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tv   News  RT  June 3, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a with a cruise from r t on the reuters news agency come under ukrainian artillery fire drivers killed on to reuters journalists are injured us arms and monetary aid to ukraine. continue to increase. so to our concern. so that's what exactly is happening to it. that worries shared by both republicans and democrats. a canadian journalist covering the ukraine conflict is added to
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a notorious key based hit list website does quote, an enemy of ukraine. even bartlett tells r t. she won't be swayed by the threats they want to scare people from on continuing to report. and that's not going to work with honda. threat to africa is food security, which could leave the continent without adequate access to grain of fertilizers. so say the head of the african union, rebuking this sanction slumped on russia ah, broadcasting from our international and youth center in moscow. this is our t grid, the hub, your company today. my names, you know me cruz from r t and reuters have been hit by ukrainian artillery fire on the outskirts of the city of several than yet. a correspondent eager ship della was in one of the cars
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targeted. ah ah, we're just about to move into the town of several dynette sk again. this is the latest town there was liberated and captured by the russian and the la guns. people's armies are here in dwelling little ganske people's republic. as we were about to move into an drive into the town, we were caught amid a shelling. there were 2 vehicles, both civilian the 1st one there was there were our colleagues with the reuters news agency behind the wheel. a soldier with the acme, with the chechen ac. my battalion we were moving. we were the 2nd vehicle following them. so again, both cars, civilian and so 1st we heard a couple of shells. a couple of shells landed a good few, doesn't meet his around does. so there was no cause for a lux, after all, this is a war zone. so these things, they happen. the 3rd one caught the very 1st vehicle,
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the one moving in front of us. we did see it. apparently it was a direct hit. we saw a bright flash, the vehicle tipped over to the side and it was and it caught on fire was get caught a blaze. so are the driver, the soldier he died instantly right there and well a to the 2 of the reuters crew all of them, they were injured. luckily, nothing serious. one of them has a broken arm and another was wounded in the leg. but you have just talked to the minutes ago, in fact, they are fine and they don't even need to be taken to hospital right away. they've told me they are going to la ganske and from la ganske they will move to dynette ski know themselves. so this is what they're doing, they're fine again. so there was, i mean, as fine as they can be. of course they have received injuries, but well, luckily, nothing serious. and i just want to stress and point out that are well, obviously the ukrainians, they've saw us, they saw that there were 2 civilian vehicles go towards us. was the town over
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several of the nets and they were trying actively trying to hit our cars. it wasn't like they was shelling the general area. we were with that target and so well, they succeeded a full ma gsa to the ukranian artillery artillery sports. as on those who pulled the plug, pulled the trigger, they did manage to catch to john less of a european news agency. reuters in the across has and they successfully had their vehicle eager shit on off. well, keith has suggested the new rocket systems, the u. s. is sending to the country cut up a range of 300 kilometers. that despite the pentagon sitting, it will only hand over rockets limited to an 80 kilometer firing distance, punitive english melissa glen. do you remember how this will started when they were afraid to give us extra sting is extra javelins? they said it was a precedent, they could never set. and now there are lots of them. these things that could be no
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talk on artillery. and yet western artillery has now been received. so where the radius is 80 kilometer is there, you see, it will be 300 kilometers. can crimea is ours, it's ukrainian, therefore we will show crimea swiftly if there is such a need. this is considered strategic russian territory and the fight that we hit crimea during the war. that was a little secret do. the less, the 300 kilometer claim is truth, not when the russian border city of brianne se within range. as you can see on the map here for an asian smell lens could also be at risk. russia has repeatedly warned of consequences if such weapons are used to target russian territory. just some background to this washington earlier agreed to send a new 700000000 dollar military aid package to ukraine, including a number of advanced rocket launchers. but the by that ministration said, it only agreed to supply rockets with a maximum range of 80 kilometers. have also promised that those weapons will be used to strike russia according to the pentagon, or wherever the u. s. invoice to ukraine has stated,
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washington won't control the exact range of those systems. as president biden announced yesterday, a 700000000 security assistance packet had been signed. this includes humorous, long range, rocket systems. this will help your green and forces to a more accurately, but also have a longer range. the exact range will be determined by the ukranian forces. right. her and activists are flanders fierce than you, long range us rock is heading to ukraine will create a very dangerous situation for the whole region. from the very beginning, every stage of this war, it's a proxy war. ukraine has no independence, whatsoever. proxy means public. and it's a u. s. it's pulling the strings in every pronouncement. but this will not change the military balance, no matter how many weapons are sent, at least so far,
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by every measure. the russian military response has been consolidating the games and don bos, perio pro, fee of arise and so on. it's a very dangerous things and it does show how, how much the us is willing to escalate the war to more and more dangerous dimensions. but i don't think it will change the military balance of forces within the ukraine. ukraine is not doing very well in this war, despite all the grand pronouncements but the danger of these weapon staying in region is enormous. it's enormous for all the possibilities of future peace and it should be clearly denounced and these weapons should be destroyed. hopefully they will be sorrowful under, as well, with more and more money weapons. and d being promised by the u. s. to ukraine, concerns are growing in washington in america itself,
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about where all that is actually ending up. are tease kill a month and could tell us more. now you think if you were sending billions of dollars across the planet, you'd want to make sure it went into the hands of those you intended to send it to . however, despite getting the reassurances from ukraine, the pentagon admit they don't really have a full crew flag about who will receive what's being sent ukraine. risk of diversion is one of many considerations that we routinely assess when evaluating any potential arms transfer. ukrainian leadership have assured us that they understand the importance of accountability. we're not on the ground with them . and they're not telling us, you know, every round of ammunition that they're firing in at who and when. now that's a lot of assessing that could go on, but at the end of the day, many people considered ukraine to be one of the most corrupt nations on earth. and many sympathetic voices to the united states and,
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and hostile anti russian voices have said over the years that ukraine is notoriously corrupt. so we have increasingly concerns of voices at this point about the amount of weaponry and the amount of money that's being sent to ukraine. elizabeth warren is the latest to speak up at u. s. senator. the u. s. government ascending billions and humanitarian, economic and military assistance to help the ukrainian people overcome putin's brutal war. and the american people expect strong oversight by congress and full accounting from the department of defense. elizabeth warren has started speaking up and she's joined us senator rand paul, a republican and we have a bipartisan call at this point for a, an inspector general to look into the dispensing of funds and weapons from the united states to ukraine. make sure they're falling into the right hands to make sure u. s. a is not doing things it doesn't intend to do. this is some of the letter that was put forward by both democrats and republicans expressing their concerns the
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sheer magnitude and speed at which the federal government is sending aid calls for robust oversight in terms of both spending and monitoring its use. as such, lawmakers should be working to ensure that there are guardrails on these enormous spending. packages such oversight would ensure that the billions of dollars that the u. s. is sending arrives in the hands of its intended recipients and does not inadvertently line the pockets of war profiteers who are seeking to use this war to enrich themselves. now it's not only a concern about corruption and the siphoning off of bonds by corrupt officials. but another issue at hand is the issue of arm. now, according to the global organized crime index published in 2021, ukraine has one of the largest illegal weapons markets of any country in the world . and at least any country in europe and illegally traffic weapons are all across ukraine. this is what's been reported. there are 2 primary sources of elicit small
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arms and ammunition in ukraine. the diversion of domestic holdings and cross border trafficking weapons from eastern ukraine are becoming an important supply source for the black market. and there been examples of this already. one of the prime weapons used by the states and exported by the states around the world, the javelin has apparently been up for sale, illegally costing around $30000.00. and at this point, people are looking over the record. what happened in theory of what happened in iraq, what happened in afghanistan, and how so many of us weapon have ended up in the hands of terrorists, extremists, the narco gangs and criminal element. there are some pretty legitimate concerns here as more and more us money. and more and more us heavy weaponry is that to be delivered to crane a canadian journalist covering rushes operation in ukraine has fallen herself added to a key of based name and shame website. it's uploads, information on people,
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considered to be quote, enemies of ukraine. the site has published a slew of accusations against eva bartlett, participation in the informational, special operation of russia, an aggressive country and terrorists against ukraine. informational support of the open military attack of fascist russia on ukraine. encroachments on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. accomplice in the crimes of the russian authorities against ukraine and its citizens. this by the dangers even may not face canadian mainstream media outlets have been silence, with no reports about her addition to what some consider a care list. lie, spoke with eva. she believed she'd be in far greater danger if she were in canada and not russia, where she lives. another that such scare tactics will not stop her from reporting. some say marrow to more it's is a kill list with those on the side targeted by ukrainian radicals. how worried are
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you? first of all, that you may be in serious danger by having your information out to the site. i'm, as you may know, i'm residing in russia. i feel a certain degree of safety, at least being here, where i living in canada, where i grew up and where i am a citizen of the country. i would be more worried because i think it's pretty well known by now that the canadian government has a very close relationship with ukraine and with the nazi battalions within ukraine . i don't believe for a moment that the canadian government would protect me from any of these. these alternation must x from types that would seek to harm me because they see me as a threat to their country. a cbc journalist has been trying to reach out to me, saying that he would like to interview me on, on my work in the dumbass and on my participation in an international tribunal on
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ukrainian war crimes in moscow. in early april i think it was. now what i'd like to say about that is, i don't believe for a moment cbc would ever give me a fair hearing on their platform. they are canadian state funded media. they do the bidding of the canadian government and the corporate interests. he did not at once point in his email mention, you know, he's appalled by the fact that i'm listed on this kill list. he didn't say anything about it, but clearly he seen it. that's the only way in my mind that he could have been aware of my participation in this tribunal. so cbc is white washing ukraine's kill list. and instead seeking to inflame the fact that i participated in a panel that rightly calls out you cranes for crimes against the people of it on bass. will your work and reporting be affected by your addition to that site? i know i look, i can't live in here, i won't live in here. i will take precautions. of course, when i'm reporting, but this is the thing they, they want to prevent people from. they want to scare people from continuing to
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report and that's not going to work with me. just like the smears that have been launched against me since late 2016. the intent with mares is also to just just credit my name and to frighten me into not speaking or writing and that that simply won't work. i won't live in here can or the story to bring you today. the turkish president has again taken aim at sweden and finland for refusing to shift their position over. what he says is there support for kurdish militants. regis tire bird of on demand that the nordic countries take a hard line on the ledge, quote, terrorists and extradite them if the nation's want to join the nato alliance. but finland sees that say no go. it is very important for us. after applying for membership of nato to adhere to our values and principles on which we will not debate, we cannot extradite these people. our legal system does not allow it. nato is the security organization, not a support organization for terrorists organizations. how can turkey approve of swedish? i'm finished,
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and they tidbits given that tara affiliates freely robe and hold rallies that well . turkish journalists allow kaplan as of the view, sweden and finland have always for fused really to hear our turkey security concerns until they needed something in return. why p d detected organization d o shoot of the p k. k, then kill hundreds of turkish citizens and soldiers. so jerky is right about voicing these old injections. unfortunately, and these 2 states continue to put aside and harbor p k. k link terry's dated is to extradite them and they even a host might be using lead them in their office, in their official office, the foreign minister and also other ministers on the swedish government. can they say that this is free? no expression, but i can for instance, another turns organization i says, all jellies. john,
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they become m p 's that in sweden. so it doesn't make sense and it's kind of sounds like very he will be for critical turkey. now has the diplomatic and military m political power to voice these objections more strongly because especially in the last decade and turkey is no longer the so called satellite states on the u. s. so she can understand her national inches more strongly. and i have to state that even on feelings, they know about these objections for over a decade now. but they chose to ignore them until they are in a tube in the sanctions being unleashed by the e. u and u. s. against moscow, threatened to undermine africa's food security. leave the continent without adequate access to green. and fertilizer stop is according to the head of the african union who was speaking while on
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a working trip to sultry. this also sanctions against russia have made the situation worse because we no longer have access to grain, especially wheat from russia. and most importantly, fertilizer, which poses a serious threat to food security on the continent. what mackey sal had to say was pretty self explanatory. he blew out of the water, this idea from the e. u that the sanctions are not having an issue when it comes to this food insecurity. that contents like africa are having at the moment. he said, yes they are. the sanctions are causing a problem that aggravating the situation when it comes to the exports of grain and also of fertilizers. and what he's calling for is there to be a resolution to ensure that there isn't widespread famine across the continent. i mean, we just had figures the other day showing that some 17000000 people just accost 3 african countries are at the moment in food insecurity. we know across the world that lumber is far larger than $323000000.00 individuals marching towards famine. so this is
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a huge issue at the moment. we know that the problem has been exacerbated, not just by the sanctions, as we heard from the head of the african union, but also by the fact that there has been this poor rainy season in parts of africa . so in a countries really concerned that this is a big issue that they can face this worldwide famine, and they really want something done about it. now, at that press conference that meeting today in moscow, president putin, at once again reasserted that for him that africa is an important continent. i started all of it. you know, the role of africa in the international arena, in general, in political terms, is also growing. we believe the africa as a whole, and it's individual states with which we have traditionally very good without any exaggeration friendly relations. the whole of africa has great prospects and proceeding from this, we intend to further develop our relations with the continent and its individual states. so present cretin has previously said that he is
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a willing to ensure that the grains does the ports in the black sea, but he has called on european leaders, tick ease the sanctions to enable that to happen. the ease says, look, there are no sanctions when it comes to russian ships that are carrying food or agricultural products, they can come to our ports. it is also said there are no problems with sanctions because the sanctions are impacting what russia can export to the e u not 2 countries across the world. ursula vaughan de leon is also made accusations against russia saying that it's using a blockade of the black sea is essentially blackmail. and she's also accused russian military of lacing ukrainian fields with mine. so all of this has been rejected by moscow at they said yes. okay, you k at the sanctions in the you only relate to the you, but as a result of that, russian ships can't get insurance, therefore they cannot make the deliveries. it said that the problem with the black
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sea is to do with minds that have been put in place by the ukrainian military, which has made sure that the shipping lanes aren't safe to get the ships with the grain out. so these are the issues as far as russia is concerned, and it's saying, you know, the ramifications of the sanctions. i've just been far wider than expected. the reality is the 2 sides need to get together to find a solution to this. if you know a continent like africa is going to get those food supplies that it says it desperately needs well in europe itself. inflation had all time record highs this week, reaching double digits and several countries leading away. stonier with 20 percent . it's among the countries refusing to pay for russian gas in roubles. some european politicians are not questioning if the sanctions are even working as they seem to be having a boomerang effect. ortiz, donal quarter picks up the story. sanctions, sanctions, and more sanctions. they just keep on coming. germany's economic minister is
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completely convinced. one day their burden will break russia's back, usa, russia, russian economies collapsing, rushes, exports, and impulse of falling dramatically. no, russian economy has been hit hard by the sanctions and a significant part of it is due to germany's actions and align putin is still getting money, but time is not working for russia. it is working against russia. the question is, will the german economy survive long enough to see that day is vice? i know that companies will suffer economic losses. we're trying to cushion the greatest burdens with loans and subsidies, and yet costs remain. german industries have been voicing their growing panic for weeks. now, some industry leaders are even saying things could come to a standstill without russian energy supplies. our industry accounts for around 37 percent of german natural gas consumption, not just b m w, but the entire sector would come to a standstill. as for ordinary germans, all they can do is bite the bullet and pay more for just about everything. i am not
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eating sausage and meet, meet has become especially more expensive. so i eat less meat. we and germany have the highest fuel prices in all of europe. if you thought germany is the only one suffering from its own sanctions, think again and pretty much every country that's hopped on the anti russia bandwagon. it's the same story. france, for example, promised to collapse the russian economy after moscow began its military operation and ukraine. pseudo who chic. eva, sophia, it's russia that's going to suffer not europe did. europe might face a little more inflation and the price of gas might go up a bit. but it's russia that's going to suffer and we're going to witness the collapse of the russian financial system. fast forward 3 months. the european union is facing record breaking inflation. and the finance minister has more to say about his own economy than rushes. you should look peek deficient, we are at a peak of inflation. i said, it says all months ago, the hardest part is ahead of us. here we are going to see inflation, which will remain high. well, like in germany,
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the french masses are feeling the heat missiles will milton don't you, we, my expenses have gone up by about 100 year as a month, including water, gas, and electricity bills. if a photo that we have to work more to provide for ourselves or we need to reduce consumption and the u. k is going through much of the same a massive package of economic sanctions designed in time to whole, the russian economy. we must also commit to the cease the dependence on russian. all of them gas. he just fell to get it. ah, he doesn't actually on the sty. british households off slapped with an extra $53000000.00 pounds on their energy bills every single day. at this point, the blow back from western sanctions has clearly taken a serious tall but have they accomplished their goal of hurting russia? no. in fact, the global rise in energy prices that sanctions contributed to have only made rushes economy stronger. well, now does that seem i voted through? unfortunately,
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these sanctions don't work. possibly at some point they will. and the rubel didn't drop. russia doesn't feel any of these from the financial point of view. and what it does, the war will be over. the price will be paid by european citizens, while vladimir put in will smiled. satisfaction in russia, seeing such a high profit margin from these new energy prices that it's made up for the loss of its assets, frozen by western banks. even with some countries halting or phasing out energy purchases, rushes, oil and gas revenue will be about 285000000000 dollars this year. that would exceed the 2021 figure by more than one 5th. throw in other commodities. and it more than makes up for the $300000000000.00 in foreign reserves, frozen as part of the sanctions on top of that, the roubles position on the global financial markets has strengthened to a level that hasn't been seen in years. the writings on the wall more sanctions will come only at the peril of those who deploy them. joe biden could be facing an
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uncomfortable encounter on his upcoming trip to a number of our states. his itinerary includes a stop over in saudi arabia, in which he was inspired to make a pariah state to show he was in fact, murdered and dismembered. and i believe in the order of the crown prince, we would run in fact, to make them pay the price and make, and in fact, the pariah that they are. i have been engaged in trying to work with how we can bring more stability and peace in the middle east. and there is a possibility that i would be going to meet with both israelis and the countries of time, including i expect would be saudi arabia be including that if i did go, washington doesn't have a particularly good track record when it comes to previous visits to saudi arabia with please for re add to up oil. i puts falling on deaf ears. an increase in energy production is likely to be one of the top issues on the agenda
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again. now says oil prices up stored in the u. s. a 50 percent since the start of the year, middle east expert could work out. marcia believes, despite america's desire, the saudis aren't seeking a new partnership with washington. after the war in ukraine in february 2022. and with the increasing prices of oil, the united states has asked already, and the u. a and other goes one arc is to increase the oil production in order to decrease the, the prices of the oil. right. and we have to remember that there is a very important factor here. there is a congressional elections happening in november 2022. so by that wants to decrease the oil prices till then in order to solve some of the economic troubles that is facing tonight, is due to the counterproductive sanctions and banning the direction. oh, and it's returned also the work in ukraine. right. and all this investment there.
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so what part is trying to do is to persuade now starting to increase the, the production dramatically into extend that it goes back to the normal prices. tardies the think that the republicans and from could come back to power in the next elections. therefore they are not going to seek the strategic partnership into extend with the united states that they can be food later. because in the past years, we have seen that the united states isn't a reliable partner and they were no leader in the region, especially in the middle east and not africa. who was a very good, who was an allied with the united states and they all fell after sometime. clashes between police and pro testers have occurred in the armenian capital europe, centered on the prime minister's residence activists of the movement known as resistance. something blocking the building for several hours attempted to move in with flushed remains and mr. dish responded by throwing bottles. armenia
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seemed protest. i force the country since the end of the 8th brother, in particular with people under the concessions of the prime minister may over a disputed territory with or not take us to the end of this new lock. but our programs, they're just beginning, stay close to find out what's showing revery. you are today across the globe. this is rti. oh, ah, a pushy rush into the situation and a but that was not excuse back, you know, all the data. and unfortunately, you have now after iraq afghanistan strategy, what do you want to use other countries to fight their war
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with doubles are going to talk to let you with a, with a ford edge that also does she somebody over there,


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