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tv   News  RT  May 31, 2022 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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interest the enough you respect it will be more to the right or more to let the are not totally clear about that you politically, ah, ah, after tough internal opposition, that you announces a tentative deal for a 6th round of sanctions against russia, including partial embargo on oil imports, nato no longer plans to observe restrictions on stationing forces in eastern europe going against what has long been a red line for moscow. ukrainian military is notorious as all the battalion attempts to whitewash its image by getting rid of nazi symbols on its uniforms. but recent photo show, some of those emblems are still being worn in
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broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is art international. i'm john thomas and certainly glad to have you with us. i know after prolonged hesitations and internal opposition, the e. u. has announced a tentative agreement for a 6th round of sanctions against russia. it is to include an embargo on russian oil imports except for those supplies, entering the block through pipeline. that was a compromise for each state hungry, which staunchly opposed to an outright bed. there is a temporary exception for an oil. oh, that comes through by plaint cowan. so should now be able to finalize a ban on almost 90 percent of all russian oil imports by the end of the year. this is an important step forward for the remaining 10 percent on these one, we will soon return to the issue of these remaining 10 percent pipeline oil. now we have basically the political agreement, how to phase out oil in
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a clear time frame, or a joining me in the studio to discuss this further as our t correspondence. charlotte, davinsky. charlotte? what exactly are we looking at here? what does this latest run of sanctions include? well, this is a political agreement. let's be clear on that. this doesn't mean that the sanctions package has been given. the green light is still have to go through some very difficult at discussions over the technical, the legal issues of it. but if it is approved or want to talk you through what's in there, it would mean that there would be 75 percent been immediately on imports of russian oil that would move up to about 90 percent by the end of the year. they would be sanctions with more individuals being listed as being war criminals. or we understand that 3 further russian broadcasters would also see themselves being banned from broadcasting in europe. and we know that 3 other major russian banks would also be taken out of the swift international payments process. and we have
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heard from one major russia back that says, look, this essentially doesn't mean anything for us. we were already sanctioned as a that's what's really contained in this package, but it really is important to point out that this is just a political agreement at the moment. and the difficult discussions are still to come in the next few days. or i talk to me about those difficult discussions. i mean, we've been navigating this realm of sanctions for quite a while. now. what actually has to happen for it to move from this political agreement for those sanctions actually to come into place? what are those talks going to entail? well, this hawks are going to look at how this will work on a ground level and on a higher level as well. let's not forget that we have got to differentiating things going on here. so initially, the plan, when lavonne delay announced this round of packages almost 30 days ago, she said that this would be an outright ban, essentially on russian oil. that's not the case when we look at this package, how it's been politically agreed that the moment they're all going to be massive deviations. and the big deviation is the fact that hungry will be able to continue
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to get russian oil through a central pipeline that comes from russia into the country. we heard from victor open, who had previously said he would not allow a band on oil. he was the one countries standing out saying, no, we're not going to do this because it would be like a nuclear bomb going off on our economy. and he seems to have one his arguments. he will continue to get oil from russia. and that seems to be open ended. in fact, he said hungry is being exempt from these sanction packages. we also know that the check, the public will be able to continue receiving and we selling russian oil products for the 18. so there's lots of things going on here that perhaps the european union wouldn't have wanted to have had, but it wanted to show a force of unity. and this is perhaps the only way to be able to do that. interestingly enough, we heard from us lavonne delay and just in the last week, who had actually suggested that maybe an outright ban on russian oil would benefit russia. in the end, we would completely cut immediately as of today,
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off the oil. he might be able to take the oil that he does not health of the european union to the world's market, where the prices will increase and sell it for more. now russia has actually said, yes, this phone delay and is on the money when she says that because russia will find other customers for joy. it's also point to that. some of her statements of late have been fairly contradictory when it comes to span. well, you mentioned the address or we'll find another market, i mean, the 2 headed eagle, the emblem of russia, one facing west, one facing east. so there's always another market if you will. i. one thing that i want to know is tit for tat. i, nothing happens in a vacuum is going to be a response from russia. what response can we expect about this? let us run the sanctions. well, it will be interesting to see how russia positions itself are. we know that a russia has previously said, look, the sanctions don't work their illegal. at present putin himself said this is akin
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to essentially a declaration of war by western nation. so they're not viewed very favorably from russia. and we also had this suggestion from the russian foreign minister said gay laugh at that. in fact, these packages of sanctions were pre planned in advance and that's why most of them will give them the green light so quickly to the sunset these hysterical i would even say agonizing sanctions were initiated by the west, their scale and the speed which they've been implemented shows these measures were not far up over night. they were long prepared and are not likely to be removed. few as has revealed to its allies inquires that these sanctions will remain even after the conflict ends. so this is not about ukraine. that country is being used as a tool of the west. this is about containing rushes development. because russia does not let the west rule a unipolar world as dictated by the u. s. with the obedience of europe, i don't know what europe could gain in the situation in terms of geo politics.
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every political analyst is saying that because of the situation, europe is losing out on future perspectives when the shuttle service. now what's going to be really interesting is what happens in regards to the black sea ports. we know that present putin just a few days ago was talking to chancellors schultz and president macro leaders in, in the you in saying, look, if he ease up on sanctions, we will open up the black sea ports for the export of grain. an export to quain, which many countries are saying that they desperately need at the moment and you touched on a bit of a subject there that the sanctions aren't necessarily the most popular among the you countries as well. they had a difficulty in kind of coming to an agreement a long time. but is it possible that the sanctions could negatively affect to other countries within the e u, as well as, let's say south america, other places as well, that would get an adverse effect that have nothing to do with this conflict of all . indeed, we've already seen plenty of evidence to show that the sanctions package is when
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the eas talked about them and said that they need to hurt russia more than they heard the you. and it could be argued that actually the reverse has been true. the e u. has seen record breaking inflation in several countries. food prices are only up in energy prices are going through the roof if you take the u. k, which is see outside of the you now. but it was a warning in the last few days that millions of homes could be at risk of not having any heating over this winter. so really the sanctions are having massive repercussions in the e. u as well. and we look at what's happened in the last few hours after that announcement by the e. we've already seen that the price of crude oil has shot up. once again. it's now at a $123.00 almost a barrel. and this is going to cause a lot of worry in an industry that at the moment feels this in a very precarious situation. people are very tightly wind up, particularly when those prices will drip down to consumers householders,
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and they'll end up paying much, much more for a reaction as an equal and opposite reaction. we're going to see how those reactions play out. and we know that you'll stay on top of it for us project that folder because i know well, prices have been on the rise and are expected to be driven up further when the partial embargo goes into effect. as you heard, sharva just mentioned their independent political analyst. alexandra bruno says that you sanctions are going to bite back against the block. the solution that they've tentatively reached in just a few hours ago. that is to block all the ceiling shipments is also going to affect a number of e u. countries who have interest in shipping that oil. definitely, there are fractures at various points and i don't and them, which contributor, combined with the physical need for pipeline oil to
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create a situation, a tense situation within the you itself. in other words, these sanctions that the, the use is conjuring up are only going to hurt the you in the, in this is truly shooting on their own feet for lack of a better metaphor. e leaders have also agreed to send a massive amount of 89000000000 euros to ukraine amid and international push to support the country gripped by war. the enormous funding has raised oversight concerns as washington and brussels have failed to say how they're going to track the money that they are sending us recently approved one of its biggest foreign aid expenditures and recent history to send $40000000000.00 of military and humanitarian assistance to give, that would bring the total u. s. spending on ukraine to $53000000000.00 since the start of the war. just 3
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months ago. the you for it's part, has already sent $1500000000.00 euros of military supplies, and recently allocated another $500000000.00 euros for additional provisions. meanwhile, the washington post has published an article about a foreign volunteer who has recently returned from ukraine, saying that his military unit was provided with american weapons that didn't actually work. dakota's cohort of foreign volunteers was attached to ukrainian military units and brought by yellow school bus to keith from which they were sent north west into an am battle town outside the capital. he was early march, they were issued entertained weapons and javelin missiles, but no batteries for the loss, unit, non functional or not to the flow of american weapons to ukraine has already raked in some hefty profits for the u. s. military industrial complex. with the net worth of raytheon technologies rising by almost $15000000000.00 since the start of the year, while lockheed martin has sort by more than $25000000000.00 during the same period
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. but the other day that use police force issued a stern warning that weapons the block has been supplied to give may end up in the hands of criminals and lead to further instability. in europe. we got reaction from independent investigative journalist, vanessa bailey, who questioned, where the better quality weapons provided by the west will eventually end up. the case of the ukrainian forces is not that which they would like you to believe these mercenaries are claiming that the weapons they were given were faulty. we're not working, then you have to ask where the best quality weapons ended up. they ended up in the hands of only or the, the as of, and the ultra nationalists brigades. or have they effectively gone through ukraine into other countries in the hands of the u. s. folks. number of people in the west are starting to question an investment into
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a war that really they call when there is no way to us or do you guy or any country . any member states can give assurances that these are huge. financial packages are going to be followed through that full accountability is going to be provided to the public for those countries that are effectively providing this money. in russian senior parliament member has accused nato of violating the founding act between the alliance and moscow. that's after nato's deputy secretary general said the military block would no longer it here. 2, agreed limits on stationing troops in eastern europe near russia's borders. they took decisions. they made obligations. they're not to be aggressive with neighbors, which they are doing. and to have regular consultations with nato, which they are not doing. so i think that in fact is found,
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the act is basically not functioning because of russia. now we have no restrictions to have robust posture in the eastern flank and to ensure that every square inch of nato's territory is protected by article 5 and our allies. russia has long considered nato expansion, a direct threat to its national security. in the late 19 ninety's, nato and russia signed an agreement stipulating that they would not view each other as enemies. it also said that they should work together to maintain european security, and that there must not be a build up of military forces in central or eastern europe. if former, italian general has urged the you not to further provoke russia over the ukraine conflict, and instead seek an improvement in relations with moscow. if we are to succeed in negotiating an agreement with russia on ukraine's war, we must avoid provocations and unnecessary things, such as nato enlargement, which risks further destabilizing the region. instead of strengthening security. nato has its share of responsibility for the war between russia and ukraine. we
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heard from former u. s. marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter, who thinks that nato not russia is incomplete, disregard for fundamental agreements to preserve stability in europe by not expending eastward. deputy secretary general is forgotten that it was nato's continuous eastern expansion up to the borders of russia. that helped create the conditions for the current conflict. it was nato that has been operating in total disregard of the, of the founding act, not russia. secretary general has forgotten statements made by both by his boss, sector general johnstone bird, and other ministers of defense. the secretaries of defense of benito, which appeared to current conflict between ukraine in russia as an opportunity for nato to inflict a strategic defeat on russia. the deputy secretary general's look in the mirror and throwing accusations that russia,
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which are solely derived from nato's own actions. european economy is going through somewhat of a shock right now, and it doesn't look like that. sharks can in any time soon. all nato has is basically some fancy charts and arrows and lines in words. they don't have reality . reality is when they actually build up these forces and then deploy them into faces. the cost money forces, cost money, the equipment cost money, the basis cost money was going to pay for this. they don't ukrainian military's notorious as a battalion has attempted to distance itself from its neo nazi will, single emblem. and the western media claimed that the symbol was exploited by russia to justify its military operation. new unit, as of the cough has changed their patches to a more traditional trident symbol used by ukrainian state. that the unveiling of a new special forces unit in carcass patches handed to soldiers did not feature the
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wolf angel. a medieval german symbol that was adopted by the nazis in which has been used by the battalion since 2014. instead, they featured a golden trident. the ukrainian national symbol warned by other regiments, yet recent photos of the new as of honeycomb commanders show they have continued to wear patches with not the symbols on their uniforms. here we can see the so called tolten call for death head emblem used by hitler's s s forces and since adopted by neo nazi and white supremacist groups onto sodium on coastal comments now. and what's behind this attempts to repaint the eyes of battalions image in the eyes of the west. reincarnation of that, sorry is battalion has already been announced in the ukrainian city of hot gulf. we are forming new units based on the legendary is av battalions. principles in ideologies every day there are more soldiers and they become more professional to day, i have the honor to present promotions to soldiers of the new unit as of carcass,
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which is ready to take revenge for fallen. ukrainian cities soap the same principles and ideological foundations. the same principles for which the battalion was accused of committing a war crimes rate, torture and looting. according to a 2016 united nations report who's worth orders with
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i was arrested by the as often as b. u men, the batman to head and legs for the chain fired the gun close to my ear, threatened to shoot me in the hands or to should my feet. they humiliated me and said they were going to write me. they threatened to bring my wife and daughters in and told to them in front of me. i could not eat for 3 days. the office of the united nations high commissioner for human rights, documented extensive use of civilian buildings and locations by the ukranian military and the resolve regiment and looting of civilian property was one of those many battalions. it will need you, they are what they are. you might think that says something could have changed since then until you look at some of the recent images of as old members when they
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surrendered in more evil. one glance at their tattoos makes the neo nazi dedication of these soldiers clear as they even the united states, a country which is now plumping ukraine money and weapons. as previously stated that the us of battalion poses a threat to americans themselves, dissolved battalion as a well known, ultra nationalist militia organization in ukraine that openly welcomes neo nazis into its ranks. the group is so well known, in fact, that the 115th congress of the united states stated in its 2018 omnibus spending bill that none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms, training, or other assistance to dissolve. battalion the un has chronicled human rights abuses and incidents of torture in this groups relatively short history. despite these facts, as off, has been recruiting radical, isaac, and training american citizens for years, according to the f b i. but let's take
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a closer look at as of battalion commanders, sir gave political and constancy membership. political has been fighting in the boss since 2014 and just a few months earlier. he was an active member of the force, is that the least an armed qu, in capital, key of he was also the leader of a far right group that was allegedly involved in the tragedy at the house of trade unions in odessa, where dozens of auntie, my dad activists were burned, alive in 2021 village girl was sent to prison in ukraine for record searing, extortion, and kidnapping. his so called brother in our is constantine, image of war before village goes speed to release from jail. and he was set free as soon as russia special military operation began. why? apparently simply because he hates russians. he won the you, the break lamp are going to come and go him, you know, all of the released prisoners there are didn't opponents of the russian world
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concept and have certain combat experienced scores. normally, all risks and control mechanisms are assessed individually for each of them. according to russia's investigative committee village, go an image of, along with other members of the us, of battalion committed war crimes. when they beat up and shot a russian military prisoners in the legs, political himself doesn't even deny this atrocity with most of all that was did in able to sit in a lawyer. there were cases when soldiers of our unit shot russian military prisoners in the legs, they had surrendered, their hands were tied and our soldiers shot them. i don't think that was right. so what to expect from this uniformed assault article of national his battalion? we already know from its leader that it was created with the same ideological foundation as its predecessor, leaving observers guessing how many more war crimes could be committed under the neo not to symbols of other forces. china and
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a group of pacific island countries have failed to reach a consensus for a regional security packed. the proposal would allow for china to uphold domestic security for such nations in exchange for more access to their natural resources. beijing offered millions of dollars in financial assistance as well as free trade agreements earlier. however, the u. s. criticized china's attempt for a greater influence in the pacific region saying it was intimidating smaller countries. it's our alliances, our network of partnerships, that, that china envies a lot because they don't have that. those are transactions. and as they're not real partnerships, they are, in many cases they, they course and intimidate other nations to try to act in ways that are more beneficial to chinese interest than they are to their own. don't be too anxious and don't be too nervous. because the common development and prosperity of china and
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all the other developing countries would only mean great harmony, greater justice and greater progress of the whole world. former us virginia state senator richard black says beijing's intentions in the pacific region appear peaceful and might actually foster local economic growth. you're trying to, it's protecting influence, other nations. they try to influence in whatever way they can. but if you look at it, united states and great britain have almost 900 military outposts in foreign nations in other countries, trying to has a total of 5900 for the west, 5 for the trying to. there was no time by trying to go in and take over the world. i don't think we have seen any inclination to do that. on the other hand,
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western nations are tended to expand and build empires with, with no terry action. you don't, once the last time the china has, has attacked another nation and just suddenly swept in and launched a shocking law attack on somebody never, i can understand the countries of the of asia are sort of caught in the middle. they'd probably be very happy if united states for less and down arrow course she about getting them into military alliances. and they'd probably rather just trade with people not get involved in tangled alliances with either side. we should perhaps follow more of the chinese paradigm where they go in, they, they make business deals with the countries. they try and they try to get an
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advantage, just like the country tries to get an advantage. and, you know, the united states can do this. but there's too much of a military dimension that we have and, and are just told that we can. i hope we can move away from it. the un human rights chief has called for deeper cooperation with china falling a 6th day visit to the country. michel boshoway urged beijing to address the concerns of the weaker community and other minorities in the country while also calling for further collaboration and interaction between the when and china. given the many intersecting global crises facing the world today, including climate change threats to peace and security and instability in the global economic system, as well as the impact of the coven 19 pandemic. china has a very important role to play as a key contributor in multilateral and regional for however,
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the officials call for cooperation with china has been slammed in the western media where some are even questioning the very credibility of the un human rights office . the director of human rights watch in china is among the critics for heard. you feel you explicitly criticize the chinese government and, you know, given the abundance of evidence of some of the serious human rights crimes under international law was an enormous failure. and you really damages her, and the office is credibility and frankly enables the chinese government to continue thinking it can commit great human rights crimes and get away with the director of the peace and future research. foundation says, you are the officials, rhetoric on china has fallen under criticism for failing to support western stances . this is part of a, of a cold war agenda against the criticism. is that her way of doing things diplomatically need to do?
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and she's like seeding and creating dialogue that will be future meetings. he has managed to also say some positive things we should do about what she jain. i've also done for human rights, such as like, you know, i'm listing, i don't know, 700000000 people out monday. they of course, have not been that way. i think what, what china is trying to do and should be listening. tell me is that none of these values can be unique. why that is a for me, stay with us throughout the day as we bring you more news and commentary, this is our to international. glad to have you with us. ah ah, since the break away of the donates people's republic woo has been ranging and done by the cranium. artillery has been showing civilian towns and mining villages.
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you're very welcome to deal with whatever you want with little boys will give us one what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very good to kill time, time to sit down and talk. situational
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forces can overwhelm, can dominate even the best of us. ordinary people, put in a bad evil environment, can become transformed. to become part of that negative environment and it's any of us or in fact most of us the office of naval intelligence, it was a pretty consistent cut out front for say they funded much of this research. and i don't know if there was a yield that they, they produce a yield for this cruel science. i don't, i that's, it's maybe more, i just don't think they do. it might play out spectacularly in the military. so the connections would be much further down the road. it would be.


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