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cranium politicians, still reluctant to talk about these events, how to modern day ukraine and poland view this tragedy of the past. and why does the memory of belinda still divide people ah, moscow says that about 97 percent of the really guy and square public is now under the control of russian leg. both it further south, major port on the black feels good to have been the mind and all preparing to make long awaited grain ship with washington, reportedly fresh as african countries to refuse to buy grain from russia seemingly ignoring a was annoying food prices on the continent with millions on the brink of starvation, with less than massive backlash ignite among several latin american leaders of the us. besides not to invite venezuela, cuba and nicaragua, to a summit, supposed to improve unity in the region. we think it's
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a continuation of the old policy of interventionism, of disrespect for nations with what the government of the united states of america is doing is an act of discrimination against 3 nations, 3 government with welcome. this is dorothy international with the latest world news out date is good to have you with us. and we saw to with the latest on the ukraine conflict, 1000 rushes military has reported him making steady advances into previously ukrainian held territory. and then it bounces on. don, yes, republics. fill in missouri. there she did. a total of 97 percent of the territory of the legal republic has been liberated so far. recovery operations are currently underway in those areas to return to normal civilian life. in mario pal, electricity and water supplies have been restored to residential buildings and
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streets are being cleaned. de mining operations are in full effect throughout deliberative areas. while the low down sco public has come predominantly under the control of russian, lead forth is still heavy fighting in the neighboring don't yet republic. one town that that recently changed. hands is also gone. renowned for its mountain top monastery, moscow's defense ministry, said ukrainian troops had been using that orthodox sanctuary as cover of the russia had found it would not conduct an attack on religious side or to the south. russian forces have completely completed the mining operations at major ports on the black sea, including in the city of mario, paul, allowing the 1st congo vessels to enter since the war rubbed the docks and reportedly preparing to make long awaited grain shipments. but a local authority said the ukrainian army attempted to destroy grain stored at mario post, paused on c, corresponded to him on cause of his at the facility, trying to get inside. we are right outside of the c port in this city of farmers.
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you pull it houses and major grain storage facility, at least 57000 tons. now, according to local authorities, ukrainian army, as they were retreating from this c port, they tried to destroy all the grain that was said here, that's a wheat and corn and local authorities. said they, they could not. so put out the fire for 3 days. great. now my crew and i will try and get in to this a great storage facility and finds out whether these reports work for the u. s. has been spinning the coverage of africa's food crisis sang some current rush and grain supplies to the continent have been stolen from ukraine as, as africa, struggles with severe food shortages as it faces a potential fireman, eli artie shaw. dimansky told me 3 was been behind the latest us allegations against russia. i met this crisis in africa. well,
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this is the u. s. that is apparently said out a memo to some 14 countries, many of which are on the african continent. st. don't buy grain from russia. if you do, you must understand that this grain has been stolen from ukraine. that's at least the allegation from the state department in the u. s. and this is a huge quandary for many african countries at the moment. because in a we have seen massive issues when it comes to the delivery of going to these countries that heavily depend on these deliveries from russia and also ukraine. countries that are seeing air problems at the moment with a lack of rain coming in that's being problematic. the crops, and there's an understanding that some 17000000 individuals just in 3 countries on the african continent are facing hunger in the near future. we've also had a warning from chad. it's declared an emergency situation when it comes to food. so there's this big crisis that's looming on the african continent, and now they're being told don't buy grain from russia because it may,
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has been stolen from ukraine at one of the things we have heard over and over is how western sanctions are playing into the problems the crisis in africa at the moment, and that's certainly something that the chair of the african union pointed to when he was recently in russia to meet vladimir putin, alo, diesel, we. there are 2 main issues, the food crisis and the sanctions. we must work together to resolve this issues. so the sanctions, prevention for supplies are lifted, maloof, it's all the sanctions against russia have only exacerbate of the situation. now we have no access to russian grain and was even worse. we have no access to rush and fertilizers, the situation was already bad, and now it's worse with foot secures in africa at risk. so russia has denied obviously that it's doing this at, but that is not have the west sees it, particularly any european union. we heard from at the european union council present, shaw, michelle just the other night at the un who said, you know,
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this is all russia's fault, let's be honest. the kremlin is using food supplies. oh, so still food sale. oh, don't develop, intern threes to the america, turns to trenches, offers swore, are spilling over across the globe. and this is driving of food prices, pushing people into poverty and dish to bill isn't entire regions. now the u. s. continues to clean a. russia is blocking your cranes grain exports. so what's the latest on their situation from the kremlin? that's why the u. s. is also accused russia using blackmail it comes to this grain . but russia says it's been very clear. it wants to get these grain shipments out and it's prepared to do whatever is possible to be able to open those ports. again, it is doing this d mining operation in the black c ports to allow the shipping lanes to be free and secure. and that is something it is said, it wants to do for a long time. the minds that were put in the water were apparently put there by
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ukraine lacing them so also as a form of stopping the shipping routes. now, what we have seen is that turkey and russia have come to a tentative agreement, apparently, to allow those shipments out turkey saying that will act essentially as a 3rd party guarantor when it comes to this issue. however, keith says it's not a suitably happy with that, and it probably needs to look the proposals even further. but what we have heard from the ukranian president, sir lensky, is what he believes is what should happen. he's talked about the only way to guarantee the safety of those green shipments from black see ports would be for the west to give you quain, more weapons at particular what he wants them to give him is antique ship weapons. and he says that would be the only way of guaranteeing that safety really difficult discussions. all parties oversee clear to get their own gender out and to be really looking after themselves here. but i think we need to a thought for the african continent,
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which is the one where we see millions of people, possibly facing famine and starvation in the very near future. let's cross live at terry constantinople. hey, test to a member of the africa. he went to harry and action organization many thanks for joining us on the program. it's good to see, you know, i'd like to ask you if you think it's appropriate for the us to tell african countries they shouldn't by russian weight. well, the constant struggles with food short as well. i don't think is appropriate for anybody to sell africans, not the buyers from, from anywhere. 1000000 stuttering in the heart of africa. wrong, 26000000 people require holidays and therefore it's very important that we get to put as soon as possible before bank. and therefore, having turn the u. s, saying, don't buy russians, but that was not the case. i think it's not right, but you will save millions of people in africa on the brink of starvation. now,
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if says the human, terry, and catastrophe on the continent off that this pressure from the us would washington be responsible? why? i don't know, this is a water between the box and the water, which i showed that 4 very important to look into other countries have that much about this 15 and swore. and hence, it's really important that i've seen countries and read his diplomatic negotiations with russia and with the west, so that the food keeps running in. and it's very important that most often countries including south africa, the question of why they should support any initiative from any other site is really important to look into africa is an online confidence. and therefore, it is very important that africa keeps the goods open with any country in the water
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. this is very important source for africa because we have a lot of people here. we have climate change in our lives and now have a 1000000 of drugs, not happening in many fights for profit. that includes the cell where you have one . so complex said that when on in classic car, we have conflicts and it's very important that we get the food to simply we cannot make the peace of africa, phones in this great war that's happening. the sensor per box and a number of african countries have slammed the sanctions against russia because the disrupting critical food supply chains. you think the west will listen to those calls? well, i think this is really fun and can come tradition of very difficult situation. now . this difficult situation a, they was every one that is relevant to them for that and also to
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buy products from other countries. china is a major partner for africa. and the court is very important that the parking issue with russia and the box to ship with the european union in the united states be maintained because of the day this one will be all run day. and we're going to shut them down to talk about it. and then history will judge, who was the culprit in this process was the point. the point now in their lives are stick where people are buying because of lack of food. and therefore, it's very important that we get importing russian products rather than wait another month. and even though we can, companies cannot purchase this week right now. they should make arrangements with the rush hour. they can bite on, or they can, how subsidize, subsidize for data from,
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from russia. and i think these are very important issues in international diplomacy, global governance institutions that proposed to do like the un one bank and i'm excited to show and help us in come to show us the high test fil a member of the africa humanitarian action organization that we have time for, for today, but thank you very much for joining us on the program. thank you. the pakistan has been looking for alternative ways to conduct financial transactions with russia, amid the western sanctions. as according to south a south asian countries, i'm bound to go to moscow with the majority of the world refusing to join the west campaign. my calling you to know neil, discuss the situation with mohammed atta java, the director of the pakistan house international. think tank the euros center and the u. s. centric and the west centric policies. more or less has been creating lot of trouble for the developing countries. for only one matter,
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i think the sanction the gym has paralyzed many economies. the new world order. i would say also can be categorized in terms of how he one country or set of country standard to one narrative. the construct that only the western way to deal with any issue is correct one, a large majority of countries. if you look at them, you will find out that it is only a matter of opportunity when you ask them about the issue. they will speak up, he's got china, india, pakistan saying, well, hold on you're, you're not, you're not talking for us as well. we want to make our own decisions there, and i think it has that be more to the forefront of western leaders mine since the start of the korean conflict. i think it came later to be honest because they were under the perception or view that when they will say that this is the reward will make the decision to of the western world in meaning. this didn't happen because
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the countries made their own minds up. they looked at their own national interests to me and the respectively made the decisions when the, during the voting boss wanting. i think also that is a political fantasy on the part of the western powers that they considered, that they can get away with whatever they want to do with any developing country. what example, all those was previous wars. ah, you know, imposed on other countries had shown a very bad result, unpopular decision making, even at their home. is it in the process of occurring western dominance coming to to a close process has started. i mean, they will never accept this a political defeat, that they accept that or can we failed in all these countries? we could not maintain peace, we loss trillions of dollars. and we had to leave in some kind of, you know, submission to the countries and that in of conason included. can you give us
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a sense of how the east now sees the west has not changed since the conflict again? where east has a one comparison that make, for example, i can give you an assessment. they said that all right, all this human rights, all this destruction, this show and propagate whatever happened the ukraine. but what did on the member that any one of them can come out. they came out after very many hundreds of thousands of people killed millions refugees in iraq, for example. or we were wrong at the time. and then they went to syria. they had a problem, then they went to libya. so they are looking at somebody that the rest should have stood there when they have initiated all the unit was, but they refused to accept the responsibility. it is impossible that the united states and other countries desirous to abandon mark sanders shall relationship in the past 20 years, going to a very positive trajectory. and we are of the opinion that this conflict will be
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dissolved sooner than later. but at the same time, the south asian countries and other countries has a great example to know that when the rest decides to something in dear interest, they will come together. but when the global challenges there, they will not. they think that the european problem is everybody's problem is not the way the controversial from it for the americans hosted by the u. s. has been causing a major backlash in the region with mexico's presidents now refusing to attend. he and his, when his welling can't part of slammed washington's decision to exclude several latin american countries from the event a locker room. but i'm not going to the summit because not all countries of the americas were invited to, i believe in the need to change a policy that has been opposed for centuries exclusion and the desire to dominate, for no reason. the failure to respect the sovereignty of countries, the independence of each country. we think it's
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a continuation of the old policy of interventionism, of disrespect for nations and their peoples. no further more. so we have expressed our admiration for the clarity and courage of president lopez. abra door and all our support for the message he has sent in recent weeks of abandoning the world of sanctions, blockade, exclusions and discrimination. what the government of the united states of america is doing is an act of discrimination against the 3 nations 3 government bill loc. whitehouse spokesperson corinne john p as a is joe biden, doesn't want quoted, dictators to attend the summit. they excluded countries are cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, all 3 previously targeted with us sanctions. washington has stood by its decisions and stress that expects the summit to still be successful with limits taking place in los angeles was planned to revive us engagements in the region with migration
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issues and an increase in the oil trade high on the agenda. that's called live to 2020 us presidential candidate and social activist on the coordinator of the cuba on venezuela solidarity committee gloria livery. i thank you very much for joining us on the program. so what do you think about the us, excluding certain countries from its summit of the americas? well, as long as over to the end, president of cuba have said, as well as many others, even in the los angeles times newspaper, where the event is being held in l. a. that they're all saying the u. s. is itself the one that's becoming isolated by this highly anti democratic position to deny the invitation to the 3 countries q of venezuela. because everybody sees that in the whole world, whether it's the u. s. army of ukraine and its involvement in eastern europe with
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the sanctions against russia. that if you don't go by the way of us, you will suffer sanctions, blockade, and even war and what's taking place right now with the summit of the americas is a failure by the united states because it can no longer dominate and dictate as it used to do you think that anything creasing the multi poll awhile that the u. s. policy is you either with oh, against is outdated? well, absolutely, because you see now that in the last, since the administration of obama, when the u. s. decided they had to come in and set things and order their way in latin america, that we shall the overthrow of mails to lie in and do dust. and we saw since then the overthrow of evermore alice trying to set things back to the u. s. domination and the u. s. has failed in that report. it's not just the summit of the americas.
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it's what the u. s. has attempted to do in recent years. now we see the election of seo, mont, castro, a progressive in good us. we see a returning of the cool in bolivia with the election of lewis are a set of bolivia. and those countries as well as mexico have said, it's time that we have the se in our own continent. and president lopez over their statement has chris has followed several statements on his behalf, where he is called for the abolition of the organization of american states. it's not just the dictating of us. it's the policies, the economic social, political policies that has led to the disaster of migration. people have fled on dude us by the 10s of thousands because of the qu, that took place in 2009. engineered by the united states,
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as are now biding claims. he's going to be talking about the border issue, democracy. it is the i couldn't think of a greater example of hypocrisy than what mine is doing and will attempt to do in los angeles this week. or speaking of hypocrisy, how about? well, the u. s. is housed a sanctioning venezuela is now looking to increase oil imports from the country. how do you feel about that? well, they're only doing that temporarily with venezuela to allow some oil imports because they want to use it against russia. and as soon as that is over, they're gonna apply even more sanction against venezuela because the us plan to try to overthrow the government of mcgriddle in venezuela is not over. and the sanctions against cuba, the 243 measures, imposed by president trump,
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still remain with a few little adjustments by biden. but the severity of the blockade against cuba is incredible. medicine's been denied in a time of pandemic. the crisis of having to shut down tourism during the pandemic by cuba is created a very difficult situation. and the u. s. is taken advantage of that to be even more severe in its blockade of cuba. and so the countries are saying that cuba should not only be invited to the summit, but that the u. s. must lift the blockade. remember, last year, 184 countries in the united nations voted that the u. s. must lift the blockade or as they call it, embargo versus 2 countries. israel and the u. s. so it's the summit of the americas . it's the general assembly of the you in the world is speaking out for chinese
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pharmacy ministry, says washington, nice to understand that latin america is not the united states as back yards. do you think that's how the us view that southern neighbors will? of course, i mean we just saw during the trump administration that john bolton said. the monroe doctrine is alive and well 1823. and it's a new world. the. this is why cuba and venezuela led the formation of alba, the ball, a varying alternative for the americas. this is why the community of latin american and caribbean states was formed sellhock. this is why they have begun to insist that there has to be economic and political, social integration of the americas without the u. s. and without canada, who have dictated to them for too long. and in addition to the excluded countries,
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several other leaders are apparently snubbing this summit. do you think that's an embarrassment for the u. s. i don't know if the u. s. is ever embarrassed enough to change policy. i think that the, the fact that they were trying to bully the mexican government, sending envoys down to mexico to say, come on, you got to be part of this, or sending other government leaders down to other central american and caribbean nations. it's constant pressure, it's constant blackmail, and bribing and threats. so i don't think that embarrassment really has anything to do with us decisions at all. i'm, it's interesting that the a filing voted in the us have traditionally supported the democratic party. of course, by polls are now sharing about starting to change their do you think that the bytes administration's policies like this one to exclude certain countries on the some as
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a contributing to that shift? yes, i would say so, but i want to talk about the issues of the u. s. versus the americans, the rest of the americans. and that is it by claims to be speaking for the democratic nations in unity without cubans, when you got our to promote democracy. but here in the united states, we're seeing the highly dig tutorial supreme court about to issue a judgment, a ruling against the rights of women in roe vs wade to deny women the right to abortion. which could come with further reactionary rulings. big supreme court that has restricted voting rights. a struggle that was one in the 1960 s, the u. s. government, which is keeping still thousands of immigrants in jail and has failed to reunite
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many, many of the children who were separated from their parents. the united states which locks down the border of mexico with the u. s. even though it's policies have created the migrant crisis. so the issue of democracy is laughable. if it weren't so serious. i think that we're, we're seen, is complete. contrast of, for example, cuba q has had an amazing success creating its own vaccine, vaccinating 90 percent of his population from 2 years old and up. while in the u. s, we have 1000000 people who have died and that the u. s. has no more funding for coven treatment and care, because they're sending $40000000000.00 a weapons, and other assistance to create an a wider war to prolong war in ukraine. that's not democracy. that's the worst form of dictatorship. to
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foment war to riva 2020 u. s. presidential candidate and socialist activist, many thanks for joining us on a program. really appreciate your time your insight. thank you so much. r u. s. president joe biden has declared an energy emergency saying potential power shortages jeopardize national security on the quality of life of americans. find and has blamed russia on the climate change for the looming crisis thing, the us might not be able to generate enough power to fulfill consumer demand. multiple factors are threatening the ability of the united states to provide sufficient electricity generation to serve expected customer demand. these factors include disruptions of energy markets caused by russia's invasion of ukraine and extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change. and the pentagon has added fuel to the fire, saying that china could undermine us national security,
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3 beijing's control of key global supplies of ram, minerals vital for the production of american military electronics policy is caleb morgan, explain when it comes to rare earth minerals. china has the market cornered, almost 90 percent. and at this point, we've got a member of congress coming forward, introducing a bill intended to reduce dependency. the chinese communist party has a choke hold on global rare earth element supplies, which are used in everything from batteries to fighter jets. ending americas dependence on the tcp for extraction and processing of these elements is critical to winning the strategic competition against china and protecting our national security. us dependency on shina is being declared to be a national security risk due to the fact that missiles anti tank weapons and other pentagon hardware depend on rare earth minerals for their computer chips. when china cut off japan supply, this was a very dramatic blow. now we have us officials coming forward and saying we need
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domestic production of this vital commodity. our mission as a company is to restore the full rare of supply chain to the knighted states of america. and so we have this unique resource. we can also do it in an environmentally conscious way. we have by now invoking a war time law to make sure it gets done. strong words and dramatic legislation are one thing, but actually getting it done might not be so easy. currently, the united states only has one mind that extracts where are minerals and setting up a whole chain could take years. also, rare earth mining is not good for the environment. it's pretty ecologically damaging with long term consequences. also, much of the land that would have to be utilized is currently designated for native americans. not surprisingly there's quite a bit of pushback. there is no situation in which i'm going to feel good about giving even more subsidies to the mining industry. hard rock mining is governed by a severely outdated 150 year old law that less mining companies get away with
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destroying the environment and hurting nearby communities without paying a sent in federal royalties or paying to clean up toxic abandon mine lands. it's not just a new too rare. are the elements. the usa also depends on china. for solar panels. the white house has just granted a 24 month exemption to the tariff imposed on china in order to allow solar panels to be imported to the united states. the tariff that was imposed out of supposed concern for human rights has been put on hold out of necessity. the pentagon is scrambling to make sure it has computer chips for its weapons. and at this point, us officials are trying to figure out how to set up a whole new chain of mine's tariffs are being put on hold. washington has a big mass on its hands, a big mass that could easily be avoided if they simply learned to get along with china. so far, the chinese government has not threatened to cut off the supply to the us and keeps insisting data. one sided sanction is.


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