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to look for common ground in the headline stories this our ukraine suppliers, it's human rights commissioner in part for a spreading on verified information about a legit russian war. crimes. first statement had been widely picked up by western media outlets. a ukrainian m p a t f can't guarantee new rockets it's receiving from the u. s. won't ends up targeting russian territory the slide washington claiming it has commitments from ukraine against the helping while the us encourages the e. u to ditch russian oil, president biden appears a backtrack. ollie's bold pledge, mulling buying the fuel at a cheaper price. the british citizen faces extradition to the us after allegedly violating american functions on north korea. see shirt, his fears with r t,
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but the global impact of such a mood. and i think it's right, there's some very, very warring concerns to, to the international community, to which we should was shouldn't, by the news from moscow to the world. this is our grid to have you with us today. my name's universe. ukraine has fired it's human rights commissioner. in part for spreading unverified information about across the she alleged were committed by russian troops in the country. her removal comes after her claim for a widely covered by western media. are senior correspondent, morocco, see it picks up the story. it includes some disturbing acquisition day a nice week saw then months after month the world over was barraged with stories horrific stories of rape and unspeakable acts committed allegedly by russian forces
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in ukraine and such acts of violence, raping children little girls, 11 years old. repeatedly in front of their mother's or repeat, begging their mothers and friends the children with each day. more and more credible reports of re killings, torture are merging. the phones with you. hundreds of cases of rape have been recorded, including under age girls, very young children. and even a baby, it's just a scary to talk about it. but it's true, it happened. women and girls right now are facing the worst kind of fear and violence. and we know already i'm from the analyses that have been done. they've been the victims of not just murder and rape by kidnapping. many of these stories grew to be unbelievable. and that sort of figure of speech, people including ukrainian officials and the government stopped taking them
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seriously. they became an embarrassment. so ludicrous was some of the ago the woman behind these stories demila denise of a, who was ironically, ukraine's human rights commissioner was fired a year before her term was officially up the unclear focus of the on buds men's media work on the numerous details of sexual crimes committed in an unnatural way and rape of children in the occupied territories that could not be confirmed by evidence, only harmed ukraine. her stories became so ridiculous that even members of the ukrainian media, which, which itself is in war propaganda mode intervened. 18. i'm journalists together with 51 lawyers and human rights activists, and others penned an open let, calling on her to dial it down. that the graphic stories published by ha about months old douglas being raped with
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a variety of objects to royal up the people that this wasn't productive or, you know, decent sexual crimes during the war or a tragedy of families. a difficult and traumatic topic. not a topic for publications. in the spirit of the scandalous chronicle. we are forced to trust the official information that comes from officials in a state of martial law a priori. we do not have the opportunity to verify it from other sources. in this way, we are spreading messages from the commissioner for human rights, in fact, taking them on faith as centrally. they asked that the stick to things that actually happened good of these stories can be tracked back to denisa and the team moves specifically, the social media posts made by them. and that's where all the trailed stop, almost all of her rape claims, se ukrainian journalists are without evidence or witnesses, the spot her own less than honest approach. denise of a has been a vocal proponent for an international criminal tribunal to apparently bring
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russian troops to justice for things that she had lie. the bath, i think we should look at yugoslavia and rolanda. these are the examples that we all know about. there is the un international court of justice and the international criminal court. we need to push for the creation of a special tribunal. naturally, the niece of a has been blind to verify reports and footage of ukrainian troops murdering, torturing, and mutilating russian prisoners of war. and even ukrainian civilians deemed to be pro russia and ill get the human rights apparently. but these telling isn't it when you own politicians who are bent themselves on making the russians seem as terrible as possible that they fight for being simply too outrageous. john, continuing on marat's pace. conservative talk radio host, steve. gail believes media outlets in the west are slowly beginning to question
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more than norris of coming from keith. you know the allegations that this lady was putting out there were horrific. what's even more horrific as if they were just outright buys and intended to create a propaganda scheme that would drive people up and, and create an anti russia mentality around the world again, based on lies, there are plenty of reasons to question the invasion to question what ukrainians have done in the war as well. but there's been so much propaganda that you know, getting the truth out has been almost impossible. but i do think you're starting to see some recalculation in the u. s. media, at least among some to, to be a little more skeptical of the stories and the propaganda. it's been pushed out. and again, this is, in this case just been repeated without any verification or any basis of truth. we saw that with the suppose it ukrainian soldiers who had had mock a russian warship and they were supposedly all wiped out, turned out not to be true. you saw with the ghost pilot ukrainian fighter pilot
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that had shot down what a dozen russian fighter jets turned out not to be true. and yet the u. s. media and other world meet you just repeated those things ad nauseum. hopefully we're starting to see the truth start to eat out of bed and, and perhaps maybe he'll not only the reputations of those countries involved. but also the journalist who've been either duped or been complicit too powerful explosions have rocked the sea of assault. port city of bertie and video emerged on line, showing a large column of smoke rising into the sky. local authorities claim the bluffs were, the result of mine clearance works conducted in the area after the ukrainian army retreated. bertie janski's are fully under the control of russian forces, woman western ukraine. this felicia purports, the show a strike on the city of laval for, according to kiev officials or railway tunnels run through the or patriot mountains, reportedly used to deliver western weapons on supplies to ukraine. was targeted by
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russian rockets. local officials say 5 people were wounded. russian defense ministry houses commented on the allocation. while the threat of a larger scale war has been raised after a ukrainian member of parliament admitted on local tv, that's russian infrastructure is a legitimate target with american supplied weapons. the remarks come after the u. s . a great to supply advanced rockets, system souk, if we undertake certain obligations, but no one can guarantee where the rocket will fly. there earlier, washington agreed to send a news 700000000 dollar military, a package to ukraine, including a number of advance rocket launchers that can hit targets up to 300 kilometers away . the biden administration is really great to supply rockets for that with a maximum range of 80 kilometers. but that's still double the range of it's how witcher's, which washington has been supplying to key if would be enough to hit russian
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territory. there's only 70 kilometers between the ukranian city of car cars and rushes belgrade, located near the border, the pentagon said cave has promised those weapons won't be used to strike russia. that's despite the us defense secretary, previously admitting they had little information about arms distribution in ukraine . anything you're doing on the territory of ukraine is defensive in this context, the, on the formal assurances that they will not use these systems to target russian territory in terms of our ability to track the weapons that are going in. as you know, we don't have any forces on the ground. so that's, that is difficult for us to do. also reports emerging that the biden administration is discussing, sending new drones to ukraine, called a great ego. they can engage both ground and error targets up to 11 kilometers away . they can also find for up to 30 hours, gathering intelligence data. he was previously supplied with turkish drones, although most were taken up by russian or defenses. while on the claims of the bi
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demonstration is planning to send long range rooms to ukraine. here's our t contributor, rachel marston. washington is increasingly going all in on the conflict in ukraine, lost over time, that it's not really lost. now reuters is reporting that the by the administration is wanting to sell for and you one see great drones to ukraine. they can be locked and loaded with up to 8 hell fire missiles each. the move raises a lot of questions. like, for instance, how washington could possibly still argue that it's only helping cubes to defend itself with defensive weapons. when these drones are theoretically quite capable of offensive attacks, they can fly for at least 30 hours. autonomy mostly giving them long range strike capabilities, which would represent a risky new development in conflict. and who exactly would be piloting these
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unmanned aerial vehicles. according to writers, the plan would be for american personnel to quickly train ukrainian operators to fly them over the course of just a few weeks. but how is it possible to really prove who exactly is operating a drawn this pilot remotely from behind a screen that could really be located anywhere on earth? we've already seen how this can work. jeremy cia drone straight program targeting g hottest in countries like pakistan, somalia, libya and yemen. a major project, a former president, brock, obama, american drones flying at bases in africa. and the middle east were piloted by american operators who could have been sitting a world away. a few years ago, former cia deputy director of operations jap, divine. ready told me just how much he absolutely loves drones, and i told him that i'm pretty sure that i know why they can certainly help to
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thicken the funding for and to really muddy the waters for the degree of american involvement in ukraine. how would any one know who's actually pull the trigger between the american trainer and the ukranian trainee? the new york times recorded in may, the american intelligence is already helping ukraine to target and chill russia general. and washington has a history of hiding conveniently behind allies to target folks. so in washington was wanting to get more heavily involved in ukraine while enjoy plausible deniability. well, it certainly seems, it drums would be the way to go. and other nato countries are also offering their supplies to kids with german chancellor schultz pledging a short range or to where the file systems known as iris t, which berlin has admitted that currently doesn't have any stocks of itself in london is negotiating with the united states and the supply of american rocket launcher units for pentagon security analysts, michael miller,
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believes european countries are being put under u. s. pressure. the u. s. has pushed the nato countries into this predicament. and, and they are, and the european countries really are now their own backs against the wall. they weren't prepared for this. they weren't prepared for the, the escalation of this crisis to the point that it is right now. and it's rely and once again on the west to try and, and back fill as we call it. clearly there, they were under us pressure to do something. and you get to see the, the defense minister and the defense military, sorta cringing at that. at that announcement because they knew that they don't have the, the, the, the, the equipment in their, in their stocks. they don't even have it in their inventory. a lot of these weapons are going into the hands of the as of italian and the other, neo nazi groups that are now part of the ukranian military. and we have no
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way of knowing how they're being used or that could be sold for that matter. and, and maybe even sold to a terrorist groups. we have no, we have no way to judge what the an use of those weapons are. and these are rather sophisticated weapons, even small arms. and given the volume of weapons that have been sent, there is no accountability. and this is a, a, another prescription for disaster mixed signals coming from the west over russian oils president biden has announced that should still be bought by western countries only cheaper. this time ortiz, racial blevins, are ronald's, not for us. the white house could be pursuing yet another change in policy as president by then now says he would consider reversing his own ban on russian oil.
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but just as long as the u. s. and europe get a discount and russia doesn't make too much of a profit. you have the, the, the, the issue is occurring now as you have europe deciding that they're going to further curtail the purchase of russian oil. and there's a whole lot of consideration going on about what can be done to maybe even purchase the oil, but at a limited price, so that it has to be sold very and overwhelming need for the russian to sell it. and it would be sold at a significantly lower price than the market is generating now. now this is a rather vague quote, but it could be explained by the fact that maybe bitin is getting ready to start actually tackling the soaring gas prices that we've seen all across the united states. however, it is important to note that this is a significant change in rhetoric from what we heard from the president, even just in recent months. for this month,
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i announced united states van all in ports of russian energy. to make it clear, the american people would not be part of subsidizing who need brutal on justified organs people, ukraine, there will be no longer on our stream to we, we will bring it in. now all of this comes as russian oil imports to the us have sort in response to the news that there wouldn't be a ban. but even though the u. s. continues to call on europe to cut off its reliance on russian supplies and to become, quote, unquote, energy independent. however, officials have said that if the you continues to listen to the u as there will be a long term impact that will be felt all across europe. this will destroy all european economy. there are no proposed solutions on dealing with what will be called to an atomic bombing of hungary economy in the event of a possible embargo on russian oil impulse. 3 use decision on the embargo of russian oil instead of homing. russia will tear apart all europeans at the price of $5.00
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euros, cali to gasoline. the sanctions are not functioning, the ruble has not fallen. russia is not fading the financial impact. and when it does feel it will be over, but the price will be paid by european citizens. pershing will keep his smug smile . an oil and gas will just go elsewhere because the demand is high. now the white house has yet to give any clear direction as to what it actually plans to do. but biden's latest quote signals that he could be ready to start focusing on americans and their concerns. after months of focusing on ukraine had his approval ratings remain your record lows with the mid term elections right around the corner. economist, an ortho michael hudson believes us has never been willing to make any sacrifices when it comes to supporting russia needs a crude oil is some good refineries are specifically set up the handle russian crude oil. and if it doesn't so important the russian crude oil made simply have to
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close down the refineries. and they don't want to do that. the united states just make it, made it clear. it is not going to make any sacrifice at all on the conflict with russia. all of the sacrifice is to be made by europe and by latin america and africa that are going to be squeezed by the higher prices. so we're dealing with and i think he must have thought that he was going to be able to squeeze rushes balance of payments so much that russia would be desperate. and the united states could say, well, ok, we know you need foreign exchange will pay you half of the normal price. and so he's trying to get a cheap deal. that would mean a profits for the american oil industry. just imagine of the american old companies and the refineries goodbye russian oil cheaper. they would be enormously profitable, and the oil industry is the most powerful political lobby in the united states. so
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all russia can say is nice try. but no, i can tell the story to bring you the pentagon head of cyber command has confirmed us military hackers are conducting offensive operations against rush over the conflict in ukraine. we've conducted a series of operations across the full spectrum, offensive defensive and information operations. we went in december 2021 at the invitation of the key government to come and hunt with them. we stayed there for a period of almost 90 days or less cross now to skills. rigorous skills, a former marine corps intelligence officer, an author, and unless good to see you, it's the 1st time american military officials have confirmed hacking operations against russia during the conflict. scott, why do you think the u. s. cyber man now decided to declassify such information? i think the united states is under
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a lot of pressure to be seen as doing something to, to help you create the, the situation on the battlefield is dire. you know, there, there is been, i mean, one of the things that joe next already talked about was the information warfare aspect of his, of his organizations you know, efforts. and so that's basically propaganda working with, you know, various intelligence communities with ukrainians. and he said we're seeing in the what we have is a situation where data is being bided to c, n n. and perhaps other media outlets. so what he said is shine a light on the problem immediately for the american public. but it hasn't worked because propaganda moves hot air, but it's no cold steel that it kills the bodies on the battlefield. and the russians have been providing a lot of cold steel business has been good in your brain. and so i think there's a need right now for people to step up and say, look, we're doing something, this is what we're doing. and you know,
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cyber is something everybody's been expecting a lot of russians, cyber activity. there hasn't been much publicized about it. and i think maybe this is not sony's effort just to take credit for that. in the british media interview, the general use the expression offensive operations. does that mean the u. s. was conducting for all intents and purposes, a war? well, there's no doubt. this is a cyber war, i mean, but let's split that, pretend that it hasn't been going on for some time. the u. s. has been carrying out often of cyber activity against russia for years in russia has been carried out often of cyber activity against united states. for years. it's been limited in scope in scale. we're not talking about, you know, full fledged cyber warfare. but you know, he, he, his is what's going on. he said we went hunting, that means they, they sat down and give with their ukrainian counterparts. and i believe what they were looking for are the hacking tools of various russian or russian affiliated
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your hacking groups. so that they are going out, trying to exploit, you know, bone or abilities they found it, shut these people down to penetrate them, to gather intelligence, to take proactive measures against these groups as opposed to waiting for them to reach out touch ukraine in the united states. europe and in other so it's so they went in and shut down the rushing, you know, electric power grid or tried to change traffic lights from green to read. i don't think it's that kind of off into opperation. i think what they meant is that they're proactively going out there hunt down general threats to shut them down before they they can attack. yeah, and the fact that information is being offered by the general, as he mentioned, to hunt forward operations for one does not mean or suggest that it's overnight because so much is, is coming out about it know what it did. to be honest, what do you suggest to me is that have failed and that they're trying to spin,
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failure into success? look at this, if this operation was working. if united states were seen, you know, great results from this, you wouldn't be hearing a word about this. i mean, cyber is some of the most secretive operations undertaken. the fact that a 4 star general is speech to a foreign press outlet. bragging about capabilities means that it didn't work. and so they're trying to do, they know they're falling back on their information warfare aspect, which is to try to spin failure into success. and like i said, there's a lot of pressure right now on the united states to be seen as doing something for ukraine because what we have been doing isn't achieving the results that that we want. so, i mean, it's ironic that we're hearing about this, but believe me, if it was succeeding, we wouldn't be hearing about that. even the fact that he's talking about it tells me they failed. they feel big. and this is a desperate effort to spin failure to success. and scott, just touching on another aspect of this,
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many western countries argued that they were only providing defensive weapons to ukraine. is there in your mind, really a difference between defensive and offensive weapons? no, i mean a weapon kills says you're defending or you're attacking an m. 16 is a defense of weapon. you give it to me and my marines will hunt you down. it will kill you off of what high mars though, the rocket system that we're sending in can be used for defense of our office of its job is to kill. i think the, what you're basically when we talk about defensive or offensive weapons that are used within ukraine's territorial andries in response to russia, special military operation or being labeled as defensive weapons being that ukraine is using it in defense of russian actions. any weapons that are used to reach upside of ukraine and go into russia in a check, russian targets are russian soil. these would be characterized as offensive, let them so it's, it's not so much about the weaponry,
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it's about how they're being used. and this is where hi mars becomes a problem because, you know, right now we have you creating forces operating in and around the city of cargo. less than 72 kilometers away as the russian city of belgrade. if you put high mars by cargo, there's a great possibility you could be used against a russian city that would make an awful of weapon. but if you go back to 100 kilometers and simply fired against russian troops and ukraine, that it becomes a defense of. what many? thanks for breaking all the time for us. as always, scott ritter, former marine corps intelligence officer, ortho. noticed many things. thanks the know, a british citizen is facing extradition to the us from saudi arabia after allegedly violating american functions on north korea. washington claims he illegally shared knowledge of crypto currency technologies with young young during a conference in the country. christopher douglas sentences wanted for allegedly
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conspiring to violate the international emergency economic power act, specifically conspiring to violate united states sanctions on the democratic people's republic of korea. by working with an american citizen to legally provide crypto currency, unblocked chain technology services to the democratic people's republic. of korea, crypto currency expert christopher and has traveled to north korea and 2018 to participate in the conference. the following year, a fellow speaker at the event u. s. national. virgil griffith was arrested by american authorities under the same charges, christopher nie faces. incidentally, mr. griffin was sentenced to over 5 years in prison. 30 year old christopher himself is not in saudi arabia after being arrested up the border earlier this year . and earlier i managed to speak to christopher, who said, as a british citizen, he checked you in law and working in north korea, but not u. s. law having,
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why should he need to see us? i choose as he of breaking its international sanctions. when you spoke at the conference in north korea, what's your main thought, alden documentation? yeah. well, you know, my main thought in the accusation is that it's groundless to, to give you some color before i travel to north korea. i'm a, i'm a british citizen, i'm not american. i check all the guidance for my country. i checked the un resolutions on north korea to check that i wouldn't be breaking any law laws or any sanction laws whatsoever. the, the british government, which is where i'm from, and have not charged me with anything. they haven't found me guilty of anything. i was detained due to a into poll read. notice that was issued by the united states. saudi arabia does not have an extradition treaty with the united states. however, that doesn't mean that i wouldn't be extradited from here. so the process now is essentially waiting and submitting all defense retrieve, we've done to,
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to see what the outcome is really. in addition to that, we've challenged the where we are challenging the already notices. we feel that it is totally unfair and obviously totally unjust. when you travel to north korea, were you aware of the possibility that you were in danger of breaking us law? absolutely not. as a, as a british citizen, i had no idea that i would be subject to american law. if any other country in the world would perform similar acts where they say that you can be convicted for a crime. wasn't committed within the territory of the country. and b, b, b, i e, correct, that i may choose the clearly clearly states that only applies to us citizens. so if i can be extradited for this crime, i think it's right. there's some very, very war in concerns to, to the international community as to which law as we should was shouldn't, by my view, if, if i am extradited,
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then we should be teaching american law in every single school in the world. because we will clearly clearly subject to it christopher and speaking to r t. while for up to the minute developments, do give our twitter page follow. we'll make sure you don't miss any of the updates that matter. today i'm una neil saying goodbye fla. ah. today i'm authorized to additional strong sanction foreign companies, quitting russia, numbers on to one. thank you. list glycine. so atm card. so blantan bangs disconnected from the international payments system. functional move hoppey, jermel donna and euro exchange rates follow up on a level up article, more stuff. so i wouldn't what i bought the committee met. that evoke missed the pillar from that, is the current. can you see what it was? oh, sure, sure. my jail, a couple of was volume and russian business overcome this song. see,
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