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tv   News  RT  May 30, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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a with with at least 3 people have been killed in the shelling of residential areas in the city of dawn. yes, that's according to local officials to accuse the ukrainian military of deliberately targeting civilians. explosion left to aid workers. the injured in the ukrainian city of military po, currently under russian control, wasn't acts of terrorism, save the local administration, and aussie correspondent witness to the incident. i am now with my little hotel in the center of the city where an explosion took place just 15 minutes ago and windows broken on all 5 floors. such things have never happened before ineligible.
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and a 2nd explosion is still possible. plus the authority as a fellow e u countries will not be able to negotiate the band on russian oil imports with the european council sect to sit down for talk later on monday with a one welcome aid, 4 pm here in moscow. and this is dorothy international with the latest tad line. it's good to have you with that's on yes, officials say at least 3 people have been killed and 18 others wounded, including children. and the shelling of the capital city of the dorm baths republic, ukrainian forces have been accused of intentionally targeting civilian areas, including several schools. ah. the shelling has left 3 educational facilities damaged local authority, say 2 people were killed and 12 others wounded. 5 school number 22,
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the director of the facility say several teachers were injured in the attack. and here is some of the late accepted from another don't yet school also less damaged by the shilling. there's no word on casualties from the scene so far. be moved on yet. safety, ukrainian bombing was carried out with the use of heavy weapons supplied to key as for the u. s. ukraine has not yet commented on the allegations. let's go live now as well correspondent among cause or if he's been gone. yes, for as a reminder to see what more do we know about this incidence? well, i am standing right now, right next to the school number. it's one to 2 that you have just mentioned. as you can see, it's almost completely destroyed and this is where one of the alleged ukrainian or rockets had landed. unfortunately, they were, there were no people nearby here. but we are getting a different reports about the number of casualties here and then ask it's anywhere
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from 3 to 5. and i think that's because a couple of people are yet to be identified. the truly horrific season. don't ask this monday morning. one of the people who is yet to be identified had been decapitated by the us, troy and people are trying to id her at the moment. local authorities, now several districts here in the nest came under fire on monday morning and indeed a couple of schools vist one and another school in the same area have been damaged as well. local officials are saying that say, the korean side used 155 millimeter millimeter artillery against civilian. so i here as the result, once again, the local authorities are saying anywhere from 3 to 5 people i had been killed. among them is a 14 year old girl. now at least 20 people had been wounded and there are
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children born among those people as well. now at least 2 of the victims of today's a shelling were teachers and also technical staff as well. and one of the principals of one of the schools talked to us little bit earlier in the day. and she said there could have been a lot more victims, less of a listen. we're going to deliver water here and accept human tearing 8th nearby. but they was all cancelled early this morning. at 9 30 am around 50 people were supposed to gather here. adults and high school students at the time of the exclusion. i wasn't signed 1st. we were having online classes. he was an order in western and there were no children inside the school, only the teachers conducting the lessons now there could have been
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a lot more victim is just like this. principal said, plus it may. the 30th of this monday is the day of this state exam. so a lot of fun children had attended their schools. and fortunately those schools that had not been hit and once again was fry, came at 11 am on the when a lot of fun children should have been there. but so thankfully there is a children are now on the distance learning. so many of the schools had indeed been empty, but teachers and technical staff were all there. okay, remind me thanks for the update on starting from on cars or if they're reporting from the don. yes, republic, where at least 3 people have been killed in 18 others wounded in a shelling. thank you. well elsewhere, the ukrainian city of military people currently under russian control has also been rocked by an explosion. and that the local administration has called terrorism to
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humanitarian aid workers were injured in the blast early this morning when they car drove over an explosive device. and naughty correspondence was at to see dr. garcia and i am now at the mo, topple hotel in the center of the city where an explosion took place just 15 minutes ago. that left windows broken on all 5 floors. this behind me is the building. this is the restaurant and the car was parked behind it when the explosion occurred. the sound was so loud that afterwards i felt like i had lost my hearing. the police have now called dawns off the area to find out what happened. such things have never happened before and now a total and a 2nd explosion is still possible, so it is not safe to go to the car. now, there is also a chance of people getting hurt by gloss. from the broken windows, the bomb had been placed in a manhole and exploded when a car with the 2 victims inside drove over it. the subsequent blast shook the windows and walls of nearby buildings and black smoke could be seen rising from the
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city. investigation into the explosion is ongoing. russian troops took control of the city at the end of february. and here is the latest on advance is on the grounds, over the weekend fighting has been intense in and around. that is never done yet. the one of the last ukrainian controlled cities in elegance, republic, and further south russia, as is forces and the allies have expanded their presence around the city. and if a public have don yeske, i see the gosh, darn of reports from a recently seized form, a ukrainian artillery position that this is one of the main artillery positions of the logan's peoples republic militia, just outside the town of smitley dark. as we were heading this way, we completely missed it because even from a short distance, this looks just like shrub. but when we were pointed at them and actually shown that this is big guns with well, lots of family. ah
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no. jordan, you question you still so none of our reservists panic and they completed their mission with valor. those are not just empty words. are part of the frontline has been stretched out and we keep moving from one place to another, but nobody is complaining. everyone is enduring the hardships with honor since the ukrainians fled the don boss army could say good bye to the former long held positions and move their houses further and witnessed the results of their efforts 1st hand. this was one of the most heavily contested strongholds of the ukrainian forces. here before they fled that way, beyond the town of sped la darcy, when the militia made the decisive push to take this place, hundreds of bombs hail down on this bastion.
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ah yes, it will do to signal i was shooting at this position for 7 years and to be here now and look at all of this. it's a special feeling. so it's hard. i remember those who have fallen while taking this hill as well as those who were killed before we brought ago. we suffered a lot from this ukranian position. you can see it has a great vantage point, so they could see us from here. here they fought here, their brothers in arms fell. finally, they can see that no loss was in vain homage donna reporting from baton bass r t o a member at stony essays countries from the block when be able to agree to a ban on russian oil. impose as a high profile european council meeting to discuss topics related to the war and
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ukraine begins on the agenda is that you use continued support the key of an phasing out the blocks dependency on russian oil correspondence shall a deep ascii joins me now in the studio to discuss some of the challenges facing the summit been held to days. i saw that with some member states, not very optimistic about a possible compromise. what can we expect from today's meeting? well, not a lot if we go from that statement from a stone, yet there had been a suggestion that there would be a loose agreement that would be given the green light today with the final details being put in at a later stage, particularly when it comes to those sanctions own oil, but it seems as if that's now been scott, because we do know that there has been shoes difficulties for the e. u. member states to come together and to have an agreement. but we also know that the e u member states will be looking at other issues, all related to what's happening in ukraine, whether that's defense in europe. whether that's looking at the massive issues that
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european countries are having at the moment when it comes to rising food bills or whether it comes to that sort of energy dependency in the future. moving away from russian fossil fuels. and when it comes to russian oil, it's been a subject of them debate for a long time within their blog as there was a you still yet come to an agreement on that? well, it's kind of interesting about 30 days ago. ursula vaughan de leon stood up in front of the european parliament who said we are going to band these russian imports of oils. and many thought that they would be a fairly rapid agreement on that, given that that's what we'd seen with the other sanctioned packages. however, we have seen countries disagreeing about this and the confident mood has dissipated even a week ago we were hearing from the german economy minister. yes, we're going to get this sanction package approved. however, we've heard a very different tone coming from him in the last 24 hours after roches attack on ukraine. we saw what can happen when you were up stands united.
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let's hope it continues like this for the summit, but it has already started to crumble. and what's interesting is we now hearing from the foreign minister of spain, talking about what's important when the e. u is looking at sanction face repeating this line that we put. so many times before that the 1st thing that they're looking for is to make sure that the sanctions hurt proteins woo machine and the money that comes into russia. and the 2nd thing is to ensure that the sanctions don't have a far greater impact on european economies. of course it's been pretty clear from the sanctions that have been passed. so for that it's not essentially cutting the mustard. and of course not every country is in the same situation. is it some e, you remember the more dependent on russian oil than others? so actually it's easy, it's a call for a complete bond. if you're one of those countries that only impose a small amount of oil. yeah, absolutely. and we, we keep pairing, but hungry is the, the country that say no, no, no, to this. but the reality is,
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we know that there are disagreements on a fall, wider scale from not. we know hungry, big issue has been victor open saying the idea of cutting oil is essentially like talking a nuclear bomb on the hungarian economy. and that's something he is not prepared to do. however, in the last few weeks when you've been trying to get hungry to agree to the sanctions package, have been all of these ideas of diluting these or functions which include allowing oil to continue flowing through a pipeline in europe. which would allow certain countries like the check public and selected to continue getting the oil. but that opened up a huge kind of wouldn't because of the countries. and i've said, well, if you do that, we're going to show the more of the burden of these sanctions. so this is something that really is a massive issue. and then we also see that you has been reaching out to non european members, members, countries in the future that might become members like serbia saying, hey, why don't you join us instead of coming along with the sanctions against russia. so
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be one of the countries that it's really been reaching, it's hands out to saying do this along with us. that's not the case. we've just to serve in prime minister of serbian president raw has signed an agreement, a long term agreement for russian gas. what i can tell you is that we have agreed on the main elements that a very favorable for serbia. we will sign a 3 year contract and not a one month contract as someone's dissipated that sees the surgeon side very well. there's so russian gas is the next stumbling block. i mean, at the moment, easily does the trying to get this agreement on banning oil. they don't seem to be able to find agreement on that. but what they really want to do is to do something even more that they feel with her russia at. but the reality is, the rising food prices that we're seeing in europe, we're seeing the rising inflation and the sanctions that were meant to hit the russian economy. have actually, we been didn't hit european colonies themselves. charlotte, many thanks for coming that thought his show davinsky. well,
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you use police force has a should a stern warning that weapons the block has been supplying to key if may end up in the hands of criminals and thus cause of further instability in europe. at some point, the war will be over. we want to avoid a situation like the one that followed the war in the balkans 30 years ago. the weapons from that war still being used by criminal groups today. he has already sent 1500000000 euros of military supplies. you train on recently allocated another $500000000.00 euros for additional provisions. most of the ages in equipment including weaponry, a massive flow of weapons to ukraine along with entrenched corruption, was cited in a 2018 report is enabling the rise of neo nazi groups in the countries such as the as of battalion perceived corruption and mismanagement in ukraine's armed forces provided a fertile environment for the formation of independent arm groups. these groups,
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which often labeled themselves battalions. the number of high level state officials have facilitated massive arms flows to embargoed 3rd parties, often states under international embargo. but even the u. s. establishment media, which is usually gung ho and it supports the ukraine, is because a question weapon says that the country will eventually end up independent journalist, thomas roper, who has visited dumbass territories. 145 by ukrainian trips. that it's obvious, the uncontrolled supply of weapons. the key of is a threat to european security. ah, you just have to follow the american media. when you see that there were hearings already in congress. and when the pentagon was forced to say yes, they don't have any control about the weapons after they crossed the ukrainian border. in the u. s. and the pentagon, they're talking about a black hole. a ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries, which is also no surprise and most secret, and they sending weapons there without any control. it's, it's, it's clear that at least part of these weapons will come to the black market. but
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this is nothing you of the west did the same in iraq and syria, and later on they had to say, yeah, well, these weapons, nearly all of these weapons came to the i s to the stomach state. it's, it's, it's political wish of the west to support the ukraine against russia, and they do that on any cost. and looking at the 2 bill, you're right now and weapons and you have to check what they were sending. they were sending the old weapons. so i don't know, for example, norway was sending anti tank rockets which were produced on 2 in 1976 misses from the museum. it's quite simple and quite obvious that this is just a sponsorship for, for, for the rep in industry. it's not really about helping you create what, what helped us, you crank it with a detailed weapons. that was that producing nearly 50 years ago. larvae and officials have said that, considering asking nato troops to use explosives to demolish a world war 2 era monuments to soviet soldiers in riga, as according to the deputy man of the city, he was responding to
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a journalist's question about the possibility of such actions. miss comes as loudly as parliament has been preparing a bill that would make the destruction of all monuments that it says glorify soviet or nazi forth is mandatory. below are expected to be passed next month would effect some $300.00 soviet sites in the country with the monuments reportedly due to be removed by november, the 15th week. a has already a note in agreement with russia that enforced that protection. will the controversial memorial in riga honoring saw the soldiers who liberated last year from the nazis was recently the scene of public protests where local authorities detained several people who opposed a ban on victory de collaborations at the site. internationally. i claim serbian film director may custody. one does why western countries appear to be abandoning history. instead of relying on it, they want to raise the history of humanity, which is ultimate stupidity. there is just the on the agenda of most of the ex
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colonial countries. this started much earlier, they started 2004, mainly 2007. this and i, russian. sentiment was taking place in time all over the world, mainly in europe. after put the speech in munich, or what i could say. if we react on what is going on, now we have to always go to the past. that's why i'm very much against this throwing monuments. and there is something much more dangerous. i used to live in paris and my daughter was going to the french school. and certainly she will start by parents by me and by my wife, too early stage in her life to read pushing. as she came and she was explaining how she loved pushing kept his daughter and how she was enjoying his literature and her teacher who was a fine and a good woman said, it's
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a shame. why didn't you choose somebody better than him? so you have to understand that there is always certain layer of superiority that are unfortunately exploded during the hitler time after so many years. instead of gradually changing the profile of people are relying on history, we want to abandon the history and this is impossible. this is going to end up in, i would say, as much as you could control that much. your history will be alive. has to wait. so say, commented on the ongoing geopolitical tensions between russia and ne said he cited because of a war where the alliance stretched its presence into the balkan region by bombing the thing, the public if you can laria which included modern day serbia and montenegro 1999 was the beginning of for bringing may to, into the,
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our neighborhood or into our country, bombing and separating piece of our territory is now a back through the russian reaction. which was a quite inspired by the fact that the last part to croatia and the loss still not, of course, or which was recognized by a major european countries. so when you speak about how causal was suffering and how much they were bumping and killing our kids, they used to say they used to call it collateral damage. same people, same media. when somebody is killed in ukraine, they say poor kids and poor civilians. so how can you say normal and continue or functioning in the society do not to, to not to put emphasis that this is about the same. if something is growth,
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little damage, and something weird is a killing civilians is just unacceptable because until the end of the, you know, one philosopher said french are for the low germans are for technology and slabs for justice. and as much as i pay, highest price for my sense of justice, i would never accept to be something else and somebody else ah, over $50.00 days of anti government protests have rocked sri lanka, the south asian country struggles with an unprecedented economic crisis over the weekend please find, take ga, sounds, water, canada, to disperse crowns of demonstrators. let's take a look at some of the latest footage. ah, ship.
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with sure lanka has fallen into default for the 1st time in his history with the government having felt pay back around $80000000.00 in foreign debts. spiraling inflation now exceeding 33 percent has led to shortages of food and fuel. countrywide is the country's worst economic crisis since it gained independence from britain in 1948. well, the economic collapse is triggered political unrest with thousands taken to the streets to demand the government resign political and foreign policy experts. super kemal dude says that the whole region is being affected by the country's crisis. the government topsy long is not able to come out of this trap. they have already more to gauge their economic. they have more gauge their land resources. they have a forts, go to china as well as to other body agencies,
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but the price is so deep and it is so huge that it is really, really very difficult to take them out from best prices as such. and i think that is a non feel better international aid coming from other countries. and she long, i think this process will be planned as such and best practice will watson. there is already a domino effect, which we are saying we are seeing what's happening in hockey. on, i'm dr. sandy is on the, almost on the verge of the civil war. we have seen what has happened to now funding on a debt crisis. i thought you'd say a huge, huge you minute, you've been prices and up on it's fun. thanks to keep his company here in our t international back could be top of the wall out
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so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating, but nobody's lane finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. we started adopting those techniques when i was stationed in mosul among them wordpress positions sleep deprivation, a type of thermo. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrant and children, whatever you do or more comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america awarded or sector funds for the shimmer of effective interrogation
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. ah oh, well it shows the wrong one. i just don't a whole new world. yes. to see out disdain becomes the advocate, an engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. who
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is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today, russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. and um, but as constantly growing, i figure which of the problem was to call sure, as you speak on, the billing is pretty much the mind. the we're, we're sure we're banding all imports of russian oil and gas to g. i g with the letter from, you know, with regard to joe, by imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang. ah, ah,
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ah, ah, hello and welcome to cross stock. we're all things you consider 9 people about the west. ukraine propaganda machine has begun to crack the reality on the battlefield is at odds with the tightly guarded messaging bed to western publics. a few courageous voices say the obvious ukraine should negotiate. now while it still has something to negotiate with. ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, glen deezen and also is a professor at the university south eastern norway as well as other of the new book usa phobia propaganda in international politics. and here in moscow we have maxine, so he is the director of the center, advanced american studies at moscow state institute of international relations.
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originally crossed that rules and the fact that means you can jump anytime you want . and i would appreciate it. we'll start out with our slo glen over the last few new cycles and i'm thinking of the new york times editorial piece that actually question the goals to the biding ministration has in ukraine and in defacto nato's goals. the washington post a, publish an article about volunteers, not, not a regular army, but all in tears in ukraine's military forces that are treated quite badly, ended up leaving the field and being arrested for dis desertion. and then we have the big name of them all. henry kissinger at the davos setting and just basically saying, you've got to wrap this up quickly through negotiations or it's going to start unraveling for everyone involved. so my question is to you, is it, is this going to have an impact on policy making or is it just double down triple down. ready well, i think there will be more and more opposition around the war,
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and it's not going ukraine's way. so you say for a long time, for many weeks, ross has been grinding down the ukrainian army and, and obviously has been making a lot of pictures. however, in the past 34 weeks now, we see that things became very critical. and the last time we spoke, i mentioned that the main key front lines in ukraine has collapsed. and now in circling this huge pockets on thousands of thousands of ukrainian soldiers. so it's hard to ignore capitalists in the story and a more assa victory. so this is why this becoming a lot of pressure now on within the west, on trying to find some kind of an agreement with russia because it makes the question, what is, what is the objective if we can't make settlement with rushes? because if alternative is a bad deal today.


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