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ah, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race group is on offense, bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk ah, you attribute probably in pushy russia into the situation and 8, but that was not, excuse exactly, you know, all the depth. and unfortunately, you out now after iraq about gallop switching strategy with a huge profit, they want to use other countries to fight their war. weakened with
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industry to restore can just look up from with not only a muscle around noon, she doesn't being in the green show on a nurse to me as possible. mama cook go through 6th grade to somebody to look up to his ashley. uh, this one. it was a duplicate pieces, goes down to come here from one to 330 cool position to pick admitted you bring out not but the key for the chino, i'm in middle ownership, right. something to do that week are at that point, did i say it's a residential eval grey lisa? have them
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over the past few weeks ordered thousands of additional forces to germany and former as part of our commitment to nato's eastern flying allies with using it. it was back in pacific scuttled i me believe so. i usefully issue mika. you stop to live, not assume what evening mushy vote on that boy is that much g e. 's from wars? mr. murphy ah, with close to now stated. and you can give show, with on february, the 24th 2022,
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president putin delivered an address on the situation in don bass. i'm opening it that you sure you're open. are you doing it, sally? why? gimme a garage. you'll see that she to louie, catherine. the parties are in your voice media, but you got to go to you. i just, i'm not so sure. i don't think he was gonna hear him. decision to deploy troops was taken up. it was clear that full scale, ukrainian aggression in don't manson crimea, couldn't be avoided. this was corroborated by intelligence reports. we, the minister teachers can use up with this. we mentioned a bit of super good them remember was to come under a new a. so let's look up an idea with my media comes korzy of couldn't mediacom sketchbook. recently the report was to use my name, correct me, orange. so as a sort of coercion does not let themselves, kimberly school to deal with ok. interest already. so i'm in the virginia english contrary, so getting a beloved got all berlin infrastructure available to seattle for muslims. virginia,
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along with the planned, offensive a 150000 ukranian troops and don bass and crimea. nato developed a plan to launch preventive missile strikes on russia's territory. effectively, russia preempted these steps whizzing to do so on the storm still. graham skin norwood boonies are used to move on before the trip. but all know when you're still probably in him, fisher mission will millennium rock to which in them, not ostable by should it not season so but by should have do not suit the roster you sports would require. you look up during the storm, young, georgia, when you receive the operation has already yielded visible results. much of the gen ed skin lugens people's republics, has some region thought of hock of region and upper rogia have been liberated from the neo nazis. the ukrainian armies defense system and don bass has been practically dismantled. the battle that don bass is in full swing and its outcome is being decided about doing essentially,
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this battle has been going on for the last 8 years since 2014, when a coup d'etat was staged under nazi flags and slogan, o. december 2013 cave. in the city center, people protested against the ukrainian governments decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union, georgia. allah muscle. how do you do your super for just when you were raised in the movement which started as a struggle for european integration would escalate into a long lasting confrontation and eventually split the contra you as deputy secretary of state victoria newland went to keep under the guidance of western actors, the euro. my dan movement became
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a revolution. the state department's cookie distribution soon gave way to iron bars, improvised batons and stones ribbons and flags were replaced by cobblestones and molotov cocktails. by the end of february 2014, the confrontation of escalated and fighting had broken out on the city streets. over 3 days of clashes more than $120.00 people were killed, including 17 police officers. perpetrators have still not been brought to justice. with witness by polish, german and french representatives, president john coverage was forced to sign an agreement with the opposition. it stipulated measures to end the crisis, including early elections, all done to avoid further escalation. government troops withdrew from the streets, but the agreement was a sham. this the gross by the word was so yes it with, when you the wire around to you sulu pacific,
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just because we're in a coup d'etat in ukraine, resulted in the ousting the village intimately elected president. the ukraine parliament voted to repeal the law on the principles of state language policy. ah, the slogan of the neo nazis is a carbon copy translation of deutschland over alice, the 3rd reich anthem band in germany. after 1945, however, it re emerged in the ukraine during the coo and my dad. they proposed restricting the use of russian in a country where it's the mother tongue of at least half the population. an entire region o russian speaking south east and ukraine refused to recognize the code. in major cities, people took to the streets in crimea. mass protest resulted in a referendum,
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in which majority voted for secession from ukraine and re unification with russia. the new authorities decided to subdue pro russian regions using radical my dan activists. nationalists and far right groups are armed and officially trained in boot camps. in spring 2014 cave announced the start of a so called anti terrorist operation in southeast and ukraine. disposal lucas will vote for this under participation. as a pro russian sentiment was crushed on may the 2nd in odessa radical euro, my dad's supporters stormed appro, russian activist, 10 camp 48. people died 6 in st. clashes while the others perished in the burning of the trade union house. those who disagreed with my dance outcome were trapped inside the building, which was subsequent. they sat on fire, people who tried to escape the flames by jumping out of windows. we'll finish off
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by radicals. clubs ah, about a fearing uninvited guest. done by the citizens formed self defense units, and the militia started setting up road blocks with music. if that's how you get to her, you, by the summer of 2014, there was still faint. hope the conflict could be resolved peacefully, that the bloodshed could be stopped. and the key would begin negotiating with the se. however, following flourishing his election as president of ukraine, real war paint dumbass deal. these are when residential areas where shell by ukrainian artillery local residents were left with only one option. it wasn't just major southeastern ukraine. cities caught in the line of fire. hundreds of towns and villages were in the thick of it too. and peaceful life
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had vanished overnight. after a series of brutal battles and a defeat, the leviathan key was forced to start talks with the dumbass militia. ah, in september 2014, a protocol was signed in minutes in his g a ceasefire. release of prisoners, special status for don bass, and a law exempting militia fight is from prosecution. the republics leaders, the o as c, e ambassador and ukraine's representative former president, leah need, coachman signed the document it seemed to many that this was a real chance to end the civil war. but by late 2014, these illusions became apparent as fighting in the southeast erupted with renewed vigor. wimbledon won us to partner with them as villainy acted,
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muscles in mer producing. lemme put them in your book, you so much of your boot that arrest them. but you would come tomorrow. they're here. did you get your 50 when you put a bullet? 50 feet vala bowling. each. your new job with it is summer. duck moberly, with cave, once again opted for military solution to the dumbass conflict. there were battles to take done this airport or you purchased a new school here, cook with us, but i said you knew him pushing and pushing. ah, there was shelling of residential areas in murray. you put a brutal battle for the key town of to bulbs. over 80 percent of its residential buildings and infrastructure were destroyed. the
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ukranian army raised everything it could during its with girl the normandy quartet, russia ukraine, france, germany let in minutes to discuss an immediate cease fire and resolution of the crisis. after hours of talks and a contact group meeting, a package of measures for implementing the minsk agreements was adopted. but you're more goldish lease or so on your don't were if a seriousness, just oxygen, you still listed for a couple of what bring with venue here hogans can that are going to school with the piece wasn't achieved and fighting, soon resumed, according to the un in the complex 1st year, only 6000 people died in the fighting in don bass by 2020 to the death toll was 14000 page is the international community, had paid little attention to the numerous killings of civilians and don bass, even though for all this time russia had repeatedly called for
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a peaceful resolution to the conflict sponsibility of the shelling to the d. p. r. an lp. our leaders in security has been systematic. they preparing to strike dumbass, western specialists by the end of 2021. keep and build else, republics. and we're building fortifications, amarrow weapons, residency lensky, who vowed to end the war of his rhetoric. in february 2022 at the munich conference, the ukrainian president threatened to pull out the feud affairs memorandum and furnish ukraine with nuclear weapons. and as you quote, raises the threat level to russia, further nato expansion and the already started militarization of ukrainian territories are considered ah, in the morning of february 24th 2022, the media erupt. russian jets flying as the key is needed,
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that external events which they had tried to avoid up to the last minute. russian armed forces a tank from several directions similar heinously keyed. how cough ga. gov to me and nicholas oblong with money you reaching the correct you? are you from my fear of lancaster mill cut. dora rose, oregon company were blue moon keel. so she machine the some newspaper. only a few couple invalid comes from the ocean. the electrical storm key, we only hope each is in here. so for source, for, for the where were you the new point carrying them or were you in front of so we'll go from the tutorial graham form issue grants for me for coney earn the liquor proxy or me. he says is from me for sure or not for very, very true are you, which will, to will national green. you should go to use the sneaky plan or see it because i teach he, you choose the piggy each and wish him with the g. d sydney with you and isabelle
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this number, but with the rules and keel miller muscle grid. yeah. understood the window do since she has cleared the shoe through. can you do great. stay on the corner of the curt shortage skim. we coordinate via google medical. thank you for allowing me personally when you go on the phone here, but you, unless you can do you mean you look at the some my blood wish purple choose will brain you pill. read me superb ad events means the russian army intercepts more than 97 percent of aerial targets. the active offensive by troops of the de ned's gonna lugens people's republics. this being supported by the russian air force. soon after the beginning of the special operation, as soon region makes the crimea along with most of our rogia, come under the control of the russian army with little to no resistance. new in switching brochure accident on mr. hernandez reasoning that as long as you can witness her continued reason to send me william with miss tiffany is shavone stewart. so i will get in malia carefully,
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so the words were forwarded to what's the, when you must have known slim, ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at that point obviously is too great trust rather than fear with like to take on the various job in with artificial intelligence. real summoning with obama protective phone existence, with after
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the failure of russian ukrainian negotiations in his temple at the end of march, russian forces unexpected. they leave the key 10 ego, and soon the regions. it's in fact regrouping some troops get relocated to park of region and don bass. the 2nd phase of the special military operation begins, is to engage in maneuver warfare throughout the bretton width of the battlefield. it means that russia is engaged in artillery duels, rushes using artillery to create opportunities by destroying your dog in enemy positions. russia has to have a, an advanced logistics capability, capable resupplied troops on the moon. the goal of the 1st phase was to cut down the enemy's combat capabilities destroy military infrastructure training grounds, weapons, and deployment routes. russia now needs to establish full control over don baths
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and south ukraine. first of all, it must ensure a land car door to crimea. increasingly that underscore christ goes on the seal it with who i ross confuse agree in the play skis, kobus which is t cascoo some school you know, you get now go to your school, you could get those period. no. so still a good have set up a quote for stems from my end. she's the keith, the chase we're by. we'd use them by national certainly feel a bit of a way of dealing with this issue here. and actually i provide to practically ship something from 3 should use it as normally, almost issue for the national control and nobody them we consume. why no, sir british in west ministry principal, something that there was to use to grade. furthermore, she chose to put her these roof attempts to loop by in the pity my will. in this
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new or addition moved, things hold key the expected russian troops the phone turned. since battles didn't happen, while the ukranian army suffered huge casualties with their brigades constantly being routed, professional soldiers were replaced by poorly trained reservists thrown into battle with little to no skills with the foreign weapons involved. so the ukrainian armies offensive capabilities are reduced to 0. ah, i ukrainian neo nazis have played a special role in the dumbass war in l. p. r. and dpr they've been compared to ss death squads. ah, the most notorious of them, other so called blank mannings from the as all regiment. this unit began operating new guns. how cough bed yonce and dennis region just a few months after his creation. it became a regiment,
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as of as always stood out for it strong ideological stance. the unit skier contains elements referencing nazi symbol quest thurston was one of the new proposal for some lower coastal grants government. for the neo nazis, don best citizens who are expendable. sometimes the personnel of such units weren't trained soldiers, but simply lovers of live target shooting. with a could use to pro a shift e talking with some students you but are you on the $5.00 off event villa with point 50 or so my worker will which you me go there for but as dylan you was to do outreach you, erica, to susan is a seems work that you start to rush teachers for to new. he was move
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humans, it was on bus, so stubborn and you don't cut off so you move on to slip. so you're not supposed to for you to plan anything. read your story to be really awful if driven awesome. go for story. so there was a push only russia uses of wireless regions. ahmad, the brush relief is divided and these color comes with feel like we, as our regimen space was near mary. you pull in april, it was destroyed by a surgical russian ass strike. with both is so nice region, 2nd biggest city and one of the largest ports on the sea of us, all it's location makes the city strategically important. it's no coincidence the for 8 years as all regimen soldiers have been terrorizing the locals vowing they'd
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fight to the last you do with all of those clear and even really pezora. if with the story. however, on may the 20th, they surrendered completely. the as our style steel plants came under the full control of the russian military, almost 2 and a half 1000 ukrainian service men. and as of neo nazis capitulated with as of style. at the end of the 3rd month, the current ukrainian authorities were defeated. not only militarily, but also politically the as of neo nazis. i'm facing an investigation of their atrocities and an inevitable trial from a, from a solo she. she wouldn't even live up no summer, her loan cooking for food. very sure. you received my code we would use, but almost more than the bread and the we're going to internalize she wouldn't have
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offensive georgia greatness, many battalion as a football virtual political russia. so your whole no look, i'm under sure. when you might say, look, what was the quote if you museum muscle is that you're fully on traditional pro for the cool with these are abandoned ammunition and equipment bumps, his guns, grenade launchers, machine guns, and the pride of the ukrainian armed forces, new american javelin missile systems quite often when retreating, the ukranian army leaves western weapons behind. usually, nato doesn't condemn such extravagance. but this is a different matter. a proxy war with russia on foreign soil edition and political buffer renewed for 2 or 3 children that were really yeah, not living in your frontier issue with them. but when you see in your belief,
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each chemical image came in from from themselves for the weapons and equipment, the west, ascending to ukraine con, radically changed the course and nature of combat on the ground. however, they caused the conflict to drag on for weeks and even months and so increased the death toll. we really knew that though my for revenge. no. rena, i'm long phone, a normal human. yeah. to yes. librium of stub for 34 much thumbs up there for show a number with full numbers like which does not on the moon, korean michigan, a mob room can shape. this still is not showing much. there was a lot of concern in europe, in nato, in the united states. that if we started providing ukraine with heavy weaponry, that this would somehow make russia think that we were party to the conflict and then expand the war. and we didn't want that many well acquit fortified areas have been constructed on the lp on dpr border in recent years. there hampering rapid
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troob advances. they so called act defense strategy is 50 years old. it was developed by the west to oppose the ussr. today the ukrainian army use it, so the russian army employs own school tactics, probing the enemy's defense is eating their positions with artillery fire and only then involving infantry is a better move for that group. also, bar owner got daughter that i see with the new shoe producing offended new of morrison for the thought. so i figure we were fishing, you wish me live for marijuana to venge of or what i need my ball offer or protocol door. your former will be in the 3rd the so us me secure, i mean destruction of the ukraine armies military facilities continues during the special operation. ukraine has lost 16 air fields. hundreds of planes and helicopters have been destroyed. not to mention drones and defense systems,
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multiple rocket launches tanks, more than 3000 of which have been taken out along with other ahmed vehicles. ah, for russia the conflict remains designated as a special military operation. it means the country doesn't consider ukraine and intimate and ukrainians as an alien population. this aspect limits the scale of russia's use of its weapons, particularly heavy duty ones. oh yes, they were the blu ray and my birth of abortion, of them in our to with how much to commuter heather publishers for a year or more? sure, i would say soon recovery release will start in most of the geraniums from studying infrastructure is a recent when you're filling it out. today, russia is using precision weapons, avoiding carpet bombing. although it's been confronted by
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a major ha. instead of american troops, you're fighting ukrainian troops are equipped by the americans forgiven intelligence from the americans. when performing the american commission, what happens if nato escalates even more than the special military operation will probably have to stop being a special military operation to become a war. and once you get into your escalations, things can spin out of control. and then you run the risk of direct conflict between nato as a block and russia. they misses because of these color, any of those that much of your locals can here, either rainy, bust off, keith, no credit will. it was putting procedure. can you put him in wisconsin? i see that when it was recently ciocca on the computer and push him, come right back up to read you your mar,
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stomach of his other chest, produces up of a need, the coverage. so we'll look at the number of wellness fil a bit of a mediator with not physically somebody wilmington, he's almost done unless you live fully furnished that are in your sewage near a secret, the code ah, or in the lease of canter. russian state will never be as tight as i phone, and the no santini devastation, i'm not getting hooked up with within
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a 50 by the keys on my knees to faddle speed. anyone else about this? even with real band in the you are, can you in the, in the kremlin, can you get machine the state on russia for date and r t spoke neck, even our video agency, roughly all band on youtube and pinterest. and with me, i think will this fuss around x rom, supply c crane has only one goal. that is to drag out the military conflict as long as possible. in his 1st interview, since the start of the conflict vladimir takes aim at the huge amounts of western
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arg was being shipped to ukraine, but claims russian defenses are quote, cracking them like nuts. also ahead. mm. 5 civilians are killed over the weekend of the done yet. people's republic comes under ukrainian shelling according to local officials. we report from the scene all around the you can see this is a residential area very heavily.


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