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is done both. mm ah, heavy fighting continues in the village of nova mikaela and they don't. yes, people's republic with local official saying russian, let forces have now regained control over 220 residential areas. while the west judge is here to continue fighting for as long as possible from surrendering ukrainian soldiers say they see the situation differently, giving it to you. they expressed hope for pain, a fellow soldiers to return ukrainians, laid down your arms. it is time to win this war to return home. i really want the war to and soon protests to rob the us off the texas police admit they made crucial mistakes while responding to the school shooting but left 19 children
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dead. political instability, coupled with a severe economic crisis that has compounded the suffering of people in pakistan with many saying the previous government would not have committed that to happen. the ministers are inside air condition, bruce, enjoying air condition, cars and they do not care at all. they are corrupt people and they blame him, ron khan. they have no idea that the increase in the oil prices affects the rest of the prices, but nobody is there to ask them. ah, everyone welcome to you. this is zaki international. with the latest world news headlines, it's good to have you with us. now vladimir putin has warned his german and french counts policy against any further destabilization of the crisis in ukraine. as, as european countries continue to supply key military with their weapons, the russian president made the statement during a conference call with chunks of the show song. president kron who can also brought
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up the global food crisis. blaming the west. what he called, it's the rony c comic policies and sanctions against russia. the president said russia is ready to export more grain, including through its black sea pause, and turn the german french leaders all plasma putin. c. facilitate the release of some 2 and a half 1000 ukrainian military prisoners who recently surrendered to russian. that forces in the dawn by city of mariel poll. meanwhile, on the grounds, fighting it again, intensifying with heavy skirmishes. continuing in the village of nova mikaela and the dawn, yes, republic. this is exclusive footage of a russian attack on ukrainian forces which moscow say on the defensive in the area . the video shows the work of most crews and heavy artillery, who aided by other elements of the russian military, have had the village surrounded since last month. according to the russian defense ministry forces of now seized control of
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a key town in the dumbass region where ukraine soldiers have been hold of western trips 1st entered cross the la man in the north of dawn. yes, gone may 23rd. would he have forces withdrawing to the south, west donio people's republic said that the town is just one of $220.00 don. yes, president will areas, russian, that forces that now we take and since the conflict of up to the in february let's take a look now it's 13. although recently we taken village near the town of nova good old school, which has been on the continuous selling by key of forces in the neighboring guns were public, the head of the village of us. so the ukraine, either todd killed 3 people and wounded 14 on friday when meanwhile, ukrainian soldiers continue to surrender many talking of the horrors of war in interviews. one expressing their hopes for peace and encouraging their brothers in arms to return to their families. that we could not independently verify that those in the video we're about to show you were not speaking on the do us, humorless,
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of all i was mobilized on february the 24th. they told me you are either going to fight or you're going to prison. why it is not true that russian soldiers mocked people. russian soldiers are good. i have nothing bad to say about them. i really want the war to an soon line as a supplement in one forest plantation we dug in. we stayed there for several days. but then our troops retreated without telling us. there was no communications. we were simply forgotten. we waited until evening and then we 2 began to retreat. but we didn't know where our troops were, and we didn't know where to retreat to offer us. pleasure, we were taken to an area to begin and told to hold the defense. we dug in and stay for 3 days. we had no water or food for the past 24 hours. our side retreated, but we stayed. no one warned us that we had to retreat. ukrainians laid down your arms. it is time to win this war to return home. while ukrainian soldiers called
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for an end to the conflict authorities and care promised the war will continue to the quote victorious end, claiming russia can only be stopped by sheer force. does by such bold assertions on support from the west caves, forces are seemingly losing grounds. i'll correspondent raymond, concert for ports bushes. recent advances amid the conflict in ukraine have split western politicians into 2 camps. some are calling on key of to accept moscow's demands to reach a quicker piece. others are pushing key of to flight fill. the last man standing more weapons, no talks, no compromise. this is a very strong signal to all other aggressors potential criminals, that if you commit a crime and you are not destroyed within 3 months, then everything is in order. everything can stay like that. we also agree on this point. we are not doing anything that would make nato a party to the conflict. that would mean a direct confrontation between nuclear powers. it is rather
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a matter of making it clear to prudent that there will be no dictated peace. ukraine will not accept that, and neither will we know dictated thee, says the german chancellor, but the reality on the ground says otherwise. in the next republic, thousands of ukraine's most experienced troops are now close to encirclement. the forces of villa ganske republic have almost completely regained control of the republic territory. russian forces are making advances in the south and the north. and all the western funding and weapons sent to the key of regime doesn't seem to be helping to change the situation. on the front lines, we've lost to the russian army in terms of pace. the russian side has managed to gather its reserves before we could were lagging behind. and that makes the situation at the front extremely difficult. ukraine's soldiers have been surrendering by the thousands and have scathing words for their leadership. it was
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the best option for us when we heard the military vehicles coming, we took off our helmets and body armor and went out super for absolutely no one wanted to fight. we all wanted to leave, they said, you're the border patrol. they won't make you fight, but they deceived us and sent us here. in mid march, i received an order from the brigade commander to dig a trench. they needed it to bury about 50 of our soldiers. among them were my friends. it turned out the commander simply covered up the losses and then lied to the families of those who were killed. even the west div set main cheerleaders and arms suppliers are starting to doubt the chances of their ally teaching at great cost to him so often to rush him. if he is continuing to shoot through ground in don't bass, he's continuing to make a gradual, slow, but i'm afraid palpable progress. so why do the weapons and money keep flowing?
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if many realize they're fighting for a lost cause, the truth seems quite obvious ends and will rather sad. key of their friends in the west are pursuing a so called scorched earth policy and the done boss to leave as much infrastructure destroyed. and as many civilians effected as possible before they retreat and leave it to russia to deal with. well, i think american government officials been very clear that the goal of the war and the army supply, the ukrainian government, is the de, stabilize the russian government. and they've been pretty open about the goal being to literally bleed. i lead the russian government and the russian state militarily and politically and economically. and what the goal of bringing about it's a collapse of there's been a well, you know, when workers treated media and propaganda campaign, i think the axiom is the truth as the 1st casualty of war. and i think, you know,
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all sides want to portray themselves is wanting, are being on the cusp of victory. no one wants to admit whether real or not. if they are losing or doing poorly, people usually don't give up on that. they go shooting table. they think they can win on the battlefield. so i think until one or both sides feel that they've exhausted military resources or a military option that it, it only gets to that point when i think people get serious on negotiating. any type of automatic settlement from the crimes of neo ne, to crack down on descend ukrainian marine commander who surrendered to russian forces speak sounds about pressing issues in the war torn country. an interview with all senior correspondent, more advanced. the of deeper reminds the commander is speaking in custody as a prisoner of war. the troops surrendering here, ah, g, u b, u cranes, best best trained, best equipped and most motivated, which isn't surprising. this is, as of most of them are fanatics, nationalists said neo nazis who volunteered to fight and kill,
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gloried in it. and they, and lose like them have done terrible things. where is there? have you seen what they did to russian prisoners? i saw a report, the shouted to me. i think it was about 3 weeks ago. did you see them gouging out their eyes? no, i saw the one when they took the wounded out on the like my instant response to the time and the which unless then we watched this. i said, i totally oppose such practices. you know this footage gouging out their eyes. i am stunned all this. i'm a career officer and the normal guy. honestly, this is something that goes beyond my understanding. korean, have you seen have a shot prisoners and the knees? i can imagine that and gouging out their eyes after that. make no bones about this . even posted this online, look what we did to them. i believe that these people were digging their own grave
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. as the saying goes, colonel vladimir, but a new hero of ukraine was captured just weeks ago. he commanded ukraine's 36 naval infantry brigade, most of which surrendered in mario pal in april, colonel. but anew says he was never a nationalist. he was as an officer serving the people of ukraine and following orders. he was prepared to lay down his life phase country as he learns more and more of what his commander in chief has done, of what ukraine has turned into. he begins to doubt, but for her over they ban the opposition platform for life and other parties that were deal not sufficiently pro ukrainian fucking whatever. he can't be that way. it's impossible. you can't believe that this has happened just now with her. i am really surprised that must be equilibrium and the system is not right when the right leg is bigger or longer than the last one, he would still be able to walk,
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but it would still be difficult. a percentage because imagine i told you the truth . that's what really happened. all the parties that are not pro ukrainian enough have been banned, you go to got thrown pushing. if it doesn't matter pro ukrainian or not, they should be there. any parliament should have opposition. forces with a constructive agenda humor, regardless of whether they are pro ukraine here from pro hungary, all pro russia. you need a balance likely in and young. ukraine is a parliamentary and presidential republic, or the parliament is largely responsible for new legislation. this news is really surprising. that's true. they would have absolute power of no checks and balances. that's not good. remember, that's my take on it. the ukranian government and media who had previously praised and idolized, but i knew as an example for ukrainian soldiers made him a hero of ukraine, have turned against him after it emerged, he had been captured,
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labeling him a coward, and a traitor. colonel baron knew was saddened to learn this. he was saddened to learn that the country he had served his whole life now preferred to see him dead and silent. rather than alive and talking more. i'd gouged the of archie from the netscape. ah, i thought you are security official has admitted the police officers made critical mistakes while responding to the texas school shooting that left 19 children dead on tuesday. according to the state, head of security, local police waited more than 40 minutes at the scene before deciding to storm the skull, while students were still trapped inside with the lone gunman, he was eventually killed during the police raid the governor of texas. he previously praised the actions of the officers now say he was misinformed about their response to the shooting. yes,
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i was misled. i am livid about what happened. i was on this very stage 2 days ago that i was telling the public information that had been told of me in a room just a few yards behind where we're located right now. the 20 his spawn to protests with hundreds gathering outside an event in the us national rifle association to demand strict a gun control laws to have reportedly been more than 200 my shootings in the us just in the past 5 months. many americans claim lacks laws that allow teenagers to easily arm themselves. but some sentences claimed as a link with moscow saying that russians are sponsoring the national rifle association. the dark money operation run by the national rifle association. it has immense, secretive political clout. it's impossible to track the money flowing in and out of
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the n r a because it's not properly disclosed, but there has been evidence. step russian money has flowed into the r a and investigative journalist. rec, sterling says the mass shootings are a symptom of white spray toxicity in american society. i think most americans would look very skeptically if they're blaming and blaming russia for the events in all the texas. there is a lot of pressure and criticism of the national rifle association. and beyond that the, the weapons industry which has been profiting, what's much less criticized as the defense industry. which of course is, is the, is the elephant in the room and, and to, with their recent congressional decision of $40000000000.00 of weapons and other resources to, to ukraine. i think a lot of people are fed up with the, with the violence. i think it's definitely the case that this is symptomatic. the
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problem isn't just that. a pro bald teenager. goodbye weapons, but it's really a symptom of a sick society in some ways the violence, the alienation, the individual ism there also one in the record of it. what seems to be happening every few weeks now political turmoil in pakistan has been rising as the new government has increased fuel prices and reported to unlock, i am a funding for the country. and some people are saying, former prime minister in ron con would never have committed um, would you have a buyer call? let me ask, what car would do? she had maintained the price at 150 pakistani rupees. this government jumped to 180 pakistani rupees. they have no idea that the increase in the oil prices affects the rest of the prices. but nobody is there to ask them. when you, when you have the ministers or inside air conditioned rooms, enjoying air condition, cars and they do not care at all,
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they are corrupt people and they blame him. ron con eagle thought everybody in this country knows very well. the previous government signed an agreement with russia to get oil at a 30 percent discount, but this new controversial government as buying oil, just as the u. s. told them to, they are buying expensive oil. they are creating a mess. as off to meet, he reported that hundreds of members of him run cons political party have been arrested with some injured while being taken into custody. they faced various charges including violence against police con, has said the 2 party members were killed during the rounds up of the previously claiming that the current government is simply following us orders. journalist dance, political analyst, javits ronna, agrees with him. this government has him clearly because of glasses of oil, because if he is on the depletion of the armis, which is controlled by the u. s. u. s. was very unhappy with the former prime minister because it made it clear that the show was was very,
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to give us on 30 percent confession. and he's the economy of the focus on has been a bit dr. usually the well deck on me back on track. i think when he was removed, there was a public backlash because there was already an american. cindy mentioned parking song and when people came to know this is jim jeans agenda was stalked by the other guns. i think then people don't know in hundreds of thousands, they'll come. the farmer primers on the street con, has held a series of rally to demand fresh elections off and he was ousted in a no confidence both by the national parliament in april, in scenes of unrest. early in the week demonstrated class with police, while officers use peer gas and barricades keep people from entering the capital on . so as they call gave the current government and ultimatum, demanding early elections and valid consequences if his proposal isn't met. within 6 days, the protests have been put on hold since them writer and the global policy under
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this side, mohammed ali said konstanz a much better chance if the massive show of support on the streets continue. if the current government can resist him on cons, pressure, and survive and improve de carnaby, then it can seriously dent in brown hands, reelection prospects. but if the current government does not manage to improve the economy as much as it wants to, and iran con, can exploit the inability of the in government to manage and improve the economy. then it is possible that enron con can return to bar a group of latin american countries are boy costing the u. s. hosted summit of the
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americas next month after the by did administration officially excluded the venezuelan ant nicaraguan governments. cheapest president has openly refused to attend a long way to go. we all recognize that the government of the united states conceived it from the start. this summit of the americas are designed it in a non inclusive way with all the process involved in the position of the united states government. and i can assure you that i will not attend you under any circumstance. the summit of the americas is coming up with the way forward cannot be exclusion as the united states of america intends to do in the midst named summit of the americas. the way forward cannot be exclusion discrimination against entire nation, such as venezuela, cuba, nicaragua, killing me, not film nor lip when with that feeling. but i say from here to the united states, forget it, and i'm here we are not interested in being at that summit. we are not interested earlier a u. s. senior diplomat said cuba, venezuela and nicaragua wouldn't be invited to the summits because they quote,
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do not respect democracy. the behind and administration, however, have been pushing for better times with venezuela, particularly easing energy sanctions. to get more oil from the south american country than usual, a professor of latin american studies at the city university of new york say the era of us imperialism in the americas is coming to an end. biden's been trying to shore up support for this summit of america, but it's an absolute fiasco. at this point. many countries across south america and the hemisphere are going to stand with the extruding countries with nick, with cuba, with various. ringback well, with bolivia, mexico is spearheading this ever to say, hey, we're all going to sit down and everybody should have a voice, not just the country us imperialism. prioritize is because they control those countries. with us to try to do is divide and conquer their defining russia as the
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main energy giant right now, that's the number one enemy they want to do back rooms. years were designed as well and see if they can guarantee more oil employees. but the venezuela in leadership is a world where there is multiple rarity in different. ready pulls and centers is of power is long overdue us germany economically diplomatically, militarily is. ready winning every day, and we can feel that in the empires exploding from within all of these races, white premises school shootings. the u. s. is reputation is in all time low international law must bid to take over. twitter is continuing to make ways this week invest as food the billionaire. the platform itself of alleged corporate law violations during the acquisition process. the lucy focuses on
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a legend, wrongful conduct. why must call attempting to buy the company? he's been accused of manipulating the stock price to drive down the cost of acquiring the social network. the law suit also, safety took financial advantage of a delay disclosure of his stake and the company would it exceeded 5 percent? an early warning, it could have allegedly pushed up the price by delaying his disclosure of his stake in twitter musket engaged in market manipulation in but twitter stock at an artificially low price. earlier, ellen musket now the temporary suspension of the purchase of twitter until the company provides more information on the number of fake accounts, but 1000000000 assumed that he should pay less. if it turns out the boats make up over 5 percent of the platforms. total accounts. michael rex involved former new york university professor and author of the google lock lock, i think most didn't actually try to lower the price, but would have had a reason to do so. if it was over and above the share price of
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twitter at the time by lupe and dollars so. so i think that there is no indication that this manipulation, i think that he learned about the number of boss and fake accounts on the network. and twitter assured him that they would only be 5 percent. so it certainly has every right to say, listen, he said 5 percent are going to finding out reports that it's much higher. that would be a problem and he could try to lower the bid on that basis. and frankly, that would be a legitimate basis. but i don't see how you can do him for that because as a matter of fact, it was promised that it would be 5 percent or less. so you know, that would be some sort of a manipulation on the part of twitter itself. so anyway, that's probably discerned that i'm, i'm a fan of mosque in terms of twitter because i think it needs to be broken up from the walk tell broken away from it in order to ensure
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a greater field of expression on the internet. thanks for joining us. here and i'll see international will be back with the latest 30 minutes with this alliance between the marcus's and did the tear, it is somehow gets reflected throughout the next 6 years. this would even called for miscue was power sharing would even mean that perhaps it would be sharon to tear did that run in 2028 with another mark was as a running mate. and then they will just switch and this will happen for years in years simply because the dynasty part dale will solidify ah
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i. forward talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence. and the point obviously is to place trust rather than a, with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot protective phone existence with a will to see that when you got a she knows would you live up just as a matter of me give you if you
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in the sequel with chips you, it is a bit in where she is a super mom. so obviously she's not as did you but said you brought them you some because of a me give you a name of the that you know then you know to stay and see if it was not. but you, there, are you them a nice you get him, you, when you more with you with you, when you they will was needing it all go with the i'm listening to the post of what i should unless you go my my a but said you don't use it and yet only at the theater know yeah, most of those will process across the choice issue that i was more school, but you more chill, but i thought if they should have a social i can clear. mean it's just a lot on them. but when you know which,
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when you start off with a wish to go to school, but at that, i'm going to cost my alma to it in a premier weekly aetna or else it's your schedule. but you won't chill, but i'll to reschedule, you sure. which is sheila, me on the put a good the woodcock were fucked especially you know, now my mitigation. i thought all mill as a little help ross resist 30. no one can sort of private equity or the claims which michael or what the little crane village scuttled at the low cross contorted. more than with duncan tuatha, yet not your little doll. yet, lucretia container. 15 years now, victor, along the lesser shine, a little girl with it or that the leash mean younger, pretty good. crane has her biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned. russian troops.


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