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tv   News  RT  June 2, 2022 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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ah, with some of the use to deliver western weapons and supplies to ukraine in the evolve region is reportedly targeted by russian missiles ukraine, fire this human rights commissioner over spreading on verified information about the legit russian army war crimes us up to western media base their stories on her statements. germany pledge just as an stay to the arts ad defend systems. the key f despite i've mentioned doesn't currently have them in stock and china slums. the u. s. voids deep rooted had demonic mindset. washington, once again, raises concern of beijing's growing influence in the pacific region.
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with must go to the well, this is our t international. i'm peter scotts on wherever you cheated him from. it's great to have you with us. and we start this out with the latest from the ground in ukraine, where keith says a rail weights on all through the carpet in mountains, allegedly used to live at western weapons and supplies to ukraine, was targeted by russian strikes. this footage filmed by locals, allegedly shows the moments of the strike. green says 4 people were wounded with 3 passenger trains delayed following the attack by the russian defense ministry. it hasn't yet commented on those allegations. you are, you are. so ukraine has fired it's human rights commission, and parts for spreading and verified information about atrocities she alleged were committed by russian troops in the country. her removal comes after allegations were widely covered in the western media ortiz mark, gusty, of explains, day,
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a nice week sod end month after month. the world over was barraged with stories horrific stories of rape and unspeakable acts committed, allegedly, by russian forces in ukraine. in such acts of violence, raping children little girls, 11 years old, repeatedly in front of their mother's or repeat bathing their mothers and faces the children with each day more and more credible reports of re killing st. torture. our merchant is if you soon shoot new hundreds of cases of rape have been recorded, including under age girls, very young children and even a baby. it's just a scary to talk about it. but it's true. it happened. women and girls right now are facing the worst kind of fear and violence. and we know already come from the analyses that have been done. they've been the victims of not just murder
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and rape like kidnapping. many of these stories grew to be unbelievable. and that's not a figure of speech, people including ukrainian officials and the government. stop taking them seriously . they became an embarrassment. so ludicrous were some of the oh go. the woman behind these stories, new neela denise of a, who was ironically, ukraine's human rights commissioner was fired a year before her term was officially up the unclear focus of the on buds men's media work on the numerous details of sexual crimes committed in an unnatural way and rape of children in the occupied territories that could not be confirmed by evidence only harmed ukraine. has stories became so ridiculous that even members of the ukrainian media, which, which itself isn't war propaganda mode intervened. 18, i'm journalists together with 51 lawyers of human rights activists,
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and others penned an open let, calling on her to dial it down. that the graphic stories published by a ha about months old douglas being raped with a variety of objects to royal up. the people that this was a productive or, you know, decent sexual crimes during the war or a tragedy of families. a difficult and traumatic topic. not a topic for publications. in the spirit of the scandalous chronicle. we are forced to trust the official information that comes from officials. the state of martial law a priori. we do not have the opportunity to verify it from other sources. in this way, we are spreading messages from the commissioner for human rights, in fact, taking them on faith as centrally. they asked that the stick to things that actually happened though all of these stories can be tracked baxa, denisa, and had seem most pacifically, the social media posts made by them. and that's where all the trailed stop,
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almost all of her raped claims. se ukrainian journalists are without evidence or witnesses, despite her own less than honest approach. denise of a has been a vocal proponent for an international criminal tribunal to apparently bring russian troops to justice for things that she had lie. the bath, i think we should look at yugoslavia and rolanda. these are the examples that we all know about. there is the un international court of justice and the international criminal court. we need to push for the creation of a special tribunal. naturally, the niece of a has been blind to verify reports and footage of ukrainian troops murdering, torturing, and mutilating russian prisoners of war. and even ukrainian civilians deemed to be pro russia and oh, get the human rights apparently. but these telling isn't it. when you own politicians who are bent themselves on, making the russians seem as terrible as possible that they fly for being simply too
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outrageous. maloney i spoke to steve gill radio host on political commentator. he says he hopes the western media will be more objective in their coverage in the future. you know, the allegations that this lady was putting out there were horrific was even more horrific as if they were just outright wise and intended to create a propaganda scheme that would drive people up and, and create an anti russia mentality around the world. again, based on lies, there are plenty of reasons to question the invasion to question what ukrainians have done in the war as well. but there's been so much propaganda that you know, getting the truth out has been almost impossible. but i do think you're starting to see some recalculation in the u. s. media, at least among some to, to be a bit more skeptical of the stories in the propaganda. it's been pushed out. and again, this is, in this case just been repeated without any verification or any basis of truth. we
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saw that with the, i suppose it ukrainian soldiers who had mocked a russian warship and they were supposedly all wiped out, turned out not to be true. you saw with the ghost pilot ukrainian fighter pilot shot down what a dozen russian fighter jets turned out not to be true. and yet the u. s. media and other world meet you just repeated those things, ad nauseam. hopefully we're starting to see the truth start to eat out of bed and, and perhaps maybe he'll not only the reputations of those countries involved. but also the journalists do been either due to or been complicit with the flow of western weapon. it's ukraine only gaining pace. gemini has become the latest, couldn't shoot to from another about 2 minutes aid for keith. but despite the vows the gym and defense ministry is that he doesn't actually have the weapons in stock . that is a question that is ultimately directed to industry because we don't have the systems in use here. that is not a question that i can answer for the german ministry of defense on because we don't
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have these systems in our inventory. this comes out to jim and chancello left shoulds pledge to send iris t weapons to ukraine, which is a short range and missile, which can also be used as a ground based at defense system. and in the coming weeks, we will also deliver more weapons. for example, the government has decided that we will send the iris t system the most modern system that germany currently possesses. we are thus enabling ukraine to protect an entire major city from russian airstrikes. and that is also a decision of this government. it really is surprising that he would make that statement without checking with his defense experts. you know, i don't, i don't understand it other than he's responding again to pressure from that he's receiving politically and he wants to go away. they get pretty serious pressure. i recall over a month ago, the by the press conference with the german chancellor and, you know,
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biden is basically making putting words in to the mouth of the german liter. so i think it's, it's for the americans. it's very important for the u. s. government, it's very important to have germany that the most powerful nation in nato to be on board. so this is very much a, an illustration of germany being, quote unquote, on board. with this, this comes up to washington agreed to send a new $700000000.00 military aid package to ukraine, including advanced us made rocket launches, although the hi my system. the launch can fire rock is capable of hitting targets up to 300 kilometers away. they've been demonstrations only agreed to send rockets with a maximum range of 80 kilometers, but that could still be enough for you cranes, his version search or if i knew the border, u. s. t. a secretary says he has promised that it will not use american weapons to talk in russia. what was being provided. the cranes have given us assurances that
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they will not use the systems against targets on russian territory. there is a strong trust fund between ukraine and united states. meanwhile, even europe, all official tustin to ball recently said that the organization is concerned over the fate of western arms and ukraine as they could fall into the wrong hands. what also concerns us as the whereabouts of the weapons that are currently being delivered to ukraine. at some point, the war will be over. we want to prevent a situation like 30 years ago in the balkan war. the weapons from this war are still used by criminal groups today. meanwhile, the u. k is reported, they also planning to provide ukraine with further military aid. brittany's negotiating with united states on the supply of american rocket launch systems. it's also continuing between foreign secretary list trust, unsexy of states antony blinking. karen krakowski again former u. s. air force lieutenant colonel talks us through some of the possible consequences of supplying ukraine with large amounts weapons. in fact,
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the weapons themselves may not be delivered for a long time, may never be delivered. and certainly, if you look at it in the context of the great number of the great variety of antique and in process weapons that are being sent into ukraine, you really have to wonder what is that, what is the objective here? because that is not how you are a nation to defend itself by giving all your left overs in the stuff that you have from you know, 20 years ago. and then things you don't have even on hand. you're promising. it's a mass and we're making it more than many. these weapons will be sold outside of ukraine. if they're delivered at all, they will not stay in ukraine. they will be used in access by any number of interested parties around the world. there are consequences to flooding a place like ukraine, which is strategically located for in the cross roots between europe and asia to, to flood it with weapons like that. meanwhile,
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the russian offensive does continue, and ukraine. ah, the russian defense minister has shed footage of the favorites anti aircraft miss. our system in action is designed to protect russian forces from aerial attacks. and the system can targets aircraft cruise missiles, as well as ballistic missiles. the are much special forces of the church and republic alongside the russian armed forces, as well as allied units of the dumbass. republics are actually involved in russia's military operation in ukraine and can learn more about the soldiers fighting on the front lines. on our t documentary later today, but here's a quick preview. oh yes sir. london, initially i knew you were from gerberg and started home long on the market. strong or stark. kreuziger scholars. darrell show the option that
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the rag is rushing is the cielo and cleared the more we were in a law abusive with dinner. but to day i am still we got all william at lou boyd, mr. gall data, so a torch crew still will whipple it liber, because your voice, lord, rusty, ah, there was a china now which is slammed the u. s. fall, his latest statement describing the expanded chinese influence in the pacific region. as a threats. us made the announcement after security part between china in the solomon islands, which was recently agreed. please in the us new zealand joint statement typing, the relevant issue has altieri motives and creates dis, information to attack and discredit china. the united states has military bases all over the world, yet it expresses so called concerns about other countries carrying out normal security cooperation change such behavior is very hypocritical and reflects
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a deep rooted hedge, a monic mindset. we urge the u. s. to abandon it's cold, warm, and toasty in ideological bias, stop interfering in china's internal affairs and stop smearing and discrediting china. u. s. raised his concerns as president biden meds, new zealand prime minister to discuss, among other things, the security issues in the pacific region. this leasing followed a series of engagements the white house held with several indo pacific countries in may. the concerns on the expanding chinese influence were raised in the joint statement published shortly after that meeting. we note with concern the security agreement between the people's republic of china and the solomon islands, the establishment of a persistent military presence in the pacific by a state that does not share our values or security interests would fundamentally alter the strategic balance of the region imposed national security concerns to both our countries, united states and new zealand to raise the alarm over the recent security part between china and the solomon islands. the country secured the agreements in april
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nasty spice, opposition from washington and cambra, and he focuses on boosting the sullivan's national security capacity. also giving china the option to send its forces to the states to quote, protect the safety of chinese personnel and major projects. us on his eyes have been concerned about the prospects of chinese bases in the region, not a bit to counts at china in the pacific. the u. s. wants to place intermediates range missiles in the area. both on the report by the rand corporation claims that washington's allies in the pacific are likely to host the weapons for the united states. and he found his attorney the most likely to agree to the proposals. but even so, he has little chance of supporting the moves us according to the think tank. nelson wong, vice chairman of the shanghai center for rem pike, an international still these things. and he thought that china's interest in the pacific region are purely economic it's not so much of a china in the pacific region. but more of the us,
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the united states needs to have an n, m a. and, and this is quite warry, some actually to, to the whole world, because china is not in the expansionist country. all china has been doing is to expand the country's economy, economic activities, countries in the region, do not take china as a and b and do not take china as a threat. the u. s. hasn't done anything with these countries. and except pull p. so where as china has been looking into the actual needs of these countries in the pacific and to start establishing a very friendly pulse with that. and so i think this is a china threat as being fabricated to serve the needs of the american government. ah, india's financial crime fighting agency will investigate 2 opposition. excuse me,
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opposition? leaders over money laundering, accusations, opposition congress. a party president on uganda and her son role are accused of forming a shell company and illegally getting control of properties with $300000000.00. party members say there is no evidence of money laundering or of any money exchange . with earlier, we spoke to a congress party spokesperson, who believes that the decision to issue the summons is an act of political vendetta . dental $1050.00, the same investigation agency had already closed the case. now if they want, do they have not been able to find anything? and that is why they was more around. we found that is why this was the case now suddenly now they're sending a notice. it is good that the tools come out in the open as much as image i do. yeah. because this leaders, sheila, is on and i, lady pressure is on hold on tuesday we will join investigation because we have nothing to hide. we are not here. d o any sort of
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a money laundering or anything that the out to me that there has been busy and we will continue to stand by the thought and without any c o we shall see o evie and the truth will be out in the oven as it wasn't because interesting as much as the government of the game, they tried to use their pockets. these agencies do a life even in 2015 they were using all these needs to are for people who are not guilty, i guess. so we'll come out as it did even earlier, not the thesis, and we will come out of under the before the people to see. and then people will know that it was just a piece of political vendor. italian prime minister says that some major european states are not in favor of ukraine becoming a new member who's coming came as kid becomes frustrated over the ambiguity surrounding is possible integration into the blog. it's ugly to, however, did say that his country is fully supportive of care and giving candice as his
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status would be an important symbolic gesture. so stangler crane, i support ukraine and becoming a member of the e mail i have done so from the start. all of the major european states, except italy are objecting to ukraine becoming a member of the you so that we may request a candidate status, but this is not currently expected because of the opposition from some countries you can in foreign minister says the kid is tired of hearing about quotes, alternative scenarios on how to join you last week. ukrainian president volume is lensky demanded. the dutch prime minister give a clear answer, whether there's a place for ukraine in the block or not. response was the key of must go through certain stages. and last month, zelinski delivered a completed application form for your membership. european countries are expected to give the opinion on ukraine's application. in about 2 weeks time. we spoke to mateo grasses, independent journalist. he says that even candidacy states is for ukraine within the you is out of reach. so the god, okay,
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she at the moment everything could be done except symbolic gestures such as simply talking about allowing ukraine to be a candidate for the european union women also because we know that from an official point of view, it is almost impossible. and so all this talking just creates more provocations. what druggie says doesn't make any sense. in italy, we have long known that drug is words are often false. druggie spoke about ukraine's candidacy as a symbolic gesture. that makes no sense. the west continues to promise ukraine, things that it will probably never get. ukraine in my opinion, is now a victim of the war. waged by the united states and nato also involving russia. but of course, ukraine is in the middle of all this business. and in my opinion, the european states and the united states of america, misled ukraine, that it can win, or that it can resist. i believe that ukraine has no chance of winning this wars.
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kiya will simply have to accept moscow's demands. i chink with stuff. well, while focusing on foreign policy in ukraine, south west and officials do seem to be paying less attention to matters back home as to some of the approval ratings have declined dramatically. artie culture contributes rachel mazda, explains. western leaders frequently point out their unity amid the conflict in ukraine, but they are also united in their taking popularity at home, british prime minister boars, johnson's rating or circling the drainage is 29 percent approval in the wake of the cabinet office report feature in photos of johnson, whooping it up with drinks in hand at 10 down the street. at a time when he was demanding that britain's isolate themselves from others during the coven pandemic, dozens of m. b from johnson's own tory party are now calling for a non confidence vote. u. s. president joe biden is hovering at a record low score, an id, high inflation, a baby formula shortage and mass shootings. all,
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while tens of billions of dollars of american taxpayer money are shuffled out the door to yield, the conflict in ukraine sherman jazz or, or show sits at 37 percent support shows his skin to find a finger in the wind stance on ukraine. seems to be symptomatic of a larger problem of rudderless leadership at home. counted prime minister justin trudeau took a popularity hit earlier this year when he invoked martial law, including the body of canadian citizens bank accounts. now at 41 percent popularity trudeau hasn't yet recovered from mistreating opportunity with measures normally reserved for terror suspects. so how many leaders fix their popularity problem? well, they could try sweeping in front of their own doors and start working their way down not least promises to their own people and things they claim to be able to fix during their campaign that exist right there. do you feel free to to
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r t dot com for more stories? an in depth analysis. one is peter scott's and it's been great. have you with those? ah, today i'm authorized and additional strong sanctions. foreign companies quitting russia. i'm design soon. thank you. this glycine soon atm console blantan banks disconnected from the international payment system. functional move hoppey, jermel donna and euro exchange rates followed up on a telephone appointment with them or so. so carson would know what the committee met that evoke missed the pilgrim. this plan is that correct? can you say whether or not? sure, sir, metallica was, was in russian business, overcome this song, see, near rapp bought italy nasty to huddle. she's tremendously just me don't plus voice bullshit, nasha productive notches, steel nash, a miracle. what i see that what but themselves when you go, when you with the go to you got anything in your mind or just keep them out. but i,
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she's appraisal id love loop. i know post unit cost to get the group when you on yesterday with dr. numbness listening, cuckoo, disposal for her delusion. got little booklet lucille including those with ah, to come to russian state. little never, i've side as i'm phoning osland scheme, devastation. i'm not getting calls all set up for a group in the fifty's that when. okay, so mine is 2000 speedy, one else going on with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine. the state aren't russia today and split our t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with,
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ah mm mm. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race move is on often very dramatic, a development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with
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you know, there was no program when i left i kind of and all of us at life after hate, kind of stumbled our way through it. and then we can take the lessons that we've learned from that and shrink the time frame down. so there's less was less wandering in the wilderness, so to speak. when i was in the move in the last 2 years, before i left, i was struggling with do i want to leave? i like, pardon me, want to leave? another part has been battle with us. if i leave, i have nothing to fall back on. i have that deposit, do i have nobody to go to? you know mean it hasn't lived around the last 7 years. i have nothing and sometimes it's hard if they've got a swastika tattooed on their neck. it's hard for them, but just to say, i don't do that anymore. it's kind of a long process. it's not like you just leave it one day and you're like, well, i'm glad that's over. i had been out of the movement before i got connected with these guys, but i was on my own and didn't talk about it and had
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a lot of buried shame and guilt. and then i met these guys and i saw, you know, frankly talking arnold talk, it helped me get past that barrier of feeling like i had to hide this from world that opening up has really just taken my mind, you process and my allusion to a whole nother level really you've got to find a way to find an affirmation that every discussion, no matter how bad it feels, it is going. you've just got to be able to acknowledge like takes guts to do that. try to help them discover the abilities that they have. this is why we don't want to foster dependency. this is why the intervention can't rely on my car is more. they go from being untrusting, hateful, spiteful, distant to begging for more interaction. another phone call. another meeting, you know, tell me poor and don't be surprised when they say that's the best conversation i've had in a long time. that is something that's very routine that comes out of people just want to be listened to. and we're trying to teach you how to listen to them while
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we hold a mirror up. so the person can see their humanity reflected back at them through our eyes. but when we treat them as human beings treat them for the suffering person that they are. and they, on the receiving end of that, they get to see that, hey there's, there is a human insights. and that's the, i think, the incredible power of compassion. it was very impactful. when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement. she heard my story did nothing to challenge it, but validated the soon as i started talking about, my mother tears came up. i just spilled my guts about everything she had done to me . letting her brother raised me and my sister denying the rape half and making us go back around. how many times she she tried to kill me, broken bones, bruises the starvation, the sleep deprivation, the humiliation making me swallow my own. my brothers and sisters watching is
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turning my brother against me. keep my sister away from you, like i had never had a chance to just unleash all it. and i probably went on like an hour of just the stuff she did to me. and he says, well, i want to ask another question. sorry. have you ever done this to anyone else? just in that moment it was like i'm just like my mother me what really changed me was receiving compassion from the people that i least deserved it from when i least as urban people knew who i was, it was a small town. they knew.


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