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tv   News  RT  June 1, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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and we need to make rules for the rest because without us there will be care. mm. mm. ah, a thing is ball of desperation, amid the destruction of the ukrainian military's deadly shelling of civilian areas in the dawn. yes, republican, despite the carnage, the white house is to send a new batch of advanced heavy weapons to ukraine, reportedly off the clear for me. it wouldn't use the arms to attack russian territory plus ominous warnings of some a few shortages go on. hated as western leaders press on with a ban on russian oil imports, despite ordinary people facing storing prices. with these doubling up going up,
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food as well, everything but the ridge is not going up. or are we going to survive? ah, a warm welcome you're watching on see international with the latest world news update is good to happy with. chemical storage tank has exploded in the west of the conflict with the new ganske republic. these images purportedly show the blast of the chemical plant in the city of separate done. yes. local officials have blamed ukrainian force is saying the storage tank appeared to have been detonated. ukrainian army is said to have been in control of the industrial area at the time of the incidence. meanwhile, in the neighboring don, yes, republic, local authorities say a residential area was shelled several times by ukrainian forces in the last 24 hours leading to several casualties. a warning you might find the following images
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disturbing. among the victims was a woman, a 46 year old mine work and he was killed while she slept at home. her son was also wounded in the attack. we visited the site of the tragedy and found the victim sister in a desperate state. nobody below this is the actual bush allah. because what happened along, this is getting his ball in your log in, i'm late to bid. yes, my good ukraine and artillery killed a 46 year old woman who lives in this house. apparently she was sleeping after and night shift at work. she worked in a coal mine that's mere boy brought it landed right in her house. her bedroom is right over there and
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a piece of the roach it hit her right in the neck. with no mi on the bridge loan. they knew all this idea, dead legends, me i'm. her sister was also work at that time, but so she heard the sounds of shilling and rushed back to her house. you will not on board you, your wooden national. you shall rushed me with him. he mitchell isn't when he'd been with you when you, but you won't bug boy with the modem is used for
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more details on the war and on bass. this started 8 years before russia's military operation. you can watch the film don't boss the grey zone. on ortiz documentary website. the form exposed the life of civilians and the frontline villages of don. yes, gun republic le ganske republics chapter towards the intimate of military crackdown by caves forces since 2014. the documentary includes eye witness accounts of the deadly conflict from local members of the military and humanitarian aid workers. now key of is to get advanced american rocket systems as a passive, a new $700000000.00 military aid package. washington plans to send high mobility artillery rocket systems known as he mars the to the war torn country with some of them capable of hitting targets up to 300 kilometers away. if equipped with long
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range rounds. but joe biden, stacy, us, will not give that type of ammunition to ukraine. i. however, anonymous officials lighted by the new york times that even from an 80 kilometer distance, ukrainian forces could still hit russian territory if firing near the border. the officials that the u. s. would rely on a promise from president the lensky that the weaponry would not be used to attack russia. one senior administration official acknowledged that even the rockets with a 48 mile limit could be used to attack targets inside russia. if the system was brought to the ukraine, russia border, but the official said that ukraine's government had assured the united states that would not happen. i know what people are in united states are saying, where someone in the white house are saying that we might be using them to a tech russia look, we're not planning to attack russia. we're not interested in russian federation. we're not fighting on their territory just by ukraine's president landscapers
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promise not to attack russian territory. board regents in the countries west have already reported attacks by ukrainian forces in recent weeks. several people have been killed during the shelling of russian cities belgrade and cars near the border, and others wounded in the russian city of varnish with these images, purportedly show some of the attacks geopolitical analyst on for me, us marine brian billick takes told us that kias could use the us rocket systems to terrorize russian civilians despite agreements. i think they'll be used to terrorize. ready the people in the russian federation as well as people with an ukraine's borders, but i don't think it's going to make any difference. it'll take for weeks. just the train, a basic operator, they operate and batteries that require heavy logistical support. and i just, i don't see how this is going to be any different than the m triple. 7 howitzers are the javelins or the fingers that have also failed to be the game changers. they
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were promoted as us weapon therapy. a lot like the posse, one of us is waging in theory. it didn't change until the fact on the ground on the battlefield for change in theory was favor and, and left the us and its allies going to fail made. so i think the very same situation is going to play out in ukraine. the u. s. has made no secret over many decades as a matter of fact that they will not tolerate a peer or near peer competitor. this is all about preventing the reemergence of brush out of the global power and stopping dr. china faith of russia and china, or lincoln. we can see the u. s. it's agonizing both nations and multiple front and ukraine. it's just among the many europe could face fuel shortages this. some of us have stock warning from the international energy agency chief, as he cautioned that the current european energy crisis, which was much bigger than the oil shocks of the $900.00 seventies. when the main
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holiday season starts in europe and the u. s. fuel demand will rise, then we could see shortages, for example, with the diesel petro or kerosene, particularly in europe, back in the 1970s, it was just about oil. now we have an oil crisis, a gas crisis in an electricity crisis simultaneously. the past year has already seen gasoline prices. thor in europe rising nearly 40 percent wont. diesel prices have seen an even shopping increase of almost 45 percent hitting all time european highs and the rising price is the you. leaders are preoccupied with a fresh rounds of anti moscow sanctions. as they announce a ban on the majority of russian oil pumped to the block. we decided then to have the van now on defacto 90 percent of russian oil imports to the european union by the end of the year. while the move is aimed at taking a stand against russia,
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while the e. u sais is an illegal conflict in ukraine. europeans on both sides of the english, china, on not pleased with the rise and the cost of living unconcerned governments aren't doing enough to help ease the burden on ordinary people. civil, fucked is a price. and guess it does make sense, it's ridiculous is doubling, everything's doubling up, going up, food as well. everything but the bridge is not going up over us. are we gonna survive? i'm standing much more. i mean is in every thing. it's not even to the food. if it's in the electric, if it's, if it is in every thing that you have to pay the, everything's gone up to put them up, the gas going up the input. if central things have gone up, really, government should cut down or do something, you know, give us some kind of money. so you know, the assistant help both. let's go live now to talk to him under sallie mae international oil economist and professor of energy economic, thank you very much for joining is on the program is good to see you. now i'd like
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to ask you, to what extent do you agree with the energy agency chief here that the also to disney a you are a distinct possibility by the middle of summer in a very nice thing. possibility i agree totally. in fact, we are in a market. hey, shane. shane came, well, election capacity in oil, gas, coal. i'm g in everything in the night a embargo against the united states. it dealt with oil. now, the crisis enveloping the, we're affecting the prices of every single source of energy from oil though and g, 2 gas to go to city for everything. turn right along. the market is
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so tie with the refining capacity as well as the on the production capacity are very limited. that's why i agree that who am i see here? show it to his in serrato i'm, he's my plus beyond summer as well. do you think that you leaders are aware and indeed concerned about the burden of the sanctions on their own tax payers? if there are still good such measures, then be honest. you. but i think they have let the enemy russia all right and blame. i'm the cloud, send it and i assume let them out of the room. then in the final and this is the biggest loser in the global economy. economy region
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where you grow will ground eventually to be 0 and we get there in terms of economic goals. so how much was do you expect things to get before brussels and other national governments take more drastic measures to combat inflation when they would have to come back to inflation? because high prices and energy are feeding this inflation. for instance, the united states inflation is hm. $9210.00, and europe. and we can be thought about it to line as well. and you, it could be ever to align and to feel free to stop in flesh and you will have to restrict liquidity. and that means a show on the global economy. and i guess that and of course
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there are there she found by new people. and since already and energy classes are, are yet to we with us for quite a long time. i food larry, come on, is that there was a very, very serious in other places i'm as well, i'm really sorry to interrupt and we do have to cross live to say live off. so for now talks about their salad. my international or economist, i'm professor of energy economics many thanks for your time. we appreciate say, are there any changes, restrictions you did the damage of the run the virus and jackson, and today we have had a very fruitful of household conversation that helped to understand that sir is a preschool, it's just frozen. says that are happening on the international scene and we
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discussed by us talk about his publicly during gallery the made it to rain couple of days ago. and we also talked about that prior to that, an old hearing man and you weren't. but when you get way, countries the we were visiting a couple weeks ago. but the main conclusion out of this assessment of the geo political situation is that we cannot allow any attempt by any group of the countries to dominate globally across the globe. unfortunately. but these policy has become a priority for our western partners, be openly say about the need for all unipolar world order that the cold rules based world order is good and bad. but they do not even hide that. the west is the one who makes up the rules. no one else has the right in their opinion to do this. and as for the pol itself, that should become a single pole. one pole,
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only cross the was international scene. baseball is land. when i come by the united states, and there is no divergent opinions, some boys has some cause for its strategic autonomy of europe. they are drowned 40 by the chorus of those who wants to west to be united under the united states. we did not mind them really was to care about their own businesses with in the institutions as they have not come up like is created with like nato and the european union. but we are against the last violating or a global obligations, including obligations adopted within the organization for security and cooperation in europe and the subjugation. so i would like to remind you that no country has the right to strengthen its security at the expense of the security of other
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countries, and no organization has the right to dominate in the european atlantic region. it is not hard to understand that if that's exactly what nato is doing and the west shouldn't be g, adopting their projects or implementing their ideas carry out their ideas in violation of the universal rules. first of all, in violation of the charter dad legation, prince for more, says that the basic principle of the un is the respect for that sovereign equality of the states. all these aspects of the international situation that are connected related to the developments around you train our partners from the girls corporation country is understand these perfectly. and we appreciate this, and we report one more time, the gratitude for the balance position pell,
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and stand that they take on the international forum. and also in practice when they refused to join the legitimate, unilateral sanctions introduced against the russian federation and against the republic of beller. it was but the national years and we refer and our adherents to the un charter. we reaffirmed also could use this stance regarding the cry, those in ukraine and around the ukraine and in this regard. but now we're partners agree with that for our partners from the arab world, from the that is a lever. harris said so because of the golf. no voice could reach you in relation to one of the key simulations of the un charter, but my elation of weeds or lack to the current situation in the crane. i mean, and that's enough, replied year that all the members should steep at here to the resolution of the security council. resolution 22
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o 2 in february 2015 was adopted unanimously and was endorse able because they indoors them in some chords and bed demanded from the key regime to enter into the direct dialogue with don as can lugens and to implement all the stipulations that well agreed upon and that so giving a special said as to the region seen the use of the crane and the status should have been reflected in the constitution of your range. and then operate was agreed with on the school against elections were to be held in particular. and also the troops have the weapons that were to be withdrawn and so on and so forth. each nothing of that was done by the regime and even publicly via the president. they said they do not want to carry out the subjugation. and then again, the rather than sad that the people who live in the use of the grand seal leaf in the use of the crane, he called them a species and then again to the residence,
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to live with bad that if anyone in ukraine is suffering from the ban on russian language on russian culture and russian media. if anyone in ukraine was considered at themselves, russian, they should leave to the russian federation. and he had a bad, it will be better for the children's. all the russians who are or citizens of ukraine's jello user. you are at the squelch, saturday. ology, mitchell. we have already seen something like that and european history and we both know well how it all ended. so these are a few of the key for james or 8 years refusal to carry out. mean sca courts has become i decided factor that lead to the current situation. some new l systems up if anyone had any doubt that the west was helping
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ukraine to contain russia, to great friends for russia, i think so. no one who has any doubts now. so we reaffirmed our hearings, w, and charter, when the necessity to adhere to the demands belated in the charter. and from these pers back people, we discuss the regional agenda, regional issues including the syrian settlement. we all same for size and under gord to implement the resolution of the security council number $2254.00, including the resolution of humanitarian problems, re storing, they cannot make infrastructure at laser, the basic infrastructure to bring back the refugees, including the drafting committee, constitutional committee that has started its renewed regular session in geneva recently, and according to the 1st asked to meds, it started on
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a quiet positive note and see what else media else we talked about, the position of syrian, the era portals we have reaffirmed, was our cities going to school school of legal, regal rescue. the so that's the thought that the theory shouldn't be brought back to the legal therapy states. we see your of the understanding of necessity among our partners from the golf region. we talk a lot about the listing in israelis. issue with the peaceful approach says by the direct dial like between tell us dine in israel, which has hold it and in impact now which reminds the opportunity to result in stand in problem by establishing the state of palestine in accordance with the resolution. solve the un security council in accordance with the arab peaceful initiative, and that has been suggested plenty years ago by saudi arabia and we expressed our concerns in regards your concept of say is by state concept by state. solution
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concept is now going through very dire times and both russia and our partners from the gold. they do not agree with this approach and use that could cause very explosive escalation and origin globally. well. and so you talked about yemen and then were recently there were some positive shapes. first of all, due to the initiative suggested and promoted by saudi arabia, that epstein and also by the united arab emirates. so man and other countries from the council of cooperation of the era of the gulf countries, we have created the establishment of the presidential councillor. we have treated 2 month truce was bad news was followed to raise this after on us in the last month. and that is going to be over the day after tomorrow, and i mean, we held that base truce will be extended warning him and not or to mom. and in the
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meantime, the political approaches will be trying to launch it. we, the system solve the un by a special envoy of the secretary general on germany matter is in libya state. also, we have an urgent task. organize that you look at the dial across the entire nation . that would include all the political forces of the country because now basically they have to authorities. so when it is connected to the lack of activity and the lack of going through, even the usability actually is not constructive, not resorted folders and not the role of knowledge. the un, the us mr. spit said nobody for a month. now. there is no special envoy of the secretary general appointed from the year when the necessity to expedite such appointments and the already console. we adopted a special resolution on this matter and our counterparts separate today's conversation
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. they support this approaches and we, and of course we also talked about the persian gulf machine about their relations amongst them. and that he and eric monarchy is and they slamming republic of iran. russia for quite a long time now has been promoting the concept of the collective security. and this is crucial the region of the world around this concept. there are a lot of discussions, a lot of debates, including last thought, we organized in the institute of the 1st study. and so the russian academy of sciences, the meeting of the experts, political scientists from all the countries from the gulf countries, a number of the neighboring states, including arabs and iranians, which was a very useful, helpful discussion. and with curious american in the a lot of interesting recommendations were expressed now we are trying to sum them up. and in the near future, we hope to organize and nod or event like batch with experts,
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with political scientists, which is aimed to help them to transform this dialogue to the injuries state allowed them to go to live for your preview misty. put those right here. we talked a lot about they need to continue counter terrorist activities, especially to counter bags. framen, sorry, i missed you at the ology and we estimated a set of lots of tivoli. the efforts to promote the dialect between civilizations, between the confessions, including within the group or the strategic solution that has established or is that long time ago now between the russian federation and atlantic states. and this was a group of strategic vision, has held its regular meeting in the capital of temper sun and has done on the sidelines of events which celebrated the lamp and hon. regular, an adverse treat of adopting as lamb by the vulgar bulgarian. as for our word by
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land old practical projects, we're going to meet our counterparts from the counselor corporation of the gulf states. but should we have reaffirmed the necessity to, to increase economic time humanitarian ties and best mon corporation. we also talked about this year with what they needed to be in school should make the work more apt to what you're they're working groups that paused directly or the damage or the parent of defend demick. and today we met with the secretary general of the golf corporation councils, and during this meeting we agreed scottish will sit on, expedite approving the joint plan of factions, up until 2025. but when russia and the golf corporation council on the sideline, so see what is our today's meeting. so we,
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i held meetings with around and which is just to shut up when you go individual countries from the gulf cooperation console. yesterday i talked with the saudi arabia ministering to issue we, but also talked about the growth of the trade turnover. last year. it increased by the 35 percent, almost by the 35 percent. we planned another meeting of the in for governmental commission on the trade and economic corporation and before the russian, frank fund investment before and so on. the end of the investment fund of saudi arabia working well together and the dollars they have already put into practice $2500000.00 in their project. a similar plan, for instance, when the russian found a direct investments and a foreign counterparts has also been established with united arab emirates guitars to wait to meet with the representatives of these countries with the foreign ministers of the amorous cell. the cat,
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tar and wade way also had separate meetings, individual meetings, and we have reaffirmed our willingness to continue to develop our partnership, including on there have been, you know, circumstances in the global economy within the context of the policies, the power of western counterparts. shim, she'll so much so briefly speaking that and how concluded our shirt, but white intensive visit if you have any questions, i'm at your disposal the food security matter is very important. so talk about it in the rain. and what do you think about the west that is trying to keep the blame on rushing them and the lives of which in, in us like with the optimization about all other immortal scenes, we should treated the same and praying for our visa. i talked about that during the
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trans conference and a little to day, also in detail. i spoke about what's actually happening. so we talked with our colleagues from the called corporation council when yeah, because it's quite transparent. it's quite clear. and on many occasions, president putin talked about this publicly. he talked about the situation with the leaders of france, of germany, of turnkey, held the phone conversations with them recently as for their watching duration. there are no problems with providing sustainable supplies to the global markets of the crane. there are no problems from the russian side. the problem is, in the lack of the safe passage from the ukrainian for example, via minus fields that has been installed. it must have been installed by the ukrainian army. beyond this, mine filled in international waters in russian navy on daily
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basis for your number of weeks. now you have been declaring humanitarian passages for the safe passage of the vassals who are locked in the queen in ports because of the mind thread. and they can't leave the ports and deliver the commodities delivered their cargo to their destination ports. used problem stems. the similar tenuously apart from the ukranian brain issue that is locked the couch on the policy of the p for a gym. and this regime should be impacted to just remove this mind. fred, at the same time, there is a problem where the exporting of the russian grain, avondale, the west, has been loudly reminding that the grain. there are no sanctions imposed on the grains, but they are not speaking about the battles that are carrying, rushing grain that they.


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