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ah, siberia is a very young nuclear powered ice breaker finishing touches completed. she leaves the baltic shipyard and set sail for her new home, or from the actual, immediately get to work in the arctic oceans, leading marine convoys through the ice or the promotion with dish. got a bill, i need mcdermott. i'm looking for a policy which is part of a more consistent it'll do more projected she does, but it's one whatever. but she was wrong, of course, going with it. but she was probably ask you about a lunch for family or about a shelf, threw up and put the letter home school bar, virginia you my skin with with the keys. we 1st met maxine,
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9 years ago when he was forced, made on the time me or ice breaker. he's now the 1st mate aboard, siberia, a trip, which was all it was, but you say washroom, which is this freakish farmers 70 me and there's just more. but it was, it was, thea pushed them from dealing with a political them. a new nuclear ice breaker is an event, and each one is etched in maritime history. another russian ice breaker, 5050 years of victory was commissions 30 years ago. now nuclear power ice breakers leave the shipyard one by one hour only yesterday. stark tickets embarked on her maiden, and today it's side barriers. in the coming years,
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3 more ice breakers are the same class will be built out in january 2022. no one knew how important these powerful nuclear vessels would be. and that the northern sea route would be russia's only viable maritime corridor. for us, of course, i'm going to let me scan the am a product for that. i see any shalean experts, but i see you technology cut out a bit in our board came, but nobody i, i'm not with the news and provides the shortest access to asia from europe. it follows russia's northern borders, but it's hardly navigable. most of the,
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because it's blocked by i think, is also in russia's main gas and oil reserves. and the majority of vessels that sales an open c root, gas carriers and tankers, ah, can the stretch between the going to say river and the courtesy to nuclear power dice breakers siberia sometime near, now operate in this area. the banks of the interstate river are home to the novels clinical plots. one of the world's largest producers of palladium nickel, platinum, and copper. ah no it's so cold here that just an hour after the ice breaker has gone, snowmobile an old ready scatter along the channel and anglers are back in their
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usual spots along both sides of the ship. it smelt season and the ice breaker doesn't bother them in the slightest. in late spring, thick ice forms on the river and vessels can only pass if tugged by an ice breaker or pulled by the moustache as they say. i don't know how that work will work for me. for my 1st neighbor, june butterball cordless reserves over the birth. further my number's my birth mercer for various throws from us mission scrub. our fusion schrupo the captain and both another most experienced of siberia crews, cheese young in every sense. yes or some. so. sure, story, barbara, i'm literally their color. but our newsome i see sort of confers jamal,
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are thicker, this is being there. her isn't our sheree up to live or call them with them was for the writer with their repairs here from the brochure park further from no rush. first nude are cooler for cardboard dormer of north. these if you're frederick, i live there for ship, else that you store more there. bill brought such feederbaum up here to water to cool issues. little little butcher that the bill given the state would love to go know. bulger, rooted on the student, is born 1st love bolded me lou on the meal of little boy thought that he said she did a good the the mostly, but i did, i thought a little but the low, the finish. it goes up a book, bill siggler, some of the, the material linda see. lisa was bottom, los boy. oh was normal,
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both good. what else can you can look up more of a go to myoshi student performance for meal, which in which la mosque i believe, but i'm going to put you on which to choose those novel. just put out a option, you will pick a chest. not sure what the menu item you look, what are you shipping when you're still sequential? it affordable to ship some issue so that you simply need for support. when we filmed maxine in 2013, it was one of his 1st voyages and a memorable occasion. it was the 1st time after a long break, but an ice breaker escorted a large military convoy in the russian. i'll take a little more skirt, but in yourself, my lesson will put you not to vote, but you. i said the other, they move because they are partition because some of the stroke of people to hold
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the fluid you will not be if i lose all students to with blow wish you have too much students to pick up their stuff to the back. a little bit, if you will lose the speech of almost a good start over almost like it's not as georgia tech junior about the severe chip and we dump it on. but i already level of my college the. so what's your mobile number mobile to below channel a little bit perspective. so the special promotion is a good idea. now, construction of the bus duck oil pipeline has begun. major new projects to develop oil and gas fields and build the infrastructure for delivering oil. and this is the ice key, where ships drop off construction materials. well then you put a hold of a show um, that'll mumble in the ice breaker cuts
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a channel. and a cargo ship has to accelerate into the gap and more tightly squeezed between ice blades. so that containers can unload directly onto the ice. a thirst attempt fails with she has also the teen portrait. okay, so thank you for not a michelle shop with to delineate the capital numbers involved in this mission. that's part of you should not have yet to should all don't with the floor motion. machines are spirit mesh, it will state with that. and you'd have bought it in to check his blood camellia puff stella. just able to look me up. no, really wonderful. and you don't want to talk to him when you come because always with a capital in here, i need to be what it should be too long to do or to push because the cool for which
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can you do much for to can also to move anybody else for those, can you move it adopt and prepare the channel quickly, freezes over in just an hour. it's gone. i offered a proposal transaction with us on when you buy it. sure you're looking so sure should be it. especially when you send in some classes that we don't to provide you too. but i'm not gonna be able to afford it and love it almost have shuttle it from, from 0 to the engine. a grammar
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with they decide to break the ice on one side of the fence all to clear a canal for the barge to reverse in to gain momentum. i'm trying to approach the barrier against a border with especially observable disorder. this moved a little a little of just local to the bill of duty will motor on cultural need an additional you know, as up for us a little more. i don't mind. it was sort of like,
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mostly through us with that to put shamika thought it was did a little some new new part of the school year or, or the global. but the with done norman did with us in his wasn't school about the don't actually. but i'm a little stuff. oh, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except where said shorter is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at that point, obviously is to create trust, rather than fear. i'm very sharp with artificial intelligence,
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real summoning with a robot most protective phone existence with a since the break away of the donates people's republic was been raging and don't boss ukrainian. artillery it's been shelling civilian townsend, mining village. is that your more? very lovely deal with a new one with a deal about one of the company a little above all of the 3 of her little boys will give us bullet one.
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ah ah, this is the western side of the northern sea route. this whole winter ice breaking activity is concentrated on the western side where the developed deposits are found throughout no vessels to the east. in winter though, for many years there's been talk of year round navigation, but in practice it still comes down to occasional convoys.
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financial bills are to go in your book with oh and that is cool and you can are you were to were on the shore that she was london school. beautiful metella, that vehicle we were up with. sure it was here on there was more than the should mean that is, can you get the deal is where you're going, which glochelle from the north now there's talk of re routing oil and gas exports to asia, china, india, and pakistan. but the pipeline infrastructure to the east isn't developed yet, not one new route to china, for example, has yet been finished. if we could get another transaction for ot mill out of the football, gather for phil. he should be a bogus early research and that was just another where it was sort of the set sense of suggest and i'm not the dumbest animal company. so the right center,
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legacy, skipper dawson and center or for peter gross get from that i was a i thought i was like, lose more. you was night loser. the he had usually bolster on which i'm crashed on me. push and tell her that always to noah's bookmark lead talk. and they will say of school, which alina. linda couldn't mission escape, and then were for brozowski, you see his can up 1000000 amazon, yet the temperature slipped mill, went through the horse variously. right? so b, c and i'm was you know, into the issue. good. so the eastern part of the northern sea route has never been used year round our creek activity comes in early autumn to provide rushes far north with food for the winter. i was sure, i'm not sure what's new regards the computer,
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so level 0 with your program on marketing, trying to bring you some articles monitored for i'm i was post roller from berkeley, lucius dorsey thriller, jupiter, her purse. but i've been it seems that the new ice breakers might at last be able to handle the east. lo tiffany, the cold wasn't moscow much too. sure. there wasn't just a minute. mm hm. in winter $22.00 article, the 1st icebreaker in the series and siberia is big sister, made a pastor, a trip to, to got to free 3 freighters from an ice prism or carrion construction materials to develop a major copper deposit. they were to reach their destination. in november 2021 got stuck in the ice. so they had to wait for an ice breakers help. ah, pro city, we have
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a diesel in many debts. if i was foolish, no marshal. when she went in to mr. so know what they're coming from, comport them. zillion participates. it's elliot. it's an internal race of control. puzzling ma'am? when you might go to your house, when the sick at the going out in the group like the disciplinary, grassy hip and you my should a uni disaster 3 will see should upon you to a coordinated source, chim. michelle's in you mind. ah, on the edge of the ice yet another container ship waits for siberia. it's only been stuck for 24 hours, but he's already pretty tightly. ice bound. and i bought it. i showed it before was jessica. i'm with somewhere stuart, but i feel it. i just found out that the little plus then there's a put them in, there's a little damage do this will complete for the whole kit,
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the ocean them. yes, no, we anybody with picking this concepts from you, or if you decide to opt out or after feel free to send was i'm still getting used to live on a foreign merchant ship with a few years ago, he joined adam flood to look up at franklin i'm our worker, wanna go, fella. my shower was super graders and i think bring him up with a lender point off to not gonna get the firm yet. i do set them up for the videos that sort of books i deal with, which most of the folk emma, i guess what i call to us for thou shalt holy more soul says he has a good. this is more of his graduation adama. what's your fancy curious alhambra washington? we'll talk more to store push later perfume or whoever number forever on. referral is supposed to be blue and you're still pushing bristol more useless go or with
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this more is murder shows or is it oh border i yeah. yeah. with the idea of what we do for the marsh or all my chuckle, flame or someone put a hold of nasa and you need to just want to know what to quoted the whole, but i look in the book. sure. but i did up the course in much copico, lots of things, people never either myoshi, then i should. virginia struggled to know that the runa, fixed roots in an ice covered scene. every time the navigator has to choose a new course. he looks for cracks, hinting at sinner ice to make safe passage for the convoy in the ice. there's always
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a sailor on watch to stand. there are too many variables here for auto pilot. for example, if an ice flo pushes the ice breaker, an automatic system could malfunction. and towing a vessel make that even more likely. but a human react properly. and blind spots are thought to be an issue in the eastern section of the northern sea route. there aren't enough soundings to pilot large gas carriers, has nothing to prove already. real money porsha to premiere in the crowbar submit was from when you're a pretty or am what you'll to well at that bit that your sound soon us who dream will got more than the bush today. i thought i would love to hear a couple of women to shreds that should have gotten the kugler busier than that is that's and that was for the ice breaker time it needs to pass. so siberia gives away my share loss for sure. for lake, if,
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when your fish they moorish the weekend with sure, but they still for 74 full motion for the ice breaker has to leave the newly formed channel and hold a vessel over the ice edge from the height of a ship. that doesn't seem to have this heavy compacted ice, several meters high on both sides of the channel. you wanna work with a 4 or 4 feet on each of them. we want to live in a short chim bush lumped through the various dim group. we're showing one of them, but yeah, we're not the course. got a few of them. are you sure? yeah, so she says on my bus, i was gonna ask you to work with
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on the board. but somebody would think it is about the santa what our voice or still publish in order for them. but almost up a fan, i because me and they come what as a group or a holder as naming as with ah no rush to sell the house by the pack quoted book. so my good boy that was open. so you can log on alex, we just finished her show with course traditional.
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so in the galley lunch is being prepared for siberia is proud to have drank a restaurant shift to see a what is that only was smoking or long? it's just about plates and water. this is yana. the only girl with the nuclear ice breakers crew are just being a rumor, a boat for a week now. this new trainees are coming soon until the girls. one will work in the cafeteria. the other is a navigator. both the people are driven right across the ice and hoisted a board with the miracle didn't
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happen. all 7 new come as a man and then all the under the t physicists command i'm of the what it used to do with those over later edges preferred j. m. he's a kid to shoot me a surgery. and what with with brian? yes, we are going with them. okay,
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let me put the last number down. i thought i would give up. sure. yeah, i just have cuz i, i know no good with furniture key and my danielle no. when you get the move liquids, them all wood is 1st on every corner pick for is the question my must be now up shelf stretching, such a little bit of sort of nic gray of what she said she'd be spirit of up. she and i, i shall, reddish, and that gracie at the visual builder. i bet on course here when you get a mortgage scheduled on that quote, get with you. yeah. love to show seditious. we gotcha. so so yes, just a general come yes rather sit in the group thinking, come summarize another che, he just found you pull out a little bit closer and his rock shirts or sweat you might've missed. jasmine said a lot better for good or no he good. she had to simply which to pick up your loss lance, on which to not the church of plenty,
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but as middle ones. bushy. no is really to which merchandise would you recall? yep. which narrative isn't that a method that another camera? no, there isn't that i had some, but those are deliberate. l is oh it's but it's even that they didn't measure only was almost done with any sort of a guided. those are still lower breath and you don't have the mobile the block academy yet. was you finish recording with them naga? well no i do on that i. it's a pleasure to go into a navy a ship cars. oh sure. it's elena, when you get there, when you're listening, according to it, but they're much too much. there's water. let them listen. i would you have examined that thing marshal, but alas, he has in his with enough cuz so much they had to know what my child is. mm hm. and simply, it's the most well we are sure. mister or barbara, bruce, sugar, nurse,
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mom. my pity on co morbidity was still leave. euro nika, august 30th or stoker period via liber crawlers. from about our board. in 2027 russia's ice break. a fleet will grow again, leave or it will be able to break ice 95 meters high and make 15 knots through ice 2 meters thick. a leader is expected to hop the northern sea root travel time and eastern sector operations as routine as it is now in the west. is what is she them out of square foot, or is she stagnant? but of course, dealt with the
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area has a school ship default where another container ship is waiting for the ice breaker. ah, through the heavy ice to open water. and the convoy will move on to blue. ah, during the 2nd well look in nazi occupied poland valinda was a farming region to dance mount of ukraine between 19431945 members of the
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ukrainian insurgent army led by stepan. bandera. nasa could thousands of poles in virginia in a diabolical ethnic cleansing process. the murders were particularly horrific and brutal villages were burned and property looted. valinda massa is without doubt one of the bloodiest episodes in polish ukrainian history. my al ukrainian politicians, still reluctant to talk about these events, how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of belinda us to divide people ah, is this cried tale, this alliance between the marcus's and did the tear. it is somehow gets reflected throughout the next 6 years. this would even called promiscuous power sharing. would even mean that perhaps it would be sorry, the terry did that we had run in 2028 with another mark force as
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a running mate. and then they will just switch. and this will happen for years in years simply because the dynasty part, dale will solidifying. ah, ah, likely in and lower british and low. not only is it loaded what it is also locks. so one careless step, one careless push, and this thing will open fire. party explores the as of the stall industrial area and mario pl, which was the epicenter of fighting unreason weeks between russian forces and hold up ukrainian nationalist troops as de mining efforts are now under way economic turbulence and thousands of last jobs predicted as the you aim for a potential 6th round of sanctions against moscow and a shortage of russian fertilizers and mexico.


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