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tv   News  RT  June 3, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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ah ah, cruise from our t annoy terriers come under ukrainian artillery 3 fire near the city of several done yet, which is now mostly under the control of russian drivers killed on tooth. reuters journalists are injured also ahead on the program. a new poll shows only around the 5th of greek support, cutting economic ties with russia, with a conflict in ukraine, as the u. slops. yes. another round of sanctions on most with the sheen coming off green tells us suggest adopting more organic farming methods to compensate for a lack of fertilizers. we hear from frustrated farmers that's coming from somebody that has a lot of clue about farming. besides having to worry about the weather has like you
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usually have to worry about. they have to worry about kind of get enough fertilizer ah, wherever you're catching that program from today across the globe. welcome to moscow into the news round up an art t. my name's unit cruise from r t and reuters have been hit by ukrainian artillery fire on the outskirts of the city of several done yet. i shall directly hit the rotors car which was traveling alongside ortiz vehicle. the driver was killed while to ro. trish reporter shannon hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. a reporter eager shadonna who was in the r t car seat via chuck was coordinated by a drone overhead. several de netscape, a city on the very front line of the russian advanced in the loop. ganske republic . russian troops are currently edging out the last remnants of the ukraine garrison there about these according to the m. o. d 's of both ukraine and russia. before he
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came under attack, igor sent us this update from the pencil. right now, the ukranian forces are trying to break free as they are besieged on the territory of the assault plant in the town of severed the nets. helping them out is another garrison in the town of lucy chance, which is just over there. you can see on the horizon there a plume of smoke. well, we can clearly hear the sounds of war. well battering all around as they are banging all around us. so this is what they're trying to do because the town of lisi chance, which is just over there. it is the last bastion of the ukrainian forces. he and the le ganske people's republic. the town of severed the nets, which they have had to which they had left right now is almost under the complete control of the logan's peoples, republics, army. and while the russian soldiers, as well the only enclave still that is still held by the ukrainians by the
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ukrainian nationalist nazis, and were regular soldiers, is the territory of the assault plant. but while the, the living sector, all the apartment blocks are under the control of the russian. and while the allied forces against the battle is happening just just down the street, just literally, just maybe a few kilometers away from us. hampshire will be speaking to eager, shortly. we do hope that he's fully, well, the assistant to the ukranian president has hinted that's newly pledge us rocket systems to the country, could have a range of 300 kilometers. that's despite the pentagon saying it will only send rockets limited to an 80 kilometer firing distance. putting too much knowledge. do you remember how this war started, but they were afraid to give us extra sting is extra japanese and they said it was a precedent. they could never set, and now there are lots of them. these thing is that could be no talk on artillery.
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and yet western artillery has now been received. so where the radius is 80 kilometers that you see, it will be 300 kilometers. because while i stay 300 kilometers famous, true that would pass the russian borders city of brianne sc within range. as you can see here on the map for an age and small lens could also be at risk. russia has repeatedly warned of consequences if such weapons are used to target russian territory. ok, just some background to this washington earlier agreed to send the new 700000000 dollar military aid package to ukraine, including a number of advanced rocket launchers. but the biden administration said it only agreed to supply rockets with a maximum range of 80 kilometers. i mentioned, the pentagon said cave promised that those weapons won't be used to strike russia, but the u. s. envoy to ukraine has said, washington will control the exact range of those systems. as president biden announced yesterday,
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a $700000000.00 security assistance package had been signed. this includes h i m a r s long range rocket systems. this will help you cranium forces to a more accurately but also have a longer range. the exact range will be determined by the ukranian forces all international relations expert. gilbert doctorow is not surprised that washington is facing opposition to hunting long range rocket launchers. to keep is not the least bit surprising that there is open political warfare in washington over the next steps in the, in the, in the warm weather to supply long range capable missiles to ukraine, as requested by zelinski. whether to pursue negotiations, these conflicts, which normally would be more matched and more hidden in a effective government, which the united states definitely does not have today. they are open because mr.
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biden is central. he is not really in control of himself, let alone of his government in that power vacuum at the, in the naval officer. his reports, the people who report to him are fighting it up and finding out in a way that appears in new york times and appears in the damage in the news. it's rather shocking to see such that urgency is being promoted, but that's the way it is. in the effective governance of united states. okay, well let's say i know try and cross to ortiz ego shadonna, who as we mentioned earlier, was in the car. and when an attack happens in near the city of several nets. and we're good to see you there after such
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a hard owing experience that we know that was a reuters journalists nearby as well. they are in hospital, the driver of their car was killed. an incredibly frightening experience. tell us about it. well, absolutely human. so we were about to enter the city of several. the netscape is one of the towns that were the latest. it's among the latest that were captured by the joint russian and the la ganske people's republics forces. so we were moving, there were 2 cars, both cars, civilian, and as we were about to enter the town, maybe a few 100 meters away from the city boundaries. well are they? they started shelling us so the ukrainians and it was, they were so they were taking their aim so they clearly had an unmanned aerial vehicle. something of something like a drone. they so they spotted us. so they saw us and they started shelling the general area, the 1st couple of shells. they landed a few good. her doesn't meters away from the cars. the 3rd one that hit the vehicle
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that was right in front of her. so the wonder was those 1st and her so yeah, it was just about 10 meters away from us. we could clearly see that from our vehicle. we could see it. well, just stop it. well tipped over on the side and it caught fire. and so we had to escape, we alerted the, the 1st ambulance that we saw, the 1st ambulance that we noticed so that the so that so that the, they could well help out those in the vehicle. now again, we were just journalists, our hold our vehicle. it was just our news crew in the 1st vehicle. there was a crew with the reuters news agency to persons and one a military man who was taking the wheel because he was showing us the way basically the world what was presumed to be a safe way, at least that wasn't rigged. so the, the, our soldier, our, with the chechen act, my battalion, he died right there on the spot. and right now, just in fact, minutes ago, i talked to our colleagues from reuters, there are fine as fine as they can be in
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a situation like that when the car was directly hit in the hood or by a shell. so one of them has a broken arm. another has a basically has been wounded in the leg, but nothing serious. they've told me, they've told me that they're in fact while they're moving, they're not even they don't need to to be taken to hospital. they are going to look ganske and from le ganske they will move to the next you know themselves. so this is what they're doing. they're fine again. so there was, i mean, as fine as they can be. of course they have received injuries, but well, luckily, nothing serious and i just want to stress and point out that are well obviously the ukrainians they've saw us. they saw that there were 2 civilian vehicles going towards a towards the town of i sever the next and they were trying actively trying to hit our cars. it wasn't like they was shelling the general area we were with their target. and so well, they succeeded
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a full ma gsa to the ukrainian artillery artillery sports as and those who pulled the plug, pulled the trigger. they did manage to catch to john less of a european news agency. reuters in that cross has and they successfully had their vehicle. there was an absolutely terrible experience to go through. it's, it's good to see your logo while though eager at take a rest now and get away from that for a little while. thank you very much. and for taken us through all that occurred there to you and your colleagues today. now another story to bring you a busy news day this friday, yet another package of sanctions has been slopped on russia by the u. it is the 6th from the block and includes the exclusion of the main russian bank sperling from the global swift payment system. russian oil. it's targeted to with a block on seaborne deliveries. that was the imports of russian oil into europe slashed by 90 percent by the end of the year. the new package compliments the
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previous sanctions which targeted loaded were put non foreign minister circle of ralph as well as bombing the export of luxury goods and cool imports. but the head of the russian orthodox church, patriarch carrillo seen his sanctions lifted after hungry, oppose the move in while public opinion in greece says, increasingly running against the use policies on punishing russia with a recent pool showing only 22 percent of greeks want to sever economic ties with more schools, the conflict in ukraine. moreover, according to the survey by euro barometer, 60 percent of greeks, or against supplying military equipment to ukraine. this by data deal between athens on berlin has been announced aimed at handing grace's over soviet tanks to key, which would then be replaced by new german. once chris's main opposition party is firmly against the deal. they may could pose
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a risk to great security. the government must stop making decisions in secret, uncritical national issues even more so when the majority of the greek people are opposed to choices that pose risks to the country security and are contrary to our national interests or great healthy making their feelings clear repeatedly for the last few months about the government's approach to the conflict and seen some greeks block real lines and protest. athens also saw a number of demonstrations with thousands of people condemning nato as policy in ukraine. well, that all comes out of the u. s. is making attempts to influence opinion in greece, the american embassy has been accused of trying to pressure a local geopolitical analyst after he published an article, criticizing the government for sending weapons to key. if the author said he was concerns about the arms falling into the hands of fighters from the off battalion
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who have oppressed ethnic greeks in maurice po, he also blame the government and its media for attempts to whitewash the units. new nazi ideology. and i am delighted to welcome live onto the program, the author of that article independent. i'm lists on journalist paul, anton opposite. paul, thanks for your time today. can you briefly take us through the main gist of your story and what happened after you publish the article? well, thank you very much. i think more importantly, you highlight that too great for initially, again sending to you in a more recent all actually it's been discovered that 71 percent of great actually want the government have a neutral policy. and unfortunately, that has been completely thrown out of the window. they have not listened to the people. and as a result, the ruling government, the government has suffered in the polls currently that popularity is currently on
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the especially as energy prices and grocery prices and great start to rise. and the main opposition to this is not, this is 33. the want to be very rational you frame, but that we have to be very careful in balancing our own interest in our, in our own interest, considering a very aggressive navy that we have in turkey. ready it's currently being undermined as we continue to focus on, on ukraine, especially with our main emphasis on, on by your police. as we all know, money has already been liberated. however, over the last 8 years, they have a precedent, the hundreds. why don't we break that? libya city and it's surroundings. and most grapes have actually been quite a large community of ethnic groups have been living in by the police and catherine. the great and as the war has progress and more information has come out,
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rather than not just being from the, from the mainstream media. great. the great public have discovered who the have, you know, if you are often great, 6 months ago who they were, the overwhelming majority will not know who they are today. so my thought common household names and what you're seeing there is, is all factual isn't. if you're going through, like you're investigating yourself, but a lot of information is there already for people to know. so what didn't the u. s. embassy like about your narrative poll? well, it's quite interesting, in other previous articles, which i'm show world. so notice is that i highlighted the fact that that's the last european diplomat in the city of murray. hopefully it will be great. consul general and lucky. and he conducted several convoy trips by in and out of more you need to transfer reputation. at the end of he, at the end of his envoy troops, he spoke to great media and he claims that the tally and may have an
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extremely audiology, but they never home billions. of course that isn't contrary to united nations report that we're fully aware of. and it is my belief that because i can reference united nations reports on what they say themselves and how they use schools and hospitals and other public areas as launching to a 1000000000 burnett. as i was able to bring that to the full front to the public, that has been a very negative reaction to that. and i believe that there has been an effort for me to press that information. and in that regard, the u. s. embassy ernie announced last week that they. ready will come back from classes for break journalist on how did the $53.00 face news and whatnot. so this is the type of level of involvement with us and having at least publicly
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within the great media here. however, unfortunately for ben has not been successful as it would be. and it's my belief that the us and the are now trying to understand why great have not just taking the face value anything that he thinks in regards ukraine. mine, there either might even be in grief regarding the situation. however, there is more information tutoring out. so just to, to make it clear, but what you're saying there, you believe that the u. s. embassy is going to organize classes for greek journalists to educate them on what is fake news and what is not fake news. oh, it is not my belief. definitely in all the miles the vent is just possibly right now when it is. but this is the type of activity that is going on right now, because the, as a tally question, grace was the one that became
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a very you became very heated, within public discourse here. and it quickly, 5 ships of public opinion about the situation and ukraine, especially as we must remember that i was supposed to meet at mostly with the war and new train began one great shot killed. and another great was any judge with a gun shot me because they were speaking russian amongst themselves in the village of correct meaning, which at the time, 10 days before the war restarted was on the, on the sci fi on line. there was shop on the alley and just for me speaking russian mange, paul. listen, thank you so much for coming on the program and sharing that with us about experience of what's happened to you at. we like to give a spot like to things like that. we do appreciate it, paul, on to nobliss independent analysts and journalists live from the greek capital.
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now, another story to bring us farmers, they've lost, starts at the head of the u. s. agency for international development after c suggested natural solutions like at manure and compaq, could deal with a, the entire, indeed shortage of fertilizers in the country. we're working with countries to think about natural solutions like minerva and compost. and this may hasten transitions that would have been in the interest of farmers to make eventually anyway, so never let a crisis go to waste. this whole idea of being able to use the newer and everything else is just it's, it's crazy. it's a data data that's coming from somebody that has a lot of clue about farming. right. they don't know, they don't know what they're talking about. they don't know what they're doing. they don't know about the availability. and like dean was saying earlier, like they, they want to cut, they want to use the newer, but yet they want to also get rid of cows. so where is all the newer and everything
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from, from it's, i mean it's just, it's, it's craziness. there is none of this makes any sense. yeah, a similar plan was previously deployed. you may remember and sri lanka was, so i made a few headlines that, but it caused yields to clubs by a 3rd killer open as more than for months and months. the flood waters have been rising, gas prices have been going up and up. americans are now being told that things could be soon, even worse, especially when it comes to food. there's a lot going on right now, but the idea we're going to be able, it's, you know, quick switch, bring down the cost of gasoline is not likely in their term, nor is it with regard to food prices at the supermarket or of 8 percent over march of last year, why it's more expensive for farmers to fertilize their crops. and the fuel that they use for their machines is also more expensive. both of those situations have a lot to do with anti rush and sanction. some farmers are speaking up and raising
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the alarm at this point, biden is coming forward and saying he feels their pain and he has a plan. organic farming sounds all nice and eagle, logical, but it doesn't work out too well in practice, sri lanka tried it and as a result, their crop output decreased by a 3rd t industry alone. last $425000000.00. things got to be so bad. the government actually paid out compensation to those farmers who lost out amid their little experiment, but the economic nightmare is still on hunger rioting. in the st, the sri lanka, government even backtrack. someone saying we are not as stubborn government. we are sensitive to the needs of the people, american farmers see what's on the horizon and they are not happy about it. meanwhile, the rate of savings among americans is the lowest. it's been in 14 years. the biden white house continues to roll out plans that match a liberal value system. however,
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the problems on the ground are very real and getting worse. caleb, martha r t new york. farmers on small business owners home and done me on a ciro again, say prices have skyrocketed, leaving them fearful of affording anything at all. as everybody knows this cost diesel is crazy high. so that's going to hurt. and then you have to get more money for your cross, if the diesel. yeah, because everyone uses tractors everything. and then after the crop is grown, you gotta take that off diesel and get it to the supermarket. people are having problems with fertilize, they're not going in a fertilize well, so they're gonna cut back on their acreage of how much they plan. you're not going to go in there and plan a bunch stuff and then lose it. we can't do that. so you want to make a good crop, so we're gonna do it for as many has much fertilizer and you can get besides having to use worry about the weather has like you usually have for your bath. they have to worry about. i can't get enough fertilize and we're going to be able to afford
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this harvest this crop price of diesel. everything's is crazy, expensive. ah, the turkish president again taken aim at sweden and finland for refusing to shift their position over. what he alleges is their support for kurdish militants, regina type or to one has previously demanded that the nordic countries provide binding documents confirming a hard line against the fighters if they want to join the nato alliance. nato is the security organization, not a support organization for terrorists organizations. how kentucky approve of swedish and finish native bids given that tara affiliates, freely robe, and hold rallies that will that straw live now to turkish journalist and columnist, hello, a cap line for her. take hello and welcome to the program. we've heard see them learn yet. we've heard similar statements probably from am president or to one is the issue, an appellate red line for turkey as it stands because we know there's been quite
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a lot of pressure from other countries on, on cra, as far as a fall turkey joint mentor, doomed it, alignment 1st able expansion in 1962, it's been 7 decades and doing a 7 decades. so you always support the nato expression. but the problem here is these 2 countries we've done and few minutes, they are fortunately support and even the font and hardware protect it, terrorist turkey, once they do not expedite them, they let them hold dally, see lead. they let them become m p, 's, etc. they even host the viper using leave. busy in their office, their official office, the foreign minister, and also other ministers on the swedish government. it made some mistakes here. so turkey is right to worse these objections. and also, i should say that turkey now has the diplomatic military and political
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power to was these objections more strongly because especially in the last decade and turkey is no longer the so called like state of the us. so she can, the found her national interest more strongly. and i have to state that to even feel as they know about these objections for over a decade now. but they chose to ignore them until they are the nature of it. now they want to hear turnkey side, but unfortunately not much has been down until now. yeah, just to point out underneath the rules, all member states have to agree for new members. president nerd, one has been stringent in saying that, well, if finland on sweden don't call on what he's called, i guess poses for terrorist organizations claiming that terrorists are nest in their parliament. that there's no way that those countries will join. do you think
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that's how it's going to progress? hello. i believe so because you know y p g to turn organization the offshoot of the p k k. thank you. hundreds of turkish folgers. so turkey is right about working these objection. unfortunately, and these 2 states continue to protect and harbor p k k link carriers, they finish the extra that they let on again, if you want to. sorry, friend, but do they give a reason for that to turkey? sorry, do they give a reason to turkey as to why they're refusing to negotiate on that sweden and they say that this is favorable expression, but we can for instance, another organization i is called rally john, they become m p 's in sweden. so it doesn't make sense, it's kind of like very he will be critical. are there more reasons for turkey to
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oppose finland and sweden membership of the alliance apart from that tweed, especially with the along with still and they are like safe haven for the p k. k, and it's syrian all shoes by p g. i should also include the therapist. they are like a safe haven day support and certain organizations way close to them. they allow them to hold values really. they allow them to voice a p k. k support in the parliament and for instance, the tax minister. and this was a scoundrel, peevish detachment, cert, met with the wifi during the the i had the shy and the a tele conference. i said that we don't do cooperate and hop y p g for a very long time in march last year. so in march of this year, the foreign minister of sweden and linda, she was
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a so called the general manager of the law. so their support is not something hidden. so turkey is right to watch these objections because you want to be part of the greatest security rela that you then. but on the other hand, you support the tears that are attacking and turkey and there are killing terms. well, another point is of course the ramifications all of this. hello, how did you believe turkey, the firm stance on the matter is going to affect the, the countries relations with the for instance, the u. k, the us who are very supportive of sweden and finland joining natal in the last 5 years. turkey has been they open and, and very strong in defending her borders. y p g is a threat on our borders in 2019, and the minister of creation of turkish army in syria started the u. k. was their
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objections, the u. s. the e u. they called for arms embargo, some of them stop their military exports to turkey. what did church do? turkey stepped back. now. this time it will be the same thing because this is about the safety of our citizens. and i don't think that the, i mean, i don't think any politician has the luxury to ignore the security concerns and just about down to us or what the case that was. thank you for coming in the program and sharing your views with this. we do appreciate a turkish journalist on columnist, hello kaplan. ah, okay, another story to tell you, abide, so local, one for people have reportedly been injured in a huge fire at a moscow business center. the blaze is now said to be under control and an eye
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witness toward our correspondent dollar quarter. what happened it at 9 30 am our colleagues panicked for the 1st time for our colleague was standing outside in the fire started from there on the 1st floor with the face of the building is at the entrance. he sent a photo and then a video to the chat with and told everyone to get south. there was no fire inside the building. about 3 minutes late to the fire alarm was raised. the la mas triggered people began to rush to the corridors to get out of i didn't pay any attention at 1st. we've had many fire alarms of folks often training logs. so people also lost that vision and a little different. but when the commotion began, it became clear that everything was serious. or here right now at the grand set tune, plaza business center, where an enormous inferno broke out on friday morning. as you can see behind me, that fire has been completely put out at this point, and that's been corroborated by moscow's mayor. but earlier on helicopters were actually called in to help put out this fire because the intensity of the inferno
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was actually classified in the.


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