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tv   News  RT  June 3, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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ah, with cruise from r t on the reuters news agency come under ukrainian artillery fire near the city of sever dynette, which is mostly under the control of russian forces. a driver is killed, 2 waters journalists are injured. also ahead of the program, the u. s. embassy increase is accused of trying to pressure a local geopolitical analyst. after he published an article, criticizing athens for sending weapons to clear a threat to africa's food security, which could lead the continent without adequate access to grain and fertilizer. so say the head of the african union in repeating the sanction slots on russia. machine coming off green plus the u. s. suggest adopting more organic farming
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methods to compensate for a lack of fertilizers. nationwide. we hear from frustrated form that's coming from somebody that has a lot of clue about for me, besides having to use worry about the weather has like you usually have to worry about. they have to worry about, can i get enough fertilizer? ah, from moscow to the world, this is our pleasure to have your company today. my name is, you know, neil cruz from r t and reuters have been hit by ukrainian artillery fire on the outskirts of the city of separate the net or t correspond. igor shit down, i was in one of the cars, targeted and spoke to the program earlier from the luke ounce republic. we're just about to move into the town of several dynette sk again. this is the latest town there was liberated and captured by the russian and the la guns. people's armies
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are here in dwelling little ganske people's republic. as we were about to move into and drive into the town. we were caught amid a shelling. there were 2 vehicles, both civilian the 1st one. there was a, there were our colleagues with the reuters news agency behind the wheel. a soldier with the acme, with the chechen act my battalion, we were moving, we were the 2nd vehicle following them. so again, both cars, civilian and so 1st we heard a couple of shells. a couple of shells landed a good few doesn't meet has around us, so there was no cause for alerts of rule. this is a war zone. so these things they happen. the 3rd one caught the very 1st vehicle, the one moving in front of us. we did see it. apparently it was a direct hit. we saw a bright flash, the vehicle tipped over to the side and it was and it caught on fire was get caught to blaze. so are the driver, the soldier he died instantly right there and well a to the 2 of the reuters crew all of them, they were injured. luckily,
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nothing serious. one of them has a broken arm and another was wounded in the leg. but you have just talked to the minutes ago, in fact, they are fine and they don't even need to be taken to hospital right away. they've told me they are going to look guns can from low ganske, they will move to the next you know, themselves. so this is what they're doing, they're fine again. so there was, i mean, as fine as they can be. of course they have received injuries, but well, luckily, nothing serious. and i just want to stress and point out that are well, obviously the ukrainians, they've saw us. they saw that there were 2 civilian vehicles going towards a towards the town over several the nets. and they were trying actively trying to hit our cars. it wasn't like they were shelling the general area we were with their target, and so they succeeded full mugs to the ukrainian artillery artillery sports. and those who pulled the pulled the trigger. they did manage to catch 2 journalists of
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the european news agency. reuters in the cross has and they successfully had their vehicle here, has suggested the new rocket systems. the u. s. is sending to the country could have a range of 300 kilometers and that's significant because it's despite the pentagon stating it will only hand over rockets limited to an 80 kilometer firing distance. plenty to get machine hours ago. do you remember how this war started? but they were afraid to give us extra sting as extra javelins. they said it was a precedent, they could never set. and now there are lots of them. these thing is that could be no talking artillery. and yet western artillery has now been received. so where the radius is 80 kilometers, you see it will be 300 kilometers. crimea is ours, it's ukrainian, therefore we will show crimea swiftly if there is such a need. this is considered strategic russian territory. and the fact that we hit crimea during the war, that was a little secret. well,
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if the 300 kilometer claim is true, that would, puts the russian border city of brianne sc within range. as you can see them up for an age and small lens could also be at risk. russia has repeatedly warned of consequences if such weapons are used to target russian territory. and just some background to this washington earlier agreed to send the news $700000000.00 military, a package to ukraine, including a number of advanced rocket launchers. but the, by that ministration said it only a great to supply rockets with a maximum range of 80 kilometers the pentagon out a promise that those weapons will be used to strike russia. but the u. s. invoice, ukraine has stayed. washington won't control the exact range of those systems. as president biden announced yesterday, a $700000000.00 security assistance package had been signed. this includes h, i m a r s long range rocket systems. this will help you craney and forces to
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a more accurately, but also have a longer range. the exact range will be determined by the ukranian forces. a former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott ritter. it saves the supplies come as the situation on the battlefield is worsening. for ukraine, timers becomes a problem because your right now we have ukranian forces operating the in and around the city of cargo lesson. no. 72 kilometers away is the russian city of belgrade. if you put high mars up by cargo, there's a great possibility could be used against a russian city that would make it an offensive weapon. weapon kills was your to friend enter your attack. an m 16 is not a defensive weapon. you give it to me and my marines will hunt you down. we'll kill, you can often support high mars though the rocket system that we're sending in to be used for defense of our office. if it's, its job is to kill. i think the, what you're basically when we talk about defensive or offensive weapons that are used within ukraine's territorial boundaries in response to russia,
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special military operation or being labeled as defensive weapons being that ukraine is using it in defense of russian action. any weapons that are used to reach outside of ukraine and go into russia in a chat russian targets on russian soil. these would be characterized as options of weapons. i think the united states is under a lot of pressure to be seen as doing something to, to help you. crane the, the situation on the battlefield is dire. nato is facing opposition from an unexpected source. grief or a new poll suggest. the majority of greeks are against the arming ukraine, according to the survey by euro parameter, 60 percent of great disapprove of supplying military equipment to ukraine. the spike that deal between our fins on berlin has been announced aimed at hand increases all soviet tanks to t f. which would then be replaced by new german ones. grace's main opposition party
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is firmly against the deal, claiming it could pose a rest to greek security. the government must stop making decisions in secret, uncritical national issues even more so when the majority of the greek people are opposed to choices that pose risks to the country security and are contrary to our national interests. so being checking their feelings repeatedly over the last few months about the government's approach to the conflict. it seen some griggs block real lines and protests up and also saw a number of demonstrations with thousands of people condemning new to his policy in ukraine. and that comes out of the u. s. is making attempts to influence opinion in greece. the american embassy has been accused of trying to pressure a local geopolitical um list after he published an article, criticizing its government for sending weapons to key of the author. paul, anton aplus said he was concerned about the arms falling into the hands of fighters
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from the uns off battalion who have oppressed ethnic greeks in mario, paul. he also blame the government and its media for attempts to white force the units, neo nazi ideology. he told us the greek ruling party is in turn, finding its approval ratings on this slide. more importantly, highlight that's too great for initially, again, sending to you in a more recent all actually it's been discovered that 71 percent of great actually want the government have a neutral policy. and unfortunately that has been completely thrown out of the window. they have not listened to the people and as a result, the ruling government, the government has suffered in the poll, is not necessarily brief. the one to be very rational you frame, but that we have to be very careful and balancing our own interest in our, in our own interest, considering very aggressive maybe that we have in turkey. it's currently being
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underlined as we continue to focus on on the tiny question. the grace was the one that became very you became very heated within public discourse. here as well for me that mostly out of the west. 10 days before the war and new friends began, one great was shot, killed, and another great was any judge with the gunshot wounds, because they were speaking russian amongst themselves in the village of which at the time, 10 days before the war restarted was on the on the same file, so there was shop on the alley and just for me speaking from mange. hey, another story, an important one. the sanctions being unleashed by the u. the u. s. against russia threatened to undermine africa, food security, and leave the content without adequate access to grain. i'm fertilizer stop is according to the head of the african union who's currently visiting moscow. this
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also sanctions against russia have made the situation worse because we no longer have access to grain, especially wheat from russia. and most importantly, fertilizer, which poses a serious threat to food security on the continent. what mackey sal had to say was pretty self explanatory. he blew out of the water. this idea from the e. u that the sanctions, i'm not having an issue when it comes to this food insecurity, that contents like africa are having at the moment. he said, yes, they are, the sanctions are causing a problem that aggravating the situation when it comes to the exports of grain and also of fertilizers. and what he's calling for is there to be a resolution to ensure that there isn't widespread famine across the continent. i mean, we just had figures the other day showing that some 17000000 people just accost 3 african countries are at the moment in food insecurity. we know across the world that lumber is far larger than $323000000.00 individuals marching towards famine.
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so this is a huge issue at the moment. we know that the problem has been exacerbated, not just by the sanctions, as we heard from the head of the african union, but also by the fact that there has been this poor rainy season in parts of africa . so in a countries really concerned that this is a big issue that they can face this worldwide famine, and they really want something done about it. now, at that press conference that meeting today in moscow, president putin, at once again reasserted that for him that africa is an important continent. are still to roll africa. the role of africa in the international arena, in general, in political terms, is also growing. we believe the africa as a whole and its individual states with which we have traditionally very good without any exaggeration friendly relations. the whole of africa has great prospects and proceeding from this, we intend to further develop our relations with the continent and its individual states. so present creighton has previously said that he is willing to ensure that
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the grains does the ports in the black sea, but he has called on european leaders, tick ease the sanctions to enable that to happen. the eas says, look, there are no sanctions when it comes to russian ships that are carrying food or agricultural products, they can come to our ports. it is also said there are no problems with sanctions because the sanctions are impacting what russia can export to the e u, not 2 countries across the world. ursula vaughan delane has also made accusations against russia, saying that it's using a blockade of the black sea is essentially black male. and she's also accused russian military of lacing ukrainian fields with mine. so all of this has been rejected by moscow at they said yes. okay, you k at their sanctions in the you only relate to the you, but as a result of that, russian ships can't get insurance, therefore they cannot make the deliveries. it said that the problem with the black sea is to do with minds that have been put in place by the ukrainian military,
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which has made sure that the shipping lanes aren't safe to get the ships with the grain out. so these are the issues as far as russia is concerned, and it's saying, you know, the ramifications of the sanctions. i've just been far wider than expected. the reality is the 2 sides need to get together to find a solution to this. if no, a continent like africa is going to get those food supplies that it says it desperately needs me all in europe itself. inflation had all time record highs this week, reaching double digits, and several countries leading the way with over 20 percent estonia. yet, among the countries refusing to pay for russian gas in roubles, some european politicians are now questioning if the sanctions are even working as they seem to be having a boomerang effect or it is donell quarter picks up just re sanctions, sanctions, and more sanctions. they just keep on coming. germany's economic minister is
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completely convinced. one day their burden will break russia's back, you will shoot roach of russian economies collapsing, rushes, exports and imports falling dramatically. now, russian economy has been hit hard by the sanctions and a significant part of it is due to germany's actions. and putin is still getting money, but time is not working for russia. it is working against russia. the question is, will the german economy survive long enough to see that day is vice? i know that companies will suffer economic losses. we're trying to cushion the greatest burdens with loans and subsidies, and yet costs remain. german industries have been voicing their growing panic for weeks. now, some industry leaders are even saying things could come to a standstill without russian energy supplies. our industry accounts for around 37 percent of german natural gas consumption. not just the m w, but the entire sector would come to a standstill. as for ordinary germans, all they can do is bite the bullet and pay more for just about everything. i am not
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eating sausage and meet, meet has become especially more expensive. so i eat less meat, we and germany have the highest fuel prices in all of europe. if you thought germany is the only one suffering from its own sanctions, think again, and pretty much every country that's hopped on the anti russia bandwagon. it's the same story. france, for example, promised to collapse the russian economy after moscow began its military operation and ukraine. pseudo who chic. eva, sophia, it's russia that's going to suffer not europe. europe might face a little more inflation and the price of gas might go up a bit. but it's russia that's going to suffer and we're going to witness the collapse of the russian financial system. fast forward 3 months. the european union is facing record breaking inflation, and the finance minister has more to say about his own economy than russia's should . lupita officially, we are at a peak of inflation. i said it's all months ago. the hardest part is ahead of us.
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we are going to see inflation, which will remain high. well, like in germany, the french masses are feeling the heat. miss evans will noted on here we, my expenses have gone up by about $100.00 euros a month, including water, gas, and electricity bills. a photo that we have to work more to provide for ourselves or we need to reduce consumption. and the u. k is going through much of the same a massive packager economic sanctions designed in time to whole, the russian economy. we must also commit to the cease the dependence on russian. all of them gas. he just fell forget it. yeah, he doesn't actually on the spine. british house also slapped with an extra $53000000.00 pounds on the energy bills every single day. at this point, the blow back from western sanctions has clearly taken a serious tall, but have they accomplished their goal of hurting russia? no. in fact, the global rise in energy prices that sanctions contributed to have only made
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russia's economy stronger. well now does that seem i voted through? unfortunately, these sanctions don't work. possibly at some point they will. and the rubel didn't drop. russia doesn't feel any of these from the financial point of view. and when it does, the war will be over. the price will be paid by european citizens, while vladimir putin will smile satisfaction. russia, seeing such a high profit margin from these new energy prices that it's made up for the loss of its assets, frozen by western banks. even with some countries halting or phasing out energy purchases, rushes, oil and gas revenue will be about 285000000000 dollars this year. that would exceed the 2021 figure by more than one 5th. throw in other commodities and more than makes up for the $300000000000.00 in foreign reserves frozen as part of the sanctions on top of that, the roubles position on the global financial markets has strengthened to a level that hasn't been seen in years. the writings on the wall more sanctions will come only at the peril of those who deploy them. in an effort to
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country us economic dominance, china and russia have increased direct trading in their national currencies. the monthly exchange volume has increased by more than 1000 percent unreached for $1000000000.00. in the last few months, russia and china are also trying to boost their trade to alleviates the impact of western sanctions on both countries and the dollars dominance and the global economy which has been declining. in fact, twitters co founder recently claimed the green bar cat already lost its local reserve. currency status were close economic cooperation between moscow and beijing house raised concerns in the west. during the recent dove or 2nd nomic forum, nato was chief called it a security risk for the world and not as of shared by washington, which sees russia and aggressor and china. a growing super power worries about the
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increasing influence on facing was made clear by americans, secretary of state. even as president putin's war continues, we will remain focused on the most serious, long term challenge to the national order. and that's posed by the people's republic of china. china is the only country with both the intent to reshape the international water. and increasingly, the economic, diplomatic, military, and technological power to do it. meanwhile, a quote to economic hurricane is expected to hit the u. s. currently, the world's biggest economy, which could lead to recession up, is the prediction of the boss of america's biggest bank. right now, the country is grappling with a for a decade, high inflation rates and soaring prices for food, fuel me less, cross live, to senior lecturer and politics and international relations up the university of
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boston. the u. k. pac number one for his take on the putting on. you're welcome to the program. how does the current booming tree that we've been talking about between russia on china? how is that affecting those countries? are? are there positive changes being seen already? well obviously 1000 percent increase of the russell china tre. william, ease of ferris and the for can and drama, tech jump. but at the same time, i think we should be also looking into are the countries in, for example, in asia and also in africa. because i can imagine dead when the policy makers in these governments, in asia and africa, they look at the traumatic job of china, russia tre, fro, and also these increasing warrior of currency tre
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would give him, we would give them a for a strong stick, know that the us dollar us the reserve currency in the in decline, and then they need to keep a bit more other currencies in their pocket, for instance, the chinese and then also the russian revolt. yeah. now, the situation is a salary to buy the russians and shrugs d reasons. the us, the war in ukraine is. and so in what i can see is actually russian oil has reach even higher number of export. and then a few months ago, now that has to do with increasing demand of not just china,
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but also increasing impulse from other emerging economy such as india. in these countries are obviously taking a frontage of the situation to make use of the. but if you know the price of the russian oil and to import and buy more from russia, now these has significant impact in room if occasions on the fray. and because obviously most cow ease shifting the p foot of the energy people to, to the east and to asia. and that is moving from the usual energy interdependency with europe, to the asian countries for to china. but also, as i said, india and potentially even some of the countries in east asia and also in south asia and even middle east. now, the ramification is not just that. i think he'd be rich,
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a certain point that the government's office shows the more just more convey gene, but also other country. they have to discuss more focusing the how oil pipe line and gas pipe line has to be coordinated times nationally, from russia to countries noticing china, but also through central asia to south asia and also the middle east. ok. and i know there are a lot of talks about and, and iranian oil will be poverty, open up to your peer market. ok. but i guess the situation we need to look into that because the steel roams for discussion about these energy corporation between moscow and toronto. yeah, very interesting. very interesting. explain. are there apartment in terms of the
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economic and links between russia and china and not what knock on effect is not have for the us? how concerned will washington be? do you think one of the concern has at least to fall in a 1st praise with the washington d. c, that we will look across the to extend the status of the us dollar is being the and most important. reserve currency among governments across the world are being eroded by these increasing and financial corporation between aging. most call this number one, number 2, the washing d. c. a naturally increasing concern about the information dead. it is having domestically, but also because of the unlimited quantitative easing,
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the inflation that they're having within the united states are also being globalized to other countries across the world. and now i, because as far as i know, the u. s. federal reserve and the and the problems of treasury. they're more concerned about their own tax payers and voters reactions instead of how other foreign governments we acted. but the state can nord ignore the fact that the cost they do if they do not control. ready or mitigate the room for the ramification, not the scope of lice ation of the information the be further erode and undermine the start of dominance in the world. very interesting. well, thanks so much on taking us through that on the program here in art. international
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politics and international relations senior lecturer, the university of ball park number one indian foreign minister has hit back western accusations, not the countries being indecisive and choosing sides in the ukrainian conflict, as well as helping apparently fund war by purchasing russian oil. he also hinted european american hypocrisy on the issue. only my russian gas is not funding them off. i mean, why is it it's only indian money and oil coming to india, which funds, but it's not gas coming to europe, which, what if countries in europe and the west and the united states as your cousin, my don't be allow iranian oil to come into the market, why don't love an internal oil to come into the market? have a live squeezed every other source of oil we have. and then say ok guys, you must not go into the market and guess the best deal for people. i don't think that's a very fair approach. amounts of food. why is leaking the in short?
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fine, he's like this one, just behind me. i'm enjoying the one in you. pain began. india was importing housing badass for a day from russia. this number has now shot up to 808000 barrels per day, which is an increase of 9600 person, i guess with it is imposing sanctions. one of the reasons sanctions h. yep. in union in both and gotcha included in bible. but if you and europe have figured out of the, i don't all these. thank you. it's a half enforced themselves. i don't,
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the shipping company is not 30 fine. i it is coming from refine, he's like b s b plus option to the u. s. and yadda many, i mean, yeah, i'm not over the issue. so i see that it is common practice. i also seen that there is no and i get my sanction van aggression. it seems to us and you have been doing using this new point in india to keep getting my mind claiming to be but at the same game raising new game in russia. enjoy. for example, in a recent article published in the us, it said that it would only become
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a great power if it down to washington. of course, you have to look at the small print to see a guy who's doing because donors are the defense companies, schuman and the department of defense. so little wonder they want india or that would be another for they will contact the industry military complex trying to run it seems that the best a nation are using india to college again as a bit north point. i don't, i don't. yeah, yes. yeah. i think india i don't know, but of course, since it's not convenient to explain these contradictions, you can bet that western media and politicians will focus anthony to shame india. but exporting policy decisions. a truly inside view of.


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