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road from 16821725 founded the city of saint petersburg as russians window to europe. house, his dream of russia being part of europe come to an end. at this point, this seems very like a no obstacles from moscow. that's the message from russia's top diplomat. the content condemns care for its lack of action to resolve the grain egg issue. that with this tech is counterpart to discuss ways to facilitate brain exports from ukraine. under my feet are thousands of tons of corn which was burned down. the storage facilities were set on fire as ukrainian nationalist battalions were retreating in thank tons of rain in the course of mario pole, which russia says was destroyed by retreating, ukrainian forces with. and i'll take re,
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finds documents and ukrainian near nazi battalion fi because we're plotting mines in civilian areas that they don't boss back in 2016 with the oh, i see a seemingly aware of that information and a brief, i'm about to prophesy about you in the right, you had no food, angry activists joining the chorus of international condemnation of the us hosted summit of the americas best off the washington cherry pick which countries are allowed to with a warm welcome. this is all the international with the latest world news. not date is good to happy with us. now the west has been deliberately exaggerating the issue of ukrainian grain expos. russians. top diplomat says that was off to talks with
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his counterpart in ankara. like a lot of rob stays. russia is prepared to facilitate exports from ukrainian ports with his kids, that he's not ready to cooperate. giving you mind we have paid great attention to the ukrainian grain export issue, which are western colleagues together with key have are trying to blow up to the level of global catastrophe. however, the amount of grain we're talking about accounts for no more than one percent of that produced globally. we have never had any obstacles from our side for resolving this issue, which is a minor one. indeed, if the ukrainian side is ready to cooperate, we're only willing to do so. and i've also called on key you have to remove mines from black c ports with turkey's foreign minister, agreeing that if necessary to ensure the safe passage of cargo ships for exporting grain. when off, as the west has been blaming russia for allegedly stealing ukrainian grain supplies and trying to sell them. in particular, if i'm in iraq, africa, moscow has denied those accusations and the un has said it's been unable to confer
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them. here's what a lot of had to say about the claims store is look right of all the things that russia has stolen from ukraine. what else has it managed to sell ways and you miles you are obsessed with the concept of stealing. you think everyone does such things, but this is my answer because we're implementing the goals that we announced publicly to spare each and ukraine from the pressure of the neo nazi regime. that's what we're doing. asked for the grain. i have already explained that the grain can be freely transported to its destinations brushes, creating no obstacles for that. it's necessary that mister lensky give a command if he still has command over anything to allow foreign and ukrainian ships to enter the black sea. we had from turkish political analysts, you know, so now who thinks ukraine will eventually have to follow russia and turkey's cause for ensuring safe passage for granite falls. this is an interesting topic because actually we heard about this grain and food crisis from western media. first. this
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is the really clear case of making use of the threat of mean by the cranium. so to force. busy or to, to provide the ground for american and british war ships. so entered the black sea seats. i think that in the middle term crane will give into this proposal of the russian foreign minister and will give up the other demands, such as american bar ships or additional weapons deliveries to train in exchange for the mind and the harbor. given the fact that also the turkish side approached this proposal quite constructively and all that and declaring its readiness to the mind, the parts of all the other cranium ports said terrorism against its own people. thus, the accusation from russia's defense ministry, which saith ukrainian force, is torched grained, follows in the dumbasses he of mariel paula,
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head of the russian led military advance. there were, these are some of the latest pictures from the mario po, port, when more than 50000 tons of exportable grain are said to have been rendered unusable as despite international warnings of a looming food trice is some of the story to loading hardware at the site is also being heavily damaged. artes women casa reports from this scene. we received exclusive access to this grain terminal in the c port in the city of murray, opal under my feet are thousands of tons of corn which was burned down. according to russian defense ministry and local authorities as well, the storage facilities were set on fire as ukrainian nationalist battalions were retreating. the ground here and this corn is still warm as the result of the fire, which was set to it by the ukrainian and nationalist stood there is still there still smoke in other places as
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a local workers are trying to put the fire out. now, according to the administration of the c port, there were at least $50000.00 tons of corn and wheat which was destroyed. it's now unusable, not only for human consumption, but for life stock as well. roman coster of our t, maria holden as people's republic. now for the latest from the city of dawn, yes, square i knew blast has reportedly rocked residential areas its unconfirmed damage if it h allegedly shows the aftermath of the incidence. local officials have accused the ukrainian military forces that deliberately targeting civilian areas with selling and as the conflict continues elsewhere in the dorm by thought, he uncovers evidence. the b. o, a see may have been working alongside ukraine's neo nazi battalion, right. sex members of the european security organization who allegedly share the shelter with the far right fight as
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a paid to be privy to. atrocities committed by the battalion and soldiers, but did not report on them. but we've all c o s c a for a comment on that, but i yet to receive a reply of correspondent eco's dawn of seize the evidence for himself. this is where the militants of the right sector battalion were stationed. one of the most notorious, neo nazi groups in the ukraine. this was their command center. you can see combs, cables, all of them, of course, well destroyed. but what is particularly interesting about this place is that the right sector militants, again, one of the most notorious, neo nazi formations in ukraine, very much akin to as off or i da, for example, they shared this building with the members of the o is see mission we found their insignia on the floor just above us. so again, members of the international community, the bo see, they owe to the roof over their heads to neo nazis. they shared food with neo nazis,
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a very peculiar symbiosis. so here's what i was talking about. ukrainian insignia right next to the insignia of the o. s. c, this is these are cyrillic letters. they're written in russian. so everything points to the fact that the members of always see indeed shared this living space with the ukrainian forces, which were in part, well with the right sector, neo nazi battalion there wouldn't. burton, on this street here they the right sector, lead the defense, was the right sector, mixed up with nato. yes, nato and the o. s. c, e were present here because we found their leaflets everywhere, their maps narcotics, and everything else. ah, this is an internal report all over. she dated 2016, detailing some very well very in humane approach of the ukrainian military towards
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civilians. since 2014 ukraine armed forces have been occupying civilian houses in the area of shores, a street booby traps and mine were all so placed in this area which have led a numerous civilian casualties. in may, several inhabitants of the village complained to the special monitoring mission about the behavior of ukraine armed forces personnel station in the vicinity of shore street and reported that they had evicted one family from their home in order to occupy it. the soldiers were using aggressive wat stokes captain, least to prevent paper of my accessing the area. it was reported that 2 people have been bitten by the dogs and his another report from january 2017 that we discovered on the right sector base. a very interesting find because he has a paragraph relationship with military and military occupation of civilian houses. here it details that the ukrainian armed forces indeed were occupying civilian
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houses and placing and placing military vehicles between these houses. for example, here at reeds in august, the special monitoring mission spoke with an intellect cuter, which is basically a local who showed his partially destroyed house. shortly after the ukrainian military placed a tank in the back yard. so not only were they will using civilian houses in the victims civilians. they also, they also rigged them. here's a picture taken by, oh, i see showing a booby trap. ah, the controversial us hosted summit of the americas has been overshadowed by a major backlash as after washington decided not to invite several countries in the region which as days into the event has been rattled by condemnation from around the world a boycott by new mice, latin american leaders and even a protest by outraged activists. and now you come here and there and
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a lecture about media, freedom about democracy, about you in the right. you had no shame, but one has done disrupted a media conference by louis a mal, grab the chief of the organization of american states, the activists, casey, us, of orchestrating cruise in bolivia and venezuela and hypocrisy, and dealing with latin american countries. several last, american leaders have strongly criticize the u. s. decision to snub certain countries including cuba and venezuela, the mexican, and quote, marlin presidents have refused to attend. the protest and similar sentiment for the leaders of argentine and columbia has also been reported. believe he is president has also said he won't go on. the leaders of our salvador and honduras are not expected as well. for those li to express doubts about biden's legitimacy ahead of their meeting during the summit, and chiles. presidents also slammed washington's move to exclude certain countries . the u. s. move is reinforcing the position that these other countries taking
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their own countries. we think it's an error, a mistake, and we're going to say that during the summit of the mainstream media has also weighed in calling by this maven embarrassment. that demonstrates a failure to assert us leadership. in the region, freelance journalist on dr. gregory will, per se excluding countries which are much washington the foreign policy framework will likely make the summit use not inviting cuba, venezuela. nicaragua is consistent with us foreign policy, which is certainly a policy of trying to force these countries into our and the foreign policy framework. that the us would like to see from these countries, which they're refusing to abide by leaving out the 3 countries and thereby also excluding other like minded governments that are, that are sympathetic to, to keep up in this way. i think i almost get certain guarantees that the summit will be a complete waste of time. there's been a long history and latin america rejecting us efforts to interfere. but this has
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always been tempered by our governments that were sympathetic to, to the united states. and but that has been decreasing that to that is the sympathies with us in the government has been decreasing for a long period of time, which is why more and more countries are acting actually in solid. garrity with the countries that the united states wants to exclude from the summit. this is really the view of most of the peoples and latin america and which is precisely that they reject us interference in their countries and another move against us dominance. iran has proposed creating a new single currency within the you're asian economic security block. the s c o to minimize dependence on the dollar with a statement was made by a cd. iranian diplomat in charge of economic issues and view of the escalating sanctions against russia. ukraine conflict with the members of the shanghai cooperation organization have already switched over using their own currency,
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the international trade between each other. iran believes the introduction of a single currency would further strengthen the block, the comic security as a precaution against us meddling in global affairs. iran report to be plans to promote the initiative as an upcoming i. c o summit in september. well, let's cross live to, i guess. now we have andrew long independent specialist on china as well as a radiant political communications. fast forward is already many thanks to both of you for joining us on the program. now the 1st question to mister is all the, please, how feasible would it be to create a new currency within the s c o to move away from us dollar dominance, international transactions? do you think it would be possible in the near future? but i don't think it's going to be a major problem. we have the you creating their own currency. some years ago, it will take some work, but it's doable. we have others region on currencies that people
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are talking about. that's number one. the 2nd point is that there is not much choice that exists as we know the united states is. and i think the other rep and i think the banking system does that. and i think the swift system that engaging in and they cannot make war against their because countries as we speak, including iran and russia, and for these countries to safeguard their interests and the interests of the people. and they have to unite and make sure that these type of economy war tactics are not going to succeed. i think the chinese also realize the same fact and they know that if the united states is successful in its economy warfare against russia, china would be next. so i think there's going to be
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a consensus that under the shanker cooperation organization, there's needs to be an effort to make sure that this type of economic of offers that's actually a question to mr. long today. many i see countries have already started trading with each other in the own currencies. do you think this proposal is a continuation of the process of rejecting the dollar system? i think that this is a reaction against, of course, the american benjamin using a dollar to a lol lol against other countries, including course china. i think that's why china developing digital software currency and particularly in the life of the fact that china is now the 2nd largest economy, the world and 130 countries around the world. china is the largest trading partner
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compared with the united states. and of course, and at the heart of the global supply value chain. so a lot of countries trade with china. there's no reason why actual trade cannot be settled in the book currency, either you or the ribbon bay or in some other color z. and for example, and all using the u. s. sorry, i'm not necessarily the us dollar, but of course there is a straightforward cost all the us dollars imbedded a and b as well as one actual market. and so and so, but. busy as far as to which way, i don't think that there's a very serious problem because of all the china buys or some more energy than
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washer. and then he ran close. ready exporting and you know, the results of china, there's the why, the reason why this one actually say, cannot be conducted in other words, and of course, the su council of the world economy economy. he so is a way of all and other countries, well, be willing to join, for example, consulting countries in africa, all you'd be the latin america. and in due course of all countries to join an alternative, collins, the system gave this kind of american hedge intentionally, or financing the dollar and spell spell the beginning of the end of the dollar. actually, i mr. his idea initiative to get rid of the influence of the dollar, also being discussed, not only within the se,
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but also within the break street where russia and china members and iran is an observer. how feasible are these ideas in your opinion. you know, the country is that your name and other countries have realized that there is going to be a block, you know, will moving towards the polar war. and we are going to other, less than block led by the united states and some european countries. and then you're going to have the rest, which is meant to include china, russia, india is undecided, i think, in the venture and enjoying the rest. and you know, what happened after the un vote against russia? couple of months ago, countries like mexico has a long border with united states even refuse to sanction russia. so you are the, see that the new alignments, the new networks,
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new coalitions. and whether we like it or not, then monitor the system. the western banking system is going to use this power to attack either. and so basically there's no other choice. and as your guest in china mention does a number of countries including china that have experience using alternative systems and bit the conflict in ukraine. i think people are going to expedite these countries. i'm going to expedite activities and experiments and doesn't succeed as far as i'm concerned. i missed a long yeah. always seeing a truly global di dollarization process in full swing door. that just too early for that yet. i think we'll be getting to see some real beginning of this
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because all the was a stablish a. ready system at the end of the 2nd world war and where you last, the, the super power and the only thing on the whole world. and you call me back on and you never thing. but now things have changed as it. so the developing world. now accounts for more than 50 percent, more than 50 percent of the world g, b, and the 2nd largest economy. the world soon to over the united states become the bus and are all over. the whole world is collected together by trade outside the u. s. and bid for a spell, it touches on many, many countries around the world and even african countries. they are emerging by
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wrap and setting on their own. and so a possibility of the digital currency, which cost across the barriers and so on. so without b and track on the existing system, all of the systems. so all these develop things are coming to a head leading to a tendency to escape this part of indiscriminate use. all the you all are a bonus around the world, regardless of other countries, only interest i mr. authority, and we're still take on the timing of all this. i mean, to what extent a direct response to the western sanctions against russia, where there preconditions for such needs even ahead of the conflicts in ukraine. you know, some of these initiatives started before the conflict in your credit. and so
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politicians and economists in targeting countries, countries that are targeted by the united states, realize that sooner or later these devices that the united states has them in terms of apologizing, is monetary. systems is going to be used. and the experience of russia shows that the rest doesn't see any limitations on hurting or citizens in russia hurting, or the citizens in other countries are going to be affected by the food shortages in order to achieve foreign policy. it seems a building to train a lot of people as they have done throughout their history. and because of that fact, i think a lot of people, the young people who doubted whether this is going to happen or not. i was fully
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convinced now ask. ready what the rest has been to russia been fully convinced that these type of initiatives need to get bigger and it gets more countries under its belt and also succeed. and i think that's the direction we're going to see in the near future. and this along what sort of economic and political implications could this all have for the united states and is your political rivals? well, will be, i think, with a major aspect of this alternative code as you, which is being used as a method for a national into the system. but there are 2 very important aspects of the national currency. the 1st one is a reserve a. so i am because it is regarded as safe because isn't god of a value, but any of the united states love money without any kind of restraint.
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using is a bitch. in other words that that's the only. busy busy company that can come to you in money and other countries is new to the dollar. but this is now being eroded by the united states. oh, probably see a lot of other countries as it's value so that all about i'm evaluating quite rapidly. and then the newest dollar is decreasing, particularly in another aspect of the security, all of peoples with, with the sanctions on russia. for example, the united states is trying to use the, all of those the see other countries as us. so, and then that will also undermine other countries, confidence in
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a dollar. so on all these chains are adding up together, leading this tendency of the development of the currency. and also in the fall, i have even a digital alternative currency on the link for you. i thought i thought a, our right, in your opinion, did such a proposal come specifically from iran. you know, iran has been experiencing american sanctions more than anybody else. and the exception of you know, has been on their sanctions for the last 43 years and has gained a lot of experience on how to deal with sanctions. how to go around and sanction. it's my understanding that this experience is being shared by other countries. targeted by the united states, including russia, and this is the initiative that's based on your experience is going to be
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successful in terms of responding to what the americans are doing. and i think if this goes through, if other country has joined this initiative, you're going to see more and more countries joining this alternative system of banking and international trade. because as we go forward, i think listen, countries are going to act more despite the they're going to use this weapon to attack other countries. and the majority of countries in the eventually and the major population in the. ready are going to realize that they need to defend themselves against this type of english. i'd like to thank both of
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my gas for joining us today. andrea long, independent specialist on china. pho, it is audio radio, political communications professor. many thanks to both of you. appreciate. oh, when out to berlin, where a car has driven into a crowd on a busy street, killing one person and injuring dozens, but drive a report they try to run away off the crashing into a building but without for handed by pauses by and handed over to clarity's a police status. i spoke to the 29 year old german armenia living in the city and happens me the scene of the infamous 2016 terrorist attack. what a t. newsy and man drive a truck into a crowded christmas market and investigation and to wednesdays. incident is on the way will keep you updated if any new details a much ortiz at julia ludwig reports from the c today in garden health tenant. good morning. you were renew car, georgia into the cold people here. so with
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away from, from this please read the ex then where federal i talk 2016 happens the characterized drove incident called on the corner or on construction. and then it proceeds to go to to douglas shops or it's a few meters away here and talents in profit. and there it's in the window of the shop. meanwhile, at least 21 people have been reported killed and dozens injured. as a passenger train derailed an east in iran and to rome and took place near the desert city of tobacco as the locomotive. reportedly hitt construction equipment near the track. a video from this scene shows trained carriages flipped on my side, as whiskey was trying to take care of the injured. the train was reportedly carrying 350 passengers. when he, thanks for joining us here on our t international. we'll be back with the latest in 30 minutes.
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lou. ah ah. ah. hello and welcome to cross hawk where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . the 350th anniversary of peter, the great's birth is june 9. he ruled from 168-2217. 25 and founded the city of saint petersburg as russians window to europe. how's his dream of russia being part of europe.


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