted to get a lot of throwing the fiesta me share stuff on the train you in
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a spot of yours for a can, you can usually use someone to show on your computer. here with this is cassandra with a campbell and yes with them. no. and the premier card got i'm with nicholson fordable, courtney. congress deal, the social lobby. the clock went on the note when you became entitling, with champ,
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we didn't get it all. it was nice. especially dr. jolly but did you cut out? i bought a mini concert. i went to school, but i tell you i needed to put pictures for me to con, sufficient enough. nice a couple boss of standard cheat cooking element out of them. but i go to my job mogley submitted this, could you good as the bullshit? because i tend to buy medical cook now there probably. and you can use machine dish artist almost. it was putting money for us to cook. new grammar to hope was contorted. which notion it showed it because it was because it is because they came in with duck, not digital any took a look, kind of would you would describe camilla but authority me me stairs to work on is that will use a shy you mean just those that i'm i couldn't use the shiny me go up machine at the bill, cheese to break me just a lot better. one is the shop and you've glad to will you give money? that's all about duty. get the worst to bernice. ordering this process to build pollution, still been more than a lot of what that's a for what bus me. but again,
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the me, somebody wish to be a bus missed in or a $1000000.00 of club. do it in life edge, a, play me j. i knew lose in the premier colleagues, but again, us crating the glad me out of the dollar at the boiler. so bob boss, me but a so bob boss, me in song is the blue. any you put a gin of category? the even the correct gentleman, blair, at a ya know crane. yup. anyway, stacy by me smola that schneider was at a book called donahue. she has to easily when you say to me, but the giving me where to boise bobby, which include place to my book, invoking craner. but that one moment cuz i to pursue number this home is when i go go social cl, no stamps. could you put your name, you or your old nature, you'd like me to pull your brain? i think you want to see it. are you from union was would almost grown up with this just as quick as a bunch of money in the plant. i'm all done a break, a windshield appointment for my children, and i thought you were, is us a very different but a to your children with? did you have to put a u. p was away. so you can project i need is literally only yan yos, least the fuels of concordia nationally,
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most cousin muslims coma selina bushes who is going to use the tool with jim just theory of museums and wonderful about a pre to social boss. me believe if you could cut out can, couldn't corner it was a dial, a chill co isley ability if was distant now completely in the seating, it's like, i'm going to keep it the water visitors bureau, chilly to new briley. but again, you know what i cilia scheduled place to be voicing at the bull, summer much w player will lives out there, but us see, begin the war materiel would you do the show in the school district court as long as she will cream will be said she's a, did you wanna call me see the rooms up, a postal you off give credit for usa. i was a girl, the world in 2018. i long before the conflict in
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ukraine, along for a year i investigated. i want the information and documents originating from the us government, a debate. i have collected documents from a grueling that the bank a warranted. right. american companies, my $18000000.00 for biological research, a interest in ukraine now. so i published document proving that the u. s. government conducted biological experiments on
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allied soldiers in georgia and you prayed 1000 your soldiers in georgia and 1400 soldiers in great. according to these documents that originated from the program, from inside the internal documents, and they are both been cheap and date through dad's. according to sources, the bank a william gauge in biological research on local sanchez, according to the document. it is done on time or 2. now this is the exact date on here. bear with me to do a 3 g 3, a little bit of 30 cd on the start of the on the is usa scope or to remove the political propellers. ridge lock room, it was worth a figure that we can use more with a bus 1. 32 apparently crane. you chrissy. but it only that she gave loops us
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bureaus. pretty me cream, could you mortgage, could you harass, could you wanted to just go to her out of order some syndrome, but your social silly earth will you are not hardly to to thought him. so of course, with a presume the either cavalry horrocks, you don't even the world do you? uh huh. yes they are both or, you know, brought us in the meeting was a 40 minute walk to relinquish, skirt over there you go to your left on us. no. i knew it was 94. he shook his through even that you would easily collaborate. so could you. ruth lazy territorial crane leader. she walcross, you pay me theme in the kitchen, family. categories, east of could you root e, we visit they to stomach as a rubbish. just as then you, vic, acquainted them? villages, korea, construct c value but again the border was august. fossil the sucrose for sonya a theme in the is the financials. moody, today you will just pay me in your current bill and get you scheduled for
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a few flyway honeycup scheman, super automated, $11000000.00 sooner is which is decamped usa i give to the debbie and also teach you already allowing me on the serious was horrible to cut the process to prevention with your body. seen you brownie methodical when you get time excuse shot. so that you used to pull those numbers up. us done the formula to put their beaches. ms. carter because jupiter did you hear about us border summer bill so you should be bubble day. she was looking at buey, she put on solo. it's possible, but other than what music though, but you denise wilkinson and settled, almost like brittany of them is not a marshall with who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. i figure which of the problem was to call sure, as you speak on the bill in your senior mostly mine the we're,
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we're banding all imports of russian oil and gas news. i know they said he was lower with the letter from, you know, with regard to joe biden, imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang. ah, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very particular time time to sit down and talk with
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ah, [000:00:00;00] a magic you pretty much listen. look and you live muscles. if you look on the initial, you want to club not to get a can use to put value when you do do or change, but you also still with on those a
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what i see the standard policies don't rule you. motivation says diesel, you don't, bob? ah, heavy fighting continues in a village of nova mikaela and they don't. yes, people's republic with local official saying russian lead forces have now we gain control now for 220 residential areas as well. the west are just here to continue fighting for as long as possible from surrendering ukrainian. so just say they see the situation differently, giving it to you. thanks, bye. hope for pay a fellow soldiers to return ukrainians. lay down your arms. it's time to win this war to return home. i really want to war 2 and soon protest to rob us off the texas police admit they made crucial mistakes. responding


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