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with artificial intelligence, with obama protect its own existence with who in spring 2022, europe began closing ports to russian vessels, one after another. the sanctions package bonds russian flag vessels from entering you port belgium, bulgaria mania. romania. lee announced that there would be close to russian ships. russian vessels carrying. guess i'll call a covers visor is similar decision was taken by canada, him later by the united states. ah
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ah ah, siberia is a very young nuclear powered ice breaker finishing touches completed. she leaves the baltic shipyard and set sail for her new home. a shill immediately gets to work in the arctic oceans, leading marine convoys through the ice. a promotion with dish good promotional lead, mcdermott. i'm hoping for a woman's positionally. it'll do up which i did. she does, but in somewhat early, but she was much longer of course, going to legal. she was gonna leave us your order a lunch for family are about to show up until to let her go by virginia, a nation scanning it's,
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i'm used to live in the family of 2000 would have with the keys. we 1st met maxine, 9 years ago when he was forced, made on the time meal breaker. he's now the 1st mate aboard siberia, a, which was a was what you say was from which is this freakish to somebody me. and there's a push them from i'm dealing with well, national political them, a new nuclear ice breaker is an event, and each one is etched in maritime history. another russian ice breaker, 5050 years of victory was commissioned 30 years ago. now nuclear powered ice breakers leave the shipyard, one by one only yesterday. stark tickets embarked on her maiden voyage. and today
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it sigh barriers turn. in the coming years, 3 more ice breakers at the same class will be built out in january 2022. no one knew how important these powerful nuclear vessels would be and that the northern sea route would be russia's only viable maritime colorado plan. what else? of course i'm can, i just can the am i going to share in, but you have to, you have to product that i see and shady and experts. but i see you technology got a chest a bit in our board came but nobody i list. so i'm not with the news and provides the shortest access alaysia from europe. it follows russia's
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northern borders, but is hardly navigable. most of the because it's blocked by i think it also has to rush us main gas and oil reserves. and the majority of vessels that sales and gas carriers and tankers, ah, can the stretch between the going to say river and the kerosene to nuclear power, dice, brass, siberia, and time near now operate in this area. the banks of the, in a say river are home to the novels clinical plus one of the world's largest producers of palladium nickel, platinum, and copper. ah ah oh, it's so cold here that just an hour after the ice breaker has gone,
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snowmobiles can already scatter along the channel and anglers are back in their usual spots along both sides of the ship. it smelt season and the ice breaker doesn't bother them in the slightest. in late spring, thick ice forms on the river and vessels can only pass if tugged by an ice breaker or pulled by the moustache as they say. oh yeah, that work well, well from our 1st number, june, for baltimore. sure. it's your work number fairly normal numbers number. no sir, for support. structure recognition or for park usual schrupo the captain and boast and other most experienced of siberia crew cheese young in every sense your horse story board there. i'm not,
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i'm literally back paula. but our newsome procedure so to failures, jamal are secure. this is being there. her is mean hours she reactively berkwell them, remembers the writer with their repairs here from the brochure for mo, this thursday, november cooler, per cardboard. dormer of north. these, if you're from our care, i live there for sure. tell spirits use, there are more there bill drugs which theater gordon reputable article issues are still there were a budget that the bill given the state would love to go get routed on them to which last book for sla bolded middle in the middle of a bottle that he'd situated good is mostly what i did, i thought of that of both below the finish. it goes up a bill siggler some
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a little with miss legitimacy of these i was bottom los boy of what's going on with both of what else can you can do to remove? look at the more i got you miyoshi, student of homestead, near which and older which la mosque i believe. but i'm bush, a mom which not a gym. those novela just but after talking get your opinion. we'll pick a chest. no, but she would give me a lot more to your shipping on your stairs. the question. they sell this before to book for consumption issue. so that's just a police push. look. when we filmed maxine in 2013, it was one of his 1st voyages and a memorable occasion. it was the 1st time after a long break that an ice breaker escorted a large military convoy in the russian optics. mm. let's just have to clean what's
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also let him work with you just to book that sheila said the other thing was because they are partitions because someone has spoken to report a hold to through our deals. not before i lose all students to would blow wish of june the students to pick up the stuff to the castle. because you'll notice the age of almost a good start over almost like an artist resort, shakira. about a severe chip and we dump it on. but i already level of my college, the sort of what's your mobile number double to below channel look at this particular store. the special promotion company is a good idea. now construction of the stock oil pipeline has begun. major new projects to develop oil and gas fields and build the infrastructure for delivering oil. this is the ice key, where ships drop off construction materials. well then you put a hold of a show them that mumble of it is really the ice breaker cuts
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a channel and a cargo ship has to accelerate into the gap and more tightly squeezed between ice blades so that containers can unload directly onto the ice. a 3rd attempt fails, a result of the team bullshit or shelter out with not about michelle shop with the lee and the total number of people that you just mentioned. that's for a few students have you at the should all done on the floor motion machines in those measure. it will state with that. and you're able to, to check his book, camellia stella. stella look me up new ownership and will to tom when you from
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brazil this with a couple in here. and in the blood species beaten bomb the do to push because the key fob can you do much to, to come over to move anybody else for those could be more bitter dork to incorporate the channel quickly, freezes over in just an hour. it's gone. i a production transaction with up down when you buy it from with shrill spoken leaking so small should be it, especially when you sell in new stuff and you do not use new down to pretty cheap, but i'm not going to be able to afford you from the more shipped almost have shipped from 0 to aggression
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grammar with what they decide to break the ice on one side of the vessel to clear a canal for the barge to reverse into gain momentum. trying to approach the barrier against their on our board with especially was able to to so the yeah. most a told it was the did you little of just a little bit of duty will motor on culture will need an additional as well. so
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stop us. a little bit more about a minute sort of mostly settled us with that. we put shewmaker thought it was a sheila's did a lot of new moon. you put the sweet girl required to run or the blog, but i don't really deal with don norman biddle at us and we'll just hold off the phone. but i'm, i will start with
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ah, this is the western side of the northern sea route. the whole winter ice breaking activity is concentrated on the western side where the developed deposits are found. there were no vessels to the east in winter though. for many years there's been talk of year round navigation, but in practice it still comes down to occasional convoys. pollution bills are to go in your book which will talk to you when that is going you can are you were to we're on the show that she was london school. beautiful middle of that vehicle. we were all point, that sure is words he'll sit on there was more than the shouldn't be in that is can you get the deal is where you cook when you would call a chart on that, there are no us now there's talk of rerouting oil and gas exports to asia, china,
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india, and pakistan. but the pipeline infrastructure to the east isn't developed yet, not one new route to china, for example, has yet been finished. it's like a day, another transaction for ot mill out of the co ball gather fulfill it should be a ball gazillion research and that was just another wish you could tell was sort of the set sense of such as another damage. and i must confess, although at center legacy skipper diverse and center or border gross get from globally, i've kind of known of those rise most ups. a blue maria was made with he had your shoes bolster on which i'm crashed on me. pushing tell her that always, you know, i spoke more glad talk with linda. couldn't mission escape when were for
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brozowski, you see his kind of religion was lanyard. the temperature slipped middle well done for the horse, for his liberals, said b u c. and i'm was, you know, it could be at issue good. so the eastern part of the northern c route has never been used year round our creek activity comes in early autumn to provide rushes far north with food for the winter. i was sure, i'm not sure what's new regards the computer from over 0 or to turn during your from articles monitor for future. and i would prefer them directly to ship from dover failure or view or hook for it seems that the new ice breakers might at last be able to handle the east. lo tiffany, the coal wasn't lost with you in each of the estimates.
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mm. in winter $22.00 article, the 1st ice breaker in the series and siberia is big sister, made a pastor, a trip to, to cut cuts to free 3 freighters from an ice present or all carry and construction materials to develop a major copper deposit. they were to reach their destination in november 2021 got stuck in the ice. so they had to wait for an ice breakers help. ah, for prosthetic will you have a dish many debts if i was foolish? no marshal told when she wouldn't, you know me, do you know what they're coming from? comport them. zillion practitioners get affiliate in san pennington. increase of control. puzzling them when you might go at it because when the sick at the and you go out in the grill guard the discipline, the grassy. if you my should, a unit is after 3 months, ensure the upon you to a coordinated source,
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jim was chosen you mind on the edge of the ice, yet another container ship weights beside the area. it's only been stuck for 24 hours, but he's already pretty tightly ice bound. and i've worked for the phone with some my us store, but i feel it i just found out but not that little plus then there's the put them in there, but a little me is do this is local police for the just the ocean them? yes, no, we anybody picking this nonsense from yet? there are few burritos and was i'm still getting used to live on a foreign merchant ship with a few years ago he joined acm flood to look up with frank working on my worker more honda fella. my chef was super correct. anderson thanks me. bring him up with
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a lender point off to mama get the film you get. i do that. i'm a big a deal that sort of books i deal with, which most of the folk and willingness, parker call to us for validation wholly and also says he has a book. this is more than a month with your fancy case alhambra. we're saying we'll talk more to store push later perfume or whoever number of trivial referral is pushed to the burden. i'm not all still pushing bruce more useless go or with this more is my room for show from the water here with the idea for a for the waiting for the marsh or all my chuckle. flame or some of your for a hood or nothing in the british monitoring. a sure what to quoted the whole, but i look in the book. sure. but i did up the course and much copico. lots of
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principal matter either. mila she said that she had a genius resolution on the renew fixed roots in an ice covered scene. every time the navigator has to choose a new course, he looks for cracks, hinting at sinner ice to make safe passage for the convoy. in the ice, there's always a sailor on want to stay. there are too many variables here for auto pilot. for example, if an ice floes pushes the ice breaker, an automatic system could malfunction. and towing a vessel makes out even more likely. but a human react properly blind spots are thought to be an issue in the eastern section of the northern sea route.
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there aren't enough soundings, a pilot large gas carriers, having to post them are already real. i'm one of the push the to premier in the crowbar should commit bullshit when you're a pretty horrible user went up at that bit, that your sense universal dream will go more than a bush 3. it would have to be here with that woman to shred that should have gotten it kugler busier than that is that's and that was for the ice breaker time it needs to pass. so siberia gives away my share ass moss, for sure, formulated when you're fish, they needed to be a week in the in the should have but they still for some you for a full spirit motion for the ice breaker has to leave the newly formed channel and hold a vessel over the ice edge from the height of the ship. that doesn't seem to have that heavy compacted ice several meters high on both sides of the channel. leona
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region, which is for the move now, they said you bought off the books here for 4 feet on a chip, only one way of an official which in bush launching the various didn't wish of the money on them. but yeah, we're not the course. got a few of them. are you sure? yeah, so she says on my bus, and that was gonna ask you to walk with rama more. but somebody will think it is about percentage. what are void here for the relation to put a for them, but i'm a fan i because me and they come what is it a group or was a boy what
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a holder as naming as a ah rush, cuz sitting outside of stuff i call figure book so i'm going to bring up a little concerned project and logan, alex just finished her show spike with course traditional. so in the galley lunch is being combat. siberia is proud to have drank a restaurant chef. just see here kind of so by living, what is that only was smoking or long if it goes to go to water?
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this is yana. the only girl with the nuclear ice breakers crew are just being a room or a boat for a week. now this new trainees are coming soon until the girls, one will work in the cafeteria. the other is a navigator for the people are driven right across the ice and hoisted aboard. a miracle didn't happen. all 7 new come as a man. that all the under the t physicists command i'm of the way it was. even with those over willow, either edges preferred j m d,
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the kid that she gave me a surgery and ah, talk with with you. right? yes, we are going with it. i mean, shall, that's done. okay, let me put the hosted with them. i thought i would give up. sure. yeah, i do have, correct. i have no good looks for nikia, my danielle, no. when you get the move liquids lumala, which is 1st on every corner, it weighs the pitched in my must be now up shelf striking that shallow,
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bizarre sort of nick gray of what she said she'd be spit of up. she and i shall reddish in the gracey at the visual builder. i bet on course here when you get a mortar scheduled on the quote get with you. yeah. kind of show seditious. we gotcha. so, so yes, just a general. com. yes, rather, said the group thinking i'm surprised. now they say he just found you pull out a little bit closer. and his robe shirts or sweat you might, you can use. resonant. said a lot better. was her pull, gordon? no, he good. she had to simply which to perpetual swain's knowledge to not the church of funny but us middle ones. bush street, no easy. it is to which morton as up would you wish that there isn't a method that another can never, never didn't that i had some of the darker deliberate l is ella. it's but it's even had this didn't measure only is almost done with any sort of a guided lizza style. lower breath and you don't have the mobile that block recording yet or she could a she'll call them at them milligram,
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although i do on the road. so those are the can entire navia ship wisco, this german good. hey, stella. i think that when you're listening according your mood, but then much to my step daughter, let them learn. i wouldn't examine the theme or just hoping that she has in his with enough care so much they had to do with support as they are most will or to have sure. mr. or barbara, bruce, sugar smart. my pity on co morbidity was still leave your nick, or the 30th or stroke or period veer live or color from about our board needs. in 2027 rushes ice breaker fleet will grow again. believe that it will be able to break ice 95 meters high and make 15 knots through ice 2 meters thick.
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a leader is expected to have the nose and see root travel time and eastern sector operations as routine as it is now in the west. if you store it, is sheila and then one of square foot or she's staying it, but a square that old with area has a school ship default where another container ship is waiting for the ice breaker. ah, a heavy ice to open water and the convoy will move on to
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ah, a so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lane finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting
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those techniques when i was station in mosul among them wordpress positions sleep deprivation. a type of therm. yeah. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant children, whatever you do or more comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america awarded. sandra fudge, the shimmer of effective interrogation. oh, no one else seemed wrong. a proud disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement. it was the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds of barn, we choose to look so common ground. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, hello and welcome across like were all things considered? i'm peter little. the west ukraine propaganda machine has begun to crack. the reality in the battlefield is at odds with a tightly guarded messaging fed to western publics. a few courageous voices say the obvious ukraine should negotiate. now while it still has something to negotiate


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