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[000:00:00;00] with awe he has amongst the western long grange rocket launchers may have diet consequences, warns rushes top diplomat. it is also a direct provocation aimed at pulling western countries into direct military hostilities in europe. they are, politicians are ready to sponsor this madness for the sake of satisfying their own ambitions. a business is bold. desperation, amid the destruction of the ukrainian military is deadly shelling of civilian areas and the don. yes,
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republic. thus ominous warnings of some i feel shortages go unheeded. as western lead is prestone with a ban on russian oil imports to fly the ordinary people facing soaring prices. everything is doubling up. good enough food as well. everything but the bridge is not good enough for us. all region to survive, a very will not come to you. you're watching aussie international with the latest to world news is good to have you with us. now you train wants to receive long range rocket launchers from western countries in order to draw those nations into a direct conflict with russia. that's according to foreign minister. i laugh i was speaking off the as some it would be doth cooperation council in saudi arabia to chew video booth for the children, dissipated so on the unavailable and proprietary manner in which the key of regime demands weapons from its western patrons,
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goes beyond the bounds of decency and diplomatic communication, british it is also a direct provocation aimed at pulling western countries into direct military hostilities. of course, the same western politicians understand these risks. i must say that in europe, especially in its northern part. thereupon leticia who are ready to sponsor this madness for the sake of satisfying their own ambitions but serious countries in the you certainly understand the unacceptability of such scenarios. school and we have also heard signs of reasonable assessments of such scenarios from washington. washington has agreed to send a new $700000000.00 military aid package to ukraine. that includes advanced us made rocket launches. the high ma system is capable of facing targets up to 300 kilometers away, but only if equipped with long range rounds. however, joe biden has refused to provide such long range missiles to ukraine, saying he doesn't want keith's military to be able to find them into russia. and the u. s. state secretary has said that ukraine has assured america that it won't
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use the weapons to attack russian territory, weapon systems being provided. the ukrainians have given us assurances that they will not use these systems against targets on russian territory. ah, there is a strong trust bond between ukraine in the united states. however, an anonymous official signed by the new york times said that even from a not an 80 kilometer distance, ukrainian forces could still hit russian territory. a firing near the border, the official said the us would rely on a promise from president lensky. the weaponry would not be used to attack russia. one senior administration official acknowledged that even the rockets with a 48 mile limit could be used to attack targets inside russia if the system was brought to the ukraine. russia border. but the official said that ukraine's government had assured the united states that would not happen. i know what the union people are in the united states are saying we're someone in the white house are saying that we might be using them to talk russia. look, we're not,
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we're planning to attack russia. we're not interested in russian federation. we're not fighting on their territory to find ukraine's president promising not to attack russian territory. border regions in the country is west of come on to increase shelling by ukrainian forces in recent weeks. several people have been killed in the russian regions of belgrade and cask, and others wounded inver on edge ethan verified images report. i propose it a so some of those attacks while russian air defense systems have also reportedly intercepted drones and missiles launched from ukraine according to blank and trust exists between care of and washington. but because moscow in zalinski, there is not between moscow and the landscape, there is none. as a crime in spokesperson underlines. mary's what is what is very little still a good age and needed to be trusted. one must have experience of cases where promises were kept. unfortunately, there is no such experience here at all. on the contrary, the whole course of events show that i'm starting with zalinski is main election
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promised to end the war in the southeast of ukraine wants him for all the promises of not being kept to minsk agreements will not fulfilled. they have sunk into oblivion. moreover, that is through the fault of the ukrainian side. therefore, we do not have the special credits of confidence in ukraine who i don't wish to, namely, geopolitical analysts. and for me, u. s. marine brian valencia is also concerned about the objectives behind supplying arts. he told us that keith could still use the us rocket systems to terrorize russian civilians. thus, despite the agreements i think they'll be used to terrorize. ready the people and the russian federation, as well as people with ukraine's borders, but i don't think it's going to make any difference. it'll take 4 weeks, just the train, a basic operator, they operate and batteries that require heavy logistical support. and i just, i don't see how this is going to be any different than the m triple 7 howitzers, or the javelins or the fingers that have also failed to be the game changers. they
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were promoted as us weapons therapy. a lot like the prophecy. one that says, waging in syria, it didn't change until the, the fact on the ground on the battlefield or changed in serious favor and left the us and its allies in a spell made. so i think the very same situation is going to play out in ukraine. the u. s. has made no secret over many decades as a matter of fact that they will not tolerate a peer or near a peer competitor. this is all about preventing the reemergence of brush as a global power and stopping dr. china on the face of russia and china are linked and we can see the us. it's agonizing both nations and multiple front and ukraine. it's just among the many the delivery of more advanced weapons is particularly worrying for civilians and they don't, yes people's republic. well, the close aren't say a residential area was showed several times by ukrainian forces in the last 24
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hours leading to several casualties. a warning you may find the following. images upsetting among the victims was a woman of 4060 wrote mine worker who was killed while she slept at home. her son was also wounded in the attack. we visited the site of the tragedy and found the victim sister desperate safe. you will be sure to follow what goes on. this is the news. oh, you log obviously. did your lawyer go to lead? you crate. an artillery killed a 46 year old woman who lives in this house. apparently she was sleeping after a night shift at work. she works in a coal mine that says nearby garage. it landed right in her house.
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her bedroom is right over there. and the piece of the rocket hit her right in the neck with me on the bridge loan, this idea legends, me and her sister was also org that's i am but so she heard the sounds of shilling and rushed back to her house. you are not on board yet. we're done. i shall deals michelle or ashley, wisdom nigel, as i need them with you when you,
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but i'll yamil won't. but boy with the mercies. i had some of the latest footage from a residential area and they don't. yes. republic that is allegedly come under ukrainian shelling several times have been heavily damaged with a number of people, including children, said to have been injured in the attack. europe could face fuel shortages this summer that the stalk warning from the international energy agency chief as the cautions that the current to european energy crisis was much bigger than the oil shocks. at the 19 seventy's when the main holiday season starts in europe and the u. s, fuel demand will rise, then we could see shortages, for example, with the diesel petro or kerosene, particularly in europe. back in the 1970s. it was just about oil. now we have an oil crisis, a gas crisis in an electricity crisis simultaneously. the past year has already
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seen gasoline prices, thor and europe rising nearly 40 percent, while diesel prices have seen and even sharper increase of almost 45 percent hitting all time european highs. and with the rising price is a you leaders are preoccupied with a fresh round of sanctions against moscow, as they've announced their ban on the majority of russian oil pumps to the block to come into forest by the end of this year. as despite resistance from hungarian prime minister, victor alban, who said cutting off oil supplies would be like an atomic bombing of the country's economy. while the banner russian oil is aimed at taking a stand against moscow for what the e you say is, is an illegal conflict in ukraine. europeans on both sides of the english channel, are not pleased with the rising costs of living. when accused in a government failing to do enough to help ease the burden on ordinary people, the civil fucked is a price. and guess it does make sense. it's ridiculous, is doubling, everything's doubling up, going up, food as well. everything but the bridge is not good enough for us all reason to
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survive. you want to make sanctions you have to be. i don't know that it's not about half measures. and when that martyr expects of other quantities to so followed sanction, federal put forward towards the russians, you have to follow them too. so it's absolutely the correct decision to keep not paying reference for data from rubles, i'm sending small. i mean is in every thing, it's not even to the food. if it's in the electric. if, if everything that you have, everything has gone up to put them up. the gas got out. and the important financial things have gone up for international energy expert mondo solomon believe sanctions on russia will destroy the e. u is purchasing power, and europeans will really fill the cold. this coming winter. the wes sanctions ah, hurting the economy's own goes on in boise to them rather than russia. that is in
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how much you spend on energy prices and being skyrocketing in energy really. i mean, i know of you does have some high standards of living, but even them are banged through the nose. and the indications is that energy prices are going to stay with us for quite a why. because as i said, there is hardly any spare production capacity or, or refining capacity. so they have to go with higher prices for, for longer b. and when you, on the western sanctions against russia, these prices can only go one way and that's upward. and that will destroy that better think bowler. and of course, some of them will feel because
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a wind guard of this coming v 8 it is i've, it tends to be agreed to cut off rushes largest bang from the belgium base to international transaction network, network swift. the move intended to disconnect. burbank from the global financial system as part of a thick through end of sanctions to pressure russia to end the conflict in ukraine . but the bank says it was already prepared on the new measure will not have a significant effect. disconnecting from swift does not change the current situation in international settlements. domestic transactions do not depend on swift and will be carried out by the bank and the standard mode said i'm previously shifted to a russian based system as an alternative to swift. most banks in the country have already switched over to that network. according to the country's national central bank. russian authorities say its financial system has been prepared for the shuttle fund has we're ready. withstood the initial shock of the western sanctions
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while most because the c o has said swift may even cease to exist in the next 5 years. although the company later attempted to clarify his comments to say that he believes the network would not operate in his current form in the future. elsewhere the south asian country of bangladesh is that it's considering adopting a new payment method to save money. invest a mit fierce. don't believe the world has changed too much for swift to remain. be predominant platform for international transactions. i've never seen in my career which has been long and extensive in finance. i've never seen sanctions that were successful. and i think that these were well telegraphed in advance. i think it's more of a public relations gimmick to have these and an actual impact that it's going to have. i think the world has changed pretty drastically. we're not looking at a situation that was in the 1960 seventy's eighty's or ninety's. this is a new new euro. and we know in crypto came around, you see that people are able to transfer things fairly quickly and
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a lot more efficiently and cheaply. and i think that that is a big part of the system. i think, i think that alternative payment systems have been set up in russia is not isolated by itself in a bubble. when people don't realize is there are several countries that are using a different way to transact. and the u. s. dollar. a gemini might have seen, might be, be over in about 5 years, because india, china, iran, brazil, u e, and saudi arabia, a couple other middle eastern countries and asian countries are in for using different types of alternative payment systems that are transacting oil, the petro dollar which is now no longer the petro dollar, because oil has been trading in women, b, just the chinese currency. so i think that the landscape in the financial markets has changed, and it's evolving like everything else is the unfolding, global food crisis cannot be solved without supplies from russia. and ukraine, as, according to the un chief,
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is warning comes from it. further delays advisor shipments to other regions including africa. lee, i discussed the situation with ot selling to pinsky. at the moment we are seeing this massive rising food insecurity in africa. we've heard now from the african union, the head of the union saying that, you know, there is a catastrophic situation that could enfold across many countries, particularly on the continent. he said that they're already there. 17000000 people in food insecurity in just 3 countries, including in ethiopia. and he says that for him, it is clear what is causing this issue at the moment. our countries are very concerned about the side effects of the disruption caused by the payment system being blocked by swift over sanctions. when the swift system is interrupted, it means that even if products are available, the payment becomes difficult or impossible. when you look at the figures across the world, it's even stark than that some $323000000.00 people are said to be marching towards
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food insecurity at the current time. so was the western reaction civil this, we know that the european union is very clear that it believes that the problems have been caused by blockades of ports on the black sea. it says that russia is doing that. russia is essentially terrorizing or black mailing people when it comes to issues around food at the current present. ursula vandalay and is saying that, you know, it's those blockades which are the problem. and the fact that russia is apparently, she says, putting mines in the ukraine in wheat feels russia is not only blocking the export of export of ukrainian wheat. it is bombarding warehouses where wheat is stored deliberately. of course, you know that they are also mining the fields where ukraine could have the next harvest of corn. and i want to be very clear. we have no sanctions on food and agricultural products, no sanctions on that. now, there is
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a question about whether that's true or not. either there are some people said, how is it possible for russia to put minds in fields when it hadn't already managed to get to that point in ukraine? so there's a question about how that is happening, of course, is russia is increasing its territorial gains. why would it also want to increase territorial gains in fields that have mines in? surely, that would be a danger for it. soldiers. we've also been hearing from the russian foreign minister, so gay love of who's also said poo poo. some of these things that the european union said we know the earth lavonne. delane has talked about the idea that there are no sanctions on russian ships that are carrying food, for example, i but he turned on said, well, yes, that's the case. but if the russian ships can't sail because they can't get the insurance and they can't take the food out. he's also talked about the fact that the sanctions opposing a problem when it comes to the logistics of getting the foods out. and russia said
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it is looking and willing to at clear these blockades of the black sea ports. but one of the big issues there isn't just at the weather. the problem, as she said about whether or not the ships could come in and out, is the fact that there are mines that to he says, have been put there at by the ukrainians themselves. so she means it's just absolutely not safe for the shipping roots to be used at the moment. probably shirts of the main problem is the absence of a free exit from ukrainian ports through minefield set up by the ukranian military . in addition to ukrainian grain which is locked up due to the policy of the key of regime, there are also problems with the export of russian grain. although western countries vocally state that there were no sanctions on grain for some reason, they are shamefully silent on the fact that ships carrying this grain have actually fallen under restrictions. all the logistics and financial chains related to the supply of grain to world markets have been sanctioned by our western colleagues. sir said gala, for of clear that for him it's the sanctions that are causing the issues here and
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not the war on the ground in ukraine. so we have, is this dire situation, a dire global situation here? surely, it's within everyone's interests to lift some of these sanctions and get this food out. well, that's what russia has been calling for. it says if you do that, we will be able to and some of these blockades. but we know already that there are calls for the european union to introduce another round of sanctions presence landscape ukraine, addressing european leaders early this week said we need a separate package of sanctions that could possibly include russian gas. and that could be even more catastrophic. the reality is what needs to happen is for the west, for ukraine and russia to get around the table and make an agreement to allow the shipments of grain and also fertilizer to, to be able to leave those ports in the black c u. s. companies are now willing to buy unsanctioned wheat and fertilizer from russia, but only with concert lessons from the government. that's off the washington did his best to assure the firms that is going to destroy the russian economy as quite
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live. now to all t correspondent, kayla moping kaleb. how all americans being affected by the food crisis? sure, well at this point we see the price of food rising across the united states. and in this context, we have a situation where yes, russian grain and fertilizer is not technically subject to us sanctions. however, a number of u. s. companies are very, very nervous about doing business with russia now. and in that context, we have u. s. officials coming out and saying that they can provide comfort letters to reassure companies that they will be able to carry out business transactions with russia, receive payment for orders that are placed, et cetera. it's certainly not a surprise that american companies might be nervous about doing business with russia. let's review what's been sat. it will limit russia's ability to
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do business in dollars euro's pounds, and yet to be part of the global economy, the sanctions measures we impose today. i think without question, for the most consequential ever levied on russian arguably than was consequential ever levied in history or inflicting pain on russia and supporting the people of ukraine that every country should abide by the sanctions that we have announced that we're implementing to impose the most significant, most significant sanctions, economic sanctions regime ever fresh does not have unlimited resources, especially now given the crippling sanctions we put in place. now over almost $1000.00 companies have curtailed their operations in russia. and while it's true, the russian food and russian fertilizer is not subject to sanctions. it's very likely that russian vessels that would ship that food there were ship that fertilizer would be subject to sanction, so they couldn't be delivered. it's important to note that more than half the world
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is currently closed to russian flights. this is something you as president joe biden has bragged about. this is what he said, that we will join our allies and closing off american aerospace to all russian flesh for nations is currently trying to facilitate deals to make sure that grain and fertilizer can be exported to prevent the emerging global food crisis. now, at this point, we have moscow coming out and saying pretty clearly, this is the fault of western leaders. otherwise it turns out to be a logical, on the one hand in st sanctions are being imposed on us. on the other hand, they are demanding food supplies. this is not how it works. and i emphasize once again, there will be no exports to the detriment of our market. russia has been subject to extreme sanctions,
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which are tantamount to economic warfare from the united states. and now the global economy is facing the consequences of those sanctions. and u. s. leaders are trying to blame russia for this, but the reality is that russia's ability to function on the global market export products very vital product. fertilize very by who as efforts. as i say, taurus, mon and caleb morphine kind of thing many, thanks for the update. let's get more employees now on the see with here, rivera editorial directly for the reactionary times website. many, thanks for joining us on the program. are you surprised the u. s. companies say they're feeling nervous about purchasing food supplies from russia? no, i'm not nervous at all. especially with this mixed messaging, it doesn't make a lot of sense. the thanks and we're so wide spread, you know, as far as our white in sweeping, that it makes it difficult for american companies to know whether or not they're going to be in violation of those sanctions. should they do business with russia? so i think got
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a lot of the confusion that was set there by the united states government when they, and the governments around the world when they actually impose a lot of these things. and it's been, they say, cannot make on floss against russia to the most contributed to fears among western businesses. i'm sorry, i didn't get that last part. do you think that contributed to the fear among western business is when it comes to dealing with russia? yeah, i believe so, i believe it does. i think that the need to clarify a lot of these things in order to be able to move forward with the global economy. because right now, what is causing is causing extreme price hikes and a lot of different countries for food. bentley, you're going to have, as, as you pointed out, in the package earlier close to a 3rd of a 1000000000 people going through food and security. that's something that we can have at this point. just how hard western countries being hit by the reduction of food expos from russia. why know, in the united states, you know, which i correspond with often, that the price of everything is up. you know,
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you couple that with the inflation based on all the pandemic spending from the last couple of years. and it's become almost liveable in the united states. i mean, the cost of living is so high. there's so many americans living from check to check . they have to make a decision as to whether they're going to put gas in their car or whether they're going to put food on their table. and that's unfortunately something that a lot of americans are facing now. and so how do you expect things to develop? i to be honest with you, i think that they're going to have to clarify or either start to lift some of these sanctions. i mean the rest of the world needs to eat. unfortunately. i mean, where we are nor an unfortunate situation because of the war, but i mean the fertilizer that we, that core and all those things are very vital to the world. so we have to figure out a new way to get around. a lot of these impose sanctions and then of course, how about the countries outside of the western world, just how valuable are they to the effects of everything. wow, i mean, it's not easy for anybody right now, you know, and then america feeling it really badly. i think most of the rest of the world is
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feeling it really badly. i think that we need to try to come to some sort of a resolution here. i don't know how long this is anticipated to rage on the actual war, but eventually we have to get them back to some semblance of normalcy for the global economy sake. while prices continue to rise and there are shortages view the div, expect the situation to affect the political atmosphere in countries. oh, absolutely. i mean, i think you have elections and just to give you an example, america right now with the way the pricing is in america. i mean, this is something that's to the detriment of the democrats that are currently in power. they're being seen as a, you know, responsible for this levying of the strongest sanctions which evolved, contributed to the rising price of the thing. so there, it's going to be a difficult election for them in november based on their policy aid in regards to the ukraine situation. so the un secretary general has said the food crisis can't
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be resolved without russian and ukrainian supplies. is this the point now where western countries might decide to ease the sanctions to facilitate the resumption of those expos? i think 1st off the sanctions, a lot of them didn't make sense. i think that they were overkill. i think that they are going to have to modify them in some significant way in order to return the global economy in the global food supply chain back to normalcy. here, rivera editorial director for the reactionary times, i saw many thanks for your time. we appreciate it. thank you so much. now by one's president has announced plans to deploy us national guard units on the island. the official also american lawmakers to approve further security deals with ty, pay with this comes with increasing chinese military activity around taiwan, which paging does not recognize as an independent country. the u. s. department of defense is now proactively planning cooperation between the u. s. national guard
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and taiwan defense forces. we look forward to closer and deeper taiwan u. s. cooperation on matters of regional security. however, despite the colds from ty pay, the us recently turned down. ty one's request to join a key regional trade organization called the entire pacific economic framework. me well rival china has conducted largest military exercises in the area this year. launching 35 jets into taiwan vast base. china's foreign ministry has even threatened to use both against what it calls us back separatists on the island. recently the united states has frequently made moves on the taiwan issue saying one thing and doing another instigating support for taiwan independence forces, which will push taiwan into a dangerous situation. professor benjamin shall say the u. s. appears to be interested in a possible proxy world between china and taiwan. you would be surprised if the u. s
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. q is promised to fully protect taiwan, given that the u. s. has already lost is credibility, defending is friends of many countries, especially when those friends have lost strategic value to the us. we're still with sometimes to us, sees it in interest to support a prolong proxy war to we can use proponents. so a proxy war is still possible, especially to the local household, south korea, and japan, and perhaps our australia as well. many thanks to keeping his company here in our tea international you all up to date, but we will be back in 30 minutes with well ah, in less than 3 months, the west ukraine narrative has been turned on its head. ukraine is not winning it


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