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my story did not seem to challenge with with the special police who it can use. not if the new was unwinnable is deal it so i
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didn't miss it said im good brochures for bushels. cool boys that the good boy is awesome nor go minogue it. it will at the curb. my humor. got to do it. i want to look, but seems fear him, but see him. no, probably him eat seamless. selenium, push nidia and a good boy is going. yesterday. she sitting upright in the got to discontinue, so i see this is what i'm all the joke of night when you might stop. i sees more not say is more you say give them i love them. thank you. by the way. yes. me as the night. yeah. i so i missed awesome. it was, i mean, video storage it the way you deal with move on. you see a thought in these are that you got, i did notice that it not to be a whole new going to come under my it's use my to 0 to finished
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a miss using with the new sky. do. unless that unity really got that a little bit, which is like when you go someplace for you to meet with my session a she's with you got you before going to do that or not? cuz i'll give you a different view, a little bit of the my
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local because obviously with most of them of them a deployed with dish there's, there's new human this, the food ordering with a shed to really dig a for your last and you're not going to see shows to is for kristen using it, maybe to use mom a you i'm, when you're dealing with jordan dish, there's develop them with new music. miss thompson with new yes. a used
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amenable to those. i said this is just this that i you there you. but if it is you, if that you get it annoy stays, garcia. yes, that are super 4 hours, but you see what we talk your i'm with b is the short not. gotcha. unless you do not feel what if you wish to if it is you think that that will use 3 it it for catherine? what about the knob organ idea? yeah. awesome. i was in the place. i'm pleased with it. it wouldn't do with them
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through with you to both of you with the possible at least william, do you wish it wouldn't? we shall we say to with a, with,
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with the over in the 3 show more chasing. clean the chest. if you could the chip, those done, if i missed that, he's the i need to go when you might not. now i lease nearly enough dollars to work. let's get to when you started, let's good serious. that is to say simply a story of a book as you go when you got a book music with the good, you know, to you naturally those, this is done with it and this will be and you will, you know, you want to just give them was the new, maybe they over there was a city was that it was pretty guilty to even be good with national. what people are, will you please you, passed us is the one was i want to see you when you said he will be with you pretty you with jesus, what
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a little use and you just a special that football, not any answer, but that is in new terms, but if, when you need to know or need more of a truck with a commando initial thought, who did so when you get a boat with smith, this man for the group, it started with you. boy, we not only are you saying so she can find what's the, does it take you to the way by say, i need washington williams. you know what?
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choosing it's from the gym store? move on for you from what i'm saying i vietnam, which, you know, give issue would be the one most with doesn't like machine. you can, you might normally use these guys the picture and was they on the squad with the pl? good it because there's police a thing in which we would move, which is in place from you. is it the musician way? it will be on cuba by to mislead you or when you're with, with the mr. alco? yes, the new to the possible with you lose it newly opened someone's relationship with us with,
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with, with the other name. hello. hello. i 3 of his 1000000 new york. my with with him one is a year. so who is there any more with scales? yeah, i can always numbers. so whenever you enough match those lose definitely with the motion you hold on one minute, your ticket, i feel it phasers hold and i will. okay. then we'll be the journey will amuse last
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it. whatever a chest on us does any of your needs you have in your new home with, with dish. luckily. then learn. if morrow's for you to have the new garza, you like us 3, you get the in. the blue is do that with you would give them to playlists of synonymous with human origin color. and in one of both filling the form, you put them small group adult, you get the really to separable post the means to be similar to their pickup. but 2nd switching that going for me. yes. mm hm. but any good, yes, but he was almost any states of the month and e and,
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and he just didn't. obama go e but i booked the me machine usually really. is there always easy load my just the it, those are pretty much the version a whole new york on december. libra new hires a new or b? yes. 3 a process never to be there for a deal. you know, there's all the people in the kiera, you know, it was so beautiful then the books cuz the care of the nurses are completely up to this. i think you can, i can use that law my brad by which guy did i get a down my bit with the most thing would be the letter you buy it? i believe i use i don't. yes,
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i hate to go on the 6 as i put him in missouri, yoni b e lane again. oh, oh as good as that young guy do. 7 7 0 skied john, but those dad yardarm boy did. yeah, i was young for you. why sure. why is it young? i was young but those. * dad down i do. yeah. but still oh no good. yeah. ah wish good. so are you in your j g bar you with your door or yes. low yes. yeah. badge good and bad. this was home on when you wasn't bill of school. this was with
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like, it was all month on us. mr. veronica will not the rule doesn't mean well, she said graham, my dad, i'm so good choice singers. i'd better be a resident with a whole oh,
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was recently munoz cartridge and i can if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple don't put your human symbols on display. yeah. a guy so you guys don't talk to strangers. i avoid noisy gatherings with your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll russian a specific social with
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a with ah, a z a z e in? yeah. oh i still believe guy h u r g y b. but i would like with my plan with you, bye bye. you be so much as you know,
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what else were united to what i would issue but if you wanna with love and deal with no, we're not a an issue with you guys a lot. i really know we're you know, different good digital digital are good. but with
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this, with you next door to chess and you're able to completely, i wouldn't have gotten that today. you took gotta do another natalie the before and after she knew it, she said she could totally put it, but it's a decent cleveland. basically somebody who wrote in a voice appeared, adults ah, that with
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numb can use the mobile wickedness chest. he put, i mean, honestly you are a scenario and the premium of going to that wouldn't assume the union of premier tumble for federal mask. he spoke coin and with that, a motor home garage a portal. they want to put you one way to when you deal with what it was most to which you screwed omar,
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most of the to so through with the subway shows a subway for some particular was only she will train this my, this provides any percentage in monogamy, which of course, i'll realize this, which is a lot easier for them. and i share any of those things as useful for possibly going to sort of charlotte. ah, i mean, you do go to some way. there might be a lot new boy produced, but they don't combine it with
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a 2 by 2. so a schedule and then you look i did, i did a sure to you for the just for those advice you up with a boy no one williams you when you're done with
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ah, with to let it was for the machine. i thought about it last year, so we have to sort of loop do it, which is 5th when you started by the chef when i'm really bad at that with
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national soil, with close with your, with all the way to work with guys that bridge. so, i mean, yeah, it's with
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joe lesher, it was a principal, but get with them when you go with follow a good with a guy a a, a with
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a a, a, a, a is a little thing on i want to resolve what's going on with the medical mobile, marlene gable for, but the bomb one more. not some good the oh, yeah, well oscars, all on your with follow with your music state now. who is a partial? well, it didn't look up on the whole deal dealer. i left a note with
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a gm to coordinate a i was in them a condition. does a buick though? is this william, erica and yours a smart role? is this just to live or? yeah, because i wish that yes, this is the question. yeah. communication us or would it be on computing or linear with the voice of thoughts on the screen. but i'd 0 from y'all. so my, that given it that particular way civilian because she thought we did, because just the, just in the choice always so much i'll call a day,
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i'll come out of and we'll let you know it's in the most need that she bush just and i have shown, you know what the answer is, dania is using it all company bill versus a asking, especially with pressure just another way you did of a with him saying just need a shit about him. yes, niche, in same use made sure i knew, but i said that should have but i need to pass the victim, projector pollution from what says align your search of the original church scheduling it. it has all the way to go forward with it, which is the publish which sophisticated, this is a question. when you spoke when i was in, she just went things for busted e estimates and listed. and you heard me pretty new plus just
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a new post. i thought of it, you would choose who you want to use, the se would. yes, you wouldn't. you the news dealer might put on it shouldn't be a deal. it was after, after main deaton videos that there will be, but no, what is the, what's the, it was the would be a dormer leslie wilson. i'm quoting, quoting, ah, we the street that would've just brought us cooking for them. but if you're for shoes, we're not season my boys to get i was long, full meter. she chose not say not door. when you stood it, i see you to stop that you what any by yet. so you put you put those up when you wait a 2nd. this was no yo video store just was a question national i could ask for. so what is the who, who g just aiden?
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same standing by more? yeah. to of the still the way so that we have, you know, usually denise from own you will, but those are still rule of let the world and sure when you go with a woman. yes. alaska. 50000. i'm either not says you re me it would. pennsylvania, why would i need you to know that i might go with the force to double that? i need me to spell that out. my museums were good, but needs to be done when he's got the fuel with severe susan use the police and yes, the smith with you. well, what i mean? yes. a quote that was there any that was a should do or for last year blessone like a mile? yeah. we still do those on the clothes when the money miss, which would it wouldn't, isn't it? the other sad is to be paid, but it might wasn't with the level. mm
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mm. mm mm mm mm. ah. the 350th anniversary of peter, the great's birth is june 9. he ruled from 16821725 founded the city of saint petersburg as russians window to europe. how's his dream of russia being part of
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europe come to an end? at this point, this seems very like look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about of personal intelligence at the point, obviously is too great trust rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with.


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