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because i'm blaming russia instead, watching this being such a huge fan here. you know, i will never forget once i was listening or what you are. i think it's on your television. 1 pm in london was asked, are you afraid of isis? and he said, i don't care about, i just, i want integrity of my country. i'm afraid of russians. you have to understand that also the ingredients of fear when you see the war, that is not far away from you. but i'm absolutely sure that neo nazis are 40 americans and for the great power, the same story they use with all extreme is around the world. this is why the citizens of europe already learn the lesson. when you say neo nazis for us. if somebody who wants to exterminate certain race for,
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that's what i was saying in the beginning for europeans, they didn't suffer by not. most of the french were fighting. they had a so they had some, i would say people who were fighting that, but most of them are in, in the german, in the german army. so when we speak about naziism is absolutely different when you say this word, invest in europe, which during the hitler period did not suffer including romania, bulgaria or the eastern countries except serbia, which was having a 2 anti fascist movement at the same time. you know, place where i am in the mountains where i live. it was liberated from july 1941 to the october, early october at 941 because we have anti fascist movement. no other country could say this, so it's very logical. the somebody who suffered for nazis the worst awful things
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that ever happened in the, in the history for last 500 years, or let's say 400 years reacting differently. i'm not justify. they don't notice. but you know, as a hitler was saying is my encounter. he was just go to flying under sex, no way of exterminating indigenous people in america. so west is a place where when i lived in france, one girl was us who liberated euro from that is a, she said sola dryer. and this is a fiction. like in my movie underground, that is becoming reality. apparently. solar drive did what? russian people losing 27000000 did for europe. that's why you go 945, said they will never forgive us. what we did that delivered to them from you know, that they even tried instantly to have
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a counter judgment room on a church of himself and later with him to defeat a unit and a 37 directors, green light and sound, produce him any thanks for your time when he appreciate your thoughts and insights into this happy to speak to i'm thank you for joining us. her naughty international with back at the top of the hour with more. oh yeah, i'll hold on just to love to come, jackie, she policy the of key. the more of the only shows funny because from joseph a plane scheme, at least on them, you got to respond on the score till tomorrow. we got the quality of the new not sure how the exterior, who's your comes up with the whole is, are you still my be a new one. the not somebody sent me
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a bundle of movies or was not brought us to some of the show up. i mean, you're going to put a bundle of civilians are, will you can still continue much with a huge to me. it, yes the, this is young game used, different products, like you mobilize them, screw also to focus a lot of fish, not admission papers to talk with. chris young, explain it is early lip. ashley, if you follow me early and i should occasionally give us more, nasa shifts that come with sort of mapping out master splintered over my outside a bully and i was on the east lansing a lot of new initiative. not road tripping out in the crowd or jo changed to look national. hey scale crime, is it just your chest to my senior grains? could you give me a new bond there of so yet when you smuggler deal it with
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a check stub, we don't use it. you do not see the blue book, gray and stuck. moscow clearly admitted to it, which on us now i see it's a bottom will start, but with it's too much not grain. ski muddled, but almost i still don't. i'm with the would come from danya loan to numerous, which knew he used to come in to order for to their store or go was for putting in with doors, calling you to make sure my little wits must focusing on the price. cuz you were doing my, me and, and mr. folks to use the dish, gibson nutrition because at their store, pretty annoyingly nuclear critical due to late claims could post and a tips. it's also worth noting that the mass slaughter of poles was not limited to
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a single location. no time u. p. a desk was operated over a vast area for several months. in july 1943 alone, they attacked more than a 150 polish populated towns and villages suggest and such a medical care. the navy anxious isn't a commercial digital sort of a. what do you like it should you to talk? that easy was the one that you most the day with me to learn the lesson. somebody should global and you click on close on a study last that are not all guilty as a field. so you think you'll be good up or senior teacher a pretty already mother. i was just
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with them on the when you're because of the of aaliyah a senior there, but i'm be, i'm already come on to here to really sort of a, to see what we still want to see. was like, it was almost wish the galaxy thugs easy, but i'm closer to my deal over with the football doesn't show how it seems. lucky. fully valley. scott, me talk to them all without food. nobody should be able to cover the shuttle. okay . okay. all righty pronouncing maria if she celia for you, leave to meano's is sponsors. you chew for emergency gone to see if it was the she polished gray in a political deal grains of but worse, i do believe i must like on you can. so i and are purely for she's if to wish you this last month where according that around it is vice with the professor schedule
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. it is an established fact that during world war 2, the o u n and u, p. a leaders served in the not to go and roland battalions all with the ss galaxy division and with collaborating auxiliary police unit somewhere. also trained at nazi military and intelligence schools. oh, got the book, women thoughts list all of them, but got a document, thoughts they got to read because we offered through just when you moved away. and there was the upkeep your mazda, ob xerox. and you have to give control, saturday, own walk them up. the up up very is vivian you on the radio, them and see what now do i got it all today? you p, i apologised, claim the conflict stems from poland, centuries long expansion into ukraine in lloyd edna scattered on about they say indigenous people had the right to fight enslavement and as ukrainians were indigenous to virginia and eastern galleria, it is quite pointless in their opinion, to question, the ukrainian insurgent armies, methods lost, dunlap,
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knew him yesterday period. the syndrome to the developer would all polish ability to allen is porter p. jewish juice, where he exceeded what we had to resume it. so because of the wireless, oh no group off key jill. a district americans are so griffith. well it's telling me to login or somebody's digit again is that's a component. stevenson put us to yet them he passed through to craig's. can somebody magazine box for credit to the teachers could choose to post? what work out? what the webcam store convenient. oh, credit score. but suddenly my point discovered to call was showing as my employer. because what garbage do it to me come now me what the actual set up i'm not in the vista country perform well in skate is near seagal, swirled cherokee or is this ground floor? it is a bit frustrated for losing a child because she had a maniachi the not fatal
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by a show she was in the budget. she played with the are you having the pap weekly more managers that you have to look at it at the studio? because we're getting the push get with midway down we're you can when you mean you could were just a kid just to play in your to play with it. and just, and what it also says get the builder with much stuff crews. loosely, williams, could you give the deceptive? be sure to do what has been done with ox. it was media give with this issue with
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the you in documents left behind by insurgence contained compelling evidence that the was a strategic rationale behind the eventual decision to fudge about union and late, and at least here of outlanders. to hardway my killing tens of thousands of coal this is theresa him with her for new premium. so put it on the depletion with a series of german defeats, such as the battle of stalingrad and the retreat from the vulgar made the o u. n. b leaders less certain about germany's chances of winning the war. it also made it more likely that the red army would return to western ukraine. if that were to happen, local polls would join forces with the red army, making the u. p. ice fight against the soviets, even honda, these were the underlying considerations for local o u. n. b leaders in valencia and felicia with clim several in charge. when they
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decided to de polonaise, those regions ill, premier, or claim on some work, a contorted prostitution. as we ask them you, you will, you will put pretty years history. you can start to wonder, will come on the right. absolutely. even the mirror could be really difficult. only deceptive pieces for you. deceptively smoothly. yes, i still stayed by meetings the conclusion that no such thing would have push katie, i'd say chess. do not close to less, pres, who does seriousness. gary? that's it. even i think euclid euclid have such a good not to do. i am daryl gene is just i will put your log. i will go, sam, you bill euros. didn't leave. well. michelle bundle has she political? she's matters which you will beach the on the yes, he left all this to little myers board will reschedule. garage. i never got on here . okay. it is just a little bit on our town. somebody says that you all will get a yellow. your company's teacher said, you know, i got oscar. i saw a snugly christiane seats and mcgill talked to put stuff over. but i would like
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shift here my in their official document such as female guidelines on o u. n. combat and activity and war of i in the band, a writes refer to themselves in no other terms than an order of fanatics and fight as land by stepan bandana. bamboo, they called their supreme leader sensing territories of the enemy present sima in times of chaos and unrest. it is acceptable for us to eradicate hostile polish moscow. vita and jewish elements. we will mostly eradicate the intelligentsia, make sure they cannot re emerge and keep them away from any leading positions or jobs in education. choose coles and moscow bites must be isolated and removed from governing bodies. those permitted to stay for technical reasons must be liquidated at the 1st sign of noncompliance guidelines on. oh, you in combat and activity in war. double out guy. he's out. seattle g show mogley, bishop another word allocated to the organs out. it is a judiciary and will say,
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you've got a yellow with are a inside the name of love. i bought one of them really populated video, stuff like before, my dismissal with each other will mirror at the middle. the going is our proud, i suppose, with socialist ours are fundamental for samar. she not a lovely watching china hutch the full diamond. i'm not so my lasagna grants are walkering medical association installed a kitchen on to go. yes. but of the w. a bridge unit of a yes. all the ocean or escape on. good. i just put in my teeth duties id. not that in a little tried you on as up on the financial, the committee kinaski these key yackel pazzano, her phone tablets here bundles, phone lou crane summit despite what contemporary supporters of the
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o u. n. u. p. i often like to say like how many ukrainians did not approve of the band or right method and actions, and often chose to try and protect the defenseless polish population, usually risking their own and their family's lives. that's damned by multiple witness accounts, video or breaching. now should historical ulysses, how today is distribution, hold on the nashik, boise story garcia. you must hold himself somewhere in the well, i mean, when you see me just a diffusion brains of him who g so i enough unless you saw you cool. yes. well, you know, to the worst that show, scott what? oh, cuz i was sure that club in east with eagle, them as up and she'll be going on. so my like for me to punishable the one that i meg, but not one. you want to sort of a deal with all not because we cubic street gosh
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ukraine who, who, who poor he does what's up, which is not a hostile, attractive region. those no one goes. i let's be be too cool. but by law, we are on the progress of those to pull my the boys come associated with the a schermick movie that will ship are moving from skin solution with ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled culture nearly desert. wonderful language cecile malice will do it. when will you? prague it just me said in the one it would preclude the phrase now, particularly refers to canceling russian culture yet them know what to create the
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few orders because it's convenient. my for cure, which will be all there is child with fill out that all of them, most of the separate random e. normally what rushes created over the past 1500 years is now questioned. ashley condemned, reviled and reject it. just to remind you that it's the but for me at the will of bramble, there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. anytime i guess it'll show all the list. joining total condemnation grows daily and now enclosed da staff skate to cascade and shostakovich that i need to, you. call it left, but yes, you lose your sig, back with the time. will you do obama lee? you're not going to do that. a lot
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a she finds your new core. she has figured you're going to go to what to do with your mom. my mom, my mom. okay. well, we'll see. it was outside, you know, going with the flu shot in my over just allow me, daniel, be sure i did with melanie couple questions. i'm clear going v unusual with i'm not what i'm because they have you all to when feet isn't your wiring girl actually just motion with all right, come on. i don't get my local id. rosalyn. harrison who carries with dr. lack of data. grady rules my mama, north way, a moment of own utilization. i heat version a solution. it gets the sunshine, gray sky, he sort of became for cranes keep, frankly out of me and got him bullet pretty guys will be right back off, chris village to willis. i see the what is that he's not so easy. so she, you offer guardian up already you on you why she would have to my you might it it. but there was a rules where yeah,
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he for school things being switched to a previous young thomas was, i'm with peters, my god, i'm rival or he got a group on mclaughlin with a girl. i try to get a chance. give us a bu, i will a previous meal. a campbell bottle shook about. so you should stick to report my galle polanko. have i winced except with a polish film director. you will not say bye to husky news about the events in valencia better than most of his colleagues. because he took an active part in making the documentary. there was one so town, really happy with the film tells the tragic story of one polish family in the valinda village of killeen who fell victim to the massacre
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own. mm hm. the documentary was recently broadcast by poland. first tv channel. mm hm. and caused a massive outcry well, but that didn't stop another polish studio from working on a similar film, oriental script writer and film director yourself. but nashik says that today's youth knows very little about the events in volcano. recently, a small action group in poland has launched historical reconstructions, but a veil has been drawn of the truth of what happened in valencia for too long of an evening. however, strange it may seem, a topic remains quite unpopular in poland. political circles with dish on gibbons, but they're more of a suit shouldn't be shown to her. she says even a beautiful book may portion on his job, but i'm giving you a follow up with another note mala with some. obviously you go to, to us a new,
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a son, italy, depots, the need to be here from the sky. it's a problem. it's a, seem you smoke fitting yet. it is olu with home probably whiskey seems a problem with the questions of no, but i you got a new gosh. it's a video mom was supposed to play with sort of them when you guys allow her to make you latino. this isn't because being social support, same comes on you this but other than performance with she knew like you shouldn't except regina bowling as we approached the 70th anniversary of the violin young massacre, the ukrainian parliament has introduced a bill on ukrainian righteousness among nations after it was submitted by a group of ruling party amperes. the authors suggested officially honoring non polish people who saved poles from the o u. n. u p, a. despite the rest to their own lives and those of their families. the idea was
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welcomed in poland when you, although many in ukraine, simply refused to believe that the parliament would pass the bill like you and have their reasons for that with ukraine's for both party. the political success of the o u. n. u p. a hold 36 parliamentary seats and has thousands of followers all over ukraine, and they seem to regard those who slaughtered and burned on armed women. children, old people and priests as heroes. oh, forms of poker. immediately for flora trying to pull it problem and guess who boss fiscal see was i was just get your money it the boy gets on his boss. i've been in a barber in the good the speech and i'm pretty with you are calling for crystal, blaine. yes'm. a problem though, i'd crystal plain. yeah. when you're coming in my shopping sir, what norm took a samsung galaxy ashtosh with absolute bottom on manpower, louisa,
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she was up on the green. it should by the roy modica for as a charlotte, if musician was told, woodall cranes come on that water. but the more, of course, that was waves with, let's see. does glen now grass that are the more crazy proportions? corona said that they're gonna do photos of a go provide that ability, each nose you still care grasso cranes can not all of them are but genia that are not all other stuff. i pray you will mention you, but you need a priority. what he hasn't block off if you people who did seem decently extra mavita chip to state or gloria parties from a border you. but it's only about a shoots, a cautious if you all will give me like a tourist for me and all this yellow here below. the fastest does, can you go along with as little diva? organs as you please can. i can say that your company state farm, if you can't be too political some will leave him login looking at them which are nice to talk so as bad of their garage is nice it's us. yeah. me legit is all
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year yes. dishes cuz i knew will you just about when you put a leaching agent, just them or put them on will must a little bit of us the dida with but you, mr. but ever when you have a lot of great, he's in church about the state of state roller wizard that they're gonna do is let the capture, let the vitamin a bit. i'm good. i mean, you've already decided him or he did it all. a spoke aline, our still doesn't but i just a little slight equal and yet, but somehow or estrogenic procedures area that has no employee. so shadow raj, i'm her. yes. you post it to 12 rose. you should go back about lead to sales, mainly not, not old. non video, not much. it's on the charlo store still because like prov tamala, georgia, had that machine middle sporting a patrol, a movie in your presence, reach me, and you can share some another on proposal. so bookish shall chin according to nothin. give me a station. i'm going to throw
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a selection of when you the with draft as it does to bill on the following. you bill us rational. i see just rush must be white climate. would you expect we do a great to coin it was coming out. but when one of the prize locks, if you talk of watching stage is come, continues to mutual, have each other commodity supanik. in other words, on your way, we are eastern li getaway. karnicia ali. she's name is avoided logins cro across your website and you can move all those post traffic level school is through scoop up or down her class national. somehow through a couple of little koreans foolish to laugh with his, but it will, i will know parson is if you look on basic activities zone pop back in on the incident there was an amelia, 3 things equal grains go on. our old larceny. another issue. those 2 kinds carol should go to the nuts. oh, shoot the top ashi stick with a new model to stick to be well at a see what i didn't present at the book. i didn't put some sort of gym to present as you would get it as you present will. yet my view to cranes came out of the
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products. i didn't put some private cells. 9. yeah. crane support. use your can your son of was well yeah. instead of him c, b a r t i beautiful a for answer. unclear boy. sure. use the bubble up. i've eaten, i guess that's a good excuse. pretty, pretty su gustavo, it's lisa romeo. i kissed little almond olga. oh gosh, i'm constantly getting up. we'll keep it across the me start. look you denise. you do the monkey bar a bought it. is that a book junior? kept the huge on for when was the level of misconduct or you missed that? i think you just go. so user, so crane. i foolish as a molecule, does the price quoted move up and ukraine just left by me? the company did it. you don't, you could be some follow up with you to an issue with the interview roku, but i wish it, but it is to millennium euro from east to west. nowhere near her pastry newkirk with miss nipple at fordham. lou, sure walkable all over is different. if you look at this, we're bought a new company for widgets and these to really be better. uh, because with this, with the liberty center go it off to where you were
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a pizza for to to you roku. you chew up a horse over for cheapest through dish are pretty ridiculous because she was a problem if you were hoping you knew as much her. okay. now for the mar based she had the whole grain of those not of years. herschel, a bullet grains come on our order a musical because my corporate astonish spare mom was not a shit of the social studies. so i mean, he kept michael for his up it top situation i picture bescham wasn't sumptuous washed. so when you go home on your bottom, you can you the video solution you the video new one is the same priest impossible to ship it yet mac via stop this for algebra beach. so we're still shuttles in each so called because when you go to the woman's club to the police a is not we as soon as the company's, if you have 3 of you could sort of yet mac says none of them. the model,
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the cutting e, the make me think boesky for help saddle move on the bus through a she's going to bring you might just, you have by midnight middlebury yet you go to some process, the study and user id jewel process. i got most of this writing a bit of a pop last few years. you situation your sheet, always stim guy in y'all's grain hospital, the one killed sky scholarship euros and she should laugh with up. i mean, it's just sanitize scenarios, announcement fall of them for you, put the euro. pamela cheated up in another. your signal shall you shuttle than you arrive at some normal tooth. the stove, it already got one b, my chip, you've ramos, i lost on the far shoes, but the old rules up. i know that you are open you for you my, it's to be grades you see a to walk. i thought on the hook up on a grain, you are quite, you know, easily buckled demetrius ukraine. the got the rope when you might still to quote for shoes water. would it nisha nadia shamperdeen almost all of
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a mr. will you rule for getting a lot of what you still great, you know, could and you could see my daughter a terminal secret that does it has all mentioned, but there's trash to glen books the way the finance with them. he is a little christmas all night and upwards. come now the valise go. jeremy only get your opinion osbourne demanded practising angelica at this fiasco in apples in mullins, cuz you know, just hadn't yet a dish. reason is, i mean, unless you may wanna chill on. good sco soon worry. you're slang o vigil. finishing out and yeah, through the black, reminding the leaves. are the crew hopefully me, she'll be with the label and shave. show him like she is preserving. i'm you know, mind you have with us. maryan are very dunedin collaborative, elizabeth zeroes and put your men just in the us that we decide vision, especially for a young man sort of design the graduate as of years. if it's not for
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many people do, ah, likely and, and lord british and lord, not only is it loaded, but it is also locked. so one careless step, one careless push, and this thing will open fire. author looked at the ongoing effort to the mind, the as all industrial area and mario, which was the at the center, i think in recent weeks, between the russian 4 states and hold up ukraine unit a between israeli police on palestinians continue with the jewish nationalist march through july.


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