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tv   News  RT  May 28, 2022 1:00pm-1:09pm EDT

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the era of us imperialism in the americas is coming to an end. biden's been trying to sure of support for this summit of america. but it's an absolute fiasco at this point. many countries across south america and the hemisphere are going to stand with the recruiting countries with nick arrival with cuba, with various well, with bolivia, mexico. we spearheading this ever to say, hey, we're all going to sit down and everybody should have a voice. not just the country us imperialism. prioritize is be they control those countries with the us to try to do is divide and conquer. there defining russia is the main energy giant right now, that's the number one enemy they want to do back room. does that as well? and see if they can guarantee more oil employs venezuelan leadership is a world where there is multiple rarity in different. ready pulls and centers is of
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power is long overdue us germany economically diplomatically, militarily is waning every day. and we can feel that in the empires exploding from within all of these races, ways of school shootings. the u. s. reputation is in all time low international long mosques bid to take over. twitter is continuing to make waves this week. investors suit the billionaire on the platform itself of alleged corporate law violations during the acquisition process. that, that also focuses on a ledge, wrongful conduct by mouth quality into by the company. he's been accused of manipulating the stock price to drive down the cost of acquiring the social network . the lawsuit also safety took financial advantage of a delay. disclosure of his stake in the company would have exceeded 5 percent, and only a warning could have allegedly pushed up the share price by delaying his disclosure
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of his stake and twitter musky engaged in market manipulation. in but twitter stock at an artificially low price earlier ella muska, nancy temporary suspension of the purchase of twitter until the company provides more information on the number of fake accounts. the billionaire assumed he should pay less. if it turns out the boats make up the 5 percent of the platforms, total accounts, michael rex and vote. former new york university professor and also of the google archipelago things. musk didn't actually try to lower the price, but would have had a reason to do so. his dad was over and above the share price of twitter at the time by levin dollars. so. so i think that there is no indication that this is manipulation. i think that he learned about the number of boss and fake accounts on the network and twitter assured him that they would only be 5 percent. so it certainly has every right to say, listen,
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you said 5 percent or bank and i'm finding out from reports that it's much higher. that would be a problem and it could try to lower the bid on that basis. and frankly, that would be a legitimate base. i don't see how you can do him for that because a matter of fact, he was promised that it would be 5 percent or less. so, you know, that would be some sort of a manipulation on the heart of twitter itself. no, i'm, i'm so anyway, probably discerned that i'm, i'm a fan of mosque in terms of twitter because i think it need be broken up from the part now broken away from it in order to ensure a greater field of expression on the internet for keeping up to date with those heron asi international will be back with more in 30 minutes with the
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ah ah ah yes, motion of your money. i mean you flip a coin,
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a border with my listen, look and you live muscles, you killer corn. the initial be, well of course, most of you have had you lou, post on zillow, wallabies, you can use to put value a new, what do you do ordering? but you also still listed on those of your newest offering a similar to like when you're done with all new buildings, just to submit a what i see the student boss who's no group you motivation says do you do, don't bob? so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, his on offense, very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how
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that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah, well, we engage in dialogue with all interested parties. so this tool was planned quite some time ago. in algeria, we had very substantive and extended talk to the president, ted bone and foreign minister le member. we have good ties in defense and industrial sectors, and actually cultural and humanitarian exchange. we also valued the resistance of the arab nations to the western lead and their impartial assessments of the situation in ukraine, mom and they don't join the sanctions regime against russia. sure. because they generally understand that the course of the current is the blatant refusal of our western colleagues to grow on equal and impartial security in our common region. the memory of whose my oman visit was the 1st one since soldiers had to like have
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been terry gal ceo of a seated to the throne. he gave me a warm welcome was spent a lot of time with me to skills. really. i really appreciated this from his majesty, as the mom protocol doesn't require interaction with ministerial level officials in such formal rules. the talks have demonstrated that we have a lot of potential for developmental little, especially in trade in economy and booby. we are able to take these ties as the level of, of political dialogue that of both of we have a lots of opportunities. you, for example, in energy. and i take one field of glenn on june. the 1st i will take pots in the regular session of the foreign ministers form of golf corporation callo. so russia in riot way. but if this is a format that has been around for quite some time with the law field, g to cove at 19, there was a pause in our meetings. now, our friends have suggested, we resumed reticent, in addition to the g. c. c, russia, forum. we will also have bilateral meetings with almost all members of the organization received. all arab nations, if adopted an ass sheet of responsibility. they have proven that they always act in
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a way that best serves the national interests and that they wouldn't sacrifice these interests for the sake of some one else's cheer. political schemes are overall, our relations are based on mutual respect, russell, the respect the fundamental interests of the arab countries. and we take their security concerns seriously when you, while they in town recognize threats to russia. security, all of the threats that the collective west has been engineering for decades, right on our borders, trying to use ukraine to contain russia and inflict serious damage on our country. close mr. r. cock we do. when do you believe they are ready to continue with that policy? despite the western pressure, the anglo saxon aligns as we call it, the lug was douglas social. yes, the anglo saxon alliance has infinite clue and they show it daily. the west doesn't honor its obligations under the you and chance to respect the sovereign equality of states and abstained from interfering in their internal affairs. instead, this will keep sending its ambassadors an emissaries, the arab nations, and every other capital of the well to bluntly blackmail and deliver ultimatums loosely. it also uses certain situations in its black mailing of them and directly
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threaten. so the party has the punishment dual saying they will regret not joining the sanctions against russia. this is outright disrespect of sovereign nation, just.


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