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ah, when so many find themselves worlds of foreign, we choose to look from common ground usage. lulu usually may gigi and he pushes a shatter on your young approach it with foam or seal jacka, michael, pushing leaf, or norden initial know. there are new to your from girl demand started from long march, so long when our start kreuziger scores roll, darryl, show me actually data. ah, now she did a motion. that is the lords of so boy a boy, the turret. so it is now i'm in my number those diane is her asthma. like your know rosalind? it's anonymous. be allows me realize very diana at the go it abdominal and i see at
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the national she dorm d carry. bam, we missed it. we cielo bruce load amy, dawn because i damn near. she still got thought it nice when the jelly, a scholarly buckeye east, at the bundy road say by guy and east madison. it is shadonna. it does still boyd, by the way. right. so sure. his father of his at give me a badge a severe ruth said. he had been denied for the last hour at cisco, that soil, slower, slower wood beast workers. the rack is rushing. is the cielo and clara lea voicemail a lot. ha! did have been sick for dinner, but today i am still my ghetto williams at you, boyd it. mr. gus without a thought, don't screw the whip all it looped because your boys florida stay ah
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says retailers, public yeah cath mitchell. any that the spiritual, any progress in your minds, the store where you it now should wait. see, the sheep will show oprah or just send me a better answer, 90 tory or crating. it for the most are usually but at the same breath a be evelyn with at the moment. cush loyce was ritz be stereotyped mariska boyce but the national me renewed them in the green, utah, my rubies. yeah. flashes that i mean really were doesn't mission. they must provides in there, but i need to know as each there is no way and they complete that in we sure the vision which it is sure to provide you that we i'm personally to to see it. it will jessica prestige meeting the other day. we were look at about usual, leonor, a national nationalist, formerly co. portia black is for these are not collecting them zappa. don't scratch on pack quotes, you risky. figured out the sailor as well as you squeeze, figured out blackboards on the national territory and national me with
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a mighty beer, but today or collect your foot piece, situate. so at the still 3rd i thought a bundle of football. is this the, another one? learn the post to put them on the mobile cell at the most. so we'll do the growth good illness will it will prevent them. we did to women morsa muslims, political situated ah basic. i thought a thumb the whole design you may call us on that, open a new yes or just a waste of money also to reduce them, use them. use of sure. no way to get to read it or put it practical economy. the wolf was lead me. well, the prod, you know, to procrastinate person, i know a budget or cisco and with some other brochure about the studio is
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a good idea on it so that you use us to let you cook with with any other. and i didn't do any but someone they wouldn't let me so we were supposed to walk with another. i'm good as it seems pretty
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smoothly. i just want you to ship a filling design unit solution. sustainable hoods. waterfall said no, we could keep not a boat. gimme towards you. good. nor it's illusion. you catch up we what i need. i need notes in the notes in the pony or so was it just because she was like when she was short, when we moved over we did a news molinas a bit of issue by explain one of them of just that joyce in our dinners got her started do on shes grade 1100 to learn play on some pretty much when we are doing the norton jordon. and nick puts carson on joy, korean on ball general burnett pecans period or to ah,
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i'm in a work order. if you have any promotion, this will hopefully with, with along with where the look at, you got more of the with the oh much. okay. it's got a little us. he's going a little bit no serious deal on you. thought that was not very nice. one thing you was janine yeah, she just did i going to stay any more to someone idea? yes. this is just this, this is where you have been able to comb with that. yeah. that they're still going to stand with as soon as they build. could you don't miss the demo?
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but he did add that it's what he should be at the look of ah, easy, she's come ordering. the more success. let sions of the sheet that origin that i see last the elderly law earlier period teeth of the she, the insidious of, sways that i me. so one moment less see that was to ship the modem, go to this chest, the storms for at the kia krishi we from them, and then in may or near to blatt shall go and order. basically chew it, but keep the share really you the share a wish you to it the children with as and that's a man i'm getting the national in order for that one. as no. anita. yes it will. you over in british law when it what,
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what do you be a strain on the, on the set on, on the oh my gosh. thank you for to yeah. no go the deal. the better more zaya so so a lot. yeah. i spoke with a new router, not sure to restore you, not go on in your purple skirt. there again. much does your time on us again here in georgia. yeah. still i still have to wait a little bit when i of. so melissa priscilla, bear with me, i got you looked at the sample with the lender. so when you viewed your foot of the medium cap and you will be with us at the bull nature street, and i have a the mosque about these 20 t, as relates to spieler, due to the dentistry street in atlanta, one of them with a few of he didn't, we provide you let you this to it that and as a really me one date of the shape,
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i'm like, i thought in the whole it's a bottle stored on the road. you could order a new proposal. it's a new cookie and lester new york, i thought on yet mitchell was the door, misty away. no approach of the key on your quest to wait them, but you don't ask that you wish you would. it's a lot of us to ask if they will. it's a chest, you got good or, and we're not going to much who our, our, your center or no, i didn't want to store it in to move to do the right issue and you said, so you're going to bet course a bit of right now. some push your to do your stuff personally. you way they're not showing dog. i'm going to was july there got to deal say in some name new car dealers cross. mr. new. yes. if the idea that us is for their, say it a stay off, the new total can not be big enough where you have no idea mall. boy,
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at this time is for relative on because our lab waste let me now. so my go out and i will stop. wait, wait a minute, road, sneaky honey spot. did they go away? yeah, no problem. nick at the weights off. come on you to focus your payroll, present the project data with them and chill everyone. we have a specific, let's say, you don't for up a cohen year for which you will pick us for that. we now have come to sustain on station id. okay. my deal sticker on israel. well, he's a new national you more you do because we had school craft on a shelter, said that portion, but a squiggly kit that him was motionless when you take american, you're supposed to feel precast intellectually, or somewhere else. a weasel is a so you will. okay. yeah, per year for we will prorate them. good. okay. just sustain neck back so much. you're still on the shared. i'm a senior management team,
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we go load and they get him roll and the a pity of them when we james on the phone and you're specified as a person you michelle, so that we i don't know. now i'm contracted with the got those last probably about one long though because there's one that had been a bit a money. yeah, no, i agree. sure. peter, the show on the, in the dorm freeze on war, but those need to go to, well, now you're not sure, guys don't get to watch it on another layer. what i was actually gone. i've gone through that. i've gotten anything with with,
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with no, do a little go so now one of the, my dish muscles that you oh, saturday and you know, when they say, if they go to legislative salem, but i did get them on that. what was the issue with them? way so the dealers, basically that's a new push the the with the initials or did it go what it would be with national ledger, which directed to bundles of in that to go got it. when you study old ladies will look, you know, a little issue. so green, when it is, is it green is deal?
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it was gone recently, so the not the, it does ship of a deal, you know, you know, initial media, but anybody that is not going to be a bit polluted them. digital with nibble, which i don't know the names of the particles of blood on the bit. i am reduce the same issue with i am, my name is frank from a reserve from philadelphia got in the movement in age,
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13 or 14. we were violent towards those people because we believed that were this race. we were here 1st and this is our country being part of that movement. i got your sense of power. when i felt powerless, we got attention when i felt invisible and accepted when i talked to level the life after hey, is an organization that was founded by for a skinhead neo nazi white supremacists in the u. s. in canada. and they found each other and they knew that they wanted to help other guys get out was 2 parts to getting out of a violent extreme was the 1st part of disengagement which is where you leave the social group. and then the next part is d. radicalization where belief systems are too far removed. it was very impactful when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement, you heard my story did nothing to challenge it. validate with
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that you as well. what did it a show? well, just move it to put it back to do it job with others. a live with it was by see were all met by them. we've received a, b,
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a u, a d h group by cbo, filled with felicia, my mental social does it deal with when you minute at machine, away in the solution. william with this stuff, sets it up in the machine that they run the ocean and is the weights and then we meet the needs to be was shimmy. it's not like a a a
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with because all we knew it will be what noonish that me and they and i see they got any idea of what plays them. well, i'm going to miss it down to them. i really was, it is a 3. yeah. show those people a little bit, it shows a bunch of with no, i see in the motor that i would do it. when i sample said it would be where to go to look. when it, when i say student, when you started to blow it, but don't go to initial class in a little bit lower than the element this to, you know? yeah, that is what you have with them. go to that. the quiz. you still push the b b to absolute, the initial, the still, you know, get done for us to really what is a g o key done with it in the engine study? really? oh, thank you. when it was, you see,
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any doj debility inside the show. we did it 1st, the quiz is not to put your stock was the low not sure with a double. additionally, not that the boost they've been in booley jim, it's jim with medium. what it is complain nagle are biased. so initially i mitigate, we're open not the the the presented that he still it, that you're bullshit. i sit down with them on this because i go good. was ocean little dust. when you started melody this yet gimme your not do with this yet. give me. oh no, it's a good idea by than this. it would mission. there were not that he what if i knew when you started it, jack emilio no, no not. so i mean well i know we just usually go get his values. see to you. it was like you get a show medium, but you more with tony what you go it. it is
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a slow my with the stuff now hold it so many believe but you know what? this he looked like e, what i supposed to lead to lashelle in the mood bush with the curtain used to go over all your report. okay, pretty new. well, let's look on was that was written here and i'm looking for yourself. she was going america. glad to rebuild the humanly abilities. la meticulous news, lucelle. so going to see they could sort of an issue with a book you would have to see me over for, but on most of it is, your billing is i don't really like live locally of clean other stuff. looking lucille, who actually is new to work with, if you will just you. so whether you leave
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with all my daughter or anybody g with years old, and again, will the political will also a good a really well trouble. a new bill g. she me like you have 30 doing shit. you want to wash marybell in your school are going to stay with the ceiling. will i need to do or some need me 1000000 return so little and it wouldn't be a it says the and you talk us middle initial let me more with with any more with this is by needs a call and we'll discuss what to do and you could keep that with the, with a little you, such as this, not a problem,
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no procedure. what should i just leave a little bit of a teach them are as follows in which was like, why would you guys, what about what you guys are still in? you go out there and you put one more godly book. i came to tune them this in the good. what about like, what about you guys of the 2nd problem? guys with a grown up with my guys 9, you get a get of the salmon was for come ordering. some go out is a credit to you to with plans that you're about a it's a, a lot
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with i'm sure you got those so so she can anyway, that's what i am alex, my, sammy jones good is public. if just the new are you at the call just to begin with a boy
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with i really believe that it is still m. oh, when is the bundle? it does show the dylan dog, osha dealer. lydia, who did the border. it is monday, though. so would you like the shuttle? yeah. with this really interested, she's working with a woman with
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a specific one. well her on issues with no, i'm not going to the grandma salary and you'd like to just get with the shopper dealer wasn't going to stay emotionally considered. a initial record that you said you like, like almost like what i've shared with home like this, the with them about i'm go very far for july, you know, if you were to jumpstart with
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my, in my mind, me a blog with that's what the new from a guy you bundle with a bit of noise is nationwide, so i'm,
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i'm going to share with you what hopes most quarterman clear monday you'd known to song called the use while you was on the number my hard but i does or do it, but it is abroad my actually his blue basil, 63, but i will really seriously need a video. i needed only briley glad miller's 1000 bill as i had deal is a bit out of so many as domes. audio only a don's hurdle. basil, i'm credited liberated on costume. this won't give susan garalia must on chillax or at my said you by himself was only promotes at non proportional to recorded massacre yard in. we're busy so far so, so, but i see that people need to but also kind of question is that all you said 41 years with a lovely sure was
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a i'm william. so she'll be able to pull some of it. mm hm. yes. especially by you pla, had he bought the freshly nashik, bright yellow skin store. another if you buy, gosh, a dolly you that i wish i bring you. your mom is in the class, but if sure with that. bla hadn't gotten us bullying you missed your. we begin shortly. better the let the, the let the herat rock will dot. now, brush usa mallets. this bussey manuscript backlog. you can, you might get it unfreeze back basketball. you watching hiroshi yet you were leslie, which in karachi by california and i see scale ah, ah
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ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic or development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very critical time time to sit down and talk. i was standing in an alley smoking a joint one day and a man came up to me and pulled the joint from my mouth. and he said, don't you know that that's what the capitalists and the jews want you to do. we are violent towards those people because we believe that were the superior race. we were here 1st and this is our pantry, guns, ammo, still tow doc martens, tattooing violence or just prerequisite to enter or exit tree walked off like i could see this looking a safe fear, like he feared me being part of that movement. i got to feel
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a sense of power. when i felt powerless, i got attention when i felt invisible and accepted when i felt that we had a strategy, we wanted to clean our image up and make our message more palatable to the masses. don't get tattoos don't shape your head, don't get arrested. go to college, join the military, keep your head down, go mainstream.


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