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for when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement heard my story did nothing to challenge with with talking to our colleagues at w p, i would be in the lead. i mean there's no, they have no way of verifying these allegations. the one admits there is no proof to western claims that moscow is plundering ukraine's grain and shipping it to its own byers. this, however, does not stop washington from reportedly warning african countries against russian supplies, amid a global food prices. largely cru, find evidence that o s the members shared a house with members of the plains near nancy wright sector battalion in the people's republic, our correspondent fees, that the evidence for himself, right sector militants. again, one of the most notorious neo nazi formations in ukraine,
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they shed this building with the members of the always see mission. we found their insignia on the floor just above us. plus a massive backlash ignites among several from latin american leaders. after the u. s. decide not to invite as well as cuba and nicaragua. so a some, it's aimed at improving unity in the region. we think it's a continuation of the old policy of intervention. they some of disrespect for nation from those people. what the government of the united states of america is doing is an act of discrimination against 3 nations of 3 government. with a lot of direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international john thomas, certainly glad to happy with us. right now, the un secretary general has admitted that there is no proof to back up claims by
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western countries that moscow is stealing ukraine's grain supplies. is you the u. n . a. where'd of such conduct from of russia and ukraine? we've seen. i mean, there was recent media reports, we were talking to our colleagues at w f. p. who would be in the lead? i mean, there's no, they have no way of verifying these allegations just comes, as russia says, more than $50000.00 tons of grain have been deliberately destroyed in marble with ukrainian troops. setting a large grain warehouse on fire in the cities seaport area. as they left the city, moscow has slammed the incident as an act of food, terrorism by check against its own people. this crime against humanity demonstrates to the entire world community the true face of the key of regime, which in fact uses the methods of food terrorism against its own people. all this is happening with the full support of countries of the so called, civilized west and amid the ongoing hysteria based on false accusations that the
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russian federation is creating a global food crisis. moscow has warned that the situation could get even worse as the supply problem has not stopped here. deploying troops and armored vehicles have several brain stores, the heart of and sumi, along with areas of the done yet people's republic, it's still control. meanwhile, she insists russia has pollard, at least $400000.00 tons of grains, and ship it to its own buyers. now, reports claims the u. s. has been sending warnings to african countries to prevent them buying wheat, allegedly stolen by russia. that's as africa struggles with a severe food shortage. putting the continent on the brink of famine. earlier my colleague nikki aaron discussed the issue with our sharon pinsky. well, this is the u. s. that is apparently said out a memo to some 14 countries, many of which are on the african continent saying don't buy grain from russia. if you do, you must understand that this grain has been stolen from ukraine. that's at least
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the allegation from the state department in the u. s. and this is a huge quandary for many african countries at the moment. because in a we have seen massive issues when it comes to the delivery of grain to these countries that heavily depend on these deliveries from russia and also ukraine. countries that are seeing air problems at the moment with a lack of rain coming in that's being problematic. the crops, and there's an understanding that some 17000000 individuals just in 3 countries on the african continent are facing hunger in the near future. we've also had a warning from chad. it's declared an emergency situation when it comes to food. so there's this big crisis that's looming on the african continent, and now they're being told don't buy grain from russia because it may have been stolen from ukraine at one of the things we have heard over and over is how western sanctions are playing into the problems the crisis in africa at the moment,
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and that's certainly something that the chair of the african union pointed to when he was recently in russia to meet vladimir putin on the diesel. we. there are 2 main issues, the foot crisis and the sanctions. we must work together to resolve this issues. so the sanctions preventing food supplies are lifted. there are these sanctions against russia have only exacerbated the situation. now we have no access to russian grain and was even the worse we have no access to rush and fertilizers. the situation was already bad, and now it's worse with foot secures in africa at risk. so russia has denied, obviously that it's doing this at, but that is not have the west sees it, particularly in the european union. we heard from at the european union council present, shaw, michelle just the other night at the un who said, you know, this is all russia's fault, let's be honest. the kremlin is using food supplies. oh, so still from sale. oh, jones, developing countries?
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did i make a trip to princess offer? she swore off spooling over across the globe, and this is driving afoot. prices pushing people into poverty and disabilities ent, entire regions. now, the u. s. continues to kind a, russia is blocking ukraine's grain exports. so what's the latest on their situation from the kremlin? that's why the u. s. is also accused russia using blackmail it comes to this grain . but russia says it's been very clear, it wants to get these grain shipments out and it's prepared to do whatever is possible to be able to open those ports. again, it is doing this d mining operation in the black sea ports to allow the shipping lanes to be free and secure. and that is something it said it wanted to do for a long time. the minds that were put in the water were apparently put there by ukraine lacing them so also as a form of stopping the shipping routes. now, what we have seen is that turkey and russia have come to a tentative agreement, apparently, to allow those shipments out turkey saying that will act essentially as
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a 3rd party guarantor when it comes to this issue. however, keith says it's not a suitably happy with that, and it probably needs to look the proposals even further. but what we have heard from the ukranian president said lensky is what he believes is what should happen. he's talked about the only way to guarantee the safety of those green shipments from black seaports would be for the west to give you quain more at weapons. at particular what he wants them to give him is antique ship weapons. and he says that would be the only way of guaranteeing that safety really difficult discussions. all parties oversee clear to get their own gender out and to be really looking after themselves here at. but i think we need to spare a thought for the african continent, which is the one where we're seeing millions of people, possibly facing famine and starvation in the very near future. a member of the africa humanitarian action organization says there is no reason to follow
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washington's orders. if doing so, could exacerbate the continents hunger crisis. i don't think is appropriate for anybody to tell african, snuck the bios from from anywhere when millions are starving and therefore it's very important that we get the food as soon as possible before dying. and this is really important that most often countries, including the question of why they should support any initiative from any other side of it, is an online quantity. and therefore, this reading from africa keeps these groups open with any country in the world. this is very important source for africa because we have a lot of people here. we have climate change in our lives and now have a 1000000 droughts, not happening in many parts of africa. simply we cannot make the peace of africa poems in this great org. that's happening in the central per box. and now to
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reports from the ground on the war in ukraine and mar, you pull in the people's republic russian rescue workers continue to clear the debris of destroyed residential buildings. extracting bodies from the rubble with special equipment provided by moscow yesterday, russian forces say that they also completed a de mining operation in the cities port. and as the conflict continues, are to find evidence that the o s. c. e may have been working alongside ukraine's neo nazi battalion right sector . a members of the european security organization seemed to have shared a shelter with the far right fighters and appear to have been aware of atrocities committed by the battalion soldiers, but did not report on the marchese bridge. donna was there from self and comments. this is where the militants of the right sector battalion were stationed. one of the most notorious, neo nazi groups in the ukraine. this was their command center. you can see combs,
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cables, all of them, of course, well destroyed. but what is particularly interesting about this place is that the right sector militants, again, one of the most notorious, neo nazi formations in ukraine, very much akin to resolve or i dar, for example, they shared this building with the members of the o is see mission. we found their insignia on the floor just above us. so again, members of the international community, the bo see, they owe to the roof over their heads to neo nazis. they shared food with neo nazis, a very peculiar symbiosis. so here's what i was talking about. ukrainian insignia right next to the insignia of the o. s. c, this is these are cyrillic letters. they're written in russian. so everything points to the fact that the members of always see indeed shared this living space with the ukranian forces, which were in part,
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well with the right sector near nancy battalion there, william burton on this street here they the right sector, lead the defense was the right sector mixed up with nato. yes. nato and the o. s. c, e were present here because we found their leaflets everywhere, their maps narcotics, and everything else. ah, this is an internal retort over she dated january 2017 that we discovered on the right sector base. a very interesting find because here has a paragraph relationship with military and military occupation of civilian houses. here it details that the ukrainian am horses indeed were occupying civilian houses and placing and placing military vehicles between these houses. for example, here at reeds in august,
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the special monitoring mission spoke with an intellect cuter, which is basically a local who showed his partially destroyed house. shortly after the ukrainian military placed a tank in their back yard. so not only were they will using civilian houses in the victims civilians. they also, they also rigged them. here is a picture taken by o. s. c showing a booby trap and his another report from a different village from year 2016 also detailing some very well very in humane approach of the ukrainian military towards civilians. since 2014 ukraine armed forces had been occupying civilian houses in the area of short street, booby traps and mines were also placed in this area which have led to numerous civilian casualties. in may, several inhabitants of the village complained to the special monitoring mission about the behavior of ukraine armed forces personnel station in the vicinity of
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shore street and reported that they had evicted one family from their home in order to occupy it. the soldiers were using aggressive what stalks captain leased to prevent paper from accessing the area. it was reported that 2 people had been bitten by the dogs. the summit for the americas, which is this year hosted by america, continues to cause ruptures around the region. with mexico's president, the latest to refuse to attend. he and his venezuelan counterparts have slammed washington's decision to exclude several latin american countries from the event. but i am not going to the summit because not all countries of the americans were invited. i believe in the need to change a policy that has been imposed for centuries exclusion and the desire to dominate, for no reason. the failure to respect the sovereignty of countries, the independence of each country. we think it's a continuation of the old policy of interventionism, of disrespect for nations and their peoples. no father,
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i more so we have expressed our admiration for the clarity and courage of president lopez abra door and all our support for the message he has sent in recent weeks of abandoning the world of sanctions, blockade, exclusions and discrimination. what the government of the united states of america is doing is an act of discrimination against 3 nations, 3 government. we'll look at the white house spokesperson, corinne, john pierre and says that joe biden doesn't want quote, dictators to attend to the summit. the excluded countries are cuba, venezuela, and nicaragua, all 3 previously targeted with us. the sanctions and washington has stood by its decision and stress that it's still expressed the summit to be successful. events taking place in los angeles was plans to revive us engagement in the region with migration issues and an increase in the oil trade high on the agenda. but bolivia,
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as president said that he won't attend. and the leaders of guatemala el salvador and honduras are also not expected. earlier, we discussed the issue with a previous us presidential candidate who coordinates the cuba and venezuela solidarity committee, gloria law river. as lopez over to the old and president, the us, ganell of cuba have said, as well as many others, they're all seen. the u. s. is itself, the one that becoming isolated by this highly anti democratic position to deny the invitation to the 3 countries. q of venezuela and he got iowa in the whole world, whether it's the u. s. army of ukraine and its involvement in eastern europe with the sanctions against russia. that if you don't go by the way of us, you will suffer sanctions, blockade, and even war and what's taking place right now with the summit of the americas is a failure by the united states because it can no longer dominate and dictate as it
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used to and those countries have said, it's time that we have the say in our own continent, the community of latin american in caribbean states was formed. so lock, this is why they have begun to insist that there has to be economic and political, social integration of the americas without the us and without canada, who have dictated to them for too long. irish airliner. ryan air has been slammed for forcing south african passengers to take a language test before boarding flights to prove their nationality. the test was written in africans a 1st language for around 13 percent of the south africans. some of the passengers have shared photos of the test in africans, which has also been called the tongue of the apartheid a painful chapter in the country's history. now,
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the general knowledge test includes questions about the geography, history and culture of south africa. we got reaction from one of the passengers who had to take the quiz to besides, to the taste like that was very surprising because i've never ever had anything like that before. the test was basically just asking questions about africa, but had to be honest with you off recalls. doesn't calling from the validity of citizenship at all because it only pages for 12 percent of the population. so it's actually marginalizing the population more than it states seem to see if you're a south africa. i mean, you take me for instance, i have friends who don't speak any offer collins at all, so they wouldn't pause to chase, but they're 100 percent south africa and it's marginalizing it. it's, it's discriminating against the population and it definitely splits the population, which is what we've tried so hard to avoid for tween g s from my understanding of the situation they're trying to prevent fraudulent passport. so i think that matter
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will be dealt with an embassy at diplomatic level and not a language taste. it's, you cannot victimized traveling population or marginalized will discriminate against them because of problems. that's it on a government label, especially like this, especially in terms of especially where we come from our country. what has been through, where it's going, using that language is exactly what a project was. you know it marginalized again, that 88 percent of the population and it only had the 12 percent being able to do anything brings up all those to cause and all the memories from the box. according to ryan era, south african passengers will be refused to travel on the airline, albeit with a full refund. if they don't pass the controversial test. company says the measure seeks to clamp down on fake passports. really are the countries that government raised concerns over numerous reports of id fraud in the country. we got reaction to the scandal from former south african official. kenneth mckeever, south africa,
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has caught the lever nakeesha long weeks and they live in official languages. doesn't mean everybody speaks, they are below the majority of africans, especially black, should lead africans to do so that they can travel overseas. that's wrong. it's clearly wrong, thus discrimination. they're doing this being at a wrong time for their own reasons. i understand the little fraudulent passport. yes. but to test all of us in the lumber your for guns, it's extremely role. i would suggest the so how for the government should go on this diplomatically and try to sort out their programs and run and go back right now to the war in ukraine that started in 2014 and resulted in thousands of civilian deaths. we visited a city in the daniel republic still struggling to cope with a tragedy that happened that year when is showing killed. at least 15 people are.
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these are among casado reports. it was a very hot day here, back in august of fits whence you 14 and local residents flocked to this beach right here to cool down all of a sudden in the early afternoon, artillery struck the center of the town. all in all 15 people were killed including 3 children. a lot of people were wounded. you realize what the sure she knew it is . no one could really believe something like this would happen despite the fact that had already been fighting in places like shock to ask and in a vice that evening in the heat, we were on our way to the beach and we were not alone. i swam fine left my daughter here under the trees. there was a loud bang and we the swim as looked at each other. we did not understand what was happening. small white clouds appeared in the sky. it was silent for some time and then the water ran a seemingly started to boil. i remember thinking maybe it's better to dive so that
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the shars did not hit me. and then we looked at the beach. we had screams and saw smoke and something burning in the background. bizarre live with duck was swam to the shore and ran barefoot. and the only thought i had was, well, in what state will i see? my daughter sank on i did not see her dad. she was sitting in the car with blood on her, but looking at me fully conscious as it later turned out a shot when right through her. and it was then i realized that miracles do happen. we visited a local community center where we found a list of names of the people that were killed here in 2014. and we found the same last names. give guinea and anica, stank of father and daughter. she was only 2 years old when she was killed here. ah, mother, father, and a 5 year old boy who were also killed here on that day. and this is what they look like. this is the 5 year old boy right here. and this is the little girl with her
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father that were killed boy, ukrainian airstrikes who, according to investigation, used, cluster bombs, to kill all these civilians. back in august of 2014 mercury. we grew. we are used to the western accusations, the say we are above and ourselves that we are lying. they have been saying that for 8 years that day is our pain or tragedy. and if someone is trying to prove that is all a fake, i simply have no worse for that. this symbolic, a flat residential building is located about 5070 meters away from the beach were 13 people, including children, have been killed according to the locals. all the windows in this building has been blown out as a result of the ukrainian strike period. you finish up up against the less people in the town went into hiding. of course, as many districts were hit,
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the school was hit as well. some students didn't manage to run into the building and were killed at the entrance professor ching, a william singapore humble. there was no fear at the time. i was ill for a year and then on the lately that fear has been hitting me, making me afraid every time i hear the cupboard shaking this and sire ro of graves was allotted to the people that were killed by ukrainian artillery. both adults and children. this is a family grave. irina then neil who was only 5 years old and the father on san now, dozens of people rushed to the scene to help those that were wounded and to carry away the bodies of the people that were killed. i spoke to one of those people who was on the scene on august 13th, watching more ology. there were so many wounded people that day,
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residents worked together and provided any help they could. anyone could stop their car and help drive the wound to the hospital. after that we were asked to gather the dead. it's hard to say something there was fake, since i saw with my own eyes for the rest of my life, i remember lifting the body of a 5 year old boy in the presence of his father, completely heartbroken. local residents set up this memorial to remember those that were killed year whom that hot summer day in august, the plaque here eve, eternal memory to our relatives aloud once children who died here during a barbarian attack by you, craig and fascist, we will never forget. we will never forgive month after this aggress tragedy. human rights watch accused ukraine of using cluster munitions in the don bass. the use of such munitions in densely populated areas is prohibited. chief denies the use of such weapons. vitale, gelato for chairman of the fair protection organization which investigated the
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shelling of 0 dress claims ukraine is responsible for the receiver. when you operate during our investigation, we located the 4 areas that were hit and so gris. we were there and talked to locals. the pictures taken by that time of the shards and of the unexploded shells show us that the smirk multiple rocket launcher was used there. taking into account all the technical specifications of this marriage, including the maximum and minimum range. we can track down the sector from which we believe the launch was made. next, we should look at the map of actual military control at that time. not many military units have this kind of heavy weaponry. the satellite images show us 5 military vehicles. 3 of them are multiple rocket launchers in the area, which we believe was the launch site. the tracks on the ground, not far from there,
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demonstrate that the launches were made in the direction of zoo grace. when something things up and we have marked the spot to the north of z, aggressive on the territory controlled by ukrainian forces and a specific military unit, which we mention in the report that does a for me, i will be back in, let's say 34 minutes with another full infrastructure news, this is our national service. ah with
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a 350th anniversary of peter, the great birth is june 9. he ruled from 16822172005 founded the city of st. petersburg as russians window to europe. how's his dream of russia being part of europe come to an end? at this point, this seems very like with
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me. ah, walking towards the far an old russian saying has it that once you have a reason finding a pretext is only a matter of time, including finding a pretext for a war. animosity between the rush and the united states has been building for a number of years. in fact, one could argue that it never really disappeared, just diminished with the end of the cold war current. can the current conflict over ukraine take it and what does it mean for the rest of the world? to discuss it, i'm now joined by what is i the professor of political communications at the university of tech, ron professor. his id is great to talk to you. thank you very much for your time.
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thank you for having me. now, in one of your recent articles, you suggested that they said you political rivalry over your credit, the all and now observing in summer, even participating in just like the problem of iran. suppose that malicious nuclear intention is essentially an artificial problem if it was deliberately created by the americans to justify their intentional jewel political you cannot make, has still a teacher with those countries. does washington even need a pretext to do? what is sad is mind them doing, you know, when it comes to russia i think. ready they do because it's. busy not very easy to pressure russia when it comes to you know, they can always threatened to take you on the case to the. ready un security council with russia having a veto power in the security cancer. that's not going to work out, that they use it on trying to make it easier bar with russia.
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russia has lots of nuclear bombs already, so that, that is not going to work with russia is so if you like, the states wants to fight russia and they do want to do that, as you said, they need to find an excuse. and i think that is why they don't want the wall in ukraine to finish. because if there is a settlement, then you are going to be able to use ukraine to put pressure on russia. and that is why if you go back a few years ago, the united states did not want to miss agreement to go through because that's what that solve all the problems. and then ukraine would not have been able to be used as a stage.


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