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honda in initial no, i don't hear from gordon started from lamar walters long on or start predictor scroll girls show me actually diatra. ah, now she did a motion against the lords of so bored to say a board of her. so it just now i mean, but number those, they add another your know, roslyn. it's anonymous, the lazley via the, it's very dining at the go it abdomen store and i see at the national she dom d. k. ma'am we missed it. we cielo bruce, slower amy, dawn because i am the eci stim. got audi nice when the jelly, a scholarly buckeye east, at the bundle ot becca and the east madison. it is shadonna. it does show, boy, by the way, that she is part of the sad colette. if any other badge is severe,
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ruth said he had been denied for the last hour at cisco. that soil, slower, slower would beast work as the rag is rushing. it is the cielo and cleared the lid . voicemail allowed her to her to sit for dinner, but to die i am still my ghetto. we effect you avoid it. mister guster data sla, torch crew will whipple it uber because liberty, florida state ah says retailers, public? yeah, care, mitchell any that they have to be sure. any progress not but you mind the store where you it nationwide see the sheet which you operate or just send me a bit, i'd say natalie, tory or crane, but the most the yes. labor at the say, and i put out a b evelyn with at the moment, chris royce was ritz besedia thought mariska toys, but the national me,
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any of them in the green, you saw my room, jeff, nauseous. but i mean, really were doesn't mission. they must apply it in there, but i need to know as each there is no way in the computer in we sure the region which it is sure to provide you that we appreciate you to see it. it will just pick it up. but i still need to know how to do a better plan or a national national is formerly cup porsha. willat is poorly, the one that collect even them is up of them scratch on back approach. you would se escape. you'd have to say, look, as a literacy school figured out by a sport on the national territory and national me with a beer, but it area or collect your foot piece, situate. so it the still 3rd matter bundle football. is this the another one? so then learn the post to put them on the mobile cell at the most. so those are the critical illness with the minimum weight did to women more surface muslims political situ.
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ah, basic, i thought a thumb no hold it. so i knew you may go, assigning the oprah or a bought a new era. so just for the new position, a waste of money, and you also to reduce the music stream. use them. use of sure you got to read in you op with a practical chrome. it the wolf was laden, it will be proud you to procrastinate personalities in a budget or see school and with some other brochure about this deal here. what about this practica? the wrong man on the machine, but then yeah, on any of the stuff that you use us to let you cook with
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with on the other. and i didn't do anything. but if someone they wouldn't let me. so we were supposed to walk with another. i'm good as it was pretty soon. i just would you be sure, but if someone is on your list, lucy, was beside the hoods board of us. no, we could keep up with me towards you, nor illusion. if i tell you what i need, i need no, it's in the way. and you know it's in the, on the bottom and here. so was just because she was like when she was so when we move the data and use money in those security issue by explain one of them of just
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a new one. trust 31100 to learn. play on some pretty much. we are doing more. north, jordon and nick carson on charlie are korean on goal general po, not because of period 2. ah ah. thing in a work
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order. nicholas and if the most ensure was bertha, bertha looked at him, got more of the march. okay. it's got a little early. he's going to move here to see what i need to talk with notary needs. no thing. you really need to just stay in the new modem idea. yes, this is just, this is where you have been able to comb with that yet. got there still come, stand a quick. don't miss the gamma, but he did add that it's what he should do. it for each come what are the more success? let sions of the sheet their origin i i see last a elderly law earlier period, yet of the sheet, the interior of sway for me. so i won the nation's of c. that was to ship them,
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both of them go to best cheese the store and for that the key a creature we from them in pain and may a chance go and order i. e s literally, but keep the share really you the share. can you say we she told the children with ads and that's a man i'm giving them the national ah, that's almost no anita, yesterday way over him and you push law. we made it hard. but the bay random the set on on numerous thick yes. slow to yeah, no go the deal. the by at a more is nire. so. so it was a laugh. yeah, i spoke with a new shows or 2. no, she was about to cancel this for you. no, i have not got our new purpose. got there again. no much does your time
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or us again the whole year in georgia yesterday with sort of a when i of so most of priscilla. bear with me that you put a sample with the lender. so when you visit a suit of the medium cap and you will be with us at the boon, interested and i have a, the muscular obese 20 t relation spieler due to the dentistry street in national and that with them with a few of you didn't. we've really to this to it that i not a really me monday of that 60 shape. i'm like, i thought in the whole, it's a bottle stored on the road. you could order a new proposal. it's a new cookie. unless you're new york, i thought on yet, mitchell is the door. this way. no proof of the key on the quest to wait them, but you'll run us valuable units of motivated than us if they will. it's a chest, you computer and we're not going to much are your center or no,
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i didn't want to store it in to move to do the right issue and you said, so you did that? pushed a bit regarding your son. put your to do. you're still pushing you way. we're not showing dog i'm we're here to was july the there got to deal say in some nicholas craft. mr. new. yes. if the in the us is full day, i said it a stay often you thought it cannot be a bit in a play, a mall boy at this time is for well on because our lab waste, let me nasa my go out and i will stop. wait, wait a minute, road, sneaky, holly, spotty, if they go away. yeah, no problem. nick at the weights off. come on, you to folk. i mean your peter present the project data was i mitchell, everyone,
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we're a pretty genius bits of it. i say it for park on your porch, you will pick us for that. we are now coming to stay and you on just the idea. okay . my deal on a new national im when you do because we had spoke or ask about a shell, it's a portion but it is communicate that was more or less where you can learn. like when you're supposed to feel because i've actually or somewhere else, a weasel is a so you will ok. yeah. per year for we will prorate them or would okay. just sustain. yeah, thanks so much. you're still national. i'm here to shared. i'm a senior management team, we go load and they get him roll of a pity them with amazon prime daniel specified as a purse and miss there. so that way. 2 if i don't know enough, i'm contracted with the got those last problem a one long. so because there is what the last tech guys are quite
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a bit. a money. yeah, no, i agree. show peter the show on the and on do i don't read on war, but those need to go to well, now you're not sure guys don't get to watch it on the other layer. what our discovery dawn throughout that got any to really with with no do a little go so now
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one of my 2 sales that you all set to do and you know, when they say it, the guy that just they sell them both of them and what was the issue with them way . so the dealers, basically that's a new push the, the with the initials or did it go, that would be where it shows that you wish to bundles of in that to go to initially noticeable like, you know, and then you still play and when it is, it going, is it going the, another, it does a lot of, you know, you know, initial give anybody on the list that's going to be a bit for them digital nibble, which is a part of the board on the bill with
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i am, my name is frank from a reduction philadelphia got in the movement in the age of 13 or 14. we were violent towards those people because we believe that we're in this race. we were here 1st and this is our country being part of that movement. i got your sense of power when i felt powerless, we got attention when i felt invisible and accepted when i talked to level life after hey, is an organization that was founded by 4 o skin, neo nazi white supremacists in the u. s. in canada. and they found each other and they knew that they wanted to help other guys get out was 2 parts to getting out of a violin. extremely good. the 1st part is disengagement,
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which is where you leave the social group. and then the next part is d. radicalization where belief systems audiology are removed. it was very impactful when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement. you heard my story did nothing to challenge it. validate who is the aggressor today? i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions. today, russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. i think you're, which of the probably list of course sure as we speak on, the billing is pretty much the mine or wish you were banding all imports of russian oil and gas news. i mean, i know they pay with info. let me know where i think you have regarding joe biden, imposing these sanctions on russia. jo has destroyed the american economy,
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so there's your boomerang. oh, a show. last, just move it to put it back. double do it. is a new boy did. then i was by see we're all met by the move. so we but if it has a, b, b, a u a d h by cbo,
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but i'm still with for sure my mental know the social as you deal with when you money at machine. oh, and the full issue we're way in with in the machine the it, they, when the ocean is the way it's and then we meet the needs to the low tech and who would be, was shim investment like with a with
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all we knew knew will be what noonish does that mean? they, unless they got any of the dealers, what plays a role as liam this is mrs. dump them, i believe was it is a 3 now. so those 3 states a little bit, it shows a bunch of them. know what i see and the motor that ordeal it when i sample silica, what would be where to go to look when assistant, when i started to load it, but don't cook. i thought of an issue a little bit lower than the element this still it? no, yeah, they didn't have a job with them. go to that equation, august the b b to absolute, then sure the will, you know, get them for us to really what it and play g. or okey them with it in the, in the road. it has the engine study code is really done there when it was easy any a so we did it. there's a double additionally,
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not that the quick stepping ability to move in with us with lidiam, but it is complaining by this. so initially, i mean if you were open not the the the presented 3 still it that you're bullshit. i sit down with them more or less because an ocean this will just when you started melody this. yeah. give me your no do with this yet, the middle of it a good idea by than this it would mission that were not the what i need. when you study the sac emilio no, no, not so. i mean, well, i mean we usually are going to use see you. it was live you. we should have shown medium, but you more with on the 24 to go. it is a slow my. what stuff only so many believe by the this is
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a national in the bushes. a curtain used to go on board order, but if you did well, let's talk on those. i was reading here and i'm looking for yourself. just getting ready to learn to rebuild the humanly abilities. well, typically your scribbling motel. so going to see they could sort of issue with a book. you would have to see me double foot on most of them to read it. you to build on it. don't really like live locally of clean other stuff. lucille who actually is new to work with those issues. don't want to leave with all my children
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or anybody j. nikki is old. and again, that was like a lot of a good, a re wildwood or a new really days she me like you have 30. did you want to wash marybell genius with the stair? the ceiling will need to do or so need me a 1000000 return. so that little, it wouldn't be a poor that says the and you talk us middle initial let me more with my with any more with this is by needs of school and we had a schedule a today. and you could keep that with the late deloach level with a go on that or to do that. yeah. so a little we should delegate. i'm who didn't use it, use me a little. you said it is not a problem,
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not proceed. is legion. what should i go? i just say if you did a little bit of a number of celebrating group, which was i yes. about your status, don't you go load me one more gallantly book i came to assume them did in the good . what about like, what about you guys of the 2nd problem? a room the off with my gosh 9. you can do it as a pa, jamie to teach scapes, and i put together for the salmon. was folk a morning. so i'm glad i spoke with you to with plans that they go to a lesson is a do so for a lot of with
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so she can anyway, it's what i am now. it's my sam is just good. it's public if just listed you are you with the code yesterday with a with
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i really believe that it is still m. oh, when is the bundle it showed on the dylan door washer? dealer ledesma did the border. it is monday though, so much it it the shuttle. yeah. with because really interested. she's working with a woman with
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a homeless placebo. wonder what her on issues with no, you're not going to see the grandma salary and you, but you just get when you wanted to shopper dealer will. i hope was that going to stay emotionally considered a initial record that you said you like? like, almost like what i've shared with, with home, with, like just always with them about a year. but if you were to jumpstart with
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only in my mind, a blog with see what the new from a guy you bundle with . ah we can definitely do the oil filter nationwide. so i'm, i'm going to share it with you.
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what hopes in those core clear monday you too long to sean. good news for you for something. number my hard, but i does or do it, but it is so broad or so. his mood, luckily basil successfully because will really seriously meet a video that i needed on william bradley. good, i believe as i had deal is a bit out of soon as domes, audio only a dongle. basil, i'm credited liberated on gusto. dish won't give susan garalia lost on chillax. org . my said you by himself was only promotes at non proportional to recorded. not a were busy so far so so but i see that people need to but also i think that, oh yeah, there's more people. yes. there's with the lovely. sure. what so? hm. yeah, i will. i'm william. so she'll be with you people so ah
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was yes by cba new pla had he bought the freshly nauseous, bright yellow skier is let's throw another if you park or side valley you that i wish i bring your storm it into class. but if sure with thy bla hadn't gotten us bullying you miss your, we begin shredding better. the let the the let the herat rock with dot now brush oser malott's. this fussy manuscript backlog. you can your mike, it unfreeze back was watching hiroshi. and yet you were leslie, which in karachi by california and i see scale oh, a
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spoke with both both the models you need to do with a, a, a, a, a, a
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with a personal number you have that with when i was showing wrong what all right just a yes to shave out disdain, to come to africa, an engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. i
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was standing in an alley smoking a joint one day and a man came up to me and pulled a joint from my mouth. and he said, don't you know that that's what the capitalists and the jews want you to do. but we are violent towards you, those people because we believe that we're the superior race. we were here 1st and this is our pantry, guns, ammo, still tow doc martens, tattooing violence just just prerequisite to enter or exit 3 walked off like i could see this looking to face fear like he feared me being part of that movement. i got to feel a sense of power when i felt powerless. i got a.


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