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it's a new born, but we'll follow the steps, gives them. yeah. they're bushing from below the new york. you mean we're on, you know, for them to see just a moment. the school is what the community closely. i assume that this process up to just on this new bill responded to me. senior class mathematica finishing boys did not need a to the level do a primary but on you would mean the tell us that with a low trans jeremy new me up with
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another book or city with mika. when we requested for the rest, just got the it was easier to use the models, you know, on the law, if all good, little and i don't mean that they should put on pistol it at the a a, a, a p and you know, so it's a good, i'm not, i'm not with the momentum. yeah. so you, it's a dumb. no, i will get a new year. not close.
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something with going on with a book with amazon. did you get all this is a memory but for you to see a sneak, there's just some infrastructure shortcut to mosher. with this out a sports chart. there was a lot of commercial business sheller story book, a book with a resident with the city with
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a bully with bullying, i need to put in with ms. yes from the bush and it will not see them now. she did. they were volley, a sort of betty would be ago. no push these. got any new bridge less, you know young at the there though. it's no way with a brochure or just to talk a soon. yes. and you have to be done. yeah. leave id number unless it a apple which the soonest you have to tell me what the number in the on the screen just to clear bill is 25 was i'm
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a prostate bunker push data me liberal. fidel incentives will talk about the database with ne the jordan journals. i'm not sure with the mean, so claims it's about on it, visit. ah mean, according to pacific insights of the day, and up all of the new mashonda polygonal grains key, or c linea fronts of dis, certainly postiani or should be la casita cra, becca. annette has been a bill of some sort of new trends, getting me a few frowns to just the lazoodo, ina listen. movie vegetables.
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a blue with the phone with mutual slow was your whole mission. but when you don't want to talk me through today, good. so to me at the look i seem sort of new bullshit, putting milk, dump them up, and i want you to stay on the loopholes, im, get your just the letters a chilly said lesson, i'm normally yours, but you study. she had a sweet, you could tell you more about them. things like that. can you say you're pretty supposed nobody's visibility comes on. i'm incubators are send it to you. the process is like you put in that issue that the bus they understand you got about about of to sure. more than it did. you know some of the we will know lou on yet,
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so we're just going to get there. so the booster would that opportunity to show personally bullied utah school conventional conventional properly? and i won't i'm still new to me. but the deal of what little to deal of what i don't really feel paula. paula, soon as she does joke, much more willing to and there's a group all of us me to south dow insurance bitter it doc wonder about a lot of sinners to meet them. so by bit upset, i just put it with me just up get fullness value. so we're waiting. you didn't miss name gab. so should there shortly. keep it. couldn't it finish your face? yes. what was that william with this threat that you pretty yes. what slot? by, you know, yes, over the years, but they are, i feel good. yes. nurses numbers coming to come in 3 years and i'm not sure what it's at the moment, but it's similar to the more than occupational, valuable shim wassner or so. i mean them, you know,
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glad that you don't you come. ne, looked in yesterday, it got screwed for much time. i thought i thought i thought, but it was for dale. like, there should be not you. but let's did james ashley deal. it's not beside cross was wrong with it was but you possibly item 5, gordon kimball, joe with a with a look good. does that she'll dormer but those are the moves of which was a governor free yet. you can check here. yes. but did they make i can a crime, stole that, would that and get that. let me know. my mom. hello. oh,
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the ukrainian tried and ah ah, this is yes. this is curtis dunn group and city in northern city. i was there in 2015, happy days. it's british military like make slaves and quote. and then this is just so people know, it's like a military that to my name is 8 and as one from great
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britain. and i spoke to ukraine approximately 4 years ago. in the beginning it was just meet us arrived and then more foreigners started to arrive like to join the military. say roughly about 10 most of my contract. i've been in the training marines. and just upon 7 months ago, i joined the motor battery units. and since for the past 3 months, 3 or 4 months we've been in public poll, i've been assistant preparing the mines fire when with when we got called to do a mission, it was approximately 49 days after being besieged and medical amanda toners, we had free options because food had run out, i munition had run out, he said you can choose to go with the technics to try and break out of the
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encirclement. or the 2nd option was that you could try walking out of menu, pull like smithy notes, and then the 3rd option was to surrender. i chose to surrender since being and, and, and that's i've been able to like the bombing, like internet's. and so yeah. and then also menu as well. menu full was a real like reality check for me that so like videos from people interviewing the citizens telling how as well is tons and residential areas . how, how they were used basically assembly and hostages. me at the moment the people's republic is currently driving me as a nurse,
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mary. and if i'm found guilty, there's a possibility i might, might face the death sentence if found guilty. me the news the there were 3 records of thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline trajectory for that they call this area the great the unlike data of serially, alexander co scream you was that was only mother you had to call with
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the village olivia, they'll do so it won't know what it was funny because i similarly wasn't dumb or was it a show berella? i knew i school where she school or syria lennox on roku. bruce, she'll let us that. she made up, feel like it was that, what does that double hit? somebody gave what video leslie was before. hey boy, feel cool here. scott, your quality grow your favorite them with. i just didn't think of a way to finish it a lot with one engine and i got it and you should be hipaa ah
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needs to come to the russian state will never be outside on and being northland scheme div, asking him then i'll set them up for a group in the 55 with we will ban in the european union the kremlin. yup. machine. the state on to russia to date and support r t spoke neck given our video agency, roughly all band on you to send me to school with . mm
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ah, this things to my mom, love her dearly rest in peace. she saved my uniforms and when the war broke out and over russia, i made sure to take them with me. so this is the original bullet proof a we never wore bullet proof vests because it's bad luck. we're very superstitious . to chat dix marcus. so most of the magazines you can see come in here, right from the k a. so we had that's all. that is nothing else, no helmets, never. everybody knows be as zach don't back is
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just a nickname. my real name is logical as well. good enough coverage. 1958. mom and dad left to his father. who up in new york. ah, 1st. sylvia yugoslavia 1st it broke out of serbian refugees, 1st serbian refugees leaving and i was look at, we should like what are you doing here? go help your brothers and sisters. so i needed to go. i needed to go because that's my routes. you know, we are serbians who these are young guys, look at that really cool young guys. they don't run away. they're not going to run away. this is their home. so they had to fight. we all had to fight together. this is my baby that's uh my 1st color. sure. cough and here's world war 2. thompson favors photo in the mountains
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15 days operation 15 days to cleaning enemy with. so there you have it, zack, new york. i made sure graffiti im sorry, low that new york as it hurts because this was something so beautiful understanding where my mom and dad are from . and now, america later to destroy debt, to destroy a piece of me you, you've you took away a piece of me, you know, by bothering you islov your ladle. clayton, wesley clark, in general. you took a piece of me, you heard something that was a part of a something that i belong to. something that i went to visit or when i 1st arrived
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here in 2015. i bet you guys are some spanish games. french couple of serbian guys of course, and a couple of americans as well. but somehow we all kind of went in different directions. so when i came to doug boss, i was 1st a war correspondent over with c a t v, a journalist. and then after i became an english teacher, so it's been really tremendous. a good morning everyone. happy easter. we're heading to mario a beautiful easter warning. this
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it's a sign of victory. what i see in the field is that this would not have happened if nato, as by them to push this agenda. just walk through. this also reminds me of cerebral vocal var vardek. it's the same carbon copy a dis special operations needs to be finished. we're starting a 2nd fees i q, as you can see, i did go sign as a reserve or sign it across light some candles today, while dad and the great leader,
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former president, leader of dpr de hatch people's republic. alexander, 2nd shanker, who gave me a new life, gave you a dpr passport, a great man, rest in peace with
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well i been a much is all on the oil, not easter with
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me, or call me as the lead time when he got off, when we look at the little know, you know, the well, the middle alex, she's just saying, i'm gonna let him go down to the library. it's fine. yeah, no, my new jealousy come in, but feel political ended up with us already put it up with me and took it most most by the mean nickname is for so
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it was a columbia we got we just bought. okay, bear with me for less than a thought. so is that okay, with what i swear to go her no come where to go to bo below it just means mostly. if you don't ask for baseless, you know, come out later. so in this case and look over the principal job. yes. okay. and then my son is in kill and me cutterson. and is this really nice? you know, i get it just in place. i don't i fair stroke center because i don't go to
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bed. i think this will, i'm in the board in the political for him to leave for money for him to invest a moment. is that the meta with the thought? so how many was meant there for only $71.00. when finished with all of that and when i meant they just in the center of the proper went on today the same with me and stuff with joe that he doesn't have to heidi them them by the look with a guest or unless you look at a walmart, i left you that the victim in england, people went up. so let me see. okay. in the
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mean time you start writing up or down a little bit. criminal commerce and biggest unit made them me that went on in the morning to get him with the spices, returning english. what i meant to say out the us with the last there is some thinking that it's a plug for us in one us 11 in karen again, you know, is it well, it seems that it's out of the government. somebody must study for
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the job. good. ok, muss much more responsibly. they can get a job so, so it will give up or do they? no, no, no, they'll be a new one. she didn't tell me to get the name of it. this will say knowing the it's not a month to buy new enough, but it's a good listening bill. i kill us. i don't think some enough to fail must get a certain. ready for me to dish, but as a water system this is the will, can you see in full and we'll see for know functions which are going to take credit . so again, it's financed with i'm being in but it's
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a game where we are at the moment. so what i can look at is, is that the cost mr. winters, none of us will know them up when i get to the store, those finances norco see us and be in the process. i want to with this with you, i guess with you i'm with
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full credit. it's gonna be out of wood from beach. gotta still easy to the station about in the board with
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with for the all new business a consul grey you, when you got the really just touching up good. can i see when you, when you was just touching sure. a student enrolled with you, use her own the what the problem a job to yours. and i'm looking at the study says pristine for choice, who's coming to on, on all things to who jewish and the longer it was just a push to sustainable remote because of losing your course load you school. of
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course, i don't know who steve, you know, point a dozen or is that a lot of these just opinion finances come up with a new live muscles. if you look on the initial be welcome not to get a can use the put body when you do do or to. but you also still with the done a
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what i see the steam the bus is the little gear motivation says do you, do you don't, bob? ah, the mining works continue in not are you pull to finally make the area safe for civilians to locals. die in an explosion on the city beach us officials from both politicians, growing concerns about whether financial and military aid for ukraine is actually ending up. pushing the pentagon to keep track of the weapon shipments. ah, the majority of greeks opposed nato's weapons deliveries to ukraine, claiming they could pose a risk to jim and please. so i greet security. a for moscow said, well this is our t internet.


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