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for some might say 70 years is a reasonable life, i promise one that may be full of events, both happy or sad owner ups and downs me christ opportunities and glorious achievements. misty in the historic sense, though he 70 years is too early and instantly listening where you live with the july 13th marks, the 70th anniversary of events, the meaning and significance of which still debated in most poland and you grain them up just via ah mm hm. about being with the teacher, the announcement of our on april, the 8th, 2013 is just before the 70th anniversary, the divided, the ukrainian nation with an ideological stand off $28.00 senators with the law and
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justice party. they submitted a draft to the polish senate, only proposing that july the 11th should be a memorial day in poland, to honor the memory of the victims of massacres of poles in valencia, and other parts of western ukraine in world war 2. he was with no granite on april, the 11th, in the same year 29 m. p 's from the polish people's party submitted to poland, lower house of parliament, a similar draft titled on the genocide committed by the organization of ukrainian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army against oles on eastern polish territories by leg plus portion of the keep up as of both these documents was to recognise the organization of ukrainian nationalists and the ukrainian insurgent army as criminal organizations, which according to the authors, had committed genocide against the polish community in western ukraine with $212.00 representatives voted in favor of the proposal to designate the massacre of holes
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in valencia. finally, o u n, an u p a. the genocide as while 222 voted against the proposal was defeated by a majority of just 11 votes. and the genocide issue was lost from the agenda. the opposition voted to classify the o u. n. u p. a crimes committed as genocide against the polish population. but the party in power supported softer wording for foreign policy reasons. america for when it well known that the polish government is actively lobbying for ukraine to be admitted to the e you. it was to that end that the polish foreign minister rather slough sikorsky, urged polish, empties not to exacerbate the situation with a bottle in, in the end. on july, the 11th 2013, following heated and prolonged debate, poland approved an official statement describing the valiant tragedy of ethnic cleansing with marks of genocide be cheaper to them. ah, jim queen,
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i should say no. jo m punching coverage. being show she say movie global had you know, the little williams with m. c mater come out with c holcombe. i am our pm to a place for you from the legal community. plenty of boise which is good. just wasn't dirty galaxy at virtually bins. of all is going to rain. seems a machine for your house today, mom, yelling yourself when you pull up the ian when you pull out and put it in your mouth, is the yellow this again? yeah, i mean for me now, do you of a sibling, you mean you stress, you course of a mug frogman back? don't go to school. would you not sleep with when you genius, low grains of you? noise looked at the bill of using m blue gray squashes, the not so my least of any i need, la garza gray, let us know vanya pharmacy was, gosh, which that you read me? and said as it been, i me specially for las vegas on silk of each of when least godly, how far that is. i looked the color i knew. i mean, i have, i cannot see that is a got
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a new deal. if i do not stay. yeah. me too much notice i jumped if you had said his, i mostly got whatever duty with my family and with some national grain than you had to do. and i would not. somebody's, if i don't, you just recently bought a own only the construction of recently unable to bring him up to that number. if i wanna move this to him a little w a w not suit you by like any form, 14 you moments ago. shops of the communion cutters would shoot up actual bookstore, usually it will be while the video, yet the usually not suitable. i come doughboys while alcohol apollonia to up going at sea level. however, poland to lower house declined the opposition's initiative to have the villain. tragedy officially declared a genocide and to make july the 11th memorial day in poland to honor the victims of massacres in eastern polish territories. the decision provoked a wave of discontent in poland. vishal key valley exec you with my voice,
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you cookie would be g. what the affordable team on each is gauge night. gosh, i me a fool. you not, said mimi didn't you couple of us. can we still have a door previous issue problem for about luxury muslim alaska vegetable? is this a she would be supposed to meet you? not to do the cooking gigi, my mom has to prove that you share the role of you matter. my number to be is the one with your vehicle on mimi ship with will here. not a mile, like those. it is about a little because i think of the young she closes college to throw in slumber floor . yes, there was, there are so on young lady and i will start with the scene, but shield use with i will booley as like you absolutely. almost the same for hello this gustavo. nothing should have all the boys but you in the balance, which in your community you can finish the scene yourself on almost again, fear or should the political border are but younger was like a bulky or so i guess from boston. nice cousin portion. you're going to means like
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of somebody on the scene yamil any more computer on it, show offices for your money. um, so you can sales on it, but them question you can call uniform was going to give a new principal polish print media have led us somewhat blood discussion on the subject. the majority of publications denounced the polish authorities lack of determination on the matter that there is also a regularly repeated call to allow bygones to be bygone skin then. and to touch the volume tragedy to rest get back, at least for now. ah, we will only be able to get back to the volume tragedy when ukraine becomes a stable and prosperous country within the western sphere of influence. trying to address it now would make no sense any calls for restoring justice, apologies or compensation, can only aggravate our relations with kia at a time when you cranes future and its association with the e. you are being decided, it would make sense to revisit the subject in about 20 years from now. but doing it
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now would be more than useless. it would be politically detrimental, under telecom genocide, as political leverage. judge bus, polito, poland, that i like it as a teacher say, the ceiling and to meet you, not sooner than honestly she approach smith, john, their formula offered little worse than when you listening imagery to crane's thinking. my feeling and thinking it's in the epic boulevard in the symbol in se huh. to blake and jessica kissed provision. probably 9. yeah. now would you sneer her? oh, just a little bit with something that i faced with with all kinds of possibility of delirium. i am and only if he has killed the sri defaming a vanya for food. see me pull up a book on those words visibly. i'm looking up to them. yeah. do you mean younger than you know, as well? sure, virginia could you, couldn't you go start with a premier,
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him, he's a 5th grade study in your bundled musical master. yes. you will. you will receive them at yahoo as a b is it? when you look at you, click lab movie and through the portal. on july 14th 2013 elizabeth dixon peter impulse cathedral in louis western ukraine, held a memorial service for victims of the valley near massacres, which was attended by the polish president bananas left komarovsky. ukraine was represented by the deputy prime minister, the constant in gresham with the the old with them. but there was only watch the video, but he didn't come with gray husky after we met at the ball of seizure, which nice cover on got your state's old book, a visa premier. i thought you were me. i was, it was the grocery store one bill. google it, so she was up, i walked, we will take a break, not even gonna get the bullet. it's gotta be in your global little dust. yeah. not
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she just, they were thoughtful browser and you want the thank you grange parliament displayed a curious response to the 70th anniversary of the volume tragedy. nearly one 3rd of the value of nevada was not 148 members who mostly communist and from the ruling party of regions were signed an official request to the polish parliament to recognize what had happened 70 years before. as genocide against the polish people here was that request triggered a strong response on both sides of the polish ukrainian border. the initiative was heavily criticized in ukraine and described was tantamount to treason. with modern you break your school to get a sense. this was the school with using clean, eastern menial cuz i think of a tional. it was she, she was next to each school. they got a new number. we'll probably be able to talking listed on the condition on after mottos anything and was double in the peers, watch force, customer
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a switching and be staying in crane. so sophisticated, and then also somebody becker convertible as if exceed one. that will kind capacity of the command, because it won't be the 1st attempt to build a bridge between ukraine and poland over disagreements regarding the volume tragedy was in 2003 by the then president leon, it coach mart, richmond. alexandra wasn't epsky in 2006. the reconciliation process continued through the efforts of consecutive presidents, victor yoshika, and left kuchinski, who jointly opened a memorial to polish and ukrainian victims of the volume. your massacre, you've been a village. it was then the former president yoshika. he spoke, the memorable words died. we forgive and ask for forgiveness, but with no later than 2000 to night when we got the ocean got issued a decree, posthumously confirming. the title here olivia crane on the ukrainian insurgent ami lita roman shockey, which was 2 years later in january 2010 yoshika awarded the title hero of ukraine to step on bandana also posthumously. he'd been the leader of the most radical
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nationalist group o u n. b, western ukraine celebration which and abandoned by renting statues and naming major streets after them. for what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk the so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you
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force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lane finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. and we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mosul among them, wordpress positions sleep deprivation inducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant children. whatever you do or more than comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past and the moral authority, the made america world leader sector funds for the shimmer of effective interrogation with
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ah bill, yet we should get the whole the bill see on yesterday or little mickey scott, when we are possible to get a special come a are
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slow yesterday, tanya, all that's our show came on you poor. he did ching that by seal grease polish and ukrainian historians have the different assessments of the numbers of victims on each side as well as different accounts of why it happened. but all agree that the volume tragedy was the bloodiest ukrainian polish conflict in the 2 nations shared history. this was the yet, or took a certain the proceeds from the will in school. so because the edition i can pull it up in a green leaking agreement to leo because taking place, taking speaking and yet i'm sort of particular with the other thing is it still continues to the new, the senior. all my silly to me not saying english teachers all sure or school needs to be in school. you can publish it as a teacher, put in the teacher, somebody to use ski or sort of take a look at a book for to us. but yeah, cut or a bill in natural south, i'm children, you're for the to develop of
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a go for them from pushed on that show us the script. nowhere to stay under mitchell polacca was the one with a bully, suddenly boost deluca to have been silly. a previous of the worm 0 that the worst of black, blue sky limited to world williams come interested, convoluted, confused at the law group. co cobra was presumed to con goodness authority low which is union. bruce group, mentors, milk, atoria, crane, so recorded lieutenant about finch garden, me, could we do all of your current school in that summer is michelle is where you should tell in your opinion, which is nija to the pile of sandwiches to. so c, m, p with from semester at the completion, i need to get you a decision if it's a for by mid summer. in 1943, they see the volcano massacres had reached their climax. they thought they feel
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only hundreds of polish villages were leveled her thought with okay, still willow. the counts marry, but from 42100000 civilians, women and children and the elderly well, brutally killed by their fiction. yet it's known that up to a certain point with holes and ukrainians lived side by side quite peacefully, most fierce nobody's. there was little graham that it was quite normal for them to work and celebrate together in winter marriage was also commonplace with miss new hilder. them so no, thank you, shoot that as soon as our he says, well, you and you also, if you can use you in the 5 year to bud, great, you able to the ability bomb come nibble that you did. it was, it would lose eat granules walk, you re more just the ball on our mile up with almost a block. now we'll stop grades. can you please gide if you're not used a lot? i said, so when you choose to, when you go, when you know, if anybody i see the price union, it was in 1000 your floats. i was like they were at madison. yeah, friends are blow. does that answer? tara finance?
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another we're, she act is a misty rally. holy is so if i, later on, it's on my list, you shall on of all in you by. yeah, keep grades in ansolaski g here or me and you could, i am with the guy neatly packed earlier. you got your formulas, some of our sneaky pos carson, but i need to leave that come over. you mean you could keep conflict with me as the 18 minutes on my list him in your blood nibble like a conflict of couple emotional bla. because if i saw online that you do a google village as your country, i will show up in the hundreds of places in mountain western ukraine, shanda, common and bloody history story, kissy leon and lip nikki. for example. where on march the 26th 1943 by 179 poles were murdered. mainly women was made elderly people, more than 50 children under 14 at school. every year, the polish and ukrainian delegations come here to honor the memory of those innocent victims with many who lived in ordinary valinda and witness those tragic
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events managed to survive to this day in general. little snuff gush epsky la collins 1st astronaut is one of them that you're going to put in 1943. that future space conqueror was just a helpless baby. so miraculously survived. you still them? loss is here then to shelter for dominic lane. little doctors, i wish my asked which one of nice these each bottles of the student belong of. no, great. nancy been rational, uniform. you it, there were some you bullet bolt. are a border, political part as cousin. what did you need to see me? yes ma'am. where are they for blanche shoes? put together a voice kind of luscious 1st cove out of the few of them both of us. each of them are russia seem here that i give you on the whole, we not as level about show smith, our bus. i am the mom of us or show us can you was, i mean i knew we have been watching or is that that i get the overshoot as a good hour. and we just think of you don't take a lot of issues to monitor that. jessica should sugar up village me,
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but it does good news for god near in the start level in your issues of research, other grades. so lots of guns are one of the issues were more of a 3 to one of our actually stated that i need just keep their mushy seem you subway chair, mercy of media, the star. and i will also, i see the grades are more did by digital sima karlesha machine. jablonsky. yes, no mom of sick daughter this year. bye. thanks bye i'm. i'm of you asked. i can check out other show you they could use walkers at i'm jewish by law, them more loyal company. could you be? some people will be struck by you view a steve with gold spock. i've got hillstone was the of all new himself. you've been on the shore block or when he's deal it grains. i'm not sure, but i don't know because you're a new dealership up last year and i even, i still not you on board. you'll see a lot of stick with the other. the other trip where you reach amber donuts, bush and that the impact to those. so she had them by the finish danella video then
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. yeah. then mention everything in the pot said that she came monday, august. hygiene is machine, some video card, national. we'll do the screen confidential when they're ready to get the bill emergency clyburn more should be similar data phones to get my last key attack. last pound fact, you will actually nothing that she didn't own pecosy the a losing that own family. the alan was deciding to come with bonded up a basis for us. thank you. mind ramos did i listen because one that other stuff. so if there's not some jog my m m is a bit also. so the study should always kind of got a national deal from almost all english thrush, and it will be social stories. and yeah, a what i mean, we've glover, virginia to be, i was jamie or jan, but tonight, exec vehicles,
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tammy biodiesel museum. otherwise i would go with the lawyer about able to work with tact port as i on. so yeah, you could just go after them at the book was rosemont, since you already know a full time, we will show that the yes you it will show you a yeah with cisco then it just came from national, got a care manager, 2nd of october, you'll get your program. we're sorry. we got to wake up tomorrow and i did too, but it will stop showing you one, i'm already sure. so not sure who when you some sheets across mammogram, did you show up asleep? nasty school boys. viejo was all nice. kind of what good letters are cool show i'm, i'm sure a jeep when you will assume you are that done that she was a scheduled me about i'm brought, which is gonna open up is a little bit of tea in both of those are more than july if i'm
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a piece that we don't see under sales that my sister outdoors are more yankton, yoko approach humor shows that i don't see this favor they were using them. i just don't eat your own. you know, dealers with almost a lot of accounts are still unusual. video with is to not be just the mad. matthew gave it a good idea. but why did you reaches out ok poor they have a minute or 2? reading each is nanny. come on, you know, to sion, the fletcher's i was your call to get the village hours. domingo must be lose you love. was he ok? he come down of a visual at his dormitory, bandito. when i go to washington, i was dying. my lawyer, attention was the bill comes up until you buy might, could actually, it was kind of lenient on up when you're looking at the grades iep. not sure. what
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will be a little cute with taylor. i mean i chose the adidas below gene cheese. if you'd googling it to welcome video of that she was at the studio to please iep, acknowledge the style. that's how you're going to be a 15 minute. you need to explore your deal of the, of to which modules notion serious to lucian, because he's not, you seem you, this is joy a, him to his will think there's nothing they do share with you. i'm not sure i have a little boy, a few minutes of just to go to pick up a screen with rocky balboa marginalize. i see on you digital know now photos pv also need to load
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will be done. looks at the site in a boom. and you still want to possibly see it, but i'm still the one. yep. mystify. local id. okay. tool. i grew up with a question on the state to change. do call in there? could i use a grain 6 machine? you could put a, yeah, i need a bundle, get an idea. i mean, one of the most popular theories is that innocent blood was spilled as a result of a so called popular uprising that women, ukrainian farmers in those areas turned against their polish neighbors who lived in the same area at the bellagio beach, a poorer, no supporters based on a book that was pretty much water, show them the shimmering kipling issue because you may cross that come on,
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are those of i to not susan my mom, but someone get a bleach in the sins to keep up the keys, which the she has come up some the leasing company now. so suddenly grains of mom for lack of in the middle of a new new quarter and is on a hierarchy of honestly because switches from greens on me of just them will up some of them. but the way you could give them up, some excuse, can you care about just about the way i'm with you a little to see of the one, as i'm honest to jill, began shaped by a bumble when we deal with league, where from his shoes for obama, zeiss not, but e is because with a little bit music, one la dcss from the bristol, with
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oh, it's described tale. this alliance between the mark was as and the dirt is somehow gets reflected throughout the next 6 years. this i would even called promiscuous power sharing would even mean that perhaps it would be sirens and tara did that. we had run in 2028 with another mark was as a running mate. and then they will just switch. and this will happen for years in years simply because the dynasty part dale will solidify ah ah, need to come to the russian state. total narrative. i've stayed on the most. i'm skiing with group
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in the 55 with this big. okay, so mine is professional speaking with we will van in the european union, the kremlin community up machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and school r t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with mm ah, ah .
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a sanctions package bombs, russian flags vessels from entering you pools. belgium gary, lithuania, romania in italy. we're the 1st turn out to russian ships a half hour. ah, now this talk of rerouting oil and gas export to asia as myself, but i with the additional new booth on the eastern part of the northern sea root has never been around a little cold with
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what is a boy or a she's done yet. but of course, that all, ah, who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing up in your future list, of course renewed as we speak on the bill in your senior mostly mind that we're, we're, we're banding all in ports of russian oil and gas news. i key with joe biden, imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang.
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a with this was one of the most heavily contested strongholds of the ukrainian forces. here before they fled that way beyond the town of sped, like darcy, r t examines, had previous ukrainian artillery position in the lucas group. public. that for years had been used to fire upon local forces. that's as intense fighting rages on elsewhere in the done, but not presidential food insecurity. crisis grips, latin american countries as western sanctions against russia disrupted global supply chain and.


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