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[000:00:00;00] ah, you'll ah you god bless you. i am a woman and a 5 year old girl that being killed in the city of mackey. i've gotten the don units for public as a result of sharing from ukraine force as fast according to officials from the republic asi reports from the c. this is the show that landed into the house. and fragments of the show have killed a little 5 year old girl meta,
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the russians gas. prom suspends gas applies to the netherlands after it became the 4th european country to refuse to pay for deliveries and roubles. franz at the ears . biggest sacrifice the block announced the tentative deal to ban almost all russian oil imports, making a temporary exception for pipeline supplies off the tough internal opposition. a warm welcome. nick dorothy international with the latest world had lines. it's good to happy with us. now we start with the latest on the conflict in ukraine. a young girl and a woman have died off to a residential area with sheldon tuesday in the city of nike. i've gotten that done . yes. republic. a warning. you might find the following footage upsetting these pictures. so the aftermath of the attack come on was also injured. and another incident of shelling in the city from yesco authorities have blamed ukrainian forces while key of is yet to comment. or correspondence were long caused reports
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from the scene where he met the grandmother of the dead child. i saw you bless you, i, i, these are the consequences of what happened to the house after it was shown by the ukrainian army. this is the shell that landed into the house. and fragments of this shell have killed a little 5 year old girl. mira clarity on my head is quite heavy and it looks like it's from a multiple rocket launch system. we are in a residential area, nothing butts civilians, civilian residence is around here. i can see behind me there is
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a coal mine that is working perhaps that was the target of ukrainian military who are trying to destroy as much infrastructure as possible here in on boss as they're suffering losses and are trying to retreat from the oncoming zep army along with the russian defense ministry from on call for. if archie don't ask people's republic, ah, the netherlands has become a 4th country in europe to stop receiving russian at natural gas. doesn't have to amsterdam refuse to pay for the energy supplies in rubles, dutch company, gas terrorists, and such payments could violate a you sanctions and presents to many financial and operational risks. meanwhile, the dutch minister for climate and energy policy has said that a decision could complicate the need to feel gas storage facilities and the netherlands for winter rushes gas from his previously suspended supplies to bulgaria, poland,
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and finland. moscow new payment scheme requires bias from countries that have play sanctions on russia to pay in roubles with german gas company unit, and the main importer of russian gas to germany. already making his 1st payment to gas from the russian energy ministry has that to doesn't european companies have so far open to ruble accounts. meanwhile, the e u, as it is expected to impose a partial embargo on russian oil and pause within days, that's after the union managed to reach a compromise. following weeks of talks agreed upon the old russian oil supplies, except those that enter the plug by a pipeline will be temporarily. several in eastern european countries have opposed a complete bound due to the heavy dependence on russian oil. in hungary, for example, russia accounts for half of its oil impose while in slovakia, 74 percent of its imported oil comes from russia price. the talks on monday as sonya indicated, the blog would not agree on the outline ban. now, some western media outlets are branded to move europe's biggest sacrifice,
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the european union, and monday, agree to been most impulse of russian oil, the harshest economic penalty yet, and both in russia for isn't vision of ukraine and potentially the biggest sacrifice by europe itself. well, this is a political agreement. let's be clear on that. this doesn't mean that the sanctions package has been given. the green light is still have to go through some very difficult at discussions over the technical, the legal issues of it. let's not forget that we have got to differentiating things going on here. so initially, the plan when earth lavonne de leon announced this round of sac should packages almost 30 days ago, she said that this would be an outright ban, essentially on russian oil. that's not the case when we look at this package, how it's been politically agreed at the moment. there are going to be massive deviations. and the big deviation is the fact that hungry will be able to continue to get russian oil through a central pipeline that comes from russia into the country. we heard from victor alban, who had previously said he would not allow
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a ban on oil. he was the one at country standing out say, no, we're not going to do this because it would be like a nuclear bomb going off on our economy. and he seems to have won his argument. he will continue to get oil from russia. and that seems to be open ended. in fact, he said hungry has been exempt from these pat sanctioned packages. or we also know that the chapel public will be able to continue receiving and we selling russian oil products for further 18 months. so there's lots of things going on here that perhaps the european union wouldn't have wanted to have had, but it wanted to show a force of unity. and this is perhaps the only way to be able to do that. and interestingly enough, or we heard from lavon delay and just in the last week who had actually suggested that may be an outright ban on russian oil would benefit rusher in the end, if we would completely cut immediately as of today, off the oil, he might be able to take the oil that he does not sell to the european union to the world's market, where the prices will increase and sell it for more. no russia has,
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i. she said, yes sir. sullivan, de leon is on the money when she says that because russia will find other customers for its oil is also pointed out that some of her statements of late have been fairly contradictory when it comes to this span. well, you mentioned the address or we'll find another market, i mean, the 2 headed eagle, the emblem of russia, one facing west, one facing east. so there's always another market if you will. one thing that i want to know is tit for tat. i nothing happens in a vacuum. there's going to be a response from russia. what response can we expect about this little to run the sanctions? well, it will be interesting to see how russia positions itself are. we know that a russia has previously said, look, the sanctions don't work their illegal. at present putin himself said this is akin to essentially a declaration of war by western nation. so they're not viewed very favorably from russia. and we also had this suggestion from the russian foreign minister said gay laugh at that. in fact,
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these packages of sanctions were pre planned in advance and that's why most of them were given the green light. so quickly, these hysterical i would even see agonizing sanctions were initiated by the west, their scale and the speed at which they've been implemented shows these measures were not farther up overnight. they were long prepared and are not likely to be removed. us has revealed to its allies inquires, at least, sanctions will remain even after the conflict ends. so this is not about the quain, that country is being used as a tool of the west. this is about containing rushes development. because russia does not let the worst ruler unipolar world as dictated by the us, with your variance of europe. i don't know what europe could gain in the situation in terms of geo politics. every political analyst to saying that because of the situation europe is losing out on future perspectives. now what's going to be really interesting is what happens in regards to the black sea ports. we know that president putin just
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a few days ago was talking to chancellors schultz and president macro leaders in, in the you in saying look, if he ease up on sanctions, we will open up the black sea ports for the export of grain at the export to quain, which many countries are saying that they desperately need at the moment. all prices have been on the rise this month and are expected to be driven up further after the partial embargo comes into effect. some analysts say the new sanctions will also lead to even higher inflation and western countries. now, thea, european nations accounted for almost half of russia exports while china took in almost a 3rd. but since january this year, the exports of both russian gas and oil to beijing, him sharply reduced. a drop that has been beneficial to russia as the price of both has significantly grown. we discuss the latest developments in the energy market and ukrainian conflict with hendrick. we have a norwegian writer, political analyst, and form a politician. he thinks that the he will face that tough consequences as
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a result of its sanctions against russia. i say it will be very and very badly for western countries and for europe especially. and i think we are not aware about what we need for kind of resources from russia for our economies and for of food supplies and, and everything. so it will be very bad for you or pin countries and to but people don't, are not aware about it because our mediate on telling of this. and we say it is completely easy. we can shut down all the pipelines. and when we're living from, from watts, so we have not enough energy, for example, a food supply is in danger. and all these kind of things, a battery is we need resources for, for producing batteries from russia. so where should we get this from? but say people are brainwashed almost by by western media.
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i was there for the 1st time in 2018, i think. and i've been there several times. and so i have seen the situation. uh huh. what is it going on there since 8 years already? and i failed to tell people that, of course, this is not a war or a special military operational. what you want to call it is started in february. there is a conflict in 8 years already and nobody has been interested in that. we have none, nothing from the western countries to get an end of this or to support one or the other side. we only standing on the ukrainian side on the ukraine and government side and don't see what's going on there in a dumbass and many people have died there is shelling was going on an atheist already. so this is not a new conflict. there is a civil war going on since 8 years. it is almost impossible to come through with this information. it is, everything is black and white at the moment. you are against a ukraine or you are for ukraine,
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and there is no trial. there is no trying to understand the situation. what is behind there, and what is a history we in the western countries are from the west. i'm countries, we're things we are the world and to that is not true. so we have to wake up and find out that there are many, many other countries with supporting russia. we're trading with russia. and if we, in the western countries give up all of this, so we will have a problem in the future. that was a major point to why my part to start an exclusion case against me. i'm excluded because of a facebook post where congress related the 2 republics donetta can lugens people's republic for their recognition by russia. i try to explain the situation, but they didn't want or they didn't understand. so they kicked me out in the ent.
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no, that's the situation. so if you try to come with another point of view, if you try to look to the other side to try to understand the other side russian side, or then you have a real problem at the moment. but coming back to an early, still earlier story. now, in the netherlands is become the 4th country in europe to stop receiving russia natural gas. let's discuss it with wayne of office j political analysts. many thanks for joining us on the program. so as we know for european countries refuse to pay for russian gas supplies and variables now, however $20.00 others have so far agreed to most as terms. so it appears as split is emerging among the members. all sorts of ramifications do a expect to see as a result of this. well, it's a split that is hardly being recognized by the public because in open, it is not a topic which is a being talked about a lot with providers in the western countries. do pay their
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bills to go from already rules and who do not. but yeah, it seems like a gas tank in the netherlands is testing the waters to see how well, how the russian government in the end reacts when a country does not want to pay in rules. but luckily, most of the other providers have chosen to open different bank accounts and provide for a stable gas supply because the whole economy for at least large sectors of the industry depend on those gas supplies. and yeah, we will see how the process will continue. now, with the new round of sanctions decided by brussels for those i no longer want to rush in gas, what are the realistic prospects for these countries to find out?
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tentative suppliers. the boiling gas so far we have only heard from my gosh, tara, and also from the danish provider, that they would look for a ton of sources on the european gas market. but of course, the supply in the european gas market is limited and therefore the prices are expected to rise further. and this of course will to be paid by the consumer. so in the end, it's the western consumer who pays the price for the decisions made by the so called political leads. and this is the question. where is this going to lead us to? what does the long term prospect, what is the benefit for the western countries? and if the benefit for the country. so let's say for the political leads, taking those decisions. con grinned with the interests of the normal citizens of the industry of the working force in the european union,
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which is endangered by rising energy prices. and this is the crucial question, a question which needs to be debated now. now that the german gas company enterprise made its 1st payments a gas problem, do you expect this decision to be something that might influence the countries in the block? well, that's hard to say, but i have also heard that show as far as that it provides gas from gas pong to germany has signaled that it will not pay in rules. so the question is whether this influence will also provide over those companies saying they will refuse ruble payments as it had been a bondage by the g 7 summit already weeks ago and confirmed by the european commission perhaps one day we'll have a discussion when we can talk about whether the world will eventually realize this sanction, simply don't work,
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but that's one of the tongues were out of time today. right. about 50 a political analyst. many thanks for your time. thank you. ah. where the western countries pulling no punches when it comes to stepping on rushes toes, some countries still refused to climb on the carousel. and his latest into the, the tech is far when it's a states that anchor will not participate in western sanctions against russia. sizes, are you up to them? we will, an un sanctions against russia have also affected turkey. our position is understood and needs to be understood due to the mediation role that we have. our position is clear, we haven't joined and will not allow them to be carried out through and it is. well, the usaa and the european union are in for thing, financial and trade sanctions on muscular with a situation in ukraine. take you how strongly opposed such measures you are giving . they are counterproductive instead of referring, instead referring to the war as an acceptable. the u. s. has been trying to get anchor on board, but take, he has, instead of it to help mediate
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a diplomatic solution to the conflict. when i was taking political scientists unison to explain the reasoning behind and chris position made the ones from turkey's obedience. and there are medians. would in our countries case mean to having our country divided? actually, if you would prefer natal membership over an alliance with russia, we would have to accept the constitutional change 1st concerning turkey, which introduces new, different regions along ethical lines. and then the main sector and ethical conflicts, turkeys, economic base, has been destroyed by its inclusion into the western economic sphere. the georgia public has been founded by a war of liberation against 1st and power. so these are long term reasons. turkey recognizes asia eurasia is the merging power in terms of economy and security. while the west is in decline, so the turkish economy and the turkish politics looks area they more and more to asian countries. there is of course,
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the classical economic pressures that the west can impose on our country. they can use the p k, k as a group insides are key to provoke attacks as well as some syrian tara groups. they can push grease to a more aggressive policy in the g and, and the eastern mediterranean ah, such as a nice on social media that shows russian speaking ukrainian refugees being denied humanitarian aid by a man who demands they speak ukrainian, the incidents footage of which claims to have been taken in the city of la evolve in western ukraine, degenerates into a quarrel with a man saying is not his job to understand honey, to you, john, to come when you were just i know it, they said it was, i just wanna see if you might give us a funny with for you when you have
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a horn. i smell a the post claims of the refugees who films the video came from the east of ukraine, not the un nor keith have commented on the footage so far, according to various estimates on surveys around 30 percent of ukrainians. use russian as a 1st language for informal communication, human labor. i slew a donkey valet, believes there is no justification for such actions. this is clearly a pretext that this person is using to deny russian speakers aid because he doesn't like russian speakers. very disturbing and honestly, it kind of underscores how this conflict began and the peoples of the dom bass,
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most of whom speak russian. and what we've seen from the government in kiev is racism and discrimination against the russian speakers. and we can see this in this video and it's illegal, as the woman points out, this is un aide, but it appears to be ukrainians who decided that they're not going to give it to russian speaking. again, there's no justification for that. obviously, if people are hungry and need to be given to them that you know, we can understand the need for food and water in any language. right. and indian community in russia has set up a fund to help refugees. and so just in don bath, the initiative at title deja funds released applies to people in the world. one region. the 1st 2 caches of medicine were delivered earlier in may with the indian saying this is just the beginning as supplies being taken to russia's border with
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a dumbass republics, where they're handed over to local administrations with i to the founder of the 8 initiative you say it's helping russian to facilitate this anderson society this year, this year in doris and family. so we are a mix of families. so that's what i'm doing here. they are doing my heart without any arrow, nobody else can support. and i show the elective, learn a little a study and living. so this is our duty and moral duty also doesn't have a lot of issues. a lot of people needs this. all of this is not limited. and there is no reason to say that the change we are very or well you will see by right. so yeah, it will see my right. i will return your or india. so now our
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duty, well yeah, we are going same thing. what do friends are doing? so we are helping each other. so nothing more. ah, american weapons were used during the recent shelling of don yet schools, according to the deputy information chief of the republic. 5 people, including a 13 year old girl, died, and 16 people were injured during the shelling of residential areas. while 2 schools and the gymnasium were heavily damaged. don yeske officials say american and triple 7. how it says we used in this trunks and advisor to the cranes president's office has promised washington collect exemplary hysteria if it refuses to supply. he asked with rocket systems that are capable of shelling russian territory. president binder meanwhile, has dressed the system, allowing key of to strike into russia will not be on the way. i didn't say to
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a russian military expert who says he believes that the use of such us weapons against civilians should be investigated as a war crime. yada was full to the american weapon supplies pose an immediate threat to civilians both in eastern ukraine and in russia. the weapons are being used against civilian infrastructure and residential settlements, which amounts to a war crime. this should be thoroughly investigated. the shilling of civilian infrastructure is probably a manifestation of ukrainian hysteria and agony considering the limited ammunition supplies of their forces. it is extremely reckless to use them for anything other than their intended purpose. we understand that ukraine's military will not be able to hold the line against a large scale russian offensive for long. therefore, i think the depletion of ukrainian ammunition supplies by targeting civilian areas is bringing their military defeat even closer. ukraine now wants to bolster is
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offensive forces with multiple rocket launchers, which has been discussed by the americans, depending on their setup. such heavy weapon systems can pose a significant threat to russian territory. joe biden's refusal to supply such weapons is obviously explained by the fact that america understands that their use against russia will inevitably lead to a retaliatory strike. and that could lead to an uncontrolled process, including a global conflict. and all of the responsibility for such actions would fall on the united states. therefore, washington's refusal is obvious. and kid is trying, by all means to attract attention to itself and get involved in facilitating it's offensive capabilities. the spy came from somewhere in officials that the world stands against russia. a new global survey has revealed the will numbers. most respondents from 20 non european countries said there are against cussing. economic ties with moscow, with locals in some nations,
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actually play me nature for the conflict in ukraine. negative views of russia were largely confined to western states as they contribute to rachel moss. the next things the result of the largest annual survey revealing what people worldwide really think about democracy has just been released and it provides a snapshot of ghouls that have been about russia surveyed in asia latin america, europe in north america. the citizens of 20 countries indicate that they don't want economic ties to russia. costs over the conflict. they include greece, kenya, turkey, china, israel, egypt, that jury indonesia of africa. jerry out the philippines, hungry massacre, thailand, morocco, malaysia, root and plenty right. now mexico sticks out here and may also help explain what's going on behind the data, at least in part by being coast allies, the united states and canada mexican president under the open door, affectionately known as and loach has resisted falling into log step with is north
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american allies with respect to their anti russian narratives. and it's taking more of a not aligned approach on that issue and on other issues as well. morocco and turkey also on that list and taking a similar stance piece would be there, close allies in europe. not a line that is asked for greece. well, we knew back in march that there was division among greece over the use anti irrational sanctions. pretty much right from the get go. but another 3100 citizens do favor breaking economic relations with russia and ukraine. the survey says, and 31 countries, 20 of them are in europe. they're joined by nations like canada, the united states, australia and switzerland. now oddly enough, when you out of all be in favor of cutting time with russia and those against cutting ties. the total respondents for each country is nowhere near 100 percent for pretty much any of the countries surveys. and in some cases,
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closer to how that closer to the 50 percent markets. so in terms of methodology that raises questions about what's missing and why, and what those people, the missing respondents who seem to be miraculously absent from the 100 percent theoretical total. and now it makes us wonder how their views might have changed to results. but the fact that nations whose leaders share a common narrative on russia would be on the same page is really hardly surprising . one final said that there's also another new survey out. and it's a you graph survey of 14 different error countries and all of them, all of the countries, except one like nato, rather than russia for the conflict in ukraine with the syrians slit in the blame equally between the 2. many thanks for joining us. aeronautics international as always,
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plenty more to be found on our website. auto. com. ah, i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, accept where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot most protective own existence.
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with that you for that and less than 3 months. the west ukraine narrative has been turned on its head. ukraine is not waiting, it's steadily losing. the west is not unified. in fact, divisions are wide me, the russian economy is weathering,


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