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tv   News  RT  June 7, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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a pacific super short time. mm hm. about 97 percent have been gone through a public is now under the control of russian lead for with the south major poets on the black. this will be in the mind and all preparing to make long awaited grange shipment. with washington, reportedly, wounds african countries against buying grain from russia, claiming its been stolen from ukraine. the accusation coming i made a worsening food prices in africa with 1000000 on the brain consolidation. plus a massive back last night amongst several latin american leaders on the west. if like not to invite men, is way like cuba, nicaragua, to a summit, supposed to improve units a in the region. we think it's
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a continuation of the old policy of interventionism, of disrespect for nations and their peoples, what the government w, united states of america is doing is an act of discrimination with welcome. this is on the international with the latest world news that date is good to have you with this, this, our, that we start with the latest on the ukraine conflict. as russia's military has reported, it's making steady advances into previously ukrainian held territory. and the look down on yes, republics, fill in missouri and the total of 97 percent of the territory of the local republic has been liberated so far. recovery operations are currently underway in those areas to return to normal civilian life. in mario pal, electricity and water supplies have been restored. the residential buildings and streets are being cleaned. the mining operations are in full effect throughout
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deliberated areas. while the la guns for public has come predominantly under the control of russian lead forth, is there still heavy fighting in the neighboring don't? yes, we're public ones. how that recently changed hands. if he also goes renowned for its mountain top monastery, most goes defense ministry, said ukrainian troops had been using that orthodox sanctuary as cover of the russia had vowed it would not conduct an attack on a religious fight or to the south of russian forces have completed the mining operations at major ports on the black sea, including in the city of mariel pal allowing the 1st congo vessels to enter since the war erected. the doctor and i reported a preparing to make long awaited grain shipments. me while the u. s. is allegedly trying to put a new spin on the grain story, reportedly sending out warnings to african countries, claiming russia is trying to sell them stolen. wheat. they imported the facing severe shortages with some african governments, even implementing
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a state of emergency over a possible famine. as the west maintains the crisis is all russia's fault of a more. i am now joined the studio by a correspondent, solid div as the solid. great to see this morning this afternoon was behind his latest allegations from washington. well, this is a letter that is reportedly been sent out to around 14 countries. the majority of which are african states is come from the state department in the u. s. and what it's done is wound them not to buy any grain from russia, saying that the grain that russia may be trying to sell them is actually stolen grain from ukraine at this, of course, is putting many african countries in a real country right now because there is this severe food crisis that's taking place across the continent? we know that just in 3 countries alone, some 17000000 people are heading towards hunger. we also know that chad is declared this emergency when it comes to food. so there is this big issue compiled it, not just with the fact of the issues of grain getting out from ukraine and russia,
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which are predominant the majority suppliers in africa, of this type of food, but also for droughts in the countries themselves, which is produced very poor crops they're so a really big issue that's being exacerbated at the moment by the crisis. now we've heard from the chair of the african union, who said that for him, yes, the crisis and ukraine is causing a problem. what's really exacerbating the situation is the sanctions that have been placed on russia by western countries. the design with the 2 main issues, the foot crisis and the sanctions. so we must work together to resolve this issues . so the sanctions, prevention for supplies are lifted, related. so these sanctions against russia have only exacerbate of the situation. now we have no access to russian grain and was even the worse we have no access to russian fertilizers. the situation was already bad and now it's worse with foot secures in africa at risk. however, there is a very different story coming out from the european union and also other western
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leaders. we heard that the u. n. as a secretary, a jet assembly general on monday night as shall michelle. he's the european union council president. he saying like she know what the problem is here, this is russia, russia's causing these blockades. and that's where the problem is. it's nothing to do with the sanctions. let to be honest. the kremlin is she was intrude supplies a so stilton sale. o jones, developing countries, did omeka turned to princess offer? she swore are spilling over across the globe. and this is driving her foot. prices, pushing people into poverty and disturbing isn't entire regions. and russia is solely responsible for these food, cries russia alone, despite the kremlin stampede of flies and disinformation. so while the u.
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s. continues to claim that russia is blocking and ukraine's grain exports. what's the latest from the kremlin? what we've heard from antony blinkin, as you mentioned, that the sector estate who is saying that, russia's essentially using this as a form of blackmail. the kremlin, has continued to use the line that it is ready to export this grain. however, this d mining operation, which you're just talking about, there is underway and it's important that these minds cleared these a minds that russia says ukraine put into the seas. and russia says once they're cleared, it will be able to allow the shipping ports the lanes to reopen. we've also just heard that turkey and russia have made an agreement about how they will monitor the safety of those ships getting out. so there is this possibility that grain could be released from ports at that an hour under control by russia or ukrainian ports themselves. but what is very different is what we've heard from precedence lensky of ukraine. he has talked about, obviously, getting grain out too, but he's got
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a different method for how he sees that being feasible. sonata of it politeness broil the strongest guarantee for de mining the port of odessa or defensive weaponry, deployed in that region, which is able to conduct grain exports. we are working on this with certain countries with certain anti ship systems, and gradually getting them all ready. we do not use these systems as a threat. we specifically say we are ready to respond very quickly. the video. and i just want to add that that, that deal, that apparently is been reached. this tentative deal between turkey and russia. apparently cap says it's very skeptical of that deal, and there really is a sense he the all side to kind of looking out for themself at the moment, including africa, which is really just trying to ensure that it can get the grain through to ensure that there is no famine and hunger across the continent. charlotte, many thanks for coming in that say, artificially dimansky them. now pakistan has been looking for alternative ways to
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conduct financial transactions with russia him at the western sanctions. that's according to south, the south asian countries ambassador to moscow with a majority of the world refusing to join the west campaign. my colleague, you know, neil discussed the situation with mohammed at our job at the director of the pakistan house international thing tank. the euro centric and the us centric and the west centric polishes, more or less has been creating lot of trouble for the developing countries. for only one mattered, i think the sanction the gym has paralyzed many economies. the new world order, i would say also can be categorized in terms of how one country or set of country stand up to one matter to the construct that only the western way to deal with any issue is correct. one large majority of countries, if you look at them, it will find out that it is only a matter of opportunity when you ask them about the issue. they will speak up,
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he's got china, india, pakistan saying, well, hold on you're, you're not, you're not talking for us as well. we want to make our own decisions there. and i think it has that be more to the forefront of western leaders mine since the start of the ukraine conflict. i think it came later to be honest because they were under the perception or view that when they will say that this is the reward will make the decision to of the western world in meaning. this didn't happen because the countries made their own minds up. they looked at their own national interest and the respectively made the decisions when the during the war. ting, ball swatting. i think also that is a political fantasy on the part of the western powers that they consider that they can get away with whatever they want to do with any developing country. for example, all those was previous wars are, you know, imposed on other countries. had shown
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a very bad result, unpopular to see and making even at their home is it in the process of occurring western dominance coming to to a close process has started. i mean, they will never to accept this a political defeat that they accept that. ok. we failed in all these countries. we could not maintain peace, we loss trillions of dollars and we had to leave in some kind of, you know, submission to the countries and that in afghanistan included. can you give us a sense of how the east now sees the west has that changed since the conflict again? we're east has a one comparison that make for example, i can give you an assessment. these say that all right, all this human rights, all this destruction, this show and propagate whatever happened the ukraine. but what did on the member that any one of them can come out. they came out after very many, hundreds of thousands of people could millions refugees in iraq, for example. or we were wrong at the time. and then they went to syria, they had
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a problem, then they went to libya. so they are looking at somebody that the rest should have stood dear when they have initiated all the you know, wars, but did refuse to accept the responsibilities. it is impossible that the united states and other countries desirous to abandon ok, sandra shad relationship in the past. 20 years going to a very positive trajectory. and we are of the opinion that this conflict will be dissolved sooner or later. but at the same time, the south asian countries and other countries has a great example to know that when the rest decides to something in dear interest, they will come together. but when the global challenges there, they will not. they think that the european problem is everybody's problem is not the way the controversial summit for the america is hosted by the u. s. has been causing a major backlash in the region with mexico presidents now refusing to attend his
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son washington's decision to exclude several latin american countries from the event a lagoon. re. i am not going to the summit because not all countries of the americas were invited. i believe in the need to change a policy that has been imposed for centuries exclusion and the desire to dominate, for no reason. the failure to respect the sovereignty of countries, the independence of each country. we think it's a continuation of the old policy of interventionism, of disrespect for nations and their peoples. no focus more. so we have expressed our admiration for the clarity and courage of president lopez, our bra door, and all our support for the message she has sent. in recent weeks, of abandoning the world of sanctions, blockades, exclusions and discrimination. what the government of the united states of america is doing is an act of discrimination against 3 nations. 3, governments look up and going to be excluded countries are cuba,
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venezuela and nicaragua, all 3 previously targeted with you and us sanctions, washington, half that my as decisions on stress that it expects the summit to be successful, while white house spokesperson carrine jean pierre essays, joe biden doesn't want quite dictators to attend the summit. the firm it's taking place in los angeles. was that planned to revive he with engagements in the region with migration issues and an increase in the oil trade high on the agenda. but according to journalist benjamin norton, many latin american countries have been looking to improve that ties with other major powers. 1000 uses by the end of the u. s. is seeing that there is crisis in the region, and that's why they want to use this summit to basically say, we're still the head of the americas. but the response from several countries in the region shows understanding that there are alternatives that the u. s. is not the only power they can improve relations with china, russia, iran, or india. in this sense, the failure of the summit of the americas reflects major changes in today's world.
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and in geo politics. us president joe biden has declared an energy emergency saying potential power shortages jeopardize national security on the quality of life of americans by then has blamed russia and climate change for the looming crisis thing. the u. s. might not be able to generate enough power to fulfill consumer demand. multiple factors are threatening the ability of the united states to provide sufficient electricity generation to serve expected customer demand. these factors include disruptions of energy markets caused by rushes, invasion of ukraine and extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. as the pentagon has added fuel to the fire, saying that china could undermine us national security group agency control of key global supplies of ram, minerals vital for the production of american military electronics. caleb morphine has mal when it comes to rare earth minerals. china has the market cornered,
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almost 90 percent. and at this point, we've got a member of congress coming forward, introducing a bill intended to reduce dependency. the chinese communist party has a choke hold on global rare earth elements supplies, which are used in everything from batteries to fighter jets, ending americas dependence on the tcp for extraction and processing of these elements is critical to winning the strategic competition against china and protecting our national security us dependency on china is being declared to be a national security risk due to the fact that missiles anti tank weapons and other pentagon hardware depend on rare earth minerals for their computer chips. when china cut off japan supply, this was a very dramatic blow. now we have us officials coming forward and saying we need domestic production of this vital commodity. our mission as a company is to restore the full rare of supply chain to the knighted states of
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america. and so we have this unique resource. we can also do it in an environmentally conscious way. we have by now invoking a war time law to make sure it gets done. strong words and dramatic legislation are one thing, but actually getting it done might not be so easy. currently, the united states only has one mind that extracts where are minerals and setting up a whole chain could take years. also, rare earth mining is not good for the environment. it's pretty ecologically damaging with long term consequences. also, much of the land that would have to be utilized is currently designated for native americans. not surprisingly there's quite a bit of pushback. there is no situation in which i'm going to feel good about giving even more subsidies to the mining industry. hard rock mining is governed by a severely outdated 150 year old law that let's mining companies get away with destroying the environment and hurting nearby communities without paying a sent in federal royalties or paying to clean up toxic abandon mine lands. it's
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not just a new to rare is elements. the usa also depends on china. for solar panels. the white house has just granted a 24 month exemption to the tariff imposed on china in order to allow solar panels to be imported, to the united states. the tariff that was imposed out of supposed concern for human rights has been put on hold out of necessity. the pentagon is scrambling to make sure it has computer chips for its weapons. and at this point, us officials are trying to figure out how to set up a whole new chain of minds. terrorists are being put on hold. washington has a big mass on its hands, a big mass that could easily be avoided if they simply learned to get along with china. so far, the chinese government has not threatened to cut off the supply to the us and keeps insisting data one site, a sanction is illegal and not aligned with the national policy of china. china repeatedly said that a tree war is a lose lose situation. the vital ministration ought to a ban on the us imports of
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a key solar panel, material from chinese space companies over force labor applications over the course of the last few years. similar issues and other reasons such as junior sites have been used as an excuse for the u. s. to south h to tell you trade war we've china, but he's china who has pains that can tolerate the heavy pollution stage to get to dispose of manage pollution to peer up the whole supply chain of where of production and mining of these materials in the u. s, on the other hand, is highly limited due to heavy and foreign mental regulations is incredibly difficult to synchronize and create a vertically a line supply chain that not only exists in china, but it's not impossible. irish airline ryan has sparked outrage on the forcing south african passengers to take a quiz on its flight for allegedly to wait out for dylan pass. the test was written
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in afrikaans, a 1st language full, reportedly only 13 percent of south africans is also being called be tongue of apartheid, a painful chopped in the country's history. we got a reaction from one of the south african passengers who had to take the quiz to be faced with a taste like that was very surprising because i've never ever had anything like that happened before. the test was basically just asking questions about of africa, but had to be on that in off recalls. doesn't confirm the validity of citizenship at all because it only pages for 12 percent of the population. so it's actually marginalizing the population more than it's testing to see if you're a south africa. i mean you take me for instance, i have friends who don't speak any offer collins at all so they wouldn't post a trace but go 100 percent south africa. and it's marginalizing it, it's, it's discriminating against the population and it definitely splits the population, which is what we've tried so hard to avoid for tween ideas. according to ryan,
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as south african passengers will be denied to travel on the airline obits with a full refund. unless they pass the controversial test earlier, the south african government race can sons. i've been numerous reports of fraudulent possible in the country. however, p it and they will to, against these. the issue should be handled in the diplomatic level without affecting innocent passages from my understanding of the situation they're trying to prevent fraudulent passport sourcing that matter will be dealt with an embassy and dramatic level and not language test. it's you cannot, victor mazda, traveling population, or modular discriminate against them because of problems that's on a government level, especially like this, especially in terms of, especially where we come from our country. what is being through where it's going, using that language is exactly what a project was. you know it marginalized again, that 88 percent of the population and, and had the 12 percent being able to do anything,
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brings up all the scores and all the memories from the parts the world's richest man, the lawn mass has raised questions about why the u. s justice department has refused to reveal the secret client list of sexual predators. jeffrey epstein and one of the western media has largely remained silent about it. only thing more remarkable than department of justice not leaking the list. is that no one in the media cares . doesn't that seem odd? that would make last one of the most high profile figures to question, what's an ad seems a little black book nearly 3 years after. is that the latest update in august around yet another day? at this time, there was mark middleton and arkansas, businessman and adviser, former president bill clinton, reportedly introduce him to epstein while holy world, milton's death is suicide. his former associates are now calling for an independent investigation. after he was found hanging from a tree with the gunshot to the chest,
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every one that i know here that has worked with mark knows it is physically impossible for mom to have killed himself. he could not physically hold a shot gun and done that to himself. he knows nothing about guns. he hated guns. he couldn't have tied a news to save his life. the man couldn't change a lightbulb by himself. he was the least physically skilled person i have ever met in my life. well, these are now saying they can't release any reports related to middle is death because it is considered an active investigation. as for the question of when the information could be released, the former clinton advisers family as follow the last thing to stop investigators from disclosing any detail. it's also notable, the family is using the rose law firm, which just happens to be the same firm. hillary clinton worked for before becoming 1st lady. the firm became known for its size of the clintons and the 1990 s. as it was at the center of the notorious whitewater development scandal, where the clintons were absolved of any wrongdoing,
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while their associates based felony fraud and conspiracy charges, the firm's partner vince foster also made headlines after he was named deputy white house council under the clinton administration and then died just months later, and what was also role the suicide. just by working for the rose law firm for 15 years, hillary clinton makes no mention of it on her website. and it doesn't stop there. another i've seen associate modeling agent. jean luc brownell was found dead in a prison cell earlier this year. you had a long history of accusation that included both applying young girls to asking to abuse and abusing them himself. the details of the investigation to pronounce that have yet to be released. and while going, maxwell appears to be the only remaining epstein associated behind bars while the rest walk free. it's becoming clear that their crimes have always been an open secret. at least for the political establishment. epstein was hiding in plain sight . we all knew about him. we all knew what he was doing,
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but we had no one that was no legal aspect that would go after him. they were afraid of him, for whatever reason, they were afraid of them. and to that end even must has a point after years of refusing to address jeffrey obscene of the story that was hiding in plain sight, the u. s. political establishment and the mainstream media continue to protect his associates and the horrific crimes. there used a committee in washington, rachel blevins, r t u. s. senate a tar read says the mainstream media have been deliberately silent when it comes to reporting on the jeffrey epstein. case. there's been kind of a hush hush. you'll notice the corporate legacy, web western media is not touching who the clients were of epstein. why is western media not covering much about the up steam trial or the fall? and i think you have the answers when you look at, you know, the amount of people that have tried to come forward about the clintons. and
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there's this growing body count. i think there's an element of fear in the united states amongst, you know, particularly smaller media of getting cancel. the platform being called, you know, being told is called a conspiracy at the very least. and at the very most, getting threats even coming out with anything against the clintons, can have a reverberation, as far as getting the platform canceled on social media. many thanks for joining us there and i'll see international will be back at the top of the i was more ah ah
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with industry to restore can just look up for a new she doesn't being in the green shield on a nice to me place you mom with his ashley of and they wanted to work with one to 3 for the cool position you bring out in up, up with regards to metal for furnished or something like that. and then we
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got that with them. oh mm. mm mm mm. mm. welcome to worlds apart, and all russian saying has said that once you have a reason finding a p text is only a matter of time in getting, finding a pre for a war. and im also tickets in russia and the united states has been building for a number of years. in fact, one could argue that it never really disappeared, just diminished with the end of the cold war. how far can the current conflict over
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ukraine take it? and what does it mean for the rest of the world? to discuss that i'm now joined by what is i the professor of political communications at the university of tech run. professor his id is great to talk to thank you very much for your time. thank you for hiring. now, in one of your recent articles, he suggested that they send you political rivalry over your grade that the all and now observing in some or even participating in just like that problem of iran. suppose it malicious nuclear intentions is essentially an artificial problem. it's, it was deliberately created by the americans to justify their intentional geopolitical. you cannot make hostility towards those countries. does washington even need a pretext to do what it said? it's mind i'm doing, you know, when it comes to russia, i think they do because it's not very easy to question russia when it comes to you
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. they can always tend to take the case to the. ready un security council with russia having a veto power in the security cancer. that's not going to work out. that you choose the line of time to make an easier ball. with russia. russia has lots of nuclear bombs already so that, that is not going to work with russia is so if you like the states once you fight russia and they do want to do that, as you said, they need to find that a skews. and i think that's why they don't want the ukraine to finish, because if there is a settlement, then you are going to be able to use ukraine to put pressure on russia. and that is why if you go back a few years ago, the united states did not want the misc agreement to go through because that's
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what that solve on the problems. and then ukraine would not have been able to be used as a stage to attack. russia will cause difficult. the problem with that rationale is that the war in your brain is putting pressure not only on russia, but pretty much on the rest of the world. because we see that in the form of skyrocketing within the field prices in many, many countries that have nothing to do with russia or ukraine on filling the pinch . now you've been pretty open about your use that you believe that these conflicts in your credit is changing their current world order and that is pushing it towards the more multi polar arrangement with different powers are going to compete with each other. do you think that new arrangements, whatever is going to be, if you think going to be more or less violent than what we have them.


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