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ah, a this was one of the most heavily contested strongholds of the ukrainian forces. here before they fled that way. beyond the town of sped la garza, he examines a ukrainian artillery position and the elegance republic of that for years had been used to fire upon local forces that as intense fighting rages on in the dom bus. an unprecedented food insecurity. crisis grips, latin american countries as western sanctions against russia disrupt global supply chains and lafayette molds, asking nato troops to use explosives to blow up a world war 2 monument to soviet soldiers. in riga, prominence for being
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a filmmaker americas to rita tells us the west. what tries to rewrite its history. they won't do it age, the history of humanity, which is ultimate stupidity, that he's just the on the agenda. most of the ex colonial countries with like asking law direct for studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us in our deadly showing has it been reported in cities in the done yet? can republic emit attacks by ukrainian forces? authorities said a woman was killed in the capital city of danielle because several areas were shelled, also in the nearby city of mancha. you have come to civilians were reported killed in artillery attack. this is despite recent advances by the russian military elsewhere in the dom bus r t c got a ton of reports now from a former ukrainian or reposition recently seized by wrestling forces in milligan's
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republican. this is one of the main artillery positions of the logan's people's republic militia, just outside the town of smitley. darcy, as we were heading this way, we completely missed it because even from a short distance, this looks just like shrub. but when we were pointed at them and actually shown that this is big guns with, well, lots of pamela ah, [000:00:00;00] give nick or nutrition. you still so none of our reserve hispanic. and they completed their mission with valor. those are not just empty words are part of the frontline
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has been stretched out and we keep moving from one place to another, but nobody is complaining. everyone is enduring the hardships with honor since the ukrainians fled the don't boss. army could say good bye to the former long held positions and moved their houses further and witnessed the results of their efforts 1st hand. this was one of the most heavily contested strongholds of the ukrainian forces. here before they fled that way, beyond the town of sped la darcy, when the militia made the decisive push to take this place, hundreds of bombs hail down on this bastion. ah yes, it will go to she missing. i was shooting at this position for 7 years and to be
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here now and look at all of this. it's a special feeling. well, so it's hard to remember those who have fallen while taking this hill as well as those who were killed before we were ready to go. we suffered a lot from this ukrainian position. you can see it has a great vantage point, so they could see us from here. here they fought. here. their brothers in arms fell . finally, they can see that no loss was in vain. comic as dawn of reporting from the dawn bass. r t. a head of a meeting of you leaders on monday to discuss a potential new package of sanctions against moscow. germany is economy. mr. minister has said that the blocks unity on the matter is quote, starting to crumble off to roches attack on ukraine. we saw what can happen when you are up stands united. let's hope it continues like this for the summit. but it has already started to crumble. the new sanctions could include an embargo on russian oil segments by sea, but that has become a stumbling point within the block. with hungry being the most ardent opposers such
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been the european union has tried to agree on a compromise for supplying russian oil through pipelines. but no consensus has been reached across the atlantic. western sanctions against russia have also reached havoc by disrupting supply chains. the u. n. world food program has warned that the conflict in ukraine has put latin america on the verge of famine, with latin american fruit exporters facing an unprecedented crisis. archie correspondent, ignacio who via reports c, no said go me. western sanctions against russia has significantly contributed to an unprecedented regional crisis that has engulfed late in american countries. the world's biggest exports is of fruit ordinance listening to day we can cooperate with one shipping company, only m s c. it is the only logistics company in the world that provides shipping solutions between latin america and russia. america, america denies the richest western countries and their private companies are
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attempting to strangle russia in every aspect which has also damaged late and america. supplies of brazilian apples, such ante and lemons in ecuador and bananas, have suddenly found themselves hostage to situation that it increased transportation coasts $5.00 to $6.00 times in bunker hill. this is a real disaster for us in ecuador, there are many small and medium sized agricultural enterprises that haven't been able to export fruit. and as a result, it's simply spoil. it will approve that produces, say, the russian market consumes a quarter of all banana sex, voted from ecuador. in addition, in 2021 russians accounted for 60 percent of argentina's export of tangerines and oranges. russia is also one of the largest info to 17 in lemons, brazil. my food export is the apple. this year jo, our whole works and moscow plan to buy some $1200.00 tons of apples from brazil. the sanctions made the purchase impossible. and those brazilian manufacturers who
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worked with his company have now made total losses of $15000000.00. lucas in latin america, there is a number of meat processing plants and small producers for which russia was the main market. now they have to sell their products domestically or to other foreign markets where the price is much lower. for example, to africa, naija or arab countries, or they are ready to buy these goods, but at a much lower purchase price will not speculation. another problem is russia's ban from the swift network which to difficult sellers and viruses to make transactions rise and fuel and fertilizer prices are only making things worse. as the current crisis effects, not only the fruit rate, the night negatively affects most food industries around the world. we must now make sure that this does not affect food supplies in the near future, resulting in a further dropping living standards throughout the world. yet i left that i was at the disruption since supplies from russia have
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a negative impact on the latin american region as a whole. this is occur, and while the u. n says that some 36 countries will also be seriously affected due to this token of the wheat supplies from russia than among those countries are some of the world's poorest, such as somalia, syria, and the democratic republic of the congo are based out of the locker dr. off, despite the catastrophic consequences globally, some of the world's largest shipping companies have already indicated that they do not plan to lift the sanctions against russia. if adult, it looks like they are ready to go all the way, no matter who suffers the most. as a result. guardian guy in us ignacio julio buenos aires, argentina burgundy, russia's foreign minister has slammed the hysterics of western tabloids which have questioned the health of russia's president putin. sir gala rob says the claims are unfounded and illogical. see which of these new president vladimir putin appears in public on a daily basis? you can see him on television and read and listened to his speech of since i doubt
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any reasonable individual could see in this person any sign a laser illness, i will leave that on the conscience of those who spread such rumors. despite their daily opportunities to see how your looks are from on this, we are joined in the studio by our own reporter don quarter don. i have to break it all out there. what's it's all about? can you elaborate exactly what this speculation is about? about putin or sean, across the western media, we're seeing these kind of click bate titles claiming that either vladimir putin, the russian president, is either dead or seriously ill. a number of outlets have already given their diagnosis. they've said that because vladimir putin looks, quote, bloated on tv, that he either has blood cancer or a parkinson's. now all of these articles site a source in, am i 6 that's british intelligence and who this source apparently says that a doppelganger has already taken vladimir putin's place. interestingly enough, though,
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this source qualified everything he or she said with the fact that it's actually impossible to know. because after all, we're talking about one person's impression of what another person look just looks like on t v. interesting. it's kind of goes back to the theory of the beatles and is paul dead, or is it the real polyps that goes back? um, maybe i'm dating myself there without reference, but i wish we go back and kind of dig into this. how does this speculation? how did it all get started? where does this come from? i mean, is this. is there any foundation here? well, this isn't actually the 1st time we've seen this kind of speculation making huge claims about russia's leadership. what's interesting here though, is that the now discredited author of the steel dossier that's former and my 6th operative and head of the russian division, christopher steel is likely the source of this, these claims. basically that's because he's the only person connected to am i 6 actually mentioned by name in any of these articles, making these claims about the current russian president vladimir putin in terms of his credibility. even the western media has said that the steel dossier that he
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authored back in 2016 was utter nonsense. i mean this made claims that moscow and the trumpet ministration were colluding in some way, shape or form. and that ended up flat when it came to any evidence. so once again, we're seeing these kind of speculative claims, no evidence. and this time actually an author who is proven to be not so credible in the past. so should people taken at face value? probably not gonna be interesting to see how this one plays out. we've all heard the rumors and we're certain to hear more as they come out done, you know, you'll see across it as it developed. appreciate it. i now let the officials have said that they are considering asking nato troops to use explosives to demolish a world war. 2 era monument to soviet soldiers, enrico 11 capitals, deputy mayor said that in response to a journalist's question about the possibility for such actions. and this comes as lucky as parliament has been preparing
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a bill that if passed would make mandatory the destruction of all monuments that it says, glorify soviet or nazi forces. the law expected to be passed next month would affect some $300.00 soviet sites. in latvia, they condemned monuments would be reported. they do to be removed by november, 15th riga, has already dissolved an agreement with russia that enforced the protection of such monuments, controversial memorial and rigor honoring soviet soldiers who liberated luxury from the not. recently the senior public protest where the local authorities detained. several people who opposed a ban on victory day commemorations website. internationally acclaimed to serbian film director amir coasted, isa wonders, why instead of relying on history western countries appear to be abandoning it. they want to raise the history of humanity, which is ultimate stupidity. that is just the, on the agenda, most of the ex colonial countries. this started much earlier. they started 2004,
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mainly 2007. this and i, russian sentiment was taking place in time all over the world, mainly in europe. after 40 speech in munich, what i could say, if we react on what is going on, now, we have to always go to the past. that's why i'm very much against destroying monuments. and there is something much more dangerous. i used to live in paris and my daughter was going to the french school. and certainly she was told by that is by me and by my wife do early stage in a life to read pushing. and she came and she was explaining how she loved pushing a captain's daughter, and now she was enjoy his literature and her teacher was a fine and
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a good woman said, it's a shame. why didn't you choose somebody better than him? so you have to understand that there is always certain layer of superiority that are unfortunately exploded during the hitler time after so many years. instead of gradually changing the profile of people are relying on history, we want to abandon the history and this is impossible. this is going to end up in, i would say, as much as you could control that much. your history will be alive. christopher, its also commented on the ongoing geopolitical tensions between russia and nato. he cited the cause of a war when the alliance stretched its presence into the excuse me, the balkan region by bombing the republic of yugoslavia, which included modern day serbia, and montenegro. 1999 was at the beginning of her bringing mater into the,
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our neighborhood or into our country bombing and separating piece of our territory is now a back through the russian reaction, which was a quite inspired by the fact that the last part to croatia and we lost still not a corso, which was recognized by a major european countries. so when you speak about how gossip was suffering and how much they were, a bomb being and killing our kids, they used to say they used to call it collateral damage. same people, same media when somebody is killed in ukraine, they say poor kids and poor civilians. so how can you say normal and continue or functioning in the society do not to, to not to put emphasis that this is about the same. if something is growth, little damage,
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and something years is the killing civilians is just unacceptable. because until the end of the, you know, one philosopher said french are for the low do missouri for technology and slabs for justice. and as much as i b, i spray for my sense of justice. i would never accept to be something else and somebody else, ah, rising tensions over sweden and finland attempts to join nato as turkey remains adamant in its decision to keep them out of the western military alliance. turkish president or to one has said that as long as he is in office, those 2 nordic countries won't be allowed into the block because they support groups that are considered terrorists. the talks, our delegation has conducted with the swedish and finish delegations were unfortunately not at the level we were expecting. they have expectations, but as they don't take necessary steps,
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they are still allowing the terrorist to freely walk in the streets of stockholm and provide security to them with their police. conqueror is so strongly opposed to sweden and finland joining nato because it says they have backed critic, militants who have been fighting against turkey for decades. turkey has the 2nd largest military and the nato alliance. after the united states following the failed negotiations with sweden and finland, no one has said that he plans to talk with russian president vladimir putin on monday. for my colleague nikia, discussed on close current position in the native block with turkish political scientists on our scene on because of tax since 1952 churches, a member of nato, and from $50.00 to $2.00. now that nettle was never really a lie or friend for touch turkish nationalism, interest, and quiet. the use of read the against the membership of these countries. i mean
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finance and see them in this. there are some negotiations between turkey, so purchase official and also natal official. but i think there will be not a positive result from these the meetings these negotiations because ne tossed into a kiss. interest now is completely separate. it's not, we don't have any, we are not sharing any comments target or comments that contribute to nato or the members of example. now, from the grain crisis did, they are attacking russia and they have a lot of problems with on a, on the other hand. but these 2 countries like russia and iraq, they are the neighbors of turkey. we have relation with discount to give deep trade relation with this country. but when you look to the west and natal, that they take these country as the enemies take, his relationship with nato has been far from e z a. do you see they present friction as a combination of grievances from over the years. it'll come to a heads do things i,
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i mean, sure that it was a process because after the fall down those soviet union, there was no necessity for turkey to be saying the as a, as a member or for me to put sickness, a city doesn't consent. enough and now to keep it looking really good relation with our neighbors. for example, with russia now we have. ready we have a corporation in traits in military industry like is 400 saw today. looks like the x to mean are on the road changing now with like with, like in the living in the dock that it now. but the east like china, india, russia, and turkey eat on. it is rising up against thought. there is no reason that touchy search for his future in on the west. the ears, police force has issued a stern warning that weapons of the block has been supplied,
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key of may end up in the hands of criminals and of us cause further instability in europe. at some point, the war will be over. we want to avoid a situation like the one that followed the war in the balkans 30 years ago. the weapons from that war still being used by criminal groups today. the you has already sent 1500000000 euros of military supplies to ukraine, and recently allocated another 500000000 euros for additional provisions. most of the 8 is going to equipment including weaponry, massive flows of weaponry to ukraine as well as entrenched corruption in the country were cited in the 2018 report as enabling the rise of neo nazi groups such as the as of battalion perceived corruption and mismanagement in ukraine's armed forces provided a fertile environment for the formation of independent armed groups. these groups, which often labeled themselves battalions. a number of high level state officials have facilitated massive arms flows to embargoed 3rd parties. often states under
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international embargo. even in the u. s. establishment media which is usually gung ho and its support for ukraine has begun to question where the weapons being sent to that country will eventually end up. we heard from independent journalist thomas roper, who previously visited on best territories once occupied by ukrainian troops in, says that it's obvious, the uncontrolled supply of weapons to key of is a threat to european security. ah, you just have to follow the american media. when you see that there were hearings already and congress, and when the pentagon was forced to say yes, that they don't have any control about the weapons after they crossed the ukrainian border. in the u. s. and the pentagon, they're talking about a black hole. the ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries, which is also no surprise and most secret, and they sending weapons there without any control it's, it's clear that at least a part of these weapons will come to the black market. but this is nothing you of
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the west did the same in iraq and syria, and later on they had to say, yeah, well, these weapons, nearly all of these weapons came to the i s to these that make state. it's a political, a wish of the west to support the ukraine against russia. and they do that on any cost and looking at the $2000000000.00 right now and weapons, you have to check what they were saying. they were sending the old weapons. so i don't know, for example, norway was sending anti tank to rockets, which were produced until 976. this is from the museum it's, it's quite simple and quite obvious that this is just a sponsorship for, for, for the weapon industry. it's not really about helping you create what helped us you crank it with a detailed weapons. that was that producing nearly 50 years ago, crashes have erupted in the west bank between police is really nationalists and palestinians after jewish israelis marched through muslim areas of the old city of jerusalem. now the palestinian authority condemned. the move has
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a provocation. palestinian factions have warned that the israeli flag waving parade would reignite their conflict with israel. the event took place on what is we'll come to some day celebration of its capture of eastern loose limb in the 1967 arab israeli war protesters reportedly through stones and shot fireworks of police who responded with some grenades and locked some of them in the alex, the mosque, the palestinian red crescent rescue service said 62 people were injured, including 23 required hospitalization. these are some of the latest images from the image. ah, with scuffles erupted elsewhere in boston in areas as protesters moved close to lines of
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contact between israeli and palestinian forces, israeli police reported we used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse because residents who participated in the march say that it was a move to celebrate is really independence and was not intended to provoke any kind of violence or t correspondence off a study to reports from the city of rama. now my cabella monsieur, a palestinian flock procession passed through many towns and villages in the west bank in march, started from town south is an antique near the conic line on the northern outskirts of the cities of grandma. and i will be right, but eventually clashes interrupted thousands of people suffered to ins. he's bringing the soldiers. you see a gas grenades be used from a village, as well as real ones to violently dispatch. the protest as the same pattern was seen in many palestinian villages, but especially indianapolis region and the south of that region. thousands were
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ange. it clashes between palestinians and the israeli. all mean various areas have been going on since sunday morning. the so called israeli flood procession of massive and dressed in the west bank in response to demonstrations came out here flying only the palestinian flood from the palestinian foreign ministry has said that all this phenomena have created a new phase of conscience on the course of destruction. the palestinian foreign ministry has how be israeli government are responsible for this time since in the west bank. at the same time, the palestinian administration has trust that israel has been playing with fire considering itself estate above the law because it has been by lightening to national lo palestine has also read to rated that the past to be sc. it only be paid for it, fulfilling the demands and rights of the palestinian people. there would be no stability but down the palestinian people, obtain in all their rights and at jerusalem is not for sale. not much of the price . at least 3 people have reportedly been detained in the latest round of crashes
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and sri lanka, which has seen more than 50 days of anti government protest, submit an unprecedented economic crisis. please fire tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds over the weekend. here is some of the latest footage ah, a with lanka has fallen into default for the 1st time in its history with the government having failed to pay back around $80000000.00 in foreign debts. spiraling inflation now exceeding 33 percent has led to shortages of food and fuel across the country. this is the worst economic crisis the tree lanka has seen since it gained
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independence from britain in 1940. the economic collapse has been triggering political unrest, has thousands checked in the streets to demand that the government resigned. political and foreign policy expert several come out due to says that the whole region is being affected by the crisis in sherlock, the government topsy long time is not able to come out of this trap. they have already more engaged, derek, an army, they have more engaged their land resources. they have mom ditch there. go, you know, bolts to china as well as 2 other bought in agencies. but the crisis is so deep. and it is so huge that if there's some re entry is really buried to take them out from best price. is that such an i thing, at least that non feel better international aid, something from other countries and children? i think this process will be plan math and best practice been worse, and there is already a domino effect. we are saying we are seeing lots happening in hockey. mom, i'm talking on the, on the,
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almost on the launch of the civil war. we have seen what has happened, came out funding around the family net. right. thank you. thank huge, huge, huge minutes. we've been crisis enough by nissan. torrential rains in northeastern brazil have killed at least 80 people and left a dozen specing. this is, according to the most recent government data, local authorities report, the search and rescue operations were resumed amid a role in the rainfall. the country has been repeatedly hit by extreme downpours. in recent months. experts site climate change and the poor construction of shanty towns is having increased the dangers of flooding and brazil. that's your news for this hour. i'll be back in about 31 and a half minutes with another phone. fresh look, stay with us. this is our to internet ah,
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the so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mosul among them, wordpress positions sleep deprivation. inducing hypothermia is already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and children. whatever you do in war comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority,
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the made america will later sacrifice for the shimmer of effective interrogation. lou needs to come to the russian state to never. i've stayed as i'm phoning the most 19 div asking him then that ingles awesome and a 55 when. okay, so mine is too far from speaking with. we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia for date, and school r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all bands on youtube and pinterest and with dignity even twist with


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