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oh so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic or development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk ah, ah
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a steel can you spoken with me for both both. no moms in the deal with grandma, but a lot of them bought a lot quicker. yeah, the wall with with,
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with open it'll show you the scope of those who should have it for you. if there was a little grace for argument, you much anybody out that there was a lot of data. you gotta lay them they need that was do leaving and he's on the couch. tanya will be with you later with a lot of people fleeing from southeastern ukraine. some have been bomb shelters for nearly 3 weeks. there was no phone reception, so many had no idea how to get out of town with
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lendy busy at the visibility, a dollar with budget. but i'm sure that there's that there was the 1st floor in the video that you've been with us before. and that's so some walked 4 hours through a humanitarian corridor that heard about others, decided to risk it and just drove out, hoping not to get caught in the crossfire. some were wandering around looking for a way out when they were picked up by russian soldiers. the city mm hm. with affordable even afford it, but up with this issue for them,
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the rest eats and try to reach some of these children don't know what a peaceful world looks like, and some are seeking refuge and russia for the 2nd time. this time people began to arrive after the 18th of february, when they've done that scan legato republics, order the mass speculation of women, children and the elderly men, aged 1855, had to stay behind. brussel began setting up hundreds of temporary housing facilities in everything from jim's to youth camps. many people offer their homes as refuge and some refugees, or even sheltering in a church. for me, me here with
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ah, a senior welcome bureau we want to do to bundle and you posterior on the street in the high school on medical dot babies. right? to put so know richard is drawer with the t, the little boy mute. so he's like a different country with need that because when i'm with the hold him a mean a lot of him in the budget with it was really you got when we
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start make sure no that but really i have a nice got that pulled up. we see that that it's an extended origin, a how she wrote back. it was wanting with suitable money for the mobile. he should be able to buy a movie, hiding and bomb shelters and fleeing to europe. chiller. gosh martin, a new. 6 guy is our new new new card of mine who you spoke with
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a couch? tanya is normally that are still opinion on the distribution. i guess we're going to be challenged, that someone given us to be a supposed to be to the future when you work. because it's your total would be allocation with less than that, with almost done with the cooking, with what you want with them
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shall be soon. ukraine has been a war. so for the last 8 years, government forces have been selling their own people because of differences concerning language, political affiliations, culture, history, and their country's future. the world watched the never end in bloodshed for years cease fire agreements were repeatedly broken. the exchange of fire continued, but it no longer made the headlines nursery schools hospitals were bought and there was no international outcry. and even now when you clean your courses, are selling the ease killing innocent civilians including children. it's barely mentioned by western media.
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a yes, this is with both all the models you need to do with both to come. one is good. so that visually was looking at a new good boy and was i'm trying to use a solution you wish i did? what are they? so i'm with really, i'm not sure if i give them a cause. anything like that or not for my she is most and upset with the the pl nathan along with the mom had
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a shock with miss dock. a finish him up there to some spit out there. a bunch of on you see i'm national stuffs, immunization, not ology name. sitting under for the human. i mean, you know what, they tell us that the familiar with a fast but the narrow and that them a key. mm hm. for in southeast, for michelle with eastern young adult clinical mccomb. yes. my name is matthew hammond, m a r c. me, nevada. now alcala, westminster, just thought id, not, i don't know yet enough that in once a
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ah, this is with all that. and that i to have the most moment with water done with the various long with nashik live in, you are with her issue illusion. bush, gustavo is do dish grass balsam any cars? didn't get grad subsidy, l m. i don't know. sure. good. a t regs usually less a sydney all it sir william, but a lot a lot. but not from got
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a bit out. the lease up was kind of for the raleigh citizen. you saying, oh lee, i've been doing cool. and what's on my, my digital digital millennium, a boss, passionate dodge, of, of which endorsed. so grossly. ah, the display of with a fully to korean, you hotel, the light, but it and you put in your mild to national trouble, deny should have shown you what the fit inward goodness locals kill me. are you still with no for make sure with with you, but with did a great year is story. yeah. marcia watches story or is divided abner
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shane. yeah, i miss you was e it down to those hours was was not, doesn't you were so mentally at our it indiana to stop the time of when you play a really senior release in that little she really. but about had this came over zone with the quote from the startling border store shown in nevada that i see a store broker. i knew provisional bond, there are it down to it or when you go to bed inside a walker. e 40, she'll oversized list that it was good. only broccolini. ah, ah, a splicing atm card like a level up on it or the more so soccer would know what the committee sang. c,
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near i bought italy nazi to huddle. she instrumental but i, cisco price of i need to have a key to cost to produce with what you should work for people. a robot must obey the 1st law, show your identification, we should be very careful about on 1st with take on various jobs. come so divide it, their relatives who no longer will lead to zoom out and go back for so packed was disbanded and these countries could no longer rely on n. rush and america were starting to become friends, vestige of the cold war, inherently directed against their country. her liars and ask why the west should not do the same. former soviet union members drawing closer,
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i'm here to be next on the list. would be greatly answered. eloquence between you be the 1st mystic real good enough. go into a shame. you're still still listening. rotten. the u. s. have always accused each other of tried lead. see yet another standoff between russia and the west, which refused to side. and you association agreement choosing the president was forced out in a violent crew to talk and departure. he crane and invited foreign specialists to advise them on. the relationship with russia had been badly mismanaged to bring george in ukrainian to nato was truly overreaching recklessly ignoring what the russians considered their own. not everyone was happy with this pro western sentiment, especially in the southeastern part of the crate to russia. some of the threats that are ethnically, russian, or have run attempts in russia most ukrainians,
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the speaker in some regions, attempts to balance only added fuel to the fire. ukraine's neo nazis dancer literally wipe out the russian speaking population, some of which even became part of the country's armed forces. crimea was the 1st ukranian region to express discontent, and boasted to return to russia. later the people have done boss also stood up to protect their land. the ukrainian government was unable to cope with the situation and for the next 8 years, continually sell the saudi some parts of the country, while simultaneously seeking close. relationship with russia is, it's lowest to point, since the cold war are effect. europe and north america must stand strong together in the night to defend our others and our interests
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should earn your with though i'm almost finishing. yes, i mean isn't that, but his mind, he's a niece and we need to get that new skill level. many schools and it will go school metal middle school a little you have to put it on. was it here on the bus at around the union with a new can you please slow you busy question. the shouldn't bizarre classes give you this will not move with by giving me the option that she's with you must be with
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yeah, no, i think i don't think i sent you a way i right. you did one. it's just a issue with i met with a deposit they sure a was just
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fine. well interesting, but i had a little fall off for yes. can you just go by noon for one of your longest guy delineate the thought with it. that's sort of me and wanted to show that i am a shilling a william with i'm what does he to we'll call we'll get a report electric because you do not so much as well. it was actually a teeth color one daughter on the finishing the for a your, from a few sure computers off the phone with was a, get a bit of gave you a little bit of
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a baby. all right, so shuffles or la jolla, a la, awarded a little felicia, a psychologist regularly visit shelters to try and help people deal with what they've seen and experienced with
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with with can you can you pull mojitos to when you put on the sales or to finance a coil will ship a lease. i'm thinking the chase a don't go to the go to la. i want you got a dish or tell me that you know what did you put down bernice? did you give credit to william, mom above what i mean? chicago. delicious. me a demean,
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shook id to me. but i do see that of course we thought before, no time when you loved 3 la proposal, it's really just that i'm not to look up. there's a lot of that was to fall those 20 o cook with steaming, messed up. i'm in my dish and my bed up still condition on my i'm with the vehicle is up still mccollugh borrowed yet the one was up emotionally. which is for ashley as of the world, but the most of them are yeah. new year. how are you ever said you'll and i thought of what you missed. amiable preston. ah, with not she dtm discussion we have on the doc last year. i nibbled with the teacher thought of of crypto, and yet i was given the number to the bishop than us come up with that. our senior owner, usa, somebody has got to finally got down on last bill that was billed on the 15th lot
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of the world, but need 3 and that i do it. but the owner are not as nice the story that these teeth and that would lead what video down us. we should cities and the and then be difficult with oakley. did it, does my gosh, did he do? i need the can you tell me even my lot i need to get those to press. if i'm more, i'm not what it is up for me. dog got good. that bundle your school. thought car would not united so much. not sub. steal it your message. it, they get them, they have no for me. not did you school losing your ah, yes. you know, versus a set. mean. yeah, i'm almost polish goldlick gym of bob. bob. so brian, they're genuine wishes shit. i see daniel's plane, you knew crying, some young actually a doreen, a big unclaimed mala or genia genuine sky,
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annual crimes. yates, innovative merchant attacks cause idea, but they would serve a war and the yet, but they would slam all edward in the slave. would vara, thanks the siegel place, where you see me, who took the chance towards who, from who, who's who thurston yard for feeling b pinado with that you put in your mind? yeah. so that you could, that as you spoke is still a deep from us, but she is 2 more years. mccormick, i thought i knew when you moved in, you catch up putting your i to walk through all food. i just got a lot to new charged that the room or show you not june with you not to talk to her team she to meet him to school with my was him legit but their mom and believe us they are none of them any jail belonging to should up were jewish school, she's gonna miss him. no,
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we little doesn't us that i've been with him. do you toy from any of hans? there's a snobbish with exact luncheon with some of those will be taken ah . with a when i was sure seemed wrong when i just don't hold any you have to fill out the theme because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart, we choose to look so common ground. a headline story this our ukraine fires, it's human rights commissioner in part for spreading on verified information about a legit russian war. crimes or statements had been widely picked up by western media outlets. ukrainian. m p saith kiev can't guarantee new rockets it's receiving from the u. s won't end up targeting russian territory despite washington, claiming it has commitments from ukraine against that happened with all the u. s. encourages the e. u to ditch russian oil. president biden appears a backtrack. ollie's only pledge, mulling buying the fuel at a cheaper price. and
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a british citizen faces extradition to the u. s. after allegedly violating american functions on.
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