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trail, oh, when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. ah, no obstacles from moscow. that's the message when russians told diplomat. does he condemns key of voice, lack of action to resolve the great export and shoot like a lot of growth met with his counterpart to discuss ways to facilitate the exports from nuclear. plants under my feet are thousands of tons of corn which was burned down. the storage facilities were set on fire as ukrainian nationalist battalions were retreating. we infect tons of rain in the port as marianna po, which russia days was sabotaged by retreating, ukrainian with multi crew fine documents and
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ukrainian neo nazi battalion fighters replanting mines in civilian areas of the don't bounce back in 2016. with the ofc, seemingly aware of that information and a lecture about media, freedom about the boss and see about you in the right you have agreed to visit during the course of international condemnation of the us posted summit of the americas south. all the washington cherry picked which countries are allowed to with very welcome. this is all to you international with the latest world news out date is good to have you with us at the west has been deliberately exaggerating the issue of ukrainian grain exports. russians, top diplomat says off the talks with his counterpart in ankara, like a lot of states. russia is prepared to facilitate exports from ukrainian poets,
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but kid isn't ready to cooperate. logo in human, we've paid great attention to the ukranian grain export issue, which are western colleagues together with key f. r, trying to blow up to the level of global catastrophe. however, the amount of grain we're talking about accounts for no more than one percent of that produced globally. we have never had any obstacles from our side for resolving this issue, which is a minor one. indeed, if the ukrainian side is ready to cooperate, we are only willing to do so. without that, the west has been a case in russia, have allegedly stealing ukrainian grain supplies, something moscow has completely denied our correspondent is travelling with life roth has the days has about the foreign ministers talks. turkey has been very keen to play the role of the number one mediator in the conflict. and so the conversations between the foreign ministers of russia and turkey are very important . so dozens of vessels have been blocked in the ukrainian port city of odessa. and
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while mister loud rav accused the government in kiev of pretty much turning them into hostages, his turkish colleague acknowledged that the cranium mines in the waters near odessa were the key obstacle in this logistical deadlock sergey lab. rob repeated several times that russia has no intention of causing any problems to the ships if they are allowed to leave odessa, the russian foreign minister made it clear several times that the ball at this point is in key of court. in the mean time, a senior ukrainian security official has just announced that to the ships and the grain aren't going anywhere before ukraine gets a security guarantees. and several days ago, we actually card what the key of means by that from the president. the cranium
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government wants to receive anti ship systems. so for ukraine it seems it's weapons 1st and the mining 2nd. this is something that essentially survey, la rav called an adequate during his press conference on wednesday. don't you go noted in your grade schoolers, until recently, ukrainian officials, including president zalinski, were publicly saying they were prepared to remove mines from these waters to resume green exports to let international ships out just a couple of days ago. i heard present zalinski say, give us anti shipped weapons and we will resolve this issue by ourselves. i think everyone understands how adequate such statements. in the meantime, so in the west have accused russia of stealing grain from ukraine. the russian side firmly denied that. and the un officials have said that so far they found no evidence of that. despite that, however, during the press or
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a question on the matter came up, take a listen to all the things that russia has stolen from ukraine. once else has it managed to sell you miles, you are obsessed with this concept of stealing. you think everyone does such things, but this is my answer. we are implementing the goal, so we can now it's publicly to spare eastern ukraine from the pressure of the neo nazi regime. that's what we're doing. asked for the grain. i have already explained that the grain can be freely transported to its destinations. brushes, creating no obstacles for that. it's necessary that mr. lensky give a command. if he still has command over anything to allow foreign and ukrainian ships to enter the black sea turkey lab, rob's next stop in his tor is armenia where he's going to meet his counterparts. from post soviet republics, which are considered russia's allies. so let's hear what he'll have to say after the meetings with these important politicians to we heard from turkish political
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analyst, eunice. so now he thinks ukraine will eventually have to follow russia and turkeys calls for in steering safe passage for grain expose. this is an interesting topic because actually we heard about this grain and food crisis from western media 1st. this is the really clear case of making use of threats mean by the ukrainian side to force. busy or to, to provide the ground for american and british war ships to enter the black sea seats. i think that in the middle term crane will give into this proposal of the russian foreign minister and will give up the other demands, such as american bar ships or additional weapons deliveries to train in exchange for the mining the harbor. given the fact that those are the turkish side approach,
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this proposal quite constructively and all the and the caring, its readiness to the mind, the force of all this on the other cranium ports. while food security has been discussed between the foreign ministers, the actual grain and a port of mario paul has been found burned. these are some of our latest pictures from the mario port where more than 50000 tons of exportable grain said to have been rented unusable despite international warnings of looming food crisis. moscow . se ukrainian forces torch the grain silos ahead of the russian. that military involves some of the storage and loading hardware. the site has also been heavily damaged. russia have accused the ukrainian military of committing, quote food terrorism against its own people. as he's women cause or reports from the scene. we received exclusive access to this grain terminal in the sea port in the city of maria pal under my feet are thousands of tons of corn which was burned
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down. according to russian defense ministry and local authorities as well. the storage facilities were set on fire as ukrainian nationalist battalions were retreating. the ground here and this chord is still warm as the result of the fire, which was set through it by the ukrainian and nationalist stood there is still header still smoke in other places as the local workers are trying to put the fire out. now, according to the administration of the c port, there were at least $50000.00 tons of fur, corn and wheat which was destroyed. it's now unusable, not only for human consumption, but for life stock as well. roman coster of r t. maria bolden as people's republic. well now for the latest from the city of dawn, yes, clarity blast is reportedly rocked residential areas based unconfirmed. amateur footage allegedly shows the aftermath of the incidence. local officials have
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accused the ukrainian military forces of deliberately targeting civilian areas with their shelling and as the conflict continues elsewhere in the dawn, bass, arty uncovers evidence to the o. s. c may have been working alongside ukraine's neo nazi movement. right? sector members of the european security organization who allegedly share to shelter with the far right fight as appeared to be privy to atrocities committed by the italian soldiers but did not report on them. and we've asked the, oh i see for a comment on that, but a yet to receive a reply. as he's eco's dawn of seized the evidence for himself. this is where the militants of the right sector battalion were stationed. one of the most notorious, neo nazi groups in ukraine, this was their command center. you can see combs, cables, all of them, of course, well destroyed. but what is particularly interesting about this place is that the right sector militants, again, one of the most notorious, neo nazi formations in ukraine, very much akin to as of or i da,
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for example. they shared this building with the members of the o is see mission, we found their insignia on the floor just above us. so again, members of the international community, the what we see they owe to the roof over their heads to neo nazis. they shared food with neo nazis, a very peculiar symbiosis. so here's what i was talking about. ukrainian insignia right next to the insignia of the o. s. c. this is, these are cyrillic letters. they are written in russian. so everything points to the fact that the members of always see indeed shared this living space with the ukranian forces, which were in part, well with the right sect near nancy battalion. there were 13 on this street here. they the right sector, lead the defense, was the right sector, mixed up with nato. yes, nato and the o. s. c,
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e were present here because we found their leaflets everywhere, their maps narcotics, and everything else. ah, this is an internal resource all over. she dated 2016, detailing some very well very in humane approach of the ukrainian military towards civilians. since 2014 ukraine armed forces had been occupying civilian houses in the area of shorter street booby traps and mine, we're also placed in this area which have led to numerous civilian casualties. in may, several inhabitants of the village complained to the special monitoring mission about the behavior of ukraine armed forces personnel station in the vicinity of shore street and reported that they had evicted one family from their home in order to occupy it. the soldiers were using aggressive wat stokes kept and leased to prevent
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paper of my accessing the area. it was reported that 2 people have been bitten by. the dogs found his another report from january 2017 that we discovered on the right sector base. very interesting fine because he has a paragraph relationship with military and military occupation of civilian houses. here. it details that the ukrainian armed forces indeed were occupying civilian houses and placing and placing military vehicles between these houses. for example, here at reeds in august, the special monitoring mission spoke with an intellect cuter, which is basically a local who showed his partially destroyed house. shortly after the ukrainian military placed a tank in the back yard. so not only were they will using civilian houses in the victims civilians. they also, they also rigged them his picture taken by o. s. c, showing a booby trap. the current food shortage will turn into
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a global catastrophe. next, jeff world markets written with main without fertilizers and agricultural products from russia and ukraine. as a warning issued by the un, which has said the food prices can already be found in some parts of the world, such as somalia and discharge well need is not to focus all their attention on ukraine. if the world does not widen its gays from the war in ukraine and act immediately, an explosion of child death is about to happen in the horn of africa. for seasons without rain have caused the worst drought in somalia and other parts of the horn of africa and the last half century. the un saved millions of people who are in agent need, amid pools for the global community, particularly nations of the g 7 leading economies to provide when the f f, as well. let's speak with i guess, with the bait medieval in south africa and investigative journalist and co founder of the inside fact the news outlet. thank you for joining us on the program. now, a uni says has worn, the somalia is on the brink. it was hunger crisis in half
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a century. do you agree with that assessment to help out of the situation? no, thank you very much for having me look. i was interested in so much. yeah. it's very bad. you know, and as an, as a young african myself, you know, so my life, one of the most pros, countries in the world now it's been affected by what's happening between russia and ukraine. so it's interesting, it's very bad. you know, kids are guy is about to be in your area and the type you need. and i think google, the community needs to come together and solve the problem that's happening currently in some idea. or unicef said that while the world has turned its attention to ukraine is ignoring crises elsewhere, particularly the food short street in africa. do you agree with that? no, i didn't agree with that. you know, i think the west and many other countries that are falling into this trap have pushed their attention to once into rush and temperament and forgotten about the people on the grounds. you know, they're, they're pushing their own interests. but forgetting about the african people,
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you know, they're pushing their own agendas and nettle nets solve needs to be great. you know, netflix solve needs to come down and you need to speak to the challenges of the people. you know, we can't allow natal to continue doing what is currently the big spring of african people at the expense of the children. and so my dear, you know, we'll go to go through it every night, but having great, you know, without having more meal on the table, you know, so i think that natal salt needs to show attention what's happening and focus on the african people and focus on under humanitarian cars that's happening and what it is that are happening. so my job at the moment of you and i was called for help from the global community for relief efforts in somalia, especially as the g 7 is due to meet next week. but do you think that is please will be heard? i don't think they'll be heard honestly as a young african myself, i don't think they'll be hurt. you know? because i think if they really kate,
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for the people in the really kid about what go to they wouldn't really be as doubles from 155000000 people. okay. that we might have a problem with the connection that well, many thanks. tim medina, moody, bob investigative journalist and co founder of the insight factor, news outlets. thank you very much for your time. ah, the controversial us hosted summit of the americas has been overshadowed by a major back class. often, washington decided not to invite several countries in the region to stays into the event and has been rustled by condemnation from around the world. a boy called by numerous latin american leaders, and even a protest by outraged activists. and now you this and there are the lecture about the media, freedom about democracy, about doing the right you have no she one of them disrupt to the media conference
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by louis i'm, i'll grow the chief of the organization of american states. the actually the keys, the us eval castrating cues in bolivia and venezuela. anti paul chrissy and dealing with latin american countries with several regional leaders have strongly criticize the u. s. decision to snub certain countries including cuba and venezuela. the mexican on the cross. marlin presidents have refused to attend to protest on similar sentiments from the leaders of argent. tina columbia has also been reported bolivia. the president has also said he won't go on the leaders of our salvador, anton, as not to expect, as well. with those lead to express doubts about biden's legitimacy ahead of their meeting during the summer and chiles president also slammed washington's move to exclude certain countries. the u. s. move is reinforcing the position that these other countries taking their own countries. we think it's an error, a mistake, and we're going to say that during the summit the mainstream media has overweight
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in calling finance move. an embarrassment that demonstrates a failure to assert us leadership in the region. freelance journalist, as activists, gregory will, per se, is excluding countries that don't match. washington's foreign policy framework will likely when to the summit useless, not inviting cuba, venezuela. nicaragua is consistent with u. s. foreign policy, which is certainly a policy of trying to force these countries into our and the foreign policy framework that the us would like to see from these countries, which they're refusing to abide by leaving out these 3 countries. and thereby also excluding other like minded governments. that, that are sympathetic to, to keep up with nick at are gone, almost get certain guarantees that the summit will be a complete waste of time. there's been a long history of latin america rejecting us efforts to interfere. but this has always been tempered by our governments that were sympathetic to,
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to the united states. and, but that has been decreasing that, that is the sympathy with us in the governments has been decreasing for long period of time. which is why more and more countries are acting actually in solidarity with the countries that the united states went to exclude from the summit. this is really the view of most of the peoples and latin america, and which is precisely that they reject us interference in their countries. are his keller morgan. now more details on why the move to exclude the country has provoked such extensive backlash. washington has long considered latin america to be its backyard, and when governments arise that don't take orders from the united states, things get pretty vicious. here's how dwayne clar edge, a long time, c, i a operative in the region, put it, we'll intervene whenever we decide it's an our national security interest to intervene. and if you don't like it, love it,
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get used to it world. the international community has condemned the u. s. embargo against cuba over and over. but that has not stopped the decades of economic warfare imposed by washington on the small communist lead island during the 1980s, the united states back anti communist contraras in nicaragua. and in el salvador, these fighters that were backed by the united states were also heavily involved in the drug trade, norco gangs. now plague central america as well as mexico right up to today. venezuela has been the target of us regime change operations for decades, despite sanctions that created a food crisis and cost thousands of live, the socialist government there says it is standing strong. the aggression against venezuela's, brutal, its economic, financial, commercial, political in the media. and we're going to continue ahead and we're going to
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triumph know empire is going to set foot on venezuela territory and prevent the venezuela people from realizing their will realizing their own democracy and achieving their own destiny of freedom. while the states has burned a lot of bridges in the region, russia and china are doing the opposite. they're pouring in investments. and now countries that have been shunned by washington have an alternative. this is what china had to say about the upcoming summit. i want to stress again that leaden america is not some front yard or backyard of the united states. the summit of the americas is not the summit of the united states of america. the u. s. as the host of the upcoming summit needs to stop going its own way or forcing its will and others over the past 2 centuries since the monroe doctrine came into being the united states has conducted more than 30 military interventions in latin american countries. forcibly exported the united states style democracy to regional
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countries implemented predatory cannot make policies and even instigated regime subversion. mike bomb pale, who served as secretary of state under donald trump, seemed to be raising the alarm about the rising influence of the 2 year asian superpowers on the american hemisphere. here is what he predicted china, russia, they're showing up with the doorstep. but once they enter the house, we know the dead traps there, there will use their traps, they will disregard rules and they will spread disorder in your home. rich words, coming from a country that has toppled, destabilized and fomented chaos in that region for quite some time. with this upcoming summit being boycotted by mexico and possibly other countries following suit, you have to wonder how long it will be before washington reconsider that strategy in dealing with neighbors, south of the border hail of marvin r t new york and another name against us dominance iran has proposed creating
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a new single currency within the, your asian, economic and security block, the as seo. so you minimize dependence on the dollar. with our statement was made by a senior iranian diplomat in charge of economic issues in view of the escalating sanctions against russia. i have the ukraine conflict with our members of the shanghai cooperation organization have already switched over to using their own currencies for by last will trade. iran believes the introduction of a single car see would further strengthen the block freakonomics security as a precaution against us meddling and global affairs. iran reportedly plans to promote the initiative as an upcoming se oh summit. in september, we discussed the issue with china expert andrew long and iranian politics professor fell out is, are they? as we know, the united states is and i think the other a, all the banking system does a system that engaging in and the economic war against
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over 30 countries as the speak, including united russia, the experience of russia shows the rest doesn't see any limitations on hurting, or their citizens in russia hurting or they citizens in other countries are going to be affected by the food shortages in order to achieve foreign policy goes as follows, imbedded very deeply in the world why national market and so. ready but as far. busy but actually, i don't think that there's a very serious problem because also china applies for example, energy washer. and then you ran the calls. ready exporting and you know, the resources, china, there's the why, the reason why this one actually cannot be conducted in other codes. and then there
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are other. busy what is a collected together by trade outside the u. s. and b. so all these develop things are coming to a head leading to a tendency to escape those kind of indiscriminate use all the us dollar did the monetary system. the banking system is going to use this power to attack either some of these initiatives started before the conflict in your credit. and so politicians economists in targets countries, countries that are targeted by the united states, realize that sooner or later. and these devices that the united states has in terms of amazing, these monetary systems is going to be used as evaluate quite rapidly. and then the cost of the new installer is the leasing,
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particularly the another aspect is the security. all of those people's reserve with the sanctions on russia, for example, the united states is trying to use the both of those other countries as it so, and then that will also undermine other countries. confidence in other countries realize that there is going to be a spend block, you know, you're moving towards and what kind of polar lot. and we're going to have a this then block led by the united states and some european countries. and then you're going to have the rest, which is going to include china and russia on india is undecided. i think india eventually joined the rest and we have the you creating their own currency. some years ago, it will take some work, but it's doable. thanks for joining us on our team to national as always,
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plenty more to be found on our web site. i see dot com in ah ah ah
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l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such short or is it conflict with the 1st law? show your identification. we should be very careful about on personal intelligence . at that point, obviously is to place trust, rather than fear like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with awe
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. with hello and welcome to cross hawk where all things are considered. i am peter level 3 and, and 50th anniversary of peter the grades. birth is june 9. he ruled from 168221725 founded the city of saint petersburg as russia's window to europe. has his dream of russia being part of europe come to an end? at this point, the sings very likely. ah, ah, cross sucking russia and europe, i'm joined by my guest on laughlin in paris. he's a university lecture in history and political philosophy in saint petersburg. we have gilbert doctorow, he's an independent political analyst, an author, a memoirs of an ex, pat manager in moscow. during the 19 nineties and
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a province we crossed to vladimir goldstein. he is the chair of the department of slavic studies at brown university. our gentleman crossing rose and the fact that means he can jump any time he want. and i always appreciate, i want to ask you all 3. the same question. i'll start off with john. here is the window to europe that same p a that peter, the great envisioned, is it coming to a close? is it closed? yes, it's been slammed by europe or russia throughout the last 1020 years has repeatedly said how much it wants to cooperate with the west, with europe in particular of course, but even with the americans and uh, you know, the door has been slammed in his face all the window has been slammed in its face in a very, very fundamental way as angular merkel used to remind people, even at the height of the cold war when there was a very acute ideological confrontation.


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