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political martina got to read a book to look what seems theorem, but see no, probably him eat such seemed the selenium push anadia and a good boy is going yesterday she sitting upright in the go to discontinue, so she will say this with amo the joke of 9 people you might still farseason will not say is more you say give them i love them. thank you. by the way. yes. and that the media i saw it was supposed to me was i mean video storage. the way you deal with your thing is we can move up on you see a thought in these that that you got, i didn't, i just started not to be a whole new one. come on this much used him with a 0 that finished a
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excusing it with the new ski, doing the stuff you know, even like a little bit with the whole when you go someplace with session a she's with you got you before. great deals that are not supposed to be a different view, a little bit of the my local because of the school with most of them of them
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i do with this level is this is going to provide me with buyers for personal machine with there's, there's new human was the food ordering with a shed to really dig a for your last and you're not going to review 50 shows is for kristen using this weird to use mom a put any of you on when you're doing jordan dish . there's 2 of them, was sheila, a motion which you get done with the new music? i thought he missed a shambles in the moon yesterday. i want to use to let me know about those. i'd say
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lucy, just 0. there are you. there you go to the kitchen is near that you would be the annoy stays. garcia. yes, i thought i always put you through what we thought you wouldn't be as the sure. not. gotcha. and if you do not feel what if you wish to if it is you deal with at least 3 at it for katherine, what about the knob organ idea? yeah. awesome. i was in the boys. i'm pleased with it with them for a very slow to learn about
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with a couple of you sure that you to both with look at the possible at least williams with with we be away in the showroom with clean. the just isn't your good to get those done is i'm, is that the i need the ego. when you might,
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you nothing. now i lease nearly enough. they'll lose to will brock. those get to wish those are just those could serious. that is, this is emily. a sort of a cigarette when you got a music with a sense, if you them, why is it because you know to you nationally, those this is done with and this will will be and you will, you know, you want to just give them the new maybe they over there to be there soon as it was, then it was, it was it, it won't even be good with national one people's i work with the one was a warm see when he said he will be with you pretty. he with lesson, she is a what, a little brochure
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a but it is in museums. but if, when you need to know or need them with a lead, a going to come on the thought. who did. so when you with a pdf with smith, these are doing this for the group. it started with the boy, we not only are you saying that she can find what's the does, it'll take you to the way by say, i need washington williams, you know, which i think it's in the gym store williams, or what i need to call the school saying this, yeah, it's not what you know you should be on most with doesn't leave your shipping. you
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might normally use these cars because it was they on the spot with apple got it. mm hm. because obviously something in which we would move, which is in place from you. is it usually it will be on cheaper buy to mislead you or with a mr. go? yes, the new to the possible with a little bit newly. the relationship with us with this, with,
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with with oh no, i'm looking. i 3 of this 1000000 new york, one of my with with him what is was what year so ordinary more with scales. yeah. for those numbers. so whenever you enough, match those with 2 years there, i will just with the motion you hold on one minute ticket. i know it sees it all and i will. okay, that will be really much and it will amuse lots of whatever a shift on us does any of your needs you have in your new home
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as usual with the global forward with jewish. luckily, then learn. if morrow's very familiar with it. they've had the neocon garza, you like us 3, you get the you need to is do that. them opinion is a good thing about a kid. he would give them to playlist. absolutely. none of that, you know, which in color they might have both fill in the form, you put them in your group adult e or get the reading to separable post the means to be sitting up in there because that 2nd so typically for me yes. mm hm. but any good, yes, but he was almost done instead of the month and e i, when it's on you just didn't obama go e but i took the new year. there's the way you do that.
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if you know it's my job it, those are 3 of the new company to leave me a new a new 3 year old kid. i know it was because i had a kid competitive. this is funny. that's my brad bob was going to do. my mom i did i wish i would know mostly would be a big guy. yes. both jake to go on. this just says yo me b e. ryan again or no. was chris don't what i'm good.
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you know. 7 7 who ski, john, but those the if you yeah, i was young. well you, why should oh, why is beecham? no need was those good? do you? yeah. was you? well, you know. oh good. why you know. ready new york, ga, bar your with your door. yeah. yeah. well yeah, you know, yeah, yeah. but school is good. you know what's home or not mr. and the woocommerce. that doesn't mean.
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well, i guess you're going to like a, a with a news media describe it. and like if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple don't put your human symbols on display a little speech. nice. all right,
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so you guys don't talk to strangers. 7 i avoid noisy gatherings with your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll, russian, a specific social with a
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a, [000:00:00;00] with that you for that ah, a z a z e in your home a u r y b. but i would like with
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you by the name. my name you are you pretty much the issue is noah? well, you know she was oh issue. sure. but if you want to with love and deal with no, we're not so much the new the issue with it. you got a a we are in a way, you know, different good digital digital or guys, but in a no brainer,
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my said it was aah! with with us because old school teachers and you're able to go from spacious libra a to you and that do they gotta do not necessarily the boys to senior. can you see a bunch of edition calibrate beastly, some league napoleon available for when results.
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ah, that with none can use them will, will, will goodness just eat. but i mean obviously you are a scenario and the premier of a gone to the wilson's film, the union of a mere tumble for federal mask. he spoke going on with that, a motor home garage a problem. they want to pursue one way to when you deal
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with, ah, what are you doing? it was most to with the school though, my still the to work through it with years of the subway show subway for somebody who i was only she will bring this my, this provides any percentage in this logon bus, which i'll realize this, which is gonna be like almost like sharing it with a with, i mean i didn't go with some way that might be a human that everything i'm not going to put on a know we do boy produce,
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but we don't think about doing it with 2 by 2. so, but you saw a full schedule done and then you look, i did thought i did with sure through your for the whole with her she chose for those advice you will filled out with a little boy. no one williams you when you're done
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with ah, with to let it was worth in the snow when i,
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when i bought it last year. so does it with all sawyer with with your, with
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all those 3 just wait a minute. hey guys. the digits. i mean, yeah, it's a post war issue with joe and i was just got principally, but you're with follow. no, sort of a good with a guy, a guy,
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a guy with a, with a do my i do know the bill to zillow thing and i want to resolve what's going on with the medical knowing marlene gable from the, from one of them go oh wow, oh scholars oh you're with follow with music state. no a. it's a partial. well it didn't look up on the whole deal dealer. alas,
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i don't know what i. c i g m to coordinate a condition as actually that. a buick though is this william whether you've got a smart role, is this just to live or? yeah, because i wish that years this new the question yeah. got communication or so they've been completed it so don't know. well anyway, like if the voice died in the suburbanite series from you know,
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some of them. i think it had been it, you know, it's nice. you've been, you know, what? i said we did the teachers to tristan choice video. i spent much melody. it's all come out with it. the most new betsy bush just and i have shown, you know, other than that dania is using it all continue with asking you personally, especially just another where you difficult to get with the same nature a to get the chit chat about. hm. yes, niche. in same, you know, showing you, but i said going to the chip, this new device, the do the 2nd on projector, pollution from what says align, you should have a church scheduling it, it has a medical sawyer coordinator. i knew, but i shouldn't have it by which the promotion which sophisticated this is just the way when you were going in just
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one scubas terror, easton, they'd send this to a new hood, new pretty new plus just a new post. i thought it would. you would chuckle, use doing to still use the se would yes you wouldn't you than his dealer might. but i mean, this wouldn't be a deal. it does. after after lame decent producer there will be, but no other reboot's the it lose the wood. i will she be adama? leslie will it? so i'm quote quote it we just reaching the wood in this new process came to them for anything for shoes were not season. my boys sis, mit i was long old meter. she chose not say not door. when you stood at that, i see you to stop that you what any by etc. you put, you put those to put away, does get it. but there's actually shaking this was no yo video store,
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teach us what was the question national i could ask for. so what is the, who will you g just enzymes, staining fine. what? yeah. what you understood the way so that you have, you know, usually genius for born. you will up a dose. rule of the warrior laughing and sure. when you go yes, alaska would. yes. alaska 50 sally. i'm even not so she li, me in pennsylvania with that and you don't want that. oh my to go to the post a double cook. i need me to spell that out. my musicians were good, but i need somebody to use it. got the fuels to perform was easy. i wish the me of me from then 3 lead smear shows with this, the smear which you, well, let me look yet because there was an in it, that was the shut door for last marable, i from one. and i put in my list of the 2 of those on the clothes,
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on the money lease, which wouldn't use and if the other shed is similar case, but it might wasn't. but those, the actual procedures that ah, i use ah, in ah, my name is frank, i'm a retired from philadelphia. got in the movement in age 13 going on 14. we were violent towards those people because we believe that we're in
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a severe race. we're here 1st and this is our country being part of that movement. i got your sense of power. when i felt powerless, we got attention when i felt invisible and accepted when i felt and lovable life after hey, is an organization that was founded by for a skinhead not see white supremacists in the u. s. in canada. and they found each other and they knew that they wanted to help other guys get out. was 2 parts to getting out of a violent extreme was the 1st part of disengagement which is where you leave the social group. and then the next part is d. radicalization work belief systems audiology are removed. it was very impactful. when someone finally came along with no fear, no judgement, you heard my story did nothing to challenge with alabama. 3 and and 50th anniversary of peter the grades. birth is june 9th. he ruled from
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168221725 founded the city of saint petersburg as russians window to europe. how's his dream of russia being part of europe come to an end? at this point, this seems very like no obstacles from moscow. that's the message from russian's talk diplomat. he condemns kia, void black of action to resolve the grain eggs into like a lot of met with his counterpart to discuss ways to facilitate the export from nucleic acid under my feet are thousands of channels, of course, which was burns out. the storage facilities were set on fire as ukrainian nationals, battalions were retreating. we infect tons of rain in the port of marielle po which russia days were sabotaged by retreating,


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