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tv   News  RT  June 4, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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ah ah, the mining efforts continue and more you poll to make the area say for civilians. so 2 locals are killed on friday and an explosion on a beach in the port city. also had a nation wide survey repealed the majority of brig. suppose their country sending arms to kiev while the opposition claims they could pose a risk to security at home. and a teenager is facing up to 5 years in prison, in lafayette, for waiving a russian flag and protest over the demolition of a soviet soldiers monument r t here is from his mother 13. she woke auto. so
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in the end, nothing good came out in it. the appeal was rejected. in my opinion, this is insanity. it's unreasonable. i have nothing to say. catching the program from today. welcome to moscow on to the global news update on our t. i'm union o'neill, our top story, a child on an algola were killed after an explosive device detonated on a beach in mar, you pull on friday, according to local authorities. sources in the city say it was likely a lot of mine. russian forces are continuing their d mining operations in the area the, the russian sufferers helping clearing murray its surrounding areas, including the adult cells, sealed plans since the end of april, according to local officials, nearly $12000.00. mine's been removed this past month alone. let me put also an on some of the day that mind clearing operations in the region where almost complete
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an rti cru visited a hospital in the heart of region that's been shell by ukrainian forces several times. it's had dr. claims injured civilians arrive every day, some with winds from clustering munitions, the use of which are bound under international treaties. the resume mustn't take her to the intensive care unit. she 7 to 5 years old. she just wanted to plant cabbage. that's what it led to. it's like these every time, not a single day passes without civilians with gunshots wounds being brought to us. you can say they use ammunition prohibited by the geneva convention. these are so called clustered charges. they scattered over a large area and have a delayed fuse. even after the explosion, when a person comes out believing that the shelling is over, he enters the firing zone and gets injured. that every one is lucky enough to stay
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alive. as we are losing residence every day, the number of wounded varies, but no day goes by without some one wanted being brought to the hospital. where also in the firing line, the hospital was hit. and now we even have patients in our damp basement except for the wounded who we move somewhere else. but they themselves don't want to leave because the basement, even if it doesn't really meet hospital standards, is the safest place. it doesn't semi. meanwhile, one civilian has been injured after ukrainian forces shell, the russian border village in the brianna region, according to local authorities, fires broke out into buildings after the attack, emergency services are on the scene. let's bring you to the city of done yet. civilian areas have been coming under shelling by key of forces. local authority say at least 2 civilians are injured. a number of buildings were also damaged than yet. officials claim in just one hour,
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the ukrainian army fired almost $100.00 missiles from multiple rocket launchers located in residential areas. i'm finding one rock as fleet of. busy fall and near a school end. and yet you can see a large freighter at clearly just meters from the building here. report suggest no one was injured. there also the the russian m. o. d has released this thought a showing come by helicopter, striking, ukrainian army positions, both guided and on guided missiles where the defense ministry say several ukrainian military vehicles were destroyed along with a number of weapons case, something else to bring you today. nato is facing opposition to arming ukraine from within some of its own member states. a recent poll increase suggest the majority
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are opposed to supplying t. f with weapons are to contribute or rachel marston. delves into the hello can pinion increases increasing of urgent matter of other european countries over the last policies. the frankly published annual democracy perception index highlighted group citizens as a liars within the you, with only 22 percent of them wanting to kind of economy ties with russia. and maybe you create conflict or reset your owner cool, found the greeks are much less trusting of their sources of information about the conflict and of european agree victories. some countries, politicians also seeing not to support government policy. the left is coalition parties, theresa called degree government on and you arms deal with germany for ukraine. the government must stop making decisions and secret uncritical national issues even more so when the majority of the greek people are opposed to choices that pose risks to the country security and are contrary to our national interests. then you
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will see some of grace's old soviet style tanks swapped out for new german ones and given to ukraine. the idea is that they blend in on the battlefield with ukrainian taste and allow her plausible deniability of the true origin. so i'm good, stumbled off that you bandwagon. the entry bore the brunt of the 2011 economic crisis and for all of you, cell greeks continue to suffer. grease likely haven't for going either that back in 2010. they boycotted german goods in response to german officials, calling for athens to sell greek islands to pay for that. grease owns buildings, companies and uninhabited islands, which could all be used for depth redemption. greece has also been on the shore, french as migration shockwave parks by the view open, sluggish policies have rule been unabated despite domestic protest. green officials have persisted in their agenda from the tranquillity of their id, logical bubbles, you can save the world if you can't. first pay the rent. and greeks are now
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grappling with price heights for just about everything in their daily living and result of anti russian sanction. and their particular impact on european energy was, you know, i used to spend 800 euros on gasoline. now it's 11021200 euro's i hope something will happen to help us show you the shock when you get the electricity. bill is huge. equally big is the indignation we feel when we hear the government talking about the relief measures. they are supposed to take what we have to do as to rise up in order to demand the increases are reversed and to increase our salaries because of the situation has reached the point of no return for all the people i am working all day out in the streets and this is what i hear what the people say. so . ringback in this climate of long standing and stability, frustration and unrest comes to use non stop messages about the need to back. you praise nato back conflict against thrush, but that's turning out to be
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a tough cell in greece. with am, i need a protest now emerging be from just showing both anti us and anti energy pray take protests. a question now is whether greece is the canary in the proverbial coal mine when it comes to how much it is in other countries will tolerate of policies imposed on them by european before reaching a breaking point a former greek and buster to poland and canada lead us chris on football is believe sending weapons to ukraine can only aggravate the situation. we are witnessing a very nice a diplomat. the game that germany's is playing. because germany is sending a hard weapons to the czech republic, to poland and to greece, which these countries also to the ukraine. and in this way,
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germany is no longer responsible for these weapons. and they will always say that out at berlin at never sent weapons to the ukraine. basically, they imposed on greece a regime of austerity measures. well, we have many problems with germany and when and greece, for example, 1st of all they were they were so most important country to embed that imposed the memoranda the easier miranda on greece, which are destroyed the economy and the social welfare of the greek people. one thing, the other thing is that, that germany owes greece are 450000000 euros from a pro war preparations ok to another part of the globe. now the world bank has announced plans to provide
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monetary assistance to the solomon islands. it said $130000000.00 will be allocated to the pacific nation for infrastructure projects. the promise of help comes on the heels of the country recently, funding a security agreement with china. the pack has ruffled some leaders around the world from the u. s. to australia, they see a door opening to a chinese military presence in the region. and under roading of the traditional control, the hub in the area, we got the thoughts of journalists regional analysts, patrick o'connor on the 20th century roller. you need to understand that it's a defensive reaction against us imperialism, and critically aggressive attendance. one cycle china. the last 30 years of a series of u. s. like, was around the world in 2011. president obama, you see starting a cycle to the to asia, which mot when you focus on the american military confrontation of gene before the
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subsequent. yes. go on to the truck administration with the 2017 national security strategy which announced that the warranty was effectively. i'm going to focus on cycle grey pal rivalries which manage the whole i focus on challenging russia and china. and so you've seen in the last period on the republican and democratic ministrations, i really aggressive military build up on the side pacific, specifically directed against china, very, from oregon. china, obviously a, an attempt to defend itself against the law, washington middle, terribly diplomatically, economically. and so the country, not exactly which all does 9 sign security relationship with australia, i think so. got there is one question. under the terms of our government, there is an attempt to orient much more costly through china. ah, that reflects oh,
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record of the strain. the fuels in the sullivan girls came over a headline stories to day. the simple act of waving a russian flag has london one teenager in jail. authorities in love, fear of rejected an appeal against the arrest of alexander diego who held the flag a loss to protest against the demolition of a soviet soldier's monument. alexander urged the crowd to remember they heroic efforts of world war 2 soldiers, and you shall not let the prison get in the way of respecting the post in our faces up to 5 years in prison. r t spoke exclusively with his mother after the court's decision. was alleged, she shot by the ruling router genius rehearsal. in the end, nothing good came out of it. the appeal was rejected. in my opinion, this is insanity. it's unreasonable. i have nothing to say. yes, he is
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a home boy who loves to read, who knows full languages, including the state language. he is a citizen of luck. they're a patriot of his country and right now this country wipes its feet on him. of course, i didn't expect this because we don't have any laws prohibiting any flags. why did he go on the 10th? because on the 9th, once again, the government of locked it, wiped its feet on people who remember. his great grandmother went through the war as a child, she went through occupation and he knows all this. and for him, it is a holiday and respect. party also managed to speak with alexander's lawyer, who say such a harsh decision by the court is unprecedented. please don't forget to show that there is alter, sad because unfortunately, the district court upheld the decision of the court of 1st instance on the application of the most severe measure restraint. alexander detention, we naturally filed a complaint with the e. c h r. soon as possible. because in our opinion,
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they detained him for something which in our opinion, is not a criminal offense at all. i mean, the demonstration of the russian flag, which is not prohibited symbol in lafayette. as it turns out, everything connected with russia is now considered toxic. it's hard to say what you expect. you see, for example, i did not expect that for this for non violent crime, he would be kept in custody. in my opinion, this is nonsense. therefore to say what will happen is very difficult. i think that it's reasonable to assume that he's a boy for beating and also for intimidating others so they would fear to the same he's holding on. there is nothing good in the situation where a 19 year old boy in fact a home boy was never committed. any offences is now in prison. there is nothing good in that. i think morally, it's hard on him as well as physically. once again, the latvian service has demonstrated its political commitment, leaving the decision to arrest alexander to be unchanged. unfortunately, the vin authorities do not show the same zeal and investigating other offences committed against russian speaking residents,
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including on the basis of ethnic hatred to trillion dollars. thus, the staggering figure, the u. s. is estimated to have spent on the afghan war, but it seems more money could still be needed with locals now seeking justice for earth strikes on residential areas of job bus years, demanding compensation after $9.00 members of his family were killed in a drone strike. during the chaotic days of the us withdrawal of dough himself suffered injuries to both legs and one of his arms. he lives in a small province and never could have thought he'd lose 5 daughters. and 2 psalms in one day, locals helped rebuild his heis after the attack, but he still struggled. find actually, don't own a close relative recall the faithful day, his life changed forever. in i'm a person who lost his family and faced disaster and damages. here i am, it was about 1 o'clock at night when my house was jolted. i was shocked and could
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not understand what happened. i was being treated for a month or $45.00 days in a cabal hospital. when i came back to back sion, i saw there was no life for me. my whole family was dead. the house was completely demolished. i was told that my 5 daughters and 2 sons were dead. i lost all my loving kids. nothing was left by those. miss miller. mont, him. samantha loyalty. now abdul basha is my 1st cousin. we was staying with him, his guests that night around 1 o'clock at night, american drones attacked us with bombs. 8 members of his family were killed, including his 5 daughters and 2 sons, and my elderly mother was also killed. a similar or striking couple in august last year, kill 10 members of the same family, including 7 children on the left, numerous others injured. the pentagon pledge to compensate the family, though it's still unclear if that has happened, even as reports of civilian casualties emerge. the top u. s. general described the attack as righteous and the american military decided not to hold any personnel accountable for the incident. abdullah and his relative
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again, feel, washington should still be helping those who suffered such great loss by law lucas global. all my them, i mean, asked the americans, i believe they can't return my daughters and sons back to me, but they can pay damages. my losses about $135000.00 to $170000.00. i want the americans to pay me this amount as compensation covered. thus, as i may can though i blocker. my question to the americans is, can they pay for the lives of those who were killed and miss attack them? of course they caught up, but they can pay at least the compensation to cover the damages and medical expenses for the injured we treated in hospital. i've been offered a my own loss is around $35000.00. i lost my mother. we spent a lot of medical bills. they took our passports, we can't get visas to take her injured people to pakistan. they've destroyed our peaceful life. we don't have enemies were peaceful people, but if the u. s. does not paste the damages, they were regretted. believe me,
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i'd never show the pakistani taliban an umbrella organization of various islamist group sees it has indefinitely extended a cease fire with islam about news comes following talks between the 2 in kabul under the mediation of the telephone. in the 2 days of meeting, substantial progress has been made and as a result of that, the leadership of the ttp has extended the ceasefire until further notice. the balance to rick e tell upon pakistan, group known as the t t p has led an armed insurgency in pakistan for the past 14 years, demanding stricter enforcement of islamic laws in the country. it's been behind numerous across these against pakistani security forces and civilians including an attack in 2014 on an army run school which left 148 people dead. pakistan assad completed erecting a fence along the border with afghanistan to stop the flow in av terrorists. independent security analysts side college mohammed say's that ttp has been
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a major cause of violence in pakistan. the main set of the data get out of on pakistan towards the state of pakistan. it's not just a, the terms of violence. i think their intention from the beginning from their manifested was at the end, but wanted to implement shitty, a law across pakistan. but we had really seen assembling from 2003 until about 2009. uh, when the ttp took control of the father region, they took over the central district of swat from 2007 until 2009. at that point when they were in swath, we saw. busy what their type of charity, a justice age and the shady justice that they were all footing were providing to people was very violent. it was very, very much against d conditions and that durham set forth in the holy court on. so when the ttp talks about, when we talk about what the main threat of the ttp towards pakistan is,
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a force is the violence problem. that would always be there because they are terrorist militant organization. they have no other option in terms of which way or how they can vote. they believe that there is not a discussion discussion that can be had with the government to focus on that. what allowed them to achieve their goals inside the state of boxes for china pose is an ever growing threat to europeans security. so say washington, which is calling for the continent to america, stunned against this suppose a challenge. even before president, she genting and president vladimir putin declared, there are no limits partnership. in february, the people's republic of china has challenged europe, security, europe's economy, and europe's values. while they tang may be thousands of miles away, the p. r. c's actions matter just as much for the future of europe. the white house also war in china, it would face severe repercussions if it sends military to russia. at the same time,
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washington state, it has no desire for a new cold war. while the u. s. secretary of state, as admitted beijing possesses the intent ability to reshape the world order. we will remain focused on the most serious, long term challenge to the national order that's posted by the people's republic of china. china is the only country with both the intent to reshape international water and increasingly the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to do it well. executive dina chung young financial university one. when believes washington's attempts to pits europe against china, as he sees it is on likely to benefit now i think it's very clearly that western sections against russia have failed. now the united states is 6 help from you. look at to contain china, which just only fax, the weakness. ok,
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i know united states i can. although the usa stuart number one, the economy and a number one, me to treat power. the u. s. can not even conquer. we the strengths and all for each one country, therefore, the biter and patricia wanted to refute the and i system in the past a year and a half hoping to consolidate the western g. germany centered on the u. s. these gram, i think he's out of question. being a pastor, so yes, the u. s. has launcher to treat a wall, a sized technology war. and, and i had a creature war against china all reach out to now this wrong the all wall on the ice is bomb to fail. the president biden has claimed he wasn't aware of the crisis over a shortage of baby formula in the country until at least 2 months after it began.
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thus contradicts, while the wife spokesperson had seen the matter. here's a deal. the guy became aware of this problem. some time in after april, early april, about how intense it was. and so we did everything in our power from that point on, and that's all i can tell you right now. and we're going to continue to do it. we get the job. i'm not saying when the president knew or didn't know, he spoke. i know he spoke to that himself. so i'm going to let that stand. i am saying that we have been working on this. we as a whole of government approach has been working on this since the recall which was in february for one of the main reasons for the shortage was the closure of the nutrition facility in michigan due to on summer tree conditions. it shut down so many americans struggled, defined, baby food for their children. shelves were left mc. the factory remains closed with no products being delivered to stores and no substitutes available
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for such contradictions. in the precedent statements of become increasingly common with white house officials are often forced to publicly clarify the u. s. leaders, words for god, saying this man cannot remain power. but no, we're not advocating for killing the leader of a foreign country or regime change. that is not the policy of the united states, as you know. and as you've heard of say, repeatedly, we do not have a strategy of regime change in russia or anywhere else for that matter. going to see when you're there. so, so you've been there, you're going to see you're going to see women. young people stand, understand in the middle of the from dam tank. to say i'm not leaving. i would know the president's view and his position continues to be that we are not putting us troops on the ground to fight this war. and that's something we will continue to reiterate for american sinking approval ratings show. many in the us are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the current leadership. the president and slipping
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support and domestic political failures are not frequently discussed, even in the mainstream media. biden hoping to regain voter confidence ahead of the all important mid term elections and awesome. seen as a major barometer of the administration's current standing radio host, political commentator garland nixon believes joe biden is losing the trust of his fellow americans to, to prioritizing foreign policy over domestic effort. we do find that president biden often makes outrageous statements and his people within his administration will come out and try to correct him. and we have found frighteningly, i might add now that he's pushing back to the members of his cabinet, who go back and try to correct him when he make statements. i mean, that could literally start world war 3. he seems to feel that it's ok to make those statements and that he's actually angry at members of his staff are trying to pump
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the brakes. a little bit of approval rating is somewhere in the mid thirty's. his disapproval rating is up around 60 percent. people who would normally support the democratic party and or the president when in fact the democrat is in office, they are basically shaking their heads in disbelief. this issue is, in fact exacerbated by the president's reaction to the grain war by the extreme concern that the administration has with the great crisis. and it seems that americans are comparing more and more the crisis in ukraine. and the, the particular attention that the administration is paying to that as opposed to the crisis, the economic crisis here, and in particular, the baby food crisis. because of course, as you know, that, you know, when it comes to babies in children, that's emotional. so this is a major issue, and i do believe in the, the $40000000000.00 that was recently approved for the ukraine crisis as well as
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made people really look at this in a different, in a different manner. and feel as though that their government is not paying attention to the issues at home. well, those are your we can use up to it. but if you're in the mood to dig a little deeper head on over to r t dot com. plenty of stories analysis and plenty more besides to keep you right up to date there. i'm you know, natal saying bye for ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with doing my daily liquidity shall not wish held a portion of my down in that old that he shied a court. where did you wanna? boy, a shuttle norwalk, with a quote on not in the pony she. lady surely was nippy as no light but most of them will be stooped. nicky,
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this is ophelia. i am to consider sloane legal guardian. it be what, what was wrong? so homely call you beat for me, think that it was for them cook with the unicoi without us because all she, she knew me yet, the russian speaking, se ukraine refused to accept the cruise outcome. people took to the streets of ukraine's largest cities that had been protest in hoc of odessa mario pope and zap irosia mash protest broke out in the crimean on the list with an overwhelming majority of crimes and citizens voted as a referendum to break away from ukraine. in march 2014 crimea rejoined russia. or chester carmine splitting your one a was ms. courter, which is all there is a d, a g, or is it that you're doing is a cc giving you
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a little dog doing criminal muscle, chest of crackers. what was your name for petrol kit or dish? it was dental his port orange color with nationalists trying to suppress pro russian public sentiment with extreme violence. on may, the 2nd far right is organized the march named for united ukraine. the march ends in a bluff here with not official but all my uh with move about a fee of a full time with no move on. you mind if um would you pushing jessica look for them with the dye. yeah. hello. hi nicole squire, we talked to you 4 year old one you proof of the bulk of it. i just thought you


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