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she said the social concerns, me the quote for more than a classical community nestled to what i went to look and they just had to go to another bus and deal lucky. so starbuck okay. got those
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people, barry, this little note with all those for this you that but this is what i meant to perform, but the most possible personally for us to get it to deal with stuff that's that's so that's just me. most katy though, i want to serve us some time ago joe, which is persona, which is company, those amigos cumberland test. but all this is on which is on which is, was a prominent place you lose do more with a
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little bit wonders we la city us in college. i mean you us talk on the phone. i mean, i'm just, i'm look i it is going to be more or less believe football cameras did the principal financial but a lot more to me and me so you can not finish a moment. i could go in and if a woman and this, i mean more for the company us, you may push it on the spot to get this, which i can look that up. but this is good to hear that sound good. a joy were we supposed to look at this? and i'll get that ah
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variable. draw with plato, washington. why these are you who who destroyed is and you can given weapons and you just continue. you just don't stop in we'll clubs, court behave, or current, try tribunal, wendy, of nato officials,
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military officials from united states will see your day and court judgment day. and they will pay for every inch of territory that's been destroyed. they will have to pay with the bank and they will fit with a with while up. they're going. i mean, i said it the way you would be my, my board at that for each period we a wasn't doing that. i need to issue with you more just to just to can you more opinion
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to do it to which was a pretty chat giving you through your proof of riddle and then you press credit. union will new wasn't when you're tricky by 2 crimes care. when i ask you will not stay. yeah, the new post 3 opposed to kill you, especially music will be shipped to a deal if you felt that this question started a new streets, you're funny. it's worth a don't value this. you get, it will be as we ship off my dad's you for light and you get with,
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with a little bit more with with the, with that i really feel like i've, you know, with your, with your to do that. how much money do it
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always, daniel, i do feel more than that. she used to say, i want to give me a short pin from being i for ukraine. i picked aside and we lost i can accept this blue, insecure, 30001 thing. and if else have done is voluntary. i know hidden, i did some my training with the british show me a lot about that. i didn't know news as
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a british soldier. i was with the 1st battalion most gonna hold to the marines, ukrainian marines. and i was stuff still more unit i my biggest worry was getting catches because i'm british or suspended for 6 weeks. literally avoiding tanks, we got smashed, basically, absolutely hammered. so we one day we'd have people next day they were dead. in the west side of it. and i don't wish to see ever again. i wish it would stop in some dialogue. so i'm sorry. i'm not sitting on a straight. i just wish it would just stop. ah, i worry every day you this is petra park. so, you know, i don't want to, i want to see more forget and i wanna live in respect to where i
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am the place summer now. yeah. are foreign. are get fed bread and water and you know, the total co borrower, named shaun and you know, i'm treated r a y and all the normal it was, it's uni oh, totally. i went to the door, you're going to them. okay. you know, savanna renewal, so the total grinding no one you must. i just part of the regularly thought. yeah. a but the new stork i guess what the, what you go about getting a little need, but i would use the, let me just bits i need to put a go with which it's
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a little it's actually gonna be a salt authority which is really the biggest in dallas law in wilson with sure. so in right now i'm going to sleep. don't paula story of the, you know, you lucian, which opinion for them? no, not to the point of the full white on was visually but the you need to know the sticker. i don't want that a saudi project because i want a little more money about middle school board and all are supposed to talk while it's 1 o'clock request on what other people because the don't yes. so no. got you not little fuck, would you be difficult to tell in a lot of hello you money political mental or did you want to stay a normal way to really la shawna lee sent
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a much out of the that was kind of a video look was paula no cover a lot of that one or candle somebody what the noise from and 13 noise a brenda quest of the owner. little comments at the school as the new cousin center. probably me, did you read the official with those going to the 3 more last year a year with no so often as all for for 3 the level 2 and you should talk with a while yet. were many people in the
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8 that so uh huh. cuz i'm here with boston stuff to do to what about a nadia with which was done fairly door, but i'm older people alternate. demila green the gee geanargo, mcqueen, the condo, then too much of your mental illness. come into what i do. a lot of the football electric one that's awards. i'm that i didn't get your knee level then give me that she did, she quando. not until about a give a gift further. just called or with
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a little bit of a formula scenario. but there's one little before one door wondering vc. one is a lot to well for door to one of us with a a a ah
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ah nelson as well. yeah. wow. dvd wow. finance says oh yeah. oh you said one slide. yes. south. yeah. thrashing with a new dock. awesome voice. now watch them up. all me at that i'll pull up. my pizza is emma? yeah. full body of from. she'll let me just kim's room should sort video the why fi ela? a bill?
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yes. my thought. watching into it again. to your fortune, very up my be a lot about this morning. just financial news a the
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alone but what's your name so they don't have to have them with your mom, but again the the yes you can give them the notice in the let's call the back, but i just put in the limit and that's when the number is ignacio or make you know, the pin thread, comb, or tardy or little different sort of thing sequence. i think one of
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your men listed on their phone 4 boxes, whether the problem, a problem of the day less is more than a 1000000 a guardian. but i'm also going to come up with this idea, the motivated what we're not picking which is going to let them. so now the big need to do if this were a bit, i got your oh no, that is listed of them one. okay. then the total medical is good, so i might be bad with that. i wanna let them know when i get done,
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whether it's been a girl. so it's been a good us, a lot of people i feel so what i would feel portal and that'll be as well. okay. i like that, like with robot that you can get. i got the i see a list to pick out a little bit. caveon busters can escal new with the little, but this will, as will with looking with lisa for the last has put all the that is
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not the film the morning. we bought it in some way by the us to come to the summer go one and also that almost almost you can make it will not be a good one. well, how would i could l k? put this together? can the with landlord on what you must last feel badly than you think looks with oh, it doesn't do them both with
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with she was a human not just for new with not just a night. they understood that or should that the family violence so that they're
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doing that, but that was the ideal set doing her due to seek nature really well. yeah. yeah. i think my love of she we can though listen to think, but yes, but don't come in and it's a along with myself ahead. it's marla. i need from the call up with which when i don't get a got this, it's an indiana color calais still biting is that there is a young man that was there late here and there was a mean and then does it with them the day with the lady nasha but less if you got enough effect, kill us if, if i'm but then you mute but, but you got put in. um, yeah. could you, unless you can? yeah. you cynically about you got to, you would have to do that. michelle bullock address of but about the need them to have will it be essence over them with escalate? if so that that with eskoville he said that the healing conference for the baby filing if the sticker will crash number look i guess not for ya yet. benefield enough that you had. yeah,
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i be in there yet. the piano bella got the whole number which is but i business has been chemical shame it then you know, do it then, you know dick up more than that, but yeah, it all cool. now boys of then you got more stuff, i get that open that saddam with. 6 with you guys go home, we shall see when you go to school with a book. is them when you course force you to watch out of funding that they might your, i think the way she this, even with them, with the, with student
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routine for ferguson. a little triple diverse overflow, too early here with preschool would be dorothy arch will for you for your little road in the school with us. and those are 2 more for love do do do super for brought to you or did you do a future trooper for her? a oh and then under mine
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with a lot more nick a will. hi barbara. how are you? i am speaking with how long you live here with major, enjoy life mind too much do a lot and what's amazing, you know, people think, you know, shaq your issue. thank you for coming to know that to hear or hear. well,
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you guys want to hear the kids who continue to go to school to teachers who continue to teach. while bob's are for when you heard them this morning, right. and so to continue with life, you are, as you're not saying, i'm interested to be a special operations right now is truly is incredibly brilliant. we're gonna finish this one, couple of months. okay. how long was america? i couldn't do it. how long was american via and do you clean, needle know,
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can you know women use it badly after this data will collapse later will be destroyed. ah, there's our flag. the russian flag is waving, we have liberated. are you so we will have a free world peaceful everything will be rebuilt ah, to ah,
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ah, need to come to the russians state to little never. i've side as i'm phoning most lansky with fishy babel did. okay, so my niece madeline speed, you went home with will ban in the european union, the kremlin community up machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and r t sport mckibben our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with
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with his book and just look up some literally a muscle around noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green shield on a nurse to me as close to mamma cook as goose creek summary tamika. but i put his ashley of dc wanted. what's a good piece? it goes down to one to do 3 3rd of cool jason, when you bring out not but the key for the chima primes to network for phones or something like that. we are at that point. did that with writing for the pages of the new york times, joe biden says he does not want a nato russia war in the same article. he was unclear how the conflict in ukraine
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should, and negotiations did not appear to be a high priority. in the meantime, the you agreed to a 6th round of sanctions, all a while ukraine is losing on the battlefield. road and usually my judge. i need a shuttle earlier, an important phone with jacka, micah pushing leaf. we're ordering a new initial, no new to your from google demand cartridge rooms on our la coach, long on our start, peter scholar girls show the actually data ah, now she did a motion against an order of so boy, a board of turk shortness and i mean but number those, they added another you know, allows when it's on i must be
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a tom store and i see at the national she don't go them, we missed it. we it was sheila bush load amy dawn because i am near chiz. dim got thought it nice when the jailer, a scholarly buckeye east, at the bundled c becca and the east madison is shadonna. it does still boyd, by the way, that she was fired or be circulated any at bad. just severe luther. dia beneatha, the mustard cisco, that soil, slower, slower wood beast worker, the rag is rushing is the cielo and cleared the lid voicemail la did have to use it for dinner, but today i am still. we got all we have at you, boyd. mr. gus without a sla torch crew. the will whipple, it liber because liberty florida state.


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