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tv   News  RT  May 31, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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massive sanctioned western economies are in trouble who blinked 1st a with our g visits a home in the don. yes. republic where a civilian was killed in an attack by ukrainian force with an indian community in russia provides critical medical supplies to people in the don bath as part of a newly established charity fund. and brent oil prices exceed $125.00 per barrel. as you move to impose a partial embargo on russian imports of commodity as sanctions against russia
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impact the blocks economy with quite a lot of direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas, certainly glad to have you with us. now, a chemical storage tank has reportedly exploded in a western part of the conflict written lugens republic. these images purportedly show the blast of the as a chemical plant in the city of several done. yes. local officials have blamed ukrainian forces saying that the storage tank appeared to have been detonated. ukrainian army is said to have been in control of the industrial area at the time of the incident. just meanwhile in the neighboring danielle gra, public. a residential area was shelled several times said to be by ukrainian forces on tuesday,
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several casualties reported by local authorities. and we need to warn you that the following images may be disturbing. among the victims was a woman, a 46 year old mind worker who was killed while she slept in her home. her son was also wounded in the attack, but managed to survive. we visited the site of the tragedy and found that the victim sister in a desperate state law says that i should be salo because whatever you along, this is tennis ball in lug lovely, did you lie? go to sleep. ukrainian artillery killed a 46 year old woman who lives in this house. apparently she was sleeping after and night shift at work. she worked in a coal mine that says nearby rocket landed right in her house.
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her bedroom is right over there. and a piece of the rocket hit her right in the neck with me on. 6 this idea didn't legend me, i'm her sister was also work at that time, but sir, she heard the sounds of shilling and rushed back to her house. you will, i'm not, i'm origin, you're a woman. i shall human flu shot. the national wisdom. he nigel has already been
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with when you, when you but i'll yamil was born when it is what they're the, the modem is, is that dan, you know about those, those appointed for we will go good lady. she and we're gonna damage in the city. so didn't anybody, did it gone shocked? miss bernard shawna. still bob boiler wants to badness. kanisha bitterly. bell and not by soon log school got out the bit. mom stood up. i believe her at least 6 people have been killed as the result of ukrainian shilling off residential areas here in john nets that took place over sunday. and monday, we are right now at one of the addresses where one woman 63 year old woman was killed and said, we've arrived the just in time as her neighbors and her loved ones. place her
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coffin in this car, her ready to take her to the cemetery. let's take a look now at what happened to her house. basically, the shelling took place here on sunday evening. take a look at what's inside. this must have been a really high caliber rocket. as of this house is now completely destroyed and the woman was buried under the rubble, her son and her husband were not here at the time. but as a vague told me, emergency services tried to dig her out. but unfortunately, she was already there. this is the witness account of her neighbor mutual and show us there were some lap bags around 5 or 6 o'clock in the evening. i couldn't hear the incoming shells, but i heard the impact one in the garden and one directly into house. she was home
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at the time. neighbors ran over and started removing the rubble to try to rescue her emergency workers came and took her out. that she was already dead. she had been a really good person in indian community. and russia has set up a fund to help refugees and soldiers in the dumbass. the initiative titled dish or after the hindi word for direction has been sending relief supplies to residents of the war. torn region of the foundation has done 2 shipments of medicine already this month and says that those supplies are only the beginning. the deliveries are taken to russia's border with the don bass republics and are then handed over to local administrations. we heard from the initiatives of founder who says that he feels it's his duty to help the people of don bass in solidarity with russia. this in doris and in the society this her, this is endorsement family. so we are families. so that's what i'm getting to are
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doing my heart, the don't any error, a lot of people needs are all of this think not only thought is our duty and model duty also if there is no reason to a india, so our duty juggling. same thing. what do friends are doing? so we are helping each other. so nothing more. meanwhile, a video has emerged from the city of la evolve near the polish border where ukrainian refugees arriving from the war torn eastern part of the country reportedly were denied humanitarian aid from the united nations because they were speaking russian. the incident devolved into a heated argument. i knew you were gonna come when you are. i see him with my daughter
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a with a horn. i have like metals, a numerous ukrainians to speak russian as a 1st language, especially in eastern areas where the conflict has been the most pronounced in the done yet can lugens republics. russian is spoken by around 90 percent of the population there. neither the u. n. or key of has commented about the footage from the of labor and human rights lawyer. den cavellas says that there is no justification for such actions. this is clearly a pretext that this person is using to deny russian speakers
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aid. because he doesn't like russian speakers very disturbing. and honestly, it kind of underscores how this conflict began and the peoples of the dom bass, most of them speak russian. and what we've seen from the government in key is racism and discrimination against the russian speakers. and we can see this in this video and it's illegal as the woman points out, this is un aide, but it appears to be ukrainians who decided they're not going to give it to russians. be again, there is no justification for that. obviously, if people are hungry and need food, you give it to them that you know we can understand the need for food and water in any language. right. e leaders have tentatively agreed to cut off
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rushes largest bank from the international transaction network. swift, the move intended to disconnect, to spare back from the global financial system is part of a 6th round of sanctions pressure. russia to end the conflict in ukraine. but the bank says it was already prepared and the new measure will not have a significant effect. disconnecting from swift does not change the current situation in international settlements. domestic transactions do not depend on swift and will be carried out by the bank and the standard mode is burbank previously shifted to a russian based system as an alternative to swift. most banks in the country have been already switched over to that network, according to the national central bank. russia authority say that the country's financial system has been prepared for the shut off and has already withstood the initial shock of western sanctions. meanwhile, mastercard,
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the ceo has said swift may even cease to exist in the next 5 years. and also the south asian country of bangladesh is considering adopting new payment methods to save money. investor mich fires time, believes that the world has changed too much for swift to remain the predominant platform for international transactions. i've never seen in my career which has been long and extensive in finance. i've never seen sanctions that were successful . and i think that these were well telegraphed in advance. so i think it's more of a public relations gimmick to have these and an actual impact that it's going to have. i think the world has changed pretty drastically. we're not looking at a situation that was in the 1960 seventy's eighty's or ninety's the, you know, this is a new new era. and, you know, encrypt came around. you see that people are able to transfer things fairly quickly and a lot more efficiently. and cheaply and i think that that is a big part of the system. i think, i think that alternative payment systems had,
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have been set up in russia is not isolated by itself in a bubble where people don't realize it. there are several countries that are using a different way to transact in the u. s. dollar. a gemini, might have seen, you know, might be over about 5 years. because india, china, iran, brazil, you a e and saudi arabia, a couple other middle eastern countries and asian kind countries are in for using different types of alternative payment systems that are transacting oil. the price of brent oil has exceeded $125.00 per barrel. as the u moves to impose a partial embargo on russian supplies of the commodity. some states particularly hungry as opposed to the measure due to heavy dependence on imports of russian oil are used on quarter comments now on how the sanctions are affecting the use economy . e u sanctions. round 6 is locked and loaded this time brussels is aiming for
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a near complete ban on russian oil. by the end of the year to night, european commission agreed a 6th package of sanctions. it will allow of ban on oil imports from russia. the sanctions will immediately impact 75 percent of russian oil imports. and by the end of the year, 90 percent of the russian oil imported in europe will be banned. after seeing the damage wrought by the last 5 sanction packages on the very countries that deployed them in the 1st place, many europeans aren't convinced anything's going to be different. this time. sanctions may have harmed russia's credit worthiness, but the 70 percent surgeon, world gas prices alone has supercharged its balance of payments. its current account trade surplus according to its central bank, is now over 3 times the pre invasion level. at the same time, sanctions are clearly heard in countries in western and central europe who are imposing them. banning bore russian oil is only likely to push already, skyrocketing energy prices even higher and it won't just affect the u. v. use
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decision to ban the majority of russian oil imports will cause the barrel price to go higher, still spelling yet more misery for fuel prices in the u. k. the same goes for germany. rising prices in economic uncertainty or causing serious problems for a large proportion of the population. more than one in 3 fears, they will no longer have enough money to cover their living expenses. here we have an especially severe case. the german economy has been ravaged by record breaking inflation, standing at 8.7 percent for may. that's the highest. it's been since the 1970s to make matters worse. the more ominous threats of a global food crisis is also a menace to the entire world. sanctions, no subtlety, millions of innocent people across europe and far from its shores will suffer as food and energy prices. sor supply lines, are disrupted, trade links, collapse. the victims are overwhelmingly the poor with all this bad news that's
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followed. europe's anti russia sanctions. one has to wonder if the politicians who passed this latest package had been living under a rock. how bad do things have to get for them to get out from under it? last year, european countries accounted for almost half of russia's exports while china took in almost a 3rd. but since that january, this year in the export of both russian gas and oil to beijing has been reduced to drop, that has been actually beneficial to russia as the price of both has significantly grown and a historic presidential election in columbia. as for the 1st time in decades to left wing candidates are proceeding to a run off. later in june, gustavo petro and former gorilla and one time mayor of the colombian capital one, the largest share of the vote, with 40 percent, his rival, rodolfo hernandez, whose campaign was largely carried out in the social network. tick tock received 28
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percent of the vote. both candidates fell short of the 50 percent threshold to win the election outright. petro has vowed to transform the country's economic system and reset relations with the us, including changes to the approach to the drug war and a reexamination of bilateral trade agreements. hernandez has built his election campaign on the promise of fighting corruption and criticizing the country's political establishment. he also considers it necessary to revive relations with neighboring socialist countries. venezuela. from one this we can cross a live to independent journalist fiorella isabel, thank you very much for being with us here in our international. so it's a historic shift to left when candidates are competing for the presidency in columbia. what does this mean for the country's political future? i would say to lessen candidates, i would say a, gustavo petro is slightly left of center, described by many,
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a social democrat. and rodrigo hernandez is actually a brightly populous, as he has portrayed himself. he is extremely, you know, people call him a mix between trumping zalinski, as i've been talking to activist political leaders here and in bogota. and he's essentially running as a somebody that is going to oppose the establishment. but what a lot of people don't know is that the gentleman that was coming in in 2nd place and dropped to 3rd, who is known as a fee go by to people because he is actually has endorsed for early go hernandez. rodolfo hernandez, excuse me. and we'll go over hernandez and him have already made an alliance. and so this doesnt post really well for gustavo petro party because the 2 votes combined that the totality of the votes combined together would completely obliterate the gustavo petro party,
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by at least 2 to 2500000 boats. and so the picture party, which i would describe as an extremely just left of center, even though they're being pushed by the united states, nato. and by many on the opposition on the current establishment. the government as being very close to not just nicholas maduro, but also have, haven't been accused of accepting money from the kremlin as well. they're saying that the kremlin has influence gustavo petro, via nicholas maduro. so there's this whole play that's been happening. and even though it was a win in terms of columbia's attempt to go back towards a democratic existence, because for the longest time, columbia has, of course, as many of us know, existed under a narco regime. in fact, many would say that it exist as a neo colonial stay of the united states is a needle partner, a partner in latin america. so this for that,
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for the people can be as more of a fight for democracy rather than a less right issue or a communist versus capitalist issue. very interesting. you mentioned that one of the candidates, it seems to be like a trump ask zelinski, asking tied figure in another one, also very colorful, regardless of where they stand, left or right. why do you think these candidates have gained so much popularity in columbia? in recent years, well do some better signifies a shift towards more of a country that is looking out for people. for the last few years, the columbia has a experienced an increase, the amount of protest and unrest. and a lot of young people have been killed and shot in the face, particularly with the same tactics that is early intelligence is use. and there are so many stories of young, you know, college students being going out there, protesting the current regime, which is essentially, you know, when norco regime,
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it's not a democratic state. so a lot of colombians around the country and some in bogota. i've been fighting to get rid of this government no matter if they've had to make a license with people they don't agree with. i spoke to the general secretary of the communist party, who says, be better is not definitely not a communist. definitely has no ties to that as well or russia. but it's more of like mirrors coming on. and the reason people are, are wanting somebody to do something is because they have felt so completely just like entrenched in a blood a bloody civil war if for a really long time. and then you have the peace agreements that came in 2016 with the fart and the current, the current government. and in spite of those peace agreements, the violence has continued. and i think hernandez offers a, an alternative. right. he said he was popular, takes out. absolutely. was and he also offers this whole situation where it seems
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like he's a little bit controversial. he did say he admired the brake philosopher, adult hitler recently, and that's been going around a videos all the time. so there's the situation right now or at least both of these candidates have said that they would like to rehabilitate relationships with venezuela in some way in form of economics. but petro has decided that he wants to increase the g d p by 5.5 percent in order to actually provide for some program. so there is a start, the difference between the business man, the rich die that many say all he's a business. and so he's going to run the country like a business, very similar to a tropical tribe. and of course, the sample petro more of a social democrat. of certainly going to be interesting to watch this play out. we know that you're going to be staying on top of it for us if at all possible fiorella, isabel independent journalist, thanks for being with us here on our international. thank you for having me. i know a former lawyer for hillary clinton has been found not guilty of lying to the f. b i in 2016 about donald trump's alleged ties to russia before the verdict. former us
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general attorney bill bar said that the case which became known as russia gate represents a grave injustice to both of the american people and the former president. i think whatever you think of cronsa sacked is that the whole russia thing was a grave injustice. who was a dude appears to be entirely political tractor was used 1st to hobble them and then potentially to drive them from offers. it was a gross injustice. who was, it was, and it, and it hurts united states in many ways, including what we're saying in ukraine these days. you know it, it distorted our foreign policy and we have the not guilty verdict for michael sussman, which indicates that the jury did not believe that what he said to the api i constituted illegal deception of the f b i. but regardless, the trial at this point is making headlines because of the bomb shell testimony
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that it appears that hillary clinton did indeed sign off on the spreading of unverified rumors linking donald trump to russia. and it was the hilary clinton campaign that originated those rumors that found their way into the press. this is what we heard. i discussed it with hillary as well. i don't remember the substance of the conversation, but notionally, the discussion was, hey, we have this and we want to share it with a reporter. she agreed with the decision. so it was the so called russia gates, a story that actually originated with the clinton campaign that they worked with fusion, g p. s a british firm that engages in intelligence and research and developed no more a more of a case for what they had decided they were going to go with media, then laughed it up as a result of this bombshell testimony from the michael sussman trial. we have donald trump saying that he feels only partially vindicated by the fact that this is now
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in public record that russia gate originated with hillary clinton. this is donald trump. this is one of the greatest political scandals in history. for 3 years, i had to fight her off and fight those crooked people off and you'll never get your reputation fully back. where do i get my reputation back? now? william bar, the former us attorney general, says that this essentially leaking of unverified rumors in the efforts by the clinton campaign to promote this idea that somehow trump was conspiring with russia in order to win the election. that this not only affected the political career of donald trump and trump presidency, but it actually affected us foreign policy. so there are global consequences to this decision made by the hillary clinton campaign that is now in public testimony . give it to microsoft mon trial. michael may be acquitted. that bombshell, testimony has huge implications. we spoke with a former, aided to us president ronald reagan,
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paul craig roberts and former ca officer raymond mcgovern. they both tend to believe that russia gate was created to destabilize us russian relations, where the fraud declared that one of his goals was to normalize relations with russia. he assured a major threat to the power of the military st. complex, which needs an enemy. so an ordinary 1st person would see in all of this the danger or military conflict between russia. ready and the united states, so i think that's what bill bar sees. so now realize that he made a terrible mistake when he was starting to know and did not to stop working close. he couldn't stop good news. the attorneys are good of order
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than the rest of the garish and in the overseer of the f. b. i of the democratic party, but he did nothing for all this it, most americans still believe in russia gate after the election. oh, it's really easy just to accuse the russians of defeating hillary clinton rather than seeing how her campaign pretty much did her in, in any case. and it became easy to drum this, russia, russia, russia syndrome. so that most people still believe it. now when i say the media, i'm talking about the new york times, the washington post, the mainstream media, the t v outlets. unless we honest analysts can get some play in our media at the, the countries for doom to believe that mr. poo,
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gene is the devil incarnate that the russians russians. russians are responsible for all manner of evil, including 4 years of donald trump. and we're up against a hard place because the dangers of escalation in ukraine are very real and very dangerous. mid germany is plans to raise military spending with the governing coalition and the main opposition party having reached a deal for the increase, a senior parliament member says the country the army needs an image of an empty enemy to prepare to fight. and russia fits the bill. the bonus, the mentors of light, germany's military is prepared mentally. it's the politicians who are not prepared and the military is set up by politicians sees it. it does what the politicians want. we need an army that requires some sort of image of an enemy of the we no
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longer perceived russia as an enemy in recent years, so many. but now we know what an enemy looks like. the deal to allocate more than 100000000000 euros for defense was reached by the german parliament. germany's defense spending is to reach 2 percent of its g. d, p, a target stipulated by nato. now the spending includes boosting. cyber defense and support for partner countries. however, german politician, academic and lawyer, good are back says the ukraine conflict is based as an excuse for germany to increase its defense spending and cast blame for a worsening economic crisis. is important to bear in mind that the recent decision to increase military expanding is a departure from decades of previous policy. the official justification is, of course, the kind of conflict in ukraine. the government you is
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that this is a threat to native security. as a result of which they have to increase military spending on the whole nature is spending about 15 times as much on the military as the russian federation, or even more. the government is also trying to avert attention from a worst. and the economic crisis at home and the conflict in ukraine is a welcome excuse. that they can blame the does it for me. i will be back in about 30 minutes and 30 seconds another full freshly news day with the i teach national. ah, the
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news. who did do some was mr. well informed but didn't want to be awesome with more very lovely deal with a new one. but this was a little above all of the 3 of floor boards or did you wanna.


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