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been bomb shelters for nearly 3 weeks. there was no phone reception, so many had no idea how to get out of town with his lender to see if that is does abuse people. did you buy your blood dollar with us before? no. so some walked for hours through a humanitarian corridor that heard about others, decided to risk it and just drove out, hoping not to get caught in the crossfire. some were wandering around looking for a way out when they were picked up by russian soldiers, the city mm. hm, with affordable even the for
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the de la deal, but don't mess with the should have you been up but it was never for them. okay. wants to register that the border. they are taken to a nearby shelter where they can rest, eats and try to regain their strength. some of these children don't know what a peaceful world looks like, and some are seeking refuge of russia for the 2nd time. this time people began to arrive after the 18th of february, when they're done, that is kenlegato republics ordered a mass like you ation of women. children and the elderly men age. they seem to 55, had to stay behind. brussel began setting up hundreds of temporary housing facilities in everything, from kim's to youth camps. many people offer their homes as refuge and some refugees, or even sheltering in a church for ah,
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here with a new a bureau, we want to do 2 dimes to bundle and you put you on the street in the hygiene store medical that that music video. but no, richard, who are a little boy mute. so he's like a
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defendant with that new need that because when i'm with the who didn't say no couple nashville tried to bother you the money . sure. to kind of get that this is not because of him in the bike is that it was when you got, when the start make sure no, but really bothered each. now me a spoke with them. i did say the sandwich and how she wrote back. it was joining with a lot of mobile b a, but i'm not sure how much of a movie
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i asked him how they feel, seen their countrymen in the west hiding and bomb shelters and fleeing to europe. with him, a new pathetic. 6 so green wanted to talk with you and your closure per tooth was to purchase a new card. it's not mine. he knew why. and it's not a problem as much to the back with the child with large a
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i guess a future when you have a blessed them now with a lot of them with
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awe shall be soon. ukraine has been a war selling for the last 8 years. government forces have been selling their own people because of differences concerning language, political affiliations, culture, history, and their country's future. the world watched the lever and in bloodshed for years cease. fire agreements were repeatedly broken. the exchange of fire continued, but it no longer made the headlines nursery, schools, hospitals, or balls, and there was no international outcry. and even now when you clean your courses, are selling the ease, killing innocent civilians including children. it's barely mentioned by western media. a nice to leave
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a shock with the mist dr. a sid to shame up the thumb spits a bit. outside of philadelphia, giovanni m c. m. as in york, the steps him, you move or not policy name, sitting on the for the human yet of what they tell us that the familiar with a possible been it'll in that them grand to get lucky room for her in thought. the is for michelle with, can you come eastern young adult? can you go from my home? yes. my name is matthew hammond, i'm gillian with ah, me, nevada now alcala, west mean just thought id, but i don't know that enough that he was a
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a cool and with some on the digital digital glenmuir both passionate azure of which li bushed goes. lloyd. ah, even the display of the saloon summer, libertarian, they fully to carry any new hotel, the light to brittany, the new mild to national trouble now should have shown you what the fit in the road garnished locating with kim briscoe book only shows a known issue with a new but with our innovative issue did a guy ear is stored? ear, marcia watches story or is divided abner saying, york fi, mitzi,
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of what e at their proposal is with any voice. so mentally at are it in? yeah, not up to the time of when you play a really thing least in that little surely. but behind this game, all those on what the quote from the startling borders are shown. the number that i see a store broker, i knew probably still been there are able to read are when you have to be an inside a walker. e 40. she'll oversize list that it'll have to tell you book alina. ah, the well joe middle alex, she's just see nothing from nobody but i just bought a language. it's a real name is logical was last cruise enough.
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courage grew up in federal which is it is public is the number to is big enough feel okay. that makes it easier. bushing to below that season. now she did the way for really not young edition did it was yes, it just got a better deal. this wouldn't have happened if need as why it didn't push this agenda this war. but that doesn't mean that she also said what about a lot of good things? nothing given up at the moment, this is what it's okay to fill and if there was december, but ah,
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i had 2 or 3 i school broker legal work. so for what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline charts that require that they call this area the greys oh yeah, i don't like the really early found the request premium. that was only about that. you had to call with the village olivia dale door. so no way it was funny. because i similarly wasn't dumb or was it a show below? like, do i still wonder if your school australia, alexander,
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who she'll not tell us that she made up pleasure with that, but that will hit somebody with what he alleged with before he boy feel cruel. here scott replied, throw your favorite them with my wife to finish it. a quick look with one engine and i got with a look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where said shorter is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is too late truck rather than fear.
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and various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect with phone existence with ah, how did you craniums become so divided their relatives who no longer speak to each other because they support different sides. to better understand this, we need to zoom out and go back back to the early ninety's when the standoff between these 2 military organizations came to an end. the war so packed was disbanded and these countries could no longer rely on it to protect them in
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case of an attack, the soviet union collapsed and countries like ukraine became independent brush. and america were starting to become friends, but need so kept expand in its collective defense. many russian, c, nato, as a vestige of the cold war, apparently directed against their country. they point out that they have disbanded the warsaw pact, their military liars, and ask why the west should not do the same thing. so started including former socialist countries and later, even former soviet union members dry and closer and closer to russia. george or any crane appear to be next on the list. with you guys. waited a week hewlett commission whistled left and i'm going to need another school or shooting me. me. michael was machine. yeah. one that i knew that this and my williamson elecom is be junior because of course, mystic real good. now about the here you know what to do is you fuck them to you j
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. she wouldn't they even that with you unless you but i mean you were a human person raja go enter machine, you're still still esteem in go to re, noel is up with the new but if not, i mean was there all supposed go bunch of go the go run the u. s. have always accused each other of trying to install public regimes. that was the case in georgia where we saw ellen turner armed conflict. lead to yet another stan between russia and the west. and that was the case in ukraine when president and the college refused to sign an e u association agreement. choosing closer trade ties with russia, the president was forced out in a violent could a talk, and a pro european parliament took charge of ukraine and invited foreign specialists to advise them on how to run the country. the relationship with russia had been badly
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mismanaged, trying to bring georgia in ukraine to nato, was truly overreaching recklessly ignoring what the russians considered their own vital national interests. not everyone was happy with this pro western sentiment, especially in the southeast from parts of ukraine, which has always felt closer to russia. some of its residents are ethnically, russian, or have relatives in russia, most ukrainians speak russian and is the predominant language in some regions. attempts the bandits only added fuel to the fire, ukraine's neo nazis took advantage of the situation and began to literally wipe out the russian speaking population. they formed fashion battalion, some of which even became part of the country's armed forces. crimea was the 1st ukrainian region to express discontent and voted to return to
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russia. later the people have done boss also stood up to protect their land. the ukrainian government was unable to cope with the situation and for the next 8 years continually shelled the saudi. some parts of the country while simultaneously seeking closer integration with the west. our relationship with russia is up. it's lois to point. since the cold war. i'm moscow, so aggressive are r a. europe and north america must stand strong together in the night to defend our others and our interests. shadonia with almost finishing music in that but his mind is a nation. we keep flitting, give that new skill level many schools and he's all gascon metal middle school or middle of the going to put yeah. was it here on the bus around the union with
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a new can you please while you bizarre classes? they shouldn't bizarre classes with by giving you a sheet with no, i think i don't think i'm natasha lee and you wrote your id and i, i right. you get one each got a little issue
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with with us. all they sure are is not settled a deal, so he just by his selling, told us about a little hold on for your school thing. you should go by noon for a thought if not with
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us. so we wouldn't the sure that. i mean, unless you live in a long gone with the to will get a report actually because you do not so much as well for was actually a one daughter, a mystical commitment to load them in. that'll fit when you're done with all that we shake, accomplish cleaners may be your issue or not that in the phone with them was a gift for someone to help me not to be a little bit of a baby on the 1st just was in la jolla a been awarded a little felicia. i wouldn't, you wouldn't know if they've machine. i'm actually not a psychologist
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regularly visit shelters to try and help people deal with what they've seen and experienced with oh, if you don't have a meeting with with can you go on?
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you've got the wonderful w sales or to find you the coil will ship with a don't put you to the go to the launch company. the cargo has deal at them. wants to produce done my best, you know, did you put you down but you did. you get graded to william mama. bob wanted them in chicago. delicious me about what a demean. shook i. d. e. a when you love the liberal shows, it's really the chest that i love to look at. there's floors of that was to fall those $20.00 cook with mess that up. i'm in addition,
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i a better deal. can you show my at, i'm with mccardle about on yet the one those up emotionally, which in thrush lately as it was but the most so you said well yeah, new year. holla, yeah, but the deal and i thought of what you missed. any amber plus the nipple? a nice she did, especially around the dark, lashing you able, did the teacher thought of quota and yet didn't the yet it will not be the dish. and i saw with derek diener on the ideal, so someone has got to finally got down or not. but i will be through dorm. would love to see him come out of the landing of a vizier the war but needs we are not to do it but up stealing all night. the story that these teeth and that would lead video down that we should see an update and i see him go and then be difficult, with dockery did it. does my gosh, did he do?
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i need the can you tell me when i was there? i need to get those to press good. i'm more. i'm not what it is up for me. dog got guns that bundle. your school dog car. got it on the chin. i had so much, not sub stealing your message at the get them. they had an if one minute. now did you schooling yet? you know versus a said mean. yeah, i'm almost polish goldlick tim of bomb. so but i in there genuine was, did she? does she daniel's plane you knew crying some young a to lydia. could doreen a be done monthly in my lateral genia? genuine daniel grimes yates, you know like, it wasn't that are discovered yet, but there was over water there yet, but they would say i'm all lead within the slave. would vara, thanks to see, gets late. so you see me, which who took the chance, who are to from who, who to 3rd sneered so fee and the be to not with you put in your mind. yeah.
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so that you could, that is you spoke with still or did the most, but does she his to? no, he is mccormick, i thought a newborn you mark in you could just put in your 2 will 2, a technician. i thought that the move or should you not, jim, we did not talk to her team. she to meet him to school with the store. was him living. stan, i'm and if i stay on the jail a, with any of these numbers with can you
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check in with or the well joe middle alex, she's just see nothing from nobody but i just bought a language. it's a real name is logical was was cool enough
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coverage grew up in brenda federal, which is it for the kids to be renewed, but i do not feel okay, that probably makes susan. i put him in museum bushing to do that season. now she did the waiver for really not young at the us. it just got on the bus and deal this wouldn't not have happened if need to push this agenda this war. but that it doesn't mean it should lead to what about a it's not a good way to get anyone up with this, but it's okay to film was december. but
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ah, give amid russian and allied forces have taken the city of 7 a done yet. little guns for public ukrainian troops have little chance of reclaiming the city u. s. officials layouts a new anti inflation plan based on organic farming methods which previously failed in chill anchor on china and russia pledge to joined efforts to tackle global challenges and promote the multi polar with the news here on, on the international i p just gotten here the top stories, a 70 in moscow time this friday morning. we start off this hour with the latest on the war in ukraine where russia has reportedly stroke and industrial plans in the
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heart co for region. and these.


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