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tv   News  RT  June 8, 2022 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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joe biden and imposing these sanctions on russia has destroyed the american economy . so there's your boomerang, huh? ah russia as well as food terrorism, what seems to be the deliberate destruction of more than $50000.00 tons of grain by ukrainian troops? that comes, i made a worsening global food crisis the un admit there is no proof to western claims that moscow is plundering ukraine's grain and shipping it to its own buyers. this, however, does not stop washington from a pointedly warning african countries against buying russian supplies, emitted the food deficit and archie cru finds evidence that o s. c, e members who reportedly shared
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a shelter with mccraney and neo nazi battalion right sector may have been aware of crimes committed by the fighters are corresponded, sees the evidence for himself, right? sector militants. again, one of the most notorious, neo nazi formations in ukraine, vague shared this building with the members of the always the mission. we found their insignia on the floor just above us. and actually, and the president has slammed biden's move to exclude countries from a regional meeting. as a mistake, after washington provoked matthew backlash among latin american leaders by not inviting some key states with broadcast more direct from our studios in moscow. this is our see international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now an act of food terrorism against its own people. that's how moscow slammed the seemingly
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deliberate destruction of more than 50000 tons of grain by ukrainian troops as they left multiple mid a raging global food crisis. this crime against humanity demonstrates to the entire world community, the true face of the kiev regime, which in fact uses the methods of food terrorism against its own people. all this is happening with the full support of countries of the so called, civilized west and amid the ongoing hysteria based on false accusations that the russian federation is creating a global food crisis. moscow has warned that the situation could get even worse as the supply problem has not stopped give deploying troops and armored vehicles at several grain stores in hark of, and sumi along with areas in the done yet people's republic is still control. meanwhile, t of interests, russia has pondered, at least $400000.00 tons of grain and shifted to its own buyers. the un security general has, however, admitted that there is no proof to back up such allegations. is you the un
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awareness of such conduct from of russia in ukraine? we've seen, i mean there was recent media reports. we were talking to our colleagues at w f. p . who would be in the lead? i mean, there's no, they have no way of verifying these allegations. reports show that that hasn't stopped us from sending warnings to african countries to prevent them buying weeds allegedly stolen by russia as africa, struggles with a severe food shortage. putting the continent on the brink of famine, the chair of the african union blames western sanctions against moscow for the worsening situation in the region. a little dissolved we, there are 2 main issues, the foot crisis and the sanction distance. we must work together to resolve this issues so the sanctions prevents in food supply or lifted. the sanctions against russia have only exacerbated the situation. now we have no access to rush and grain
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and was even worse. we have no access to rush and fertilize. if the situation was already bad, and now it's worse with food security in africa at risk. more than 14000000 people in just 3 east african countries on the verge of starvation with half of them being children. according to the international rescue committee, the organization was this number will only rise up by 6000000 more people if prices for grain continue to mount. member of the africa humanitarian action organisation says that there is no reason to follow washington's orders. if doing so, could exacerbates the continents hunger crisis. i don't think is appropriate for anybody to say last week. i'm not biased from anywhere when 1000000 stop now stuttering, and therefore it's very important that we get the food as soon as possible before dying. and it's very important that most often countries including south africa question the show of why they should support any initiative from any other side of
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it is an online competence. and therefore, it's very important that africa keeps. this goes open with any country in the world . this is very important source for africa because we have a lot of people here. we have climate change in our lives and now have a 1000000 droughts, not happening in many parts of africa. simply, we cannot make the peace of africa holmes in this great on the happening, the central per box. and now to reports from the ground on the ukranian war in marble in the done yes. could people's republic russian rescue workers continue to clear the debris of destroyed residential building, extracting bodies from the rebel with special equipment provided by moscow. yesterday, russian forces also say that they completed a de mining operation in the cities port. and as the conflict continues, are to find evidence that the
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o s. c may have been working alongside ukraine's neo nazi battalion right sector members of the european security organization who allegedly shared a shelter with the far right fighters appeared to be aware of atrocities committed by the battalion soldiers, but did not report on them. we have asked the o s c, e for a comment on that, but are yet to receive a reply or she's eager. donald sees the evidence for himself and comments. this is where the militants of the right sector battalion were stationed. one of the most notorious, neo nazi groups in ukraine, this was their command center. you can see combs, cables, all of them, of course, well destroyed. but what is particularly interesting about this place is that the right sector militants, again, one of the most notorious, neo nazi formations in ukraine, very much akin to as of or i da, for example. they shared this building with the members of the o is see mission, we found their insignia on the floor just above us. so again,
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members of the international community, the what we see they owe to the roof over their heads to neo nazis. they shared food with neo nazis very peculiar symbiosis. so here's what i was talking about. ukrainian insignia right next to the insignia of the o. s. c. this is, these are cyrillic letters. they are written in russian. so everything points to the fact that the members of always see indeed shared this living space with the ukranian forces, which were in part, well with the right sect near nancy battalion. there were 13 on this street here. they the right sector, lead the defense, was the right sector, mixed up with nato. yes, nato and the o. s. c, e were present here because we found their leaflets everywhere, their maps narcotics, and everything else. ah,
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this is an internal retort over she dated 2016, detailing some very well very in humane approach of the ukrainian military towards civilians. since 2014 ukraine armed forces had been occupying 1000000000 houses in the area, shows a street booby traps and mines were also placed in this area which have led to numerous civilian casualties. in may, several inhabitants of the village complained to the special monitoring mission about the behavior of ukraine armed forces personnel station in the vicinity of shore street and reported that they had evicted one family from their home in order to occupy it. the soldiers were using aggressive watch stokes captain, least to prevent paper of my accessing the area. it was reported that 2 people had been bitten by the dogs and his another report from january 2017 that we discovered
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on the right sector base. very interesting fine because he has a paragraph relationship with military and military occupation of civilian houses. here. it details that the ukrainian armed forces indeed were occupying civilian houses and placing and placing military vehicles between these houses. for example, here at reeds in august, the special monitoring mission spoke with an interlocutor, which is basically a local who showed his partially destroyed house. shortly after the ukrainian military placed a tank in the back yard. so not only were they will using civilian houses in the victims civilians. they also need also rigged them his picture taken by o. s. e showing a booby trap. ukraine says it will create a database of a russian forces accused of war crimes. even though it is still to provide any
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solid evidence, but while the world continues to focus on supposed russian atrocities, memories of crimes committed by ukraine forces in the 8 year long war. and john bass remained parties from an cosser of physics, a city which came under deadly shelling in 2014, allegedly by kian forces. watch this later in the program. the julian president has slammed a u. s. move to exclude venezuela, nicaragua, and cuba previously targeted with us sanctions from the summit of the americas. the u. s. move is reinforcing. the position that these other countries take in their own countries. we think it's an error, a mistake, and we're going to say that during the summit, mexican and guatemalan leaders refused to attend out of protests while argentina, columbia, and brazil are reportedly hesitant to come. bolivia, as president had previously said that he won't attend as the leaders of guatemala el salvador and honduras are also not expected. washington has stood by its
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decision and stress that it expressed the summit to still be successful. the meeting taking place in los angeles was planned to revive us engagement in the region with migration issues and an increase in the oil trade high on the agenda. mainstream media has also weighed in calling biden's move and embarrassment saying it fails to assert leadership in the region. a former us presidential candidate from the party of socialism and liberation. gloria law river says that such an anti democratic stance makes the us even more isolated as lopez over to dawn and president of cuba have said, as well as many others, they're all seen. the u. s. is itself the one that's becoming isolated by this highly anti democratic position to deny the invitation to the 3 countries q of venezuela. and he got iowa in the whole world,
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whether it's the u. s. army of ukraine and its involvement in eastern europe with the sanctions against russia. that if you don't go by the way of us, you will suffer sanctions, blockade, and even war and what's taking place right now with a summit of the americas is a failure by the united states because it can no longer dominate and dictate as it used to and those countries have said, it's time that we have the say in our own continent, the community of latin american in caribbean states was formed. so lock, this is why they have begun to insist that there has to be economic and political, social integration of the americas without the us and without canada, who have dictated to them for too long. hearty correspondent, caleb martin, explains why the move to exclude the countries provoked such
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a major backlash among latin american leaders. washington has long considered latin america to be its backyard and when government to rise that don't take orders from the united states, things get pretty vicious. here's how dwayne clar edge, a long time, c, i a operative in the region, put it, we'll intervene whenever we decide it's an our national security interest to intervene. and if you don't like it, love it, get used to it world. the international community has condemned the u. s. embargo against cuba over and over, but that has not stopped the decades of economic warfare imposed by washington on the small communist lead island during the 1980 is the united states back anti communist contraras in nicaragua. and in el salvador, these fighters that were backed by the united states were also heavily involved in the drug trade, norco gangs. now plague central america as well as mexico right up to today. then
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his way, la has been the target of us regime change operations for decades, despite sanctions that created a food crisis and cost thousands of lives. the socialist government there says it is standing strong. the aggression against venezuela's, brutal, its economic, financial, commercial, political in the media. and we're going to continue ahead and we're going to triumph no empire is going to set foot on venezuela territory and prevent the venice willing people from realizing their will realizing their own democracy. and achieving their own destiny of freedom. while the states has burned a lot of bridges in the region, russia and china are doing the opposite. they're pouring in investments. and now countries that have been shunned by washington have an alternative, this is what china had to say about the upcoming summit. i want to stress again that latin america is not some front yard or backyard of the united states. the
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summit of the americas is not the summit of the united states of america. the u. s . as the host of the upcoming summit needs to stop going its own way or forcing its will and others over the past 2 centuries since the monroe doctrine came into being the united states has conducted more than 30 military interventions in latin american countries. forcibly exported the united states style democracy to regional countries implemented predatory cannot make policies and even instigated regime subversion. mike bomb pale, who served as secretary of state under donald trump, seemed to be raising the alarm about the rising influence of the 2 year asian superpowers on the american hemisphere. here is what he predicted china, russia, they're showing up with the doorstep. but once they enter the house, we know the dead traps, they will use dead traps, they will disregard rules and they will spread disorder in your home. rich words,
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coming from a country that has toppled d stabilized and fermented chaos in that region for quite some time. with this upcoming summit being boycotted by mexico and possibly other countries following suit, you have to wonder how long it will be before washington reconsider that strategy. in dealing with neighbors, south of the border, hale of marvin archie, new york, annually leads video of the u. s. president's son hunter allegedly shows him waving a supposedly illegally obtained hand gun while seemingly under the influence of drugs. lots of, if there were artes rachel blevins has come at her. the 100 by the laptop saga continues this time with a new collection of league. but as it appears to show, the son of the current us president violating the very law, his father is now looking to protect. that's according to a report from radar online, which says it verified controversial footage of hunter,
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including everything from melissa dropped to allegedly illegally obtain a brazenly nude and drug down 100 biden has been caught on video recklessly messing around with a hand gun and pointing it at a camera all while he could watch with a prostitute that it was reportedly taken on october 17th, 2018, which is notable given then it comes just 5 days after report they hunter purchased a hand gun in delaware. however, he is being accused of lying in order to do so on a firearm. transaction report, hunter, on cit. know when questioned about whether he was an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana or any depressant stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance. while it has not yet been confirmed, who are the other person? and the footage is, there's all kinds. as reports, you reveal that one woman who is connected to hunters who reported text messages and video footage went on to receive tens of thousands of dollars from the u. s.
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government cobra relief fund. a las vegas call girl who comes up repeatedly on hunter biden's laptop, hit the jackpot with a $20207.00 cheque from the federal government for her female own sole proprietorship. shortly after her well connected, client's father moved into the white house. well, this is far from wonder biden's biggest scandal it does raise the question of whether is controversial past will begin to have more of an impact on his father's political career, especially with mid term elections right around the corner in washington, rachel blevins, r. c. while the west to chooses to focus on that supposed russian atrocities in ukraine, memories of crimes committed by cubes forces in the war. in don bass remain. we visited the city of zeus dress in the don. yes. republic which it years on is still struggling to cope with a shelling in which 15 people lost their lives. roman coastal reports. it was a very hot day here. back in august of fits,
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went to you. 14 and local residence flocked to this beach right here to cool down all of a sudden in the early afternoon, artillery struck the center of the town. all in all 15 people were killed, including 3 children. a lot of people were wounded mediate ellis with a she, nidia. no one could really believe something like this would happen despite the fact that had already been fighting in places like shock to ask and in a vice that evening in the heat, we were on our way to the beach and we were not alone. i swam far and left my daughter here under the trees. there was a loud bang and we the swim is looked at each other. we did not understand what was happening. small white clouds appeared in the sky. it was silent for some time and then the water round a seemingly started to boil. i remember thinking maybe it's better to dive so that the shots did not hit me. and then we looked at the beach. we had screams and saw smoke and something burning in the background. bizarre live with duck was swam to
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the shore and ran barefoot. and the only thought i had was well, in what state will i see my daughter thank god, i did not see her dead. she was sitting in the car with blood on her, but looking at me fully conscious as it later turned out a shot when right through her. and it was then i realized that miracles do happen. we visited a local community center where we found a list of names of the people that were killed here in 2014. and we found the same last names. give guinea and anica, stank of father and daughter. she was only 2 years old when she was killed here. ah, mother, father, and a 5 year old boy who were also killed here on that day. and this is what they look like. this is the 5 year old boy right here. and this is the little girl with her father that were killed boy, ukrainian airstrikes who, according to investigation,
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used, cluster bombs to kill all these civilians back in august of 2014. 0, but we grew. we are used to the western accusations. the say we are above and ourselves that we are lying. they have been saying that for 8 years that day is our pain or tragedy. and if someone is trying to prove that is all a fake, i simply have no worse for that. this multi flat residential building is located about 5070 meters away from the beach, were 13 people, including children, have been killed according to the locals. all the windows in this building has been blown out as a result of the ukrainian strike. we read your financial papadopoulos. people in the town went into hiding. of course, as many districts were hit, the school was hit as well. some students didn't managed to run into the building and were killed at the entrance professor ching,
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a william singapore humble. there was no fear at the time. i was ill for a year round, then only lately that fear has been hitting me, making me afraid every time i hear the cover shaking this in sire ro of graves was allotted to the people that were killed by ukrainian artillery. both adults and children. this is a family grave irina than neil who was only 5 years old and the father anson. now, dozens of people rushed to the scene to help those that were wounded and to carry away the bodies of the people that were killed. i spoke to one of those people who was on the scene on august 13th, watching more. when a g there were so many wounded people that day. residents were together, provided any help they could. anyone could stop their car and help drive the wound
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to the hospital. after that we were asked to gather the dead. it's hard to say something there was fake, since i saw with my own eyes for the rest of my life, i remember lifting the body of a 5 year old boy in the presence of his father, completely heartbroken. local residents set up this memorial to remember those that were killed year home that hot summer day in august, the plaque here eve, eternal memory, to our relatives, all loved ones. children who died here during a barbarian attack by ukrainian fascist. we will never forget, we will never forgive months after these aggress tragedy. human rights watch accused ukraine of using cluster, munitions, and on bass. the use of such munitions and densely populated areas is prohibited. give denies at the use of such weapons. vitale, clock off the chairman of the fair protection organization which investigated the shelling of z grasp claims ukraine is responsible for the receiver up during our
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investigation. we located the 4 areas that were hit and so gris. we were there and talked to locals. the pictures taken by that time of the shards and of the unexploded shells show us that the smirk multiple rocket launcher was used there. taking into account all the technical specifications of this marriage, including the maximum and minimum range. we can track down the sector from which we believe the launch was made. is next. we should look at the map of actual military control at that time. not many military units have this kind of heavy weaponry. the satellite images show us 5 military vehicles. 3 of them are multiple rocket launchers in the area, which we believe was the launch side. the tracks on the ground, not far from there, demonstrate that the launch has were made in the direction of z griz,
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birth or move something things up. and we have marked to the spot to the north of z, aggressive on the territory controlled by ukrainian forces. and the specific military units, which we mention in the report for the does a from in about 35 minutes, i'll be back with another full and fresh lecture newsday with us. this is our to international. ah ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence and the point obviously is to place trust rather than fear like to take on various
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jobs with artificial intelligence real summoning with obama's protective own existence with ah ah, with
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i was standing in an alley smoking a joint one day and a man came up to me and pulled the joint from my mouth and he said, don't you know that that's what the capitalists and the jews want you to do for we are violent towards those people because we believe that we're the superior race. we're here 1st and this is our pantry, guns, ammo, still tow doc martens, tattooing violence or just pre requisite to enter or exit tree walked off like i
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could see this looking to cease about the fear, like he feared me being part of that movement. i got to feel a sense of power. when i felt powerless, i got attention when i felt invisible and accepted when i felt that we had a strategy, we wanted to clean our image up and make our message more palatable to the masses. don't get tattoos don't shape your head. don't get arrested. go to college, joined the military, keep your head down. go mainstream news. news
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the i began to hear about these organizations that were trying to help guys get out of the movement because only the guys who were in the movement could really understand
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with the guys who are currently getting out would feel like life after hate is an organization that was founded by for ex skinhead, neo nazi white supremacist in the u. s. in canada. and they found each other and they knew that they wanted to help other guys get out. so the idea is to get them out, make, keep them safe, and get that kind of support that they need from other formers in order to stay out the time this is julie. hi, welcome. and we were, scott, yep. what we're trying here in this past.


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