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they want to use other to fight their war. we can with i think will this fuss around next for supply. c crane has only one goal. that is to drag out the military conflict as long as possible. in his 1st interview, since the start of the conflict vladimir potent takes aim of the huge amounts of western arms being shipped to ukraine, but claims russian defences are quote, cracking then like know, also ahead. mm. 5 civilians are killed this weekend didn't yet the people's republic comes under ukrainian shelling. now, according to local officials, we report from the scene all around me. you can see this is
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a residential area very heavily populated. this is one of those around for multiple rocket launchers and in the story that shape the week, ukraine fire is it's human rights commission are in part for spreading on verified information about a legit war crimes committed by russian soldiers named echoed buying western media attention from a canadian journalist covering the ukraine conflict is a notorious ukrainian vigilante websites label. and to move a part that tells r t y she will be swayed by the intensity smears is also to just discredit my name and to frighten me and not speaking or writing. and that simply won't work. i won't live in here with, with a retail of the big story over the past 7 days and right up to the moment developments
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as well. this is the weekly and r t. a long western arm supplies to ukraine are aimed at dragging out the war. that's what vladimir putin has said in his 1st full interview since the start of the ukraine crisis. he also claimed the russian military was successfully neutralizing much of the advanced equipment sent to key f with unmanned aerial systems that actually performed stress can only be effective if there are no military and defense systems presidency. we do have them booth all the pansies are extremely effective. not that i want to offend anyone, but the systems are cracking these vehicles like nuts. dozens of them have already been destroyed. dozens yet. you might think all this fuss around x for on supply c crane has only one goal. that is to drag out the military conflict as long as possible with. meanwhile, the russian defense ministry has confirmed its forces have destroyed
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a number of tanks and other military equipment on the outskirts of ki, if those are immense, were supplied to ukraine by eastern european countries. other strikes targeted facilities in the done yes, republic where ukrainian military equipment was said to be undergoing repair works . and this on verified footage from the ukrainian capital shows explosions that were heard in kiev earlier on sunday. according to the city officials, they followed the russian strikes on the infrastructure we've just mentioned with the ukranian president's office. ng real ways were targeted, no casualties were reported as a result of feat, blasts, intensive artillery fire continued this sunday in the done yet people's republic. but local authorities, claiming shells are being fired by ukrainian forces. 5 civilians are said have been killed since saturday and 26 more injured.
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ah, so this for they just afford it to show the shelling of the capital city. they're done. yes. yesterday evening authority say ukrainian forces fight dozens of missiles from rob launchers. he hasn't yet commented on the incident video here to av residential buildings and done yet severely damage with many nearby vehicles completely destroyed. locals claim the apartments some surrounding area were targeted multiple times. i deal with
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him usually why maple dom always took machine to put a good the loo. so boom. could go with little. he's like mobile a ship to really do phone record a funeral. done yet came under fire throughout the day on saturday and overnight. had 4 schools and the kindergarten got extensive damage. ortiz, romano cusser, he filed this report to us from there. all the city of the nest was shell throughout the day on saturday. and this is just a one of many places that were damaged. this is a civilian area right in the center of the city wall, according so local authorities, at least 50 rounds of martin multiple rocket launchers had been used against civilians. here, as you can see behind me, ah, a cars had been damaged. there were on fire on saturday nights, right behind the cars is a kindergarten is just one of the one kindergarten was damaged and for schools as
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well all around me, you can see this is a residential area very heavily populated. this is one of those around for multiple rocket launchers. that land is right in a sense url for this area where only civilians live. mind you. none of the military infrastructure was damaged during the shedding on saturday night. and the shelling took place around 9 pm where most of the people were already in the home. and luckily, no one was killed here. only 2 people have been wounded, but during the day on the 4th of june, at least 5 civilians were killed both here in the nest and in yes, you know, a lot there and wall of as well. and at least 20 people were wounded. and so the total amount of people that were killed civilians that were killed by ukrainian
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shilling since the beginning of the special military operation amounts to more than a $140.00 people after 9 pm on saturday nights or the ground here was shaking internet's can. this area in particular, it hasn't seen a lot of damage since the conflict began back in 2014. and of course residents here are absolutely outrage your mind. you the front line of the fighting at the moment it is right on the outskirts of the nest. can the civilians are afraid that this is not the last time that they will be targeted by the ukrainian military on friday cruise from r t on the reuters news agency came under artillery fire on the outskirts of the city of several financed a driver was killed on some waters during this injured or corresponding degree at dallas was in one of the cars targeted and told us of his experience
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ah ah, we're just about to move into the town of several the nets as we were about to move into and drive into the town we were caught amid a shelling. there were 2 vehicles, both civilian the 1st one there was there were our colleagues with the reuters news agency behind the wheel. a soldier with the acme, with the chechen act, my battalion, we were moving. we were the 2nd vehicle following them. so again, both cars, a civilian and so 1st we heard a couple of shells. a couple of shells landed a good few doesn't meet has around us. so there was no cause for a lot of rule. this is a war zone, so these things they happen. the 3rd one caught the very 1st vehicle, the one moving in front of us. we did see it. apparently it was a direct head. we saw a bright flash, the vehicle tipped over to the side and it was and it caught on fire was get caught
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a blaze. so are the driver, the soldier he died instantly right there and well a to the 2 of the reuters crew all of them, they were injured. luckily, nothing serious. one of them has a broken arm and another was wounded in the legs. and i just want to stress and point out that are well, obviously the ukrainians, they've saw us. they saw that there were 2 civilian vehicles going towards a towards the town of i sever a de next and they were trying actively trying to hit our cars. it wasn't like they was shelling the general area. we were with that target and so well, they succeeded a full ma gsa to the ukrainian artillery artillery spot says and those who pulled the plug, pulled the trigger. they did manage to catch to john less of a european news agency, roy t, as in the cross has and they successfully had their vehicle. ukraine has fired
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its human rights commissioner, in part for spreading unverified information about atrocity she alleged were committed by russian troops. her claims have been widely covered by western media with top political figures also picking up on her statements or senior correspondent merit gasdio takes a closer look at the story which just to warn you include some disturbing accusations. day and night weeks on end, month after month, the world over was barraged with stories horrific stories of rape and unspeakable acts committed, allegedly by russian forces in ukraine in such acts of violence, raping children little girls, 11 years old, repeatedly in front of their mothers or repeat piping their mothers and faces the children will each day more and more credible reports of re killing st. torture. our merchant is if you soon shoot new hundreds of cases of
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rape have been recorded, including under age girls, very young children and even a baby. it's just a scary to talk about it, but it's true, it happened. women and girls right now are facing the worst kind of fear and violence. and we know already i'm from the analyses that have been done. they've been the victims of not just murder and rape like kidnapping. many of these stories grew to be unbelievable. and that's not a figure of speech. people including ukrainian officials and the government stopped taking them seriously. they became an embarrassment. so ludicrous were some of the oh go. the woman behind these stories, new nila denise of a, who was ironically, ukraine's human rights commissioner was fired a year before her term was officially up. the unclear focus of the on buds men's media work on the numerous details of sexual crimes committed in an unnatural way
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and rape of children in the occupied territories that could not be confirmed by evidence only harmed ukraine. has stories became so ridiculous that even members of the ukrainian media, which, which itself is in war propaganda mode intervened 89 journalists together with 51 lawyers of human rights activists, and others penned an open let, calling on her to dial it down. that the graphic stories published by ha about months old douglas being raped with a variety of objects to royal up the people that this wasn't productive or, you know, decent sexual crimes during the war or a tragedy of families. a difficult and traumatic topic. not a topic for publications. in the spirit of the scandalous chronicle. we are forced to trust the official information that comes from officials. the state of martial law a priori. we do not have the opportunity to verify it from other sources. in this
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way, we are spreading messages from the commissioner for human rights, in fact, taking them on faith as centrally. they asked that the stick to things that actually happened though all of these stories can be tracked back to denita the and had seem most pacifically, the social media posts made by them. and that's where all the trailed stop, almost all of her rape claims, se ukrainian journalists are without evidence or witnesses, despite her own less than honest approach. denise of a has been a vocal proponent for an international criminal tribunal to apparently bring russian troops to justice for things that she had. ly, the bath, i think we should look at yugoslavia and rolanda. these are the examples that we all know about. there is the un international court of justice and the international criminal court. we need to push for the creation of a special tribunal. naturally, the niece of a has been blind to verify reports and footage of ukrainian troops murdering,
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torturing, and mutilating russian prisoners of war. and even ukrainian civilians deemed to be pro russia and o get the human rights apparently. but these telling isn't it when you own politicians who are bent themselves on making the russians seem as terrible as possible, that they fly for being simply too outrageous. can another story from the week to bring you the ukranian presidential adviser has suggested us rocket systems sent to the country, cut in the future, have a range of up to 300 kilometers. thus, despite the pentagon saying it will only deliver rockets limited to 80 clusters, put it a good question. always. do you remember how this war started, but they were afraid to give us extra thing is extra japanese. and they said it was a precedent. they could never set, and now there are lots of them. this thing is that could be no talk on hillary. and
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yet western artillery has now been received. so when the radius is 80 kilometers, you see, it will be 300 kilometers. shouldn't crimea is ours. it's ukrainian, therefore we will show crimea swiftly if there is such a need. this is considered strategic russian territory. and the fact that we hit crimea during the war. that was a little secret. the just some background to all that washington earlier agreed to send a new $700000000.00 military, a package to ukraine, including a number of advanced rocket launchers. ukraine though, could use the systems with different 300 kilometer range rockets, which would put the russian border city of brianne sc. within range for an age and small lens would also be at risk. moscow has repeatedly warned of consequences if such weapons are used to target its territory. according to the pentagon, key of his promise, they won't use the weapons to strike russia. although the u. s. envoy to the country seemed to suggest you will ultimately decide how they are put to use
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a person by the announce yesterday, a $700000000.00 security assistance package had been signed. this include time or longer truck systems. this will help you create and forces to a more accurately, but also have a longer range. the exact range will be determined by the korean forces, right, her inactive as sorta flanders fears, the new long range us rocket launchers heading to ukraine will create a dangerous situation for the entire region. from the very beginning, every stage of this war, it's a proxy why ukraine has no independence, whatsoever. proxy means public. and it's a u. s. it's pulling the strings in every pronouncement. but this will not change the military balance no matter how many weapons are sent, at least so far by every measure. the russian military response has
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been consolidating the games and don bosh r yoko c a barrage and so on. it's a very dangerous things and it does show how, how much the u. s. is willing to escalate the war to more and more dangerous dimensions. but i don't think it will change the military balance of forces within the ukraine. ukraine is not doing very well in this war, despite all the grand pronouncements. but the danger of these weapon staying in region is enormous. it's enormous for all the possibilities of future peace and it should be clearly denounced and these weapons should be destroyed. hopefully they will be a canadian journalists covering the conflict, and ukraine has found herself added to a kia based name and shame website. it uploads, information on people,
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considered to be enemies of the state. the science has published a slew of accusations against eva bartlet participation in the informational special operation of russia, an aggressive country and terrorist against ukraine. informational support of the open military attack of fascist russia on ukraine. encroachments on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of ukraine. accomplice in the crimes of the rational 13 against ukraine and its citizens. well, i spoke to eva who told me she doesn't believe the canadian government will take her side or provide any protection to her. in this case, the independent journalist of maverick media did reach out to me a week ago and they were quite concerned. they take this issue very seriously. the fact that a canadian citizen is on effectively a kill list. and so they, they did interview me and they said in the context of the interview that they would be reaching out to canadian media. and i believe starting a petition. and they did inquire if i was going to reach out to the canadian
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embassy in kev to which i said, you know, essentially there's no point. i already know where i stand with the canadian government. i don't believe that candidate would ever support me. despite the apparent dangers, even i faces canadian mainstream media outlets have been silent on her addition to what some consider a catalyst. she shared her experience of being exposed to such threats again on the response or lack of from all to i don't believe for a moment that the canadian government would protect me from any of these. these alternation less ex, from types that would seek to harm me because they see me as a threat to their country. a cbc journalist has been trying to reach out to me, saying that he would like to interview me on, on my work in the don bass and on my participation in an international tribunal on ukrainian war crimes in moscow. in early april, i think it was. now what i'd like to say about that is, i don't believe for
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a moment cbc would ever give me a fair hearing on their platform. they are canadian state funded media. they do the bidding of the canadian government and the corporate interests. you did not at once point in his email mention, you know, he's appalled by the fact that i'm listed on this kill list. he didn't say anything about it, but clearly he seen it. that's the only way in my mind that he could have been aware of my participation in this tribunal. so cbc is white washing ukraine's kill list. and instead seeking to inflame the fact that i participated in a panel that right lee calls out you cranes for crimes against the people of it on bass. will your work and reporting be affected by your addition to that site? i know i look, i can't live in fear, i won't live in here. i will take precautions. of course, when i'm reporting, but this is the thing they, they want to prevent people from. they want to scare people from continuing to report and that's not going to work with me just like the smears that have been
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launched against me since late 2016. the intent of the merits is also to just credit my name and to frighten me into not speaking or writing and that that's something work i won't live in here. as the prospect of you, membership is dangled on a stick in front of ukraine by the blocks leading members. it appears it may be harder for key of to obtain the 1st thought. increasing voices are pointing to a number of factors that ukraine needs to be able to achieve membership, which normally takes years or even decades, rti, charlotte dubin ski fills in the blanks you queen is desperate to be part of you. but as the momentum fades, its demands are getting louder, demon ukraine's quick movement to the european union is needed through its candidate status, which must be granted right now in conditions of war as part of a special short in procedure for e u membership. we do not need alternatives to e u membership. we do not need these compromises. while the president of the
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european commission continues to be encouraging, it is our moral duty to make it possible that they join our european union and that we paid the path towards our union. hers is becoming a lonely voice. fewer than a 3rd of you members support ukraine's bid to be granted candidate status unconditionally. in the immediate future, the majority a hesitant across the block politicians have even started to squirm. when asked about he abs rapid candidacy status having to admit that the chances are slim because protest kiners of the assertion process is not a matter of a few months or few years. the fact that there are no short cuts on the way into the e. u is also a duty of fairness to the 6 western balkan countries on metallic alford. you will cry in at. we cannot flam the door in ukraine's face. now, it's not enough to say you belong to europe. we need to say you belong to. the ear does look and it won't be a fast accession process. there can't be any shortcuts or put me medicine. but even
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if we were to grant it candidate status to morrow, the process which would allow them to join would in reality, take several years. and most likely several decades. it would, it would we have to be honest. if you say you crane is going to join the you in 6 months or a year or 2, you're lying. i don't know. it's probably in 15 or 20 years. it takes a long time. so why has the tied apparently turned, could it have anything to do with the mountain of criticism towards european leaders coming like quick fire from president so lensky? there are plenty of other reasons why ukraine isn't in ship shape and bristol fashion when it comes to being an e. u. candidate in 2021. ukraine ranked a 100 and 22nd out of a 180 countries on the corruption index that was significantly lower than the most corrupt e country. according to one recent democracy index, ukraine didn't do particularly well there,
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either. it scored less than 40 percent in democracy with independent media, also seeing a decline in recent years. ukraine, which markets 30th anniversary of independence in 2021 cannot be described as a stable consolidated democracy. and as the war continues, the idea of a potential candidate being caught up in 1 may not be particularly appealing to the block. while there are also questions over whether ukraine is really pro european or just pro european funds or by then has just put 4 of the, his 40000000000 package for the ukraine, which is utterly insane when you consider the economic mass for the united states is in and i would say the same bang for the e u and the u. k. there is no way that the u. s. or the u. k. or any country, any natal member states can give assurances that these are huge. financial packages are going to be followed through and that's
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a full accountability is going to be provided to the publics of those countries that are effectively providing this money. another argument is that by fast tracking ukraine to candidate status, it would leap frog over western balkan nations who have been in the queue for years . some say that would be unfair. whichever way you look at it, ukraine doesn't cut the membership mustard. and with that being the case, if the you does say no, it could be about to land itself. once again, is the length skis hall of shame? while while the situation ukraine has created its own refugee crisis, the issue really has to be shifted attention from already existing problems elsewhere in the world about as, according to military organization, there norwegian refugee console. the war in ukraine has highlighted the immense gap between what is possible when the international community rallies behind the crisis
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and the daily reality for the millions of people suffering far from the spotlight. while in particular, the council, as highlight, the crisis continued to play out in the democratic republic of congo, where food insecurity reached its highest recorded level at the end of last year with 27000000 people. love is a 3rd of the country's population going hungry. the d r c has 5 and a half 1000000 internally displaced people as well. well, a further 1000000 have said abroad. well, the problem is enough for you aren't the only ones being overlooked. hundreds of african refugees now could face eviction from a hotel and i'll be near the u. s. stop compensation payments as a focus is on ukraine. to date a r p donors have spent over $2000000.00 supporting you to be clear. we are in this situation because what we were told about u. s. government support and timelines has not been fulfilled. the delays paired
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with the attention the war in ukraine is receiving has caused us major fundraising issues. to something more on the dozens of african refugees gathered in the indian capital to protest, they had been temporarily accommodated in hotels, the head of a plus the vacuum ration to north america, but hundreds are still stuck in the near, unable to pay the higher hotel bills during the tourist season, a number of them worked for washington during the oscar where we talk to some of the as well. so what is the difference between the people of afghanistan and you crate law? all people are burning in a war. yeah, no one has their voices. why, of all european countries in the us open that borders to ukrainians? look at our situation. o ha. the u. s. must not leave us in an uncertain monica. we must not be forgotten because of ukrainians. what saw a difference from ukrainians? what is this double game? yes. okay. i'm on with how i doing dahan young man. the whole world in particular,
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the u. s. was responsible for evacuating afghan. so now they're focusing in ukraine . they now must obey tension to us again and i hate gases. i've worked with americans free teen. yes, we want americans to vaccinate us as soon as possible, but our children are being deprived of education when living in an uncertain situation for 89 months would be do not a sunday visit to the world's apart studios next. oksana on her guest to day asia expert, i know tongan launch into conversation, and ah, lou needs to come to the russian state to never. i've side as i told them the most. i'm skiing with
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55 with speedy one else with we will van in the european union the kremlin. yup. machine. the state on russia today and r t spoof, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube. said with me, ah, with
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me. hello and welcome to was a part united. we stand divided, we fall. this may be one of the oldest and most popular motors in human history is cited in is up fables in the harry, puerto saga in the new testament. and of course in multiple speeches of american presidents, and that's true on the personnel or national level. would that also apply to the world of to discuss that? i'm now a join from beijing by aynara tank and senior fellow. and they tie her in said she had a great to see you're good to talk to you. thank you very much for time for you. now let me start with the idea that i mentioned in my introduction that a house and that's the biblical version. how that is divided against itself cannot stand.


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