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tv   News  RT  May 31, 2022 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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the robot must protect its own existence with existence. the breaking news on our international leaders reach a tentative agreement for a fixed round of sanctions against russia, including a partial embargo on oil import nato reneged on a promise to russia and says that it will no longer observe restrictions on sanctioning forces in eastern europe. going against what has long been a red line for moscow. ukrainian military is notorious as of battalion come to whitewash image by getting rid of not the symbols on its uniforms, but recent photos show. some of those emblems are still being warned. the but get
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some live direct from studios and mosque. this is our international john thomas, certainly glad to have you with us. and we started with the latest developments in the war in ukraine in the city of done yet. can 5 people, including 2 children, have been reported killed and 16 injured and intense showing said to be from ukrainian forces. local authorities have said 3 schools in the city. the capital of the daniel republic were targeted in attacks by ukraine's military. now the city's mayor has said that the ukrainian bombardment was carried out with us heavy weapon race applied to give local officials say that it has been the worst showing of done yet in 8 years since 2014, when the conflict initially broke out elsewhere in the southeastern ukraine, the city of multiple, currently under russian control has been rocked by an explosion that local authorities are considering a terrorist attack by ukrainian fighters to humanitarian volunteers were wounded in
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the blast in the city center while they were attempting to deliver aid to residence the ukraine situation was the focus of a recent telephone conversation between russia, president fukin and his turkish counterpart. every one on kara has said that it is ready to mediate for a peaceful solution to the conflict and stamp out possible for the repercussions. for the skews me, the region at large after prolong hesitations and internal opposition that you has announced a tentative agreement for a 6th round of sanctions against russia. it is to include an embargo on imports of russian oil, except by pipeline. there is a temporary fiction for the oil that comes to pipeline to count so should now be able to finalize a band on almost 90 percent of all russian oil inputs by the end of the year. this is an important step forward. the remaining 10 percent on these one,
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we will soon return to the issue of these remaining 10 percent pipeline oil. now we have basically the political agreement, how to phase out oil in a clear timeframe hungry. it was the main opponent against the sanction package, having long blocked a potential deal because it is so highly dependent on russian oil imports being supplied by pipeline hungry and neighbors lock. yeah, and the nearby check republic also heavily rely on russian oil pipeline exception to the embargo is meant to buy time while those countries find an adequate way to replace the russian supplies. the russian senior official has said moscow can find other buyers for its oil and pointed out that longer land has been contradicting herself. as she recently said, that a ban on russian oil supplies will actually help moscow because it would drive up the price if we would completely cut immediately. as of today, off the oil,
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he might be able to take the oil that he does not health of the european union tool, the world's market, where the prices will increase and sell it for more. the sessions are also to include cutting off rushes, largest banks, burbank from the international payment system. swift, as well as banning several russian broadcasters from providing their contact to your viewers. some russian individuals that you have said were liable for alleged war crimes in ukraine are also to be sanctioned, independent political analyst, alice under, bruno believes that the sanctions will actually bite back against the block. the solution that they've tentatively reached just a few hours ago that is to buckle see lane shipment is also going to affect the phone number e u. countries who have interest in shipping. that oil definitely fractures at various points. and i don't. and them, which contrib,
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combined with the physical need for pipeline oil to create a situation of a tense situation within the you itself. in other words, these sanctions that the use is conjuring up are only going to hurt the you in the end. this is truly shooting on the wrong feet. for lack of a better metaphor. in russian senior parliament member has accused nato of violating the founding act between the alliance and moscow that's after nato's. deputy secretary general said that the military block would no longer here. 2 agreed limits. on fishing troops in eastern europe near russia's borders. they took decisions. they made obligations. they are not to be aggressive with neighbors, which they are doing. and to have regular consultations with nato, which they are not doing. so i think that in fact is found,
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the act is basically not functioning because of russia. now we have no restrictions to have robust posture in the eastern flank and to ensure that every square inch of nato's territory is protected by article 5 and our allies. russia has long considered nato expansion, a direct threat to its national security despite a promise by the west decades ago that the military alliance would not expand one inch eastward. in the late 1990, s nato and russia. find the quote, founding act on mutual relations cooperation and security. its stipulates that both sides do not regard each other as adversaries, that they work together to maintain european security. and that there should not be a build up of military forces in central and eastern europe. a former italian general has urged the you not to further provoke russia over the ukraine conflict, and instead seek an improvement in relations with moscow. if we are to succeed in negotiating an agreement with russia on ukraine's war,
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we must avoid provocations and unnecessary things, such as nato enlargement, which risks further destabilizing the region. instead of strengthening security. nato has its share of responsibility for the war between russia and ukraine. heard from former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter. we thinks that nato not russia is incomplete, disregard for fundamental agreements to preserve stability in europe by not expanding eastward. a deputy director general is forgotten that it was a needles continuous eastern expansion up to the borders of russia. that helped create the conditions for the current conflict. it was nato that has been operating in total disregard of the, of the founding act, not russia. secretary general has forgotten statements made by both by his boss sector general johnstone bird and other ministers of defense and secretaries of defense of nato, which appeared to current conflict between ukraine in russia as an opportunity for
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nato to inflict a strategic defeat on russia. the deputy secretary general's look in the mirror and throwing accusations at russia, which are solely derived from nato's own actions. european economy is going through somewhat of a shock right now, and it doesn't look like that. sharks can in any time soon. all nato has is basically some fancy charts and arrows and lines and words. you don't have reality . reality is when they actually build up these forces and then deploy them into bases the cost, money forces, cost money, the equipment cost money, the basis cost money. who's going to pay for this? they know ukrainian military is notorious as of the tie and has attempted to distance itself from its neo nazi will, single emblem. and the western media claimed that the symbol was exploited by russia to justify its military operation. a new unit as of article has changed
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their patches to a more traditional trident symbol used by the ukrainian state. that the unveiling of a new special forces unit in carcass patches handed to soldiers did not feature the wolf's angel. a medieval german symbol that was adopted by the nazis in which has been used by the battalion since 2014. instead, they featured a golden tried in the ukrainian national symbol, warned by other regiments, yet recent photos of the new as of how to come commanders to show that they have continued to wear patches with nazi symbols on their uniforms. here we can see the so called total cost or death head emblem used by hitler's ss forces and since adopted by neo nazi and white supremacist groups are tease from on, call sort of comments now. and what's behind this attempt to repaint the eyes of the, telling an image in the eyes of the west. reincarnation of that, sorry is battalion has already been announced in the ukrainian city of hud. gov. we
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are forming new units based on the legendary is av battalions. principles in ideologies every day there are more soldiers and they become more professional to day, i have the honor to present promotions to soldiers of the new unit as of carcass, which is ready to take revenge for fallen. ukrainian cities soap the same principles and ideological foundations. the same principles for which the battalion was accused of committing a war crimes rate, torture and looting. according to a 2016 united nations report, what's or just with
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i was arrested by the as often as b. u men, the batman to head and legs for the chain fired the gun close to my ear, threatened to shoot me in the hands or to should my feet. they humiliated me and said they were going to rate me. they threatened to bring my wife and daughters in and talked to them in front of me. i could not eat for 3 days. the office of the united nations high commissioner for human rights, documented extensive use of civilian buildings and locations by the ukrainian
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military and the resolve regiment and looting of civilian property. with one of those many battalions, it will need, they are what they are. you might think that says something could have changed since then until you look at some of the recent images of as old members when they surrendered in murray will. one glance at their tattoos makes the neo nazi dedication of these soldiers clear as date. even the united states, a country which is now plumping ukraine money and weapons. as previously stated that the us zone battalion poses a threat to americans themselves, dissolved battalion as a well known ultra nationalist militia organization in ukraine, that openly welcomes neo nazis into its ranks. the group is so well known, in fact, that the 115th congress of the united states stated in its 2018 omnibus spending bill that none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms, training, or other assistance to dissolve. battalion the u. n. has chronicled human rights
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abuses and incidents of torture in this groups relatively short history. despite these facts, as off, has been recruiting radical, isaac, and training american citizens for years, according to the f b i. but so let's take a closer look at as of battalion commander, sir, gave elliptical, and constantine namak of political has been fighting in the boss since 2014 and just a few months earlier. he was an active member of the forces that than least an armed qu in capital key. if he was also the leader of a far right group that was allegedly involved in the tragedy at the house of trade unions in odessa, where dozens of anti, my jan activists were birds alive. in 2021 village girl was sent to prison in ukraine for record searing, extortion, and kidnapping. his so called brother in our is constantine, image of war before release goes speed to release from jail. and he was said 3,
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as soon as russia special military operation began, why, apparently simply because he hates russians, see only you the break room are going to come with all of the released prisoners or are didn't opponents of the russian world concept and have certain combat experienced scores, all risks and control mechanisms are assessed individually for each of them. according to rushes, investigative committee village go an image of, along with other members of the us, of battalion committed war crimes. when they beat up and shot, a russian military prisoners in the legs, political himself doesn't even deny this atrocity. it's not supposed to get in to the lawyer. there were cases when soldiers of our unit shot russian military prisoners in the legs. they had surrendered, their hands were tied and our soldiers shot them. i don't think that was right. so what to expect from this newly formed assault article of national his battalion. we
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already know from its leader that it was created with the same ideological foundation as its predecessor, leaving observers guessing how many more war crimes could be committed under the neo, not to symbols of as all forces. as the us and its allies pump more money into cranky of national bank says it has already received more than $5.00 and a half $1000000000.00 in foreign aid. washington and brussels have so far failed to explain how exactly they're going to follow the money. and despite the oversight concerns, the u. s. recently approved a massive $40000000000.00 of military and humanitarian assistance for ukraine, bringing its total to $53000000000.00 since at the start of the war 3 months ago. it is one of washington's biggest foreign aid expenditures in recent history that you, for it's part, has already sent 1500000000 euros of military supplies and recently allocated another 500000000 euros for provisions. but the other day, the use policy force,
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police force, excuse me, issued a stern warning that weapons the block has been supplying care, may end up in the hands of criminals and lead to further instability in europe. meanwhile, the washington post has published an article about a foreign volunteer who has recently returned from ukraine, saying his military unit was provided with american weapons that didn't actually work. dakota cohort for volunteers, wasn't as to ukrainian military units and brought by yellow school bus to keith from which they were sent northwest into numbers, old town, outside the capital. it was early march. they were issued, entertained weapons and devil in this house, but no batteries for the launch unit. non functional or not, the flow of american weapons to ukraine has already raked in some have to profits for the u. s. military industrial complex. with the net worth of raytheon technologies rising by almost $15000000000.00 since the start of the year, while lockheed martin has soared by more than $25000000000.00 during the same
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period. we got reaction from independent investigative journalist, vanessa billy, who questioned where the better quality weapons provided by the west will eventually end up. the capability of the ukrainian forces is not that which they would like you to need. these mercenaries are claiming that the weapons they were given were faulty or not working. then you have to ask where the best quality weapons of ended up. i ended up in the hands of only or the, the as of, and also nationalist brigades. or have they effectively gone through ukraine into other countries in the hands of the u. s. proxies. number of people in the west are starting to question an investment into a war that really they call it when there is no way to us or do you guy or any
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country, any neutral members, they can give assurances. but these are huge. financial packages are going to be followed through that full accountability is going to be provided to the public for those countries that are effectively providing this money. more than 6000000 people have fled ukraine since the conflict directed some hosting countries have been struggling to cope with the influx of refugees or to show it to bend ski reports. they were welcomed with open arms by several u nations. millions of ukrainian refugees flowed into the block to be hosted by their neighbors, but as the war drags on all they overstaying their welcome in the austrian capital locals have been shocked by an incident, allegedly involving several ukrainian men. asher as her
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miss video shows the man who are driving as with ukrainian number plates kicking and punching a taxi driver and others. one man was seen been left on the ground that bruce allegedly broke out over how the cars had been parked. an investigation is underway, but the leader of one austrian political party has already said ukrainians should be kicked out instead of fighting for their country. ukrainian men are beaten up. taxi drivers in front of luxury hotels in vienna get out of our country. poland has taken in the lion's share of ukrainian refugee some 3500000 of set up camp there. however, social media videos have revealed that some polls a clearly fed up with their guests with very difficult energy. and could you tease, we're actually rich and gradual music bonanza. you look like you submitted his bid . i will give you a little design. this is jojo. i'm a little bit of designer group. let's open the museum on the result of jason before
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you hear me across germany, the deemed special treatment the ukrainians have been receiving has also become too much for some blood for credit i. and for the governments, the reality of the huge responsibility that they have taken on is gradually becoming clear, more so which rolled out the red carpet given ukrainians, the right to live, work and collect social security benefits is now having to issue an emergency debt to deal with the crisis, it's also not having to cut back on some freebies, including free travel for ukrainian adults. the check were public is urging ukrainians to seek out work or be at risk of losing benefits. while bulgaria is generous, offer of putting ukrainians up in tourist hotspots, has also been withdrawn. ukrainians, a said to have complained about being moved and also about the new accommodation
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facilities. you countries are also asking brussels more financial help. lithuania wants to know where the money is. in lithuania, ukrainians, and are about 2 percent of the population in estonia is about 2.5 percent and in poland about from 6 to 7 percent. so the numbers for support in them are quite big . we're asking for some additional funds, which would be helpful in this situation. i do not ask for flexibility. i ask for additional funding and mosque. and if we could maybe think about the instrument there was previously used in migration crisis and migrants for coming from tech. it's a greece and european union countries decided to put up additional funds and give them money to support migrants. and it seems in you members aren't alone in their struggle. as in the u. k. to the burden of hosting ukrainians, coupled with the spiraling cost of food and energy, is hitting hot. some host family see that they are now having to seek out
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assistance from food banks just to survive. there is still a huge amount of support in the e. u. for those from ukraine, but as countries faced their own struggles, perhaps the welcome is drawing up from a european parliament member. godfrey bloom says that opened or immigration policies have caused problems for countries that initially had good intentions. a conversation between locals and refugees are getting worse in the west for a number of reasons. first of all, we have been swamped by a number of bogus refugees who are economic immigrants. so welfare benefits, some freebies and free handouts. government handouts are extremely generous, and of course in the welfare society, immigrants coming in means there's less of the case to go around for locals, and they're being specific problems. for example, in sweden, with an almost
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a condo immigration policy that have been sorry to say, very serious crime problems involved with that there is only a certain amount of hospitality that you can give to refugees. its limited resources are finite. i'm, when governments throw the doors open, you get you get problems with the locals and when people are realizing the cost of this in all sorts of different ways, i think the resentment will grow. not necessarily against ukrainian refugees, but their own government maneuver them into this crazy position. un human rights chief has called for deeper cooperation with china falling a 6 day visit to the country. michelle bashfully urged beijing to address the concerns of weaker community and other minorities in the country while also calling for, for the collaboration and interaction between the u. n. and china. given the many intersecting global crises facing the world today,
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including climate change threats to peace and security and instability in the global economic system, as well as the impact of the coven 19 pandemic. china has a very important role to play as a key contributor in multilateral and regional for we agreed to establish regular engagement between the u. n. human rights office and the government of china. including through an annual senior strategic meeting for discussion of issues of respective interest at national regional or global levels. however, the officials call for cooperation with china has been slammed in the western media where some are even questioning the very credibility of the un human rights office . the director of human rights watch in china is among the critics for her to fail to explicitly criticize the chinese government. given the abundance of evidence of some of those serious human rights crime is under international law. was an enormous failure. and, you know, really damages her and the offices credibility and frankly enables the chinese
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government to continue thinking it can commit great human rights crimes and get away with the editor of the piece and future research foundation says the us officials, rhetoric on china has fallen under criticism for failing to support western stances . this is part of the, a cold war agenda against and therefore she does it differently. it does it as a professional un office. and that is, of course, worrying for them as it shows that you can have dialogue with china. the criticism is that her way of doing things diplomatically need to do. and she succeeding in creating dialogue that will be future meetings. he has managed to also say some positive things we a balance person should do about what china has also done for human rights, such as, you know, lifting, i don't know, 700000000 people out of warranty. they of course, have not been that. who are confrontational on on that it should be more like
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a baby size which is a did that. and of course, they feel that such even something that they have not achieve where she is doing the right thing in terms of psychology, culture, re, dialog, dialog is not the purpose of the u. s. a. c. b, pakistan's prime minister has claimed that he is ready to so quote the clothes off his back to buy food for people in need. as the south asian country struggles with surgeon prices for wheat flour, i repeat my words. i will sell my clothes and give people the cheapest wheat flour . i solemnly declare to you that i would give my life to put this country on the past to prosperity and development. violent protests rock pakistan last week, and support of the recently outed prime minister in non con, the unrest has only intensified following the government's decision to increase fuel prices in a bid to unlock funding from the international monetary fund. com and his
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supporters want new elections after the national parliament appointed his successor without a popular vote. con says that the u. s. orchestrated a coup against him claim washington has denied shahida this author and dean at the institute of business management and pakistan thinks that the new prime minister is trying to show that he's concerned about the welfare of the people. so i think the prime minister thing to the galleries, he's trying to show their interest strongly about the people's ready for it. and that, you know, he's the one who has increased the prices of their choice. and now he's trying to give the people that he is very, very concerned about their rhetoric. and he's prepared to part with his personal belongings. just to make that i good. i can get a lot of nonsense. i don't feel why i missed fun in teaching the prices which had such a network impact on the common people. i was interesting that he has to be the
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price of the good. then i don't think it's a saturday has to go to the i'm if, because you see that much better than it is available that did not seem to fit in by the way. and you said just to leave a couple of boxes on the appoint the minister and all the finance minister especially that you can make of you know, you can make managers. i've heard the chief of staff and all of the walking dead bank before governor feedback or party found it all pointed from washington. i think that we need a break and we need to bring in people who are really honest and who are really patriotic and who would like to develop a relationship with that and situation and with the people's republic of china. that does it for me. i will be back in 31 minutes with another phone 1st
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with our team trash. ah, since the break away of the donuts people's republic was been ranging and don't boss. ukrainian, artillery has been showing civilian, townsend, mining village, is that new york? more lovely deal? or the more don't really want with when it was on the deal about one of the a little of as of all of the 3 of little boys will get. it was all in one as a matter of fact, those in the south,
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they don't buy strictly geopolitical narrative. they're more you do, let's say, making sure the surprise, very pragmatic lee and in this is, i think, clear to you to see this interesting enough, irrespective of being more to the right or more to let the are not totally clear about, did you politically, ah, ah, [000:00:00;00] ah,


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