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the latest counties that are both of them almost got around 58 percent of the vote . and in our system we don't have a run of elections that assures a majority mandate. we only have a plurality system. so is the 1st time that a president and a vice president has been elected by a majority since democracy was restored in 1086. and for that majority mandate to be earned by 2 children of a former president may sit really an astounding electoral outcome. it seems like the, the majority has spoken, but we know that as you have said, this electoral campaign has been very polarizing and talked at the very least. you mentioned that it's quite astounding. it's as founding, not only because of the solid numbers that they got, and it's, it's pretty remarkable in this day and age for an approval ratings around the world, a pretty low people have very, very little trust in politics worldwide. but was it what is even more astounding is
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that them, you know, this restoration of a democracy that you mentioned actually happened after the ousting of the father of one of the elected leaders. so how do you explain this a very remarkable reversal of political fortunes? well, in, in the 1st place we did not see marcus junior and cited the pair to get a go head to head. so instead of competing with one another, which would have been altered the, the outcome. and i do think that outside the tear, they might have the advantage here simply because she's the daughter of the present or the outgoing president. but because they did not compete, they even what i called cartilage themselves. they formed what they call a dynasty cartel, a cartel of dynasties, with support from another. former president was also a, an offspring of
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a previous president. busy him up by the royal who forge the alliance. so basically you have this cartel of dynasties saying that we're not going to compete with one another. and like before, we're gonna team up and therefore really band together and ensure that there will be no competition. i know that under your system, and you already mentioned that different than the vice president elected separately . even though marcus and de terence engineers campaigned, under the seem of unity, i think they even called their political pairing unit team. do you think this semblance of unity or them saying on one page will, will remain once they get to the very tedious and sometimes very contentious business of governing. right. 4 there been a doubts because as i said, dynasties have not cartilage like this before. and there are a few coalitions, but normally those coalitions are don't be last long because there's no credible
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commitment to stay the course. simply because politics is a, a winner take all thing in the philippines. so it means that if you're the one ruling, then you can simply say, i'm not gonna share power, right? but if this cartel, this alliance between the mark was as and that the tear does somehow get reflected throughout the next 6 years, this, i would even call promiscuous power sharing. would even mean that perhaps it would be sarah the pair did at me and run in 2020 with another mark course as a, as a running mate. and then they will just switch. and this will happen for years and years simply because the dynasty card dale will solidify. however, we do know that filipinos get tired of the same grad over and over again. and i think this is the beauty of democracy. filipinos can then choose other brad, specially if they don't perform well. now, speaking about brands are both among marcus and sarah to terry's. there are very
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colorful personalities and i think it was somewhat similar political paths, not only in terms of their family legacy, but also in terms of their governing experiences. both on the taste of a governing, regional own marital governing fairly young in their early late twenty's. so they bring something to the table apart from their family names as well. is it fair to pain them only as hairs you influential plans or do they have something to show on an individual basis? right. a marcus junior became governor of a province of north, it was hired to tear to became near of the city in which she replaced our her father, the the current president rodrigo, to target. so they had local government experience. although in comparison with, with their parents, i would say that they still have to prove their mettle,
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that they will still have to get out of the shadows of their parents. and i think part of getting out of that shadow is really either i, are they just gonna be clothes of their parents, or are they going to do something different? are they just going to mimic, or are they going to be a different kind of a dinah, something that will modernize the country and move the country forward if they're, if they're really slow, if their slogan is really unity, i do think they have to do more than simply copy paste from their father. well, i don't know about you, but i, i've been fascinated vice are the tear there and, and from what i've read of her, she's a pretty rebellious personality. she described her own relationship with her father as a love hate one. she defied him on many occasions, even though he himself, i invested in her education and saw her as you know, as a, as a very bright child. what about marcus junior?
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how would you characterize he's relationship with his immediate and broader family? yes, let us remember that president the terror they wanted. sorry, the targets run for president. that was supposed to be the original plan, but sorry, the terry this settled to run for vice president. and i'm, she has not had the very good relationship, even with the allies and the party of, of president the territory. and this is why she somehow wanted to charge her own course and aligning with the marcus is and, and glory. i'm up a latoya was more like an initiative of sarah that i am going to charge my own political pass on my own. i need be a detective, but i'm not just going to be under his shadow. marcus, on the other hand, is a bit different because in my own take, i do think this presidency is not just about bumble marcus himself. this is about the dynasty, the marcus dynasty ruling the country. so we, because the,
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the elder sister is a shipping senator of the republic of his son is going to be a member of parliament of the house of representatives. so we see the dynasty occupying certain positions solidifying their theirs, but just let them support poppy. the family events, i think that's the big difference, sarah might be more of a lone wolf. while marcus junior will be ruling on behalf of house that there of house marcus. but he or will still be doing that ruling or governing depending on your point of view, political point of view, i guess with the popular support, he didn't just inherit that he had to win it at the polls. i get it correctly. yes . but because he, he campaigned using authoritarian the style, ge, and fancy. so and the, the, the network of this information and propaganda has been built since he ran for vice
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president in 2016. that was relentless. and i'm not even the other campaigns was able to catch up because the other campaign simply started last year, while marcus junior and the marcus family has been planning this. because if the marquess has really want to grab power, they could have bron in 2016 against the territory. they could have run in 2010 against the son of corners or knocking on that would have been a battle for that would be freely. manila, the son of an aquino versus the son of michaels. but we didn't see that the bite of their time. they waited for the right opportunity. and in the end president, the parent is governance populists of or paid the way for a mark was junior presidents. i've heard many western commentators accusing marcus junior of being extremely populous than you know, making promises that he may not be able to fulfill. specifically, when it comes to the class of decreasing living standards are decreasing living
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expenses rather, and a increasing living sanders given that food and fuel prices are rising all around the world. cham his government, and deliver on the promises that they made. right? that is the challenge in the philippines, in silk in politics. we have a saying, it's easy to run and when the more difficult part is brainy. so marcus jr is transitioning from mart cuz junior, the candidate to mark was junior, the ruler or the governor. so this means that he set up it for himself high expectations by making all those glimmering promises of lower rice prices of jobs, of infrastructure. and the fielding economy is in heavy decline. we, we had the steepest decline in southeast asia. and guess what? the, the, i'll going to charge administration is already saying that the only way to recover
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is new taxes. so that's going to be a challenge for margaret junior. okay, well we have to take a short break professor for the time being, but we'll be back to this fascinating discussion in just a few moments. ah, mm. mm hm. since the break away, but don't it's people's republic. woo has been ranging and don't boss. ukrainian artillery has been showing civilian, townsend, mining, villages, or more lawfully deal with hoarding fluid with global school. did your most bullet one?
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ah. ah . the sanctions packaged bonds, russian flags, vassals, from entering you port, belgium vulgar, railey sweeney, a romanian tuna, in turn out to russian. ships for with now this talk of rerouting oil and gas
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exports to asia as myself, but i with the additional booth on the eastern part of the northern sea root has never been around a shoals there. when you check the estimated is what is she them? what of course, good. or she's done it. of course that ah mm mm.
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well, come back to william i smith. aries, are gay, political science professor at the university of philippines element before they break loo, discuss primarily domestic implications. busy of the may vote, but to many of our international viewers. the most interesting question is that of the philippines do political orientation because for, for decades, your country has been a close. do political and military ally of the united states. something that may have started changing under president rodrigo the terror, then do you expect that more of the same under the an marcus detail the junior team? let us remember if we look at previews philippine presidents with the exception of precedent prepared day. each of the philippine president including for dylan marcos, senior, tried to hedge between great powers in the region, notably they knighted states china and even other countries. so this is the default
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on possession of any new president. with the exception of rodrigo there who instantly pivoted the china. and i'm almost a abrogated the visiting for disagreement with united states, a marcus junior presidency. and we've seen some, hence of that with him meeting with the officials from the united states, from china are from, from other countries, japan, et cetera. marcus junior doesn't have the personal baggage, unlike rodrigo de terre day, and has actually not read been, ah, the mutual defense treaty. on the other hand, we also know that marcus junior has very close relations with china when he was governor of his province. he set up a consulate of china in his home province. that's how he wanted to be close to china. so i think what will happen here is that the market junior will try to do a, a delicate balancing act. but as we will see,
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this my change in the coming years, depending on how that hedging will, will be successful or not, shall professor you mentioned before that mark as junior comes to power with no prior to political baggage. but as far as i understand, and he has some outstanding legal issues with the american justice system, he and his mother a defy a 4th order. i'm asking them to pay me from $253000000.00 to the elijah victims of human rights abuses during his father's thompson office. how do you see the case progressing from now on day thing? it may be reopened or do you think it may be forgotten? right, when, when you, as president biden, called on marcus junior, i doubt whether that was one of the topics that that was discussed. i do think that what will happen here most likely, is that marcus junior won't be treated as marcus junior. i'm a citizen, but marcus,
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junior as head of state, and therefore will be granted sovereign immunity. and on this will allow hand, for example, to visit the united states. something that president prepared there was not able to do is the only philippine president that has not visited any country in the west when he was president. the, the most western frontier that he visited is actually russia. ah, so, so this makes mark was junior a bit have a bit more flexibility. and, and despite this case, i do think that the night that states will not sacrifice its strategic interest in the philippines in the region over this case. well, professor, i agree with the rental history and known, say quite a few public figures from nelson mandela's in a random audi who were once banned from entering the united states. and once washington found some political expediency, those restrictions were lifted. but i think there is, there is
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a difficulty in this particular case, or in, in that it's simply so massive. i'm in the, the marker senior regime was accused of such atrocities that forgetting about those allotted crimes at this point of time may not reflect very well on the, on the united states and divide an administration which supposedly places human rights concerns at the, at the center of its policies, i understand that the mark assembly may well from that decision producing the united states politically can afford to do that. the false, the factor that needs to be monitored here also is u. s. domestic politics. we know that bite and will be up for reelection, and that the democrats hold on on both houses of their congress is also go, is also precarious. so let's say a trump wince, again, or as a republican politician that will somehow even massage the. i think the case even
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more and won't give into the human rights democracy. push that the by did administration has been doing the call of biden to mark was junior, for me was very symbolic because i think they night as states really messed up when it didn't reach out to president the terror day when he won in 2016, they thought that, well, the philippines is an old ally, so it wouldn't stray far. but we, the charity has shown that it could, it could conduct an independent foreign policy. so date, they're very careful with how they're dealing with marcus jerry present. but on the other hand, professor, our president chairs as you sat threatened to you know, walk away from the visiting forces agreements a couple of times when at the end of the day he didn't. why do you think he didn't? oh, it's luck. mainly because of the pandemic. ah, we must remember that the philippines has had one of the worst pandemic responses
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in around 20202021. and when, when the biden administration took over, and this allowed a, an opening for the us to reach out to the philippines and asked for what it needs that the detect administration. and the 3rd himself even said in one, 0, one of his weekly addresses that i'm not gonna hostage the v of a if the big vaccines. and that's what the u. s. actually did. it was a lost opportunity for china because china just kept on selling us back seeds rather than really competing with the philippines for that response. and is why the terry has stopped with his anti respiratory and has actually started invoking the arbitrary ruling against china in the last 2 years of all throughout this discussion we've been sorta touching on this is very delicate choice that manila has to make between a washington in beijing and marcus junior already described a manila relationship with washington as for very important, but at the same time,
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he also said what you said that he's country will have to walk a very, very fine line between china and the united states. and in, in your view, what would represent this optimal balance? as far as the philippines are concerned of sun, i think it's, it's what every se, asian country tries to do. and, and that is a rely on the united states for security and defense. well, at the same time, relying on china for economics and for trade. this, the coupling is precarious, meaning other southeast asian countries have failed in their attempts. and the philippines is not used to this because for the longest time its economy was also peg with the u. s, the west. so therefore, this is a challenge for the incoming marcus junior administration, while the detect administration and the president president there has opened the
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line with, with china marcus. then we'll have the challenge of maintaining it and expanding it, but not to somehow intimidate or some of give us a signal to the united states that it is going to undermine it. security obligations on the mutual defense treaty because of closer economic relations, which is present. joe biden has just wrapped up his asian visit during which he made a lot of lofty speeches and didn't hide his intention to build an economic block, an asian economic block against china. would it be fair to say that at this point the united states needs the philippines more than the philippines need? do united states, you wouldn't hear washington admit that? ah, because on the other hand, i, pundits in washington would even say that this isn't a symmetrical relationship. because it would all has
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a name when you say that about this country. you know, if those are the only country in the world whose interests are worth considering. right, right. but i do say that they saw that even the most pro western country in southeast asia could be, could, could drift, could drift away. and all that enabled the us to somehow pay more attention to the region. but the skeptics in us are always saying that the u. s. is, is always like this, but it tends to say that, oh yes. where in asia you're very important, but they don't walk the walk. if you look at how they're that the funds that are coming in, where'd, where the money is going, it's not going to asia, even if their strategic competitor is in the region and not somewhere in the middle east or. well, that leads me to my next question because i know that the country has just signed up to this new india pacific economic framework, which is supposed to be some sort of an alternative to china's felt and growth
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initiative. but unlike the chinese americans, you know that they're offering a lot of, again, love to speeches or by about values. and what have you been very little in terms of material benefits, you know, preferential market access loans, infrastructure, what have you, everything that the chinese are ready to provide? what are the potential benefits of formula in this new you as lat, economic grouping? because you mentioned before that there has always been this bifurcation of relying on the united states for the military support and on china for the economy support . now that you have signed up to these new can all make or even though it's very abstract or grouping, would you have to sacrifice a some of your economic relationship, economic ties for beijing under the terry, the administration. it's primary economic program is what we call an infrastructure program called build, build built. yes we, we just repeat, build 3 times. marcus junior has a pledge to continue this. and in fact, if it's
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a good pledge because only 10 percent of the b r, i projects that links with our build build build program has been implemented. and this is because of the bureaucratic delays on the philippines side. more than on the chinese site. however, i do think that because they're still aggrieved, need for infrastructure. there are still gaps. but at the moment the santa, if you would look at who really supports infrastructure programs in the philippines is aquila china. the u. s. is actually japan. so japan has been pouring in a lot of grants and aid and loans on infrastructure more than the united states and definitely more than china. so i do think that if this in the pacific economic framework will work, it must not be just purely seen as the u. s. pouring in money in the region, but it would really need to be a bit more multi lateral on that. because at the n, as in countries like the philippines are very distrustful of. busy being asked to
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choose between the us and china, so therefore middle powers, like japan and others might become more palatable to, to us in countries was afraid of being crushed, made by this 2 superpowers. are speaking about japan awhile present. biden was in japan, there was also a lot of talk about a hot conflict, similar to the one that's in russia and nato over ukraine. rafting in your parts of the world. how high is, is, is a threat of that in your view. well, the, it of, before the russia plane conflict, the flash point in southeast asia, in, in the south china sea and the east china c. as, as always been there, i can distinctly remember that the, the threat was in the korean peninsula in taiwan, in the east china territorial. this is china, c territory dispute in the south china sea. 3rd part of this. so you have all these
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flash voids and therefore anything could could happen if the tensions are not managed carefully. so therefore, i do think a lot of countries in us, ian, including the philippines are very wary of this strategic competition. because in the and small states like the philippines and its neighbors in africa are going to be victims in this chest game. and, oh, what exactly can you do on this from? because i'm for your heard present guidance. our latest announcement that the, the united states will intervene to defend taiwan militarily. and even though there are various interpretations of that of that statement, i'm sure it was taken with a lot of apprehension in your region, especially considering that the chinese navy, as we know, is larger than the american navy in those 2 navies come to class how far do you think it may go and how it may influence you? read the yes. remember of all darcy and countries, only the philippines shares a maritime boundary with taiwan. so if a flash find conflict in taiwan will happen,
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of all the 10 us in countries, it is the philippines that, that's going to be pulled in immediately. and therefore, i think the filming interest here is to ensure that the cooler heads prevail to mobilize with other small countries in southeast asia, through the asi and framework. we know that i see and is significantly challenge as of today. but we need to make assay. and work in a looming conflict in the asia pacific region, particularly in the taiwan strait i. it's important that i see an use that same platform convening platform for all these super powers middle powers and small powers to be able to use multilateral channels and manage the pensions. because if not, i don't think it's in any interest of, of any country or stakeholder in the region for a conflict in the straight to happen any time soon. well, professor r v, i think it's pretty evident after the very tragic
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a experience of ukraine and the last thing this world needs is another war. anyway, we have to live there. thank you very much for your insights today. thank you for this invitation and thank you for featuring the filters and thank you for watching hope to see you next time on the world to part with
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time to sit down and talk. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order to conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence. the point obviously is to trust or rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real,
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somebody with protective own existence with who in spring 2022, europe began closing to russian vessels, one after another. the sanctions package bombs, russian flag vessels from entering you port belgium, bulgaria. when romania announced that there would be close to russian ships to russian vessels carrying gets a covers visor is similar decision was taken by canada him later by the united states or.


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