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it was the county, so what is gonna be doing is in sync with international standards of mandatory reporting, of certain specified kinds of cyber security reaches within 6 hours and of course, mandatory detention off your dogs with india. now this is a part of the data edition move is moving forward primarily for the boxes of ensuring that big of indians remains within india. and that it can be not just monetized but it could also give rise to like new jobs. now that's something that wasn't quite as i don't necessarily really comfortable with because they, i mean, custom to fact that they can compute people coping in data on servers located outside india. and this, these kind of information can be accessed by large number of state announcing actors that's primarily a step in the direction of protection of indian side was ability of prediction when children dressed and also for preserving and protecting cybersecurity that these new guidelines and directions have been implemented,
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which come into force on the 28th of june. 2022. yeah. and big tech isn't happy. western companies in particular, and i mentioned it said dr. the gal that many regulations that you've just been going through there commonly used in other countries. so why that this content here, the discontent is because in just such a huge country, it's such a huge kind of an e commerce market. and if you, as opposed to either have been used to operating in an ecosystem when it's not. because remember, when cyber security, there's minimum regulation, there's no expectation of you know you to do certain compliance is your custom to have your flight. now suddenly you find the restrictions korean not necessarily restrictions. automatedly aiming for showing the preservation of the indian cyber security ecosystem of the whole. so what is in yes, c is nothing you which countries like us, like china, i singapore, my gosh,
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really hold up the to mandate. don't leave. what are the kind of stipulated cyber security breaches and that's what is retention of logs within india. and so in is a huge country. if you are wanting to do business in india, then government says you're more than welcome or please ensure that the retention of logs of india is in india. it's in sync with the line getting by the central bank of printer. you said that the banking did of indians actually with an india, so even interesting to see how the indian cybersecurity regulations get actually implemented and what kind of potential reactions it's likely to attract. yeah, we're with to see that. thank you very much for your time today. dr. palmer into gal a prominent seibert lawyer life from now one of the most notorious and gruesome massacres during the 2nd world war is one largely forgotten about in the west. next or short documentary molina, no statute of limitations, recalls the events of 1943. ah
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ah yeah, i'll probably just love to come. yeah, occasion policy of yours. he's one of the valet shows pumped on each box with plenty of new kaltura. a steamy plains chemically started on them to respond on the school activities of the quality of the new. not sure how the teacher comes up with the whole is are you still my be delivered by dina dot com, a bundle of a couple of those to some of them that show up. i mean, you're a bundle with
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a huge to me. use the pieces. yeah. same used different products, like, you know, a little bit of some screw, also put forth a post to talk with. chris young explained is olivia ashley. if you pull me really a little partition, give us more enough, assist me with this sort of mapping out master cur. splitting it over my outside let a lot of on the 3 is my 2nd a lot of never done that road tripping out in a crowd or job changed to look not hey, skill crisis in just a change to my senior grains. could you give me a new bundle of together when you smuggle it, just it was it's a steam storage unit. it takes up with don't you say you dog or do you not see the blue book, gray and stuck moscow clearly admitted to it which an apostle. i see it's a bottom muster. but with a tree, it's too much, not a grain skin, not old,
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but almost the last bill won't. i'm with the spot. we've got that on your own too numerous, which are he used to come in too good a was for a pretty new edition. your position in the door is full new to nature my which must focusing on the pro schedule. where do my me and so as far as like mr. folks to use that he should gibson nutrition. they're good because they're still pretty and more evenly nuclear from co due to late greens go post them scared me of attempts. it's also worth noting that the mass slaughter of poles was not limited to a single location. no time. you pay a death squads operated over a vast area for several months. in july 1943 alone, they attacked more than a 150 polish populated towns and villages. suggest some
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such a miracle to the inks as, as the commercial digital sort of a deal with a bill. and you click on close on a lot of construction ideas and you're just of us that he lost it all up. i'm not all delicate as a shield to use the google doc or senior teacher a nobody in a lenient a customer, a senior. i'm already come on to here to really sort of
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a, but i'm to show the video. i was a bus with a little shay of how it goes to glossy, fully volatile company. i got them all without food now that was before the end of the machine. okay. okay. all righty printer, normally she do, if she celia for you leave to geno, she sponsors left you a few months ago and see if it was the she village green apple called low grains of but worse i do believe okay. must like on, you know, so i end up hearing for shoes if we ship this a lot from africa enough to run it by foot. the professor scheduled it is an established fact that during world war 2, the o u n and u, p. a leader served in the not to go and roland battalions all with the ss galaxy and division, and with collaborating auxiliary police unit somewhere also trained at nazi
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military and intelligence schools got the book, women thought us all of them by got a look when i'm thought they got to read because we are fucked. so truly, just when you means to william, there was the upkeep, your master avira, so you have to keep going to rosetta, they own a lot of the up at the very is vivian you on the really on them. and she would now do i got it all today. you p, i apologise, claim the conflict stemmed from poland, centuries long expansion into ukraine, couldn't lloyd edna schedule them out. they say indigenous people had the right to fight enslavement and as ukrainians were indigenous to virginia and eastern galleria, it is quite pointless in their opinion to question the ukrainian insurgent armies, methods lost on napster, new amusement period. the syndrome to the developer would old polish ability to the iron is porter p. jewish to sway exceeded what we have to assume. it says the wireless or o group, rocky diligence,
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strict americans are so great. if not selling just a little game of familiar to skin again is that's a tourist. i mean, the fingerprints will stay. he passed through to graham's kennel someone. and i guess we'll bob's book to put a teachers to choose to place, would work out what the webcam store can idea. oh, credit score. what somebody is, my point skeptical we're showing is mean. cuz what got good news do it to me. come now, what actual setup? nationalistic authority perform? well in skate is near to get all swoon chavaris here or is it plays ground floor. it is a wound up, a fuss at a fuck losing a child. cosco a maniachi, the not fatal by a show she with the are you shopping the back week? you more money to that?
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you have to look at it at the studio because we're getting the push get especially with the 1000000 sort of middle we're way down. we're you can when you mean you could was to get used to play in your to play out with. great. and so it's on the cheapest way to, to answer. so the get the boulder will much though bruce, loosely williams could use here. would you be deceptive? dish did you put has been done with ox, it was media like even with this issue or she needed a for sure, that's good with the you in documents left behind by insurgents contain compelling evidence that the was a strategic rationale behind the eventual decision to fudge about union and later galleys here of outlanders the hard way by killing tens of thousands of co. i
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deal with a depletion with a series of german defeats such as the battle of stalingrad and the retreat from the vulgar made the o u. n. b lead as less certain about germany's chances of winning the war. it also made it more likely that the red army would return to western ukraine. if that were to happen, local polls would join forces with the red army, making the u. p. ice fight against the soviets, even honda, these were the underlying considerations for local o u. n. b leaders in valencia, and felicia with claim service in charge when they decided to de polonaise, those regions. ill. berman o climmer, some work, a tory prostitution is yes, there's them. you, you will, you will put pretty years. he's to ridiculous to dumpster wonderful command on the
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right. absolutely. even if miracle d really difficult, only deceptive pieces for you. you said to be smooth. yes, i still stayed by me. things like in the day. no. such like whatever. push gay, dr. chestunut or stillness preschool. the seriousness. jerry, that's it. even i think euclid euclid have such a good not to do. i am daryl gene is just, i will put your logo and we'll go sam euros, gillian leaf. well, michelle bundle, she probably thought she's matters, but she'll you will be chilly unless you like all this to little wise portal price . i mean, you know what? i'm kinda annoying here he had his jumps full angleton, not our town. somebody said, she said, you all will get a yellow of your company's teacher said, you know, i'm just going to go. i saw a snugly young tickets on mcgill talk to put stuff over, but i will check my in their official document such as premium guidelines on o u. n. combat and activity and war of i in the band. a rides refer to themselves in no other terms than an order of fanatics and fight has led to by stepan bandana
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. bamboo, they called their supreme leader cleansing territories of the enemy presence in times of chaos and unrest. it is separable for us to eradicate hostile polish musk, jovita, and jewish elements. we will mostly eradicate the intelligentsia, make sure they cannot re emerge and keep them away from any leading positions or jobs in education. choose coles and moscow bites must be isolated and removed from governing bodies. those permitted to stay for technical reasons, must be liquidated at the 1st sign of noncompliance guidelines on who you in combat and activity in war. double out. go use out. seattle. g show mogley, bishop another word allocated to the old again, that's your total is a with them as well. i had the opportunity sharing his i was, i was saying you got a lot more with brain side than they found a couple of i bought one of them really populated foolish about video stuff before
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my dismissal with each of you. that will me over at the middle the going to zap rod, i suppose with socialist hours, fundament them for some ashi, not all davi, which in general hostile fundamental not. so my lasagna grains are what rang medical or she has missed all of that. i did so wash up such an anti go yes, but of the double a bridge of a yellow. oh sure. are you keep on do if i just put in my teeth duties. id. not that i knew i sent an email, it'll guide you online as up on the if they're not sure of the committee kinaski kind of these key yackel pazzano, her phone tablets here been that are strong move kind of home despite what contemporary supporters of the o u. s u p. i often like to say like you many ukrainians did not approve of the band to write methods and actions and often chose to try and protect the defenseless polish population,
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usually risking their own and their family's lives. that's confirmed by multiple witness accounts, video, or breach. now he stood uncle ulysses ha, today is the spearson. hold on the nashik boys. 50 story. got your seized. you must hold himself somewhat on the well. i mean, when you see me just a confusion, brains, a friend who g, i. e. not so my last year. so i you cool? yes. well, you know that works for you that show scott, turow casella should not club in to pauline. she nobility for switching up and eagle them as up and she will not. so my like why me to punishable people when i go, but most valuable, we'll just sort of a deal with or not because we're cubic school. he goes to craig, who, who, who poor, he doesn't, what's up, which is a little austin of ali strategy doing what, let me be to buy a couple dollars on the progress of those little mogley boys come with socio
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economic movie. subtle hipaa. moving from stems with ah ah ah oh, when i want something wrong when i just don't hold any world that is yet to save out. disdain becomes the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look for common ground as unique. who is she has to go. you're going to go dorothy, where your mom, my mom, my mom of global citizens outside years. not only writing on the flu shot in my own, but just allow me, daniel, be sure i did with melanie couple question. can you point of view and usually record some spread out on the shipment for what i believe is that have you all to with fiji. why luko? actually as much as i am creating vcr lanes. governmental yeah, my locker equal i 90 roslyn harrison who carries with the for lack of data. grady rules my mama love my mom on the phone utilization i, he was in school. if you want a solution, i can get this one shot of krinski. he sort of became for cranes, keep of frankly, army slogan a wound cut him black because with black of chris mcintosh, w strategic, i thought he thought is that he's not so easy. so she ye offer guardian up of
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already your new why she would have to ride the bus in my in my to do, but it's almost not covered with rules, but yeah, she for school things being switched to a previous, she looked almost all summer to the parish, my god, i'm rivalry cause a lot of our aint gotta worry about my gluten at the b a is on that a mile of will. not about looking for my girl. i actually get i each is keep us to babu. i will a previous meal. i still, are you in a campbell bottle? true country of actually shoot to to report my galle pollock on have allan except with a polish film director did not say, but it's asking news about the events in valencia better than most of his colleagues. because he took an active part in making the documentary. there was once a town, with the film tells the tragic story of one polish
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family in the valeo village of killeen who fell victim to the massacre. a documentary was recently broadcast by poland, 1st tv channel and caused a massive outcry area. but that didn't stop. and another polish studio from working on a similar film, oriental script writer and film director yourself. but nashik says that today's youth knows very little about the events, and by lena, recently, a small action group in poland has launched historical reconstructions. but a veil has been drawn over the truth of what happened in valencia for too long of an evening. however strange it may seem that the topic remains quite unpopular in poland. political circles with additional gibbons, but they're more of beth's should addition to her. she said directly of
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a bit of small boat, maybe all should be 0, but i'm going to put up as mission mala, lee and mullah with everybody. so obviously you go to us and you move into a sun, italy, depots, the need to disappear from the sky. it's a problem, it's a seem you smoke fitting it is olu with family a was he seemed a problem with picky. the wasn't for sure of know, graham, you got to do you think you guys had somebody at namo supposed to play with me with sort of the marines. by the marty made you latino, the computers being switched from full with gina melinda. as we approached her 70th anniversary of the violin massacre, the ukrainian parliament has introduced a bill on ukrainian righteousness among nations after it was submitted by a group of ruling party, m. p. 's sort of the authors suggested officially honoring non polish people who
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saved poles from the o u. n. u p, a. despite the rest to their own lives and those of their families. the idea was welcomed in poland. when your many in ukraine simply refused to believe that the parliament would pass the bill like april and have their reasons for that with you creams for both the party. the political successor to the o, u. n. u p. a hold 36 parliamentary seats and has thousands of followers all over the ukraine, which they sing to regard those who slaughtered and burned down, armed women and children, old people and priests as heroes. all forms of poker immediately for just want him to believe parliament. this will boscoe seriously for your money. if the boy gets on his beneath him with a barber in the suite number, you and you are asking for press,
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complaining about the wipers, the plaintiff, and your coming in machine, sir, or nor took a samsung galaxy s there should pumps little bottle monona power, little shoes up on the green, it should by the roy modica process. charlotte, if museum you so much. so model koreans cohen, metal water, but the more because that was wavelength, let's see, that does glen the grass that are the maclaine scheme for present corona. so did there go narrow photos of a go provide edible of each nose. you still craig russell crane scheme. not all the mom of virginia, but on that order still privacy will that is new. but chinney doug approved, he would, he hasn't value of it. would it seem decently of it still mavita choked to state. ugh, lawyer party small border you but it's only about our shirts. a cautious. great. did you all will give us a tourist for me all this yellow here below the officers. starsky law gifted as the gyla organs, as you please can let you know that you're not going to sleep by me to bon
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b to put your groups. come will you be logging with us nicely to water as bad as though garage does, it does. may legit, it's all yeah. yes. dishes because i knew we'd use of all when you put a leasing agent will just name or put them on boomers to speak with but you mr. but when you get into the stage, what was it that they're going to let them good? i mean, you go, but if you decide that you needed to always buckley name it our still those, and they are very useful for you. but some, you know, or estrogenic for he jessia that has no m toys, so shadow was on her. yes, you post it to 12 rose. you should go back to the lead salesman. yeah, not, not old. mom. did you on other machines on the cello stores to was cuz i brought the mala, ga, had on machine middle sporting a patrol, a movie in your browser,
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which means you can share it on us on. but i'd also bookish shall chin. you're going to nothin, give me a station when you throw lots of showers in of when you the was thrust nozik. just a ball on the following. you boys rush. no. i see just rush must be white climate, which is probably what grade to coin it was coming out. but when you, when your job rise law, your dog watching stage is come, continues to mutual at each other, commodity supanik. in other words, on your oil, we are eastern li getaway. got a shuttle release, his name is avoided logins cro, she'll get the slash on your call with all those post trust levels. cool. is that each group of both or class national some out but through with the approval would the to koreans group with love with his but it but i will no passengers. interviews with kathy to zone pop back in on the incident. there was an army on your 3 things equal grains go on our old larceny. another year she goes to craig to carol. she go to the norwood or shoot the top ashi stick with
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the new model. it will be will it see what i didn't present at the book again? present. so it's jim to please i would get it as you present will. yet my view to cranes came out. all the books. i didn't put some private cells. 9. yeah, cranes use your on your cell and i've lost all directions instead of him c, b a r t, a beautiful, a for answer unclear boy should use the bubble up. he didn't, i get i ease of say, good, good of excuse, pretty, pretty su gustavo. it's less of room. you like a slip, milan, olga? oh gosh, i'm constantly getting a bullet that keep it across the me start. look, you denise. do do mommy about our boards that are building unique up, the huge on board with the little this scandal i missed that. i think you just go. so use us to crate life polish as a molecule. does the price quoted move up and ukraine just by me? he could been building don't seem to be a little an issue would be for you to really euro we ship. what is the millennium euro from east verse? no, we're here for 3 newkirk with so me a simple at for me. sure. all of a fall over is different. if you look at the slow bought
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a new company for which it finished to really be better. uh, because with this, with the liberty center is going to talk to you repeats. if i to, to you roku, you chew up a horse over for cheapest through dish to replace the queue respectably. but if she was proud of me, you would have been, you knew as much. okay, now for the mar, based she had the grain of those of each of years. herschel does a carpool grains come on, our order a for pro support, stylish, spare. mom was not a shit of the social studies. so i mean, he kept michael for his up it top situation. i picture bescham wasn't sure sumptuous washed. so when you go home on your bottom, you can you the video solution you the video new one is a slight increase. not impossible to ship it yet mac via stop this for algebra beach. so we're still shuttles in each so called because when you go to all the
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middle of a is not we as soon as the companies here of 3 of you to sort of yet mac says machine, the model, the cutting, the, if the easy thing, make me think of saddle with us through it and why me take it straight to the or she's going to put you might be just your by midnight middlebury at your you got with your product. most of the pop, last few years you situation, you should always stem in y'all's grain hospital, the open sky scholarship years, and you should have something that has some trust her up. i mean, sasan is those scenarios announcement fall of come to the euro. pamela cheated up another you signal. so you sheldon, you drive it on the animal tooth, the stuff it all. i really got one b, my chip, you've ramos, i lost on the horse shoes at the old rules up. i know that you are open you for you my, it's to be grades a to walk. i thought on the hook up on my grain you acquired,
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you know, easily welcome demetrius, you writing the got the right when you my actual the quote for shows water wouldn't nisha. nadia shamperdeen almost all of an m s. w role for getting a lower, her white still gray, you know, could even a lot and you could see my daughter a newton secret that does it has all mentioned this threat to glen books by the finance with them. he is a woocommerce all night and upwards. come now the valise go, jeremy, only get your opinion, osby, anthony, and premiums. they just assumed that j in hollins is in distress. danielle castillo, and he's already in the machine family. chill on. good sco. shouldn't worry in roswell vigil, finishing out and yeah, through the blood, your mining a little plea. me. she'll be with national label on january. so much person. yes, robin, i'm you know, mind you have with us. marsh are very dunedin collaborative,
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elizabeth zeroes and put your men just in the us that all we this is natasha. well, i will give you a big rational, dazzled years it goes cannot parasol for many people do. ah no one else showed seemed wrong when all just don't hold any world. yes, to feed out disdain becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah,
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with 3 civilians are killed in the done yet. the people's republic of the area continues to come on. her head start to raise dozens of missiles have reportedly been launched by ukrainian forces also ahead. children avoid more long reaching the weapon systems you will be shipping to ukraine. the further we will push the line, which bars the neo nazis from threatening our country. russia is foreign minister warns the west against a continuous flow of weapons to ukraine. the conflict runs on a number of western media and politicians move away from their previous here will wins down to questioning whether.


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