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tv   News  RT  June 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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a for a piles of concrete burns houses, burns apartment blocks all over the place, will be soon when the life will spring again. here, the arcade crew visits a strategic front line in regards to republic shell for a month by ukrainian artillery. un warns of a global catastrophe in 2023 of russia and ukraine. agricultural products are not allowed to return to the market. washington want to restrict imports from a chinese province over forced labor allegation. despite the long history of
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u. s. corporation using sweatshops abroad a. ah, god bless you my direct my studios in moscow. this is art international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now. 97 percent of the la ganske republic is now free of ukraine's forces that's according to the russian defense minister. meanwhile, the ukrainian president says that the future of the don boss is now being decided in several done yet, where the most intensive fighting is ongoing. here on the map, you can see an area where thousands of ukrainian troops are about to be encircled as russian and don bass forces are slowly advancing from the north and the south marchese was done of visit the strategically important city of pass, nyah, almost raised to the ground by ukrainian artillery citizens of this little town and the la guns people's republic they had to walk through hell via the town
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is no more. those piles of concrete. 2 burnt houses, burnt apartment blocks all over the place. it won't be soon when the life will spring again. here this is murder, hugo, in miniature. but unlike its big city brother, the town of papa now has had it worse. and this is what happens to city. his towns and villages that the ukrainian forces refused to leave. for example, this little village of papa. now they've, as they fought for every apartment block for every building as they well set up their firing positions on top of well buildings like this. there was no other choice but to well raised the place to the ground. it's been a month since the ukrainians fled from this place yet as nary a trace of peace. here. only desolation and endless columns of tanks, artillery and other military vehicles of all sorts. key if through all it had to
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defend the strategically crucial town. every house was a fortress, every street a front line. now it's a key launchpad for the russians and the la ganske people's republics militia who are trying to push the battles away from this impaired place. even in the city of maria upa, which is battered by the will. we did see some signs of civilian life, but 1st we saw people very cautiously, cruel out of the basement. then we saw the public transport. nothing like that here in the little village of papa, now not a single civilians all in the street. just bangs of artillery fire and a heavy smell of gunpowder in the air. i'm english done a reporting from the la guns people's republic r t. the ear goes all out to blame russia for the world's troubles with a global grain shortage and alleged war crimes topping its agenda. and of the fact that the you has no evidence of either does not appear to be of concern. here's our
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t contributor rachel marston with more much is been made of russia's master to the united nations security council. he'd been walking out of the session this week during which european council president sha michelle delivered to langley diatribe . speaking at the meeting of a legit war crimes in ukraine, a designation that can only be made to process by michelle has already attributed any responsibility to russia in his address. when he said we need evidence to hold accountable those responsible, renewed obedience. and that's why we all know, hoping to collect evidence of these crimes. impunity is not an option working backwards from a desire conclusion isn't exactly how the process is supposed to work. michelle said, we welcome the international court of justice provisional measures, ordering russian to suspend military operations immediately. but if you really
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wanted to help and beyond conflict in ukraine, then why are you members states flooding the country with weapons rather than on peace? according to michelle, as we speak, we hear reports a russian versus willing sexual violence as a weapon war. but in fact, as he spoke, ukrainian lawmakers were in the process of moving to fire the official human rights commissioner, neela denisa, who had been spreading most flavored plains of sexual violence against russian troops. but that's what happens when you officially let there wishful thinking. an ideological one is substitute for care, consideration of facts and of sources. speaking a far as the you are bothered to investigate. the extensively documented sexual violence of migrates in libya, which amnesty international and other human rights groups attributed to the policy setting in the way of nato's member countries invasion,
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andy stabilization of that country. this horrifying report checks new light on suffering of people intercept at sea and return to libya for they are immediately funnelled into arbitrary detention and systematically subjected to torture, sexual violence, forced labor and other exploitation with total impunity. so shanisha now saying that to you is working to eradicate traffic to protect people holy war. this time in ukraine has to be the height of. 2 irony when you played a role in creating the opportunity for human trafficking of like libya. michelle also would use the crumbling of using food supplies as a missile against the countries. but the u. s. and you have just a huge rush of trying to deliver stolen grain to developing countries. mister ambassador of the russian federation. let's be honest. the kremlin
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is using truth supplies, a so still from sale are doing to develop, intern threes, hello. picking a lane shot mission is the grain a stealth missile or a potential liver read is easy. a good thing now or bad thing. at least. moss there was a legit be trying to feed people. ukraine seems less interested in doing so. recently, our foreign minister made a statement in which he clearly defined that the 1st priority is security. the 2nd is security, and the 3rd is security. if this issue is not resolved, if our country is not safe, no grain will go anywhere because the issue of security is number one for us. well, to bad shun, michelle, she you, superstar didn't get the memo before throwing now washable and hypocritical assertions in front of the security council. the united nations warns that the world faces a global food catastrophe in 2023 if agriculture, products,
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and fertilizers from russia and ukraine do not return. the current food crisis may rapidly turn into a food catastrophe of global proportions in 2023 higher energy costs and trade restrictions on the fertilizer supply from the black sea region have resulted in fertilizer prices rising even faster than food prices. but the west continues to blame russia for rising prices, inflation and hunger. america is fighting on 2 fronts at home. it's inflation and rising prices abroad and shopping ukrainians, offender, democracy, and feeding those were left hungry around the world because russian of tri cities exist. russia iteration claims falsely that the international community sanctions are to blame for worsening the global food crisis. the decision to weaponized food is moscow's, and moscow's alone. russia issues in food as a weapon, a full. this is the threatening the food security driving prices and closing
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double simon. meanwhile, in mario por, port more than 50000 tons of exportable grain are said to have been rendered unusable despite international warnings of a looming food crisis. moscow says ukrainian forces torch to the grain silo ahead of the russian led military advance there. some of the storage and loading hardware at the side have also been heavily damaged. russia has accused ukrainian military of committing food, terrorism quote, their against its own people. for them on cost of reports from seen we received exclusive access to this grain terminal in the c port in the city of mario pal, under my feet are thousands of tons of corn, which was burned down according to russian defense ministry and local authorities as well the storage facilities were set on fire as ukrainian nationally, battalions were retreating. the ground here on this corn is still warm as the
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result of the fire, which was set through it by the ukrainian and nationalist stood there is still there still smoke in other places as a local workers are trying to put the fire out. now, according to the administration of the c port that were at least $50000.00 tons of corn and wheat which was destroyed, it's now unusable, not only for human consumption, but for life stock as well. roman coster of r t. maria holden as people's republic. jack ross, miss professor of economics and politics and st. mary's at college of california and roger because his psy, the director of the geopolitical economy, research group says that the accusations by the west are a little more than a blame game. i think that the whole name russia game began a long time ago. remember,
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it was russia that was responsible for hillary clinton losing the election to donald trump. it's russia that's responsible for the inflation of fuel prices now. rates, russia, this is responsible for the inflation of food prices. so i think that it's, it's really an extremely self serving blaine game. if they wanted, they could have made exemptions for food. they love to use russia in order to blame the suffering that's caused by people in a certain sense. it's as though the united states a sanctioning the whole world, they want to try to done one of the instruction. but so far it hasn't worked. the number of countries that are prepared to sanction rush chuck it back to send a legal aid to ukraine. actually quite small. they represented by small minority of the world's population. but as most countries are fighting sheil stacked so i don't think it's going to be very convincing. if the usaa was really concerned, it could exempt the export of grain for a while as it has for certain bankers and financial transactions and certain
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u. s. companies that need certain industrial metals and so forth. there's all kinds of exemptions to the sanctions, but there doesn't seem exemption interest here on the part of united states. in fact, as i understand that the u. s. has even warned some of the countries like, you know, india, turkey jump, should they get the grain and somehow get through that, you know, they're subject to sanctions from the u. s. which is kind of indication that the u . s. isn't really serious about this. if they really wanted to, there would be a way that they could exempted and let this food get out to those countries that desperately needed. also, i think people got to realize it's not just the supply of these actual products that are causing the price to go up the constraint of the supply. but you got the international commodity futures, speculators who are driving up the price. you've got the shipping companies are
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driving up the price and the ship insurance companies even before you have a problem with the shortage of the actual physical product. so what is the us doing about that cause of the inflation molly will continue to be burdened by sanctions imposed by original political and economic union. the economic community of west african states came to the decision after it said that the countries in term government had prolonged its transition to democracy by 2 more years. echo was regrets that while negotiations are still ongoing to reach a consensus, the mountain authorities took this decision. the union also demanded that the period be reduced to a 16 month maximum after earlier rejecting a 5 year timeline proposed by molly and authorities with the countries ruling who intel refusing to organize democratic elections. a go was imposed stiff sanctions on molly, including restrictions on monetary operations in cross border movement, government spokesperson claims molly is open to compromise. don't look from molly's
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president of the transition and head of state has always instructed us to seek a compromise between 2 parameters. the demands of echo was on the one hand and on the other hand, the aspirations of the mally and people who wished to carry out a certain number of political and institutional reforms before organizing elections . i think that the adoption of this decree is a very strong proof of the willingness of our highest authorities for dialog. many and molly support the one time who took power in 2020 as the result of the military coup. i made major discontent with battles against the hottest, by the previous administration seen as fruitless last month. hundreds took to the streets to denounce west african sanctions, the presence of french troops on the ground and to show confidence in the authorities. earlier we discussed the reasons for the sanctions and their consequences with journalist by, by a med and author and historian jo horn. molly is the end of the poorest nations on
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planet earth. the sanctions also compromise molly's ability to engage in normalized trade relations with all of its neighbors. so certainly it has been a master stroke for friends to influence. echo was to slap these sanctions on molly decades ago when molly was 1st entering into independence. it was france that hill to destabilize the regime of been leader. and so i think that many in the molly and population are quite suspicious. understandably, and just the file justifiable or frances intentions. and i think that that leads them to protest. any moon that france names to support the sanctions imposed against molly or of any nomic nature as state reported embargo and finally imported goods into molly, both by land and by which makes the supply and the country extremely difficult. given that molly has no access of the goods are imported from country 10 goals,
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guinea or ivory coast as they have. once more, molly has a border with 3 member states of the heel fight that is fighting against terrorism, mauritania, niger, and became today the channels of communication for the fight against terrorism within the framework. as a 5 has been destroyed, they don't look much. and in the u. s. washington is to impose import restrictions on the chinese province of chin john over falling forced labor allegations, while the u. s. itself has a long history of using labor from developing nations or to rachel blevins comments . the united states is now weeks away from implementing a new law that will mean both increase tensions with china and higher prices for americans. the weaker force labor prevention will require companies in china, northwestern province to prove that their products, which include everything from a 5th of the world's cotton supply to parts for popular electronics were not made
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using forced labor. the members of congress who supported the new law claimed it was their way to speak out for human rights. congress on a bipartisan and by cameras basis will continue to condemn and confront to cc piece human rights abuses, inch in john, and in the region and hold it accountable. if america does not speak out for human rights in china because of commercial interests, we lose all moral authority to speak out for human rights any place in the world. but it's not quite that simple, and there is already been a lot of confusion over what is defined as force labor for chinese companies, as well as what rules american companies are supposed to follow. well, you as lawmakers claim they are concerned for human rights. now that can sir years be non existent for the american companies that allegedly still use labor from flat shops, such as nike and disney, or the companies that have been caught profiting off of course labor and child labor overseas in order to obtain home oil for their products such as nestle and
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procter and gamble, and not to mention the companies that will do anything for cheap cobalt mining for their electronics. many of them die and landslides from his fixation while trapped underground, or as a result of the failure of machinery. much of the countries colton is extracted by children who work in dangerous conditions is washers and diggers. doing adults work in a hazardous environment, many colton. mining sites are rife with prostitution, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, and gender based violence that affect vulnerable children and women. while the dying administration looks the other way in order to justify their transition to a digital world, this is been an ongoing issue for years with amnesty international repeatedly drawing attention to the lack of action, nearly 2 years on some of the richest and most powerful companies in the world are still making excuses for not investigating their supply chains. even those who are investigating or failing to disclose the human rights risks and abuses they fine. so as you, as leaders, are only interested in taking a stand on human rights when they believe china is the culprit. now what do we know about the allegations they're making?
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well, the united nations high commissioner for human rights visited china earlier this year. and she actually praised the chinese government for their efforts to lift the nation out of poverty and to provide a social safety net for their people. however, it was her refusal to declare, she saw the evidence of genocide that was met with backlash on line. michel bachelorette, the head of the un human rights council should be fired for looking the other way on. genocide during her chinese propaganda to her michel bachelor's failed to advocate for repressed readers. barring that she should be replaced when her term expires. in september c, china commission chairs, we demand the resignation of high commissioner of human rights. michelle badger led immediately, she neglect or mandate, and the un founding principals. it's notable the outrage was directed at the us and it's on the ground reporting instead of the us lawmakers who are showing once again
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they only care about human rights when it fits into their political agenda in washington. rachel, blevins, archie, personally, i don't think that the americans are actually in the position to criticize others. but you know, you can't expect people to do what, you know, things in the way you want them to. we have to understand that this is an election year in america, and i think everything becomes political. and also the crux of the matter, i think, is the u. s. government is, is going through a process of putting a new legislations to totally reshape the global supply chain. and that affects a lot of industries actually. but whether this is going to be effective or not, it's going to be beneficial to the consumer as to the different countries economy
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is. that's a different matter. my personal take is that this is very counter productive in another move against us dominance. iran has proposed the creation of a new single currency to minimize dependence on the dollar. that's a suggestion from a senior iranian diplomat in charge of economic issues in view of escalating sanctions against russia over the ukraine conflict. iran is not the 1st to promote a move from the dollar with some members of the shanghai cooperation organization already switching over to their own currencies. iran believes the introduction of the single currency would further strengthen the reason blocks, economic security as a precaution against us meddling in global affairs to ron reportedly plans to promote the initiative at an upcoming summit of the s c o. in september, we discussed the issue with trying to expert andrew young and iranian politics.
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professor flood is adi. as we know, the united states is and i think the other and i saying all the banking system does. and i think the swift system that engaging in and the economic war against over there, the kind of countries as you speak, including, you know, show, the experience of russia shows the rest doesn't see any limitations on parenting or citizens in russia hurting all day citizens in other countries are going to be affected by the food shortages in order to achieve foreign policy goes as follows, imbedded a deeply well as my national market. and so. ready but as far. busy but actually, i don't think that there's a very serious problem because after all,
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i'm trying to apply for some more energy than washer and then you ran the close. ready exporting and you know, the results of china, there's the why, the reason why this one actually trade cannot be conducted in other codes. and then there are. busy other. busy was a collected together by trade outside the u. s. and b. so all these develop things are coming to a head leading to a tendency to escape those kind of indiscriminate use. all the u. s. a. monetary system. the banking system is going to use this power to attack either some of these initiatives started before the conflict in your credit. and so politicians economists in targets countries, countries that are targeted by the united states, realize that sooner or later. and these devices that the united states have
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in terms of amazing, these monetary systems is going to be used and evaluate quite rapidly. and then the trust of the dollar is the leasing, particularly the another aspect is the security. all of those people's reserve with the sanctions on russia, for example, the united states is trying to use the both of those to see other countries. so, and then that will also undermine other countries. confidence in other countries realize that there is going to be a spent block, you know, you're moving towards and what kind of polar lot. and we're going to have a this then block led by the united states and some european countries. and then you're going to have the rest, which is meant to include china and russia,
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and on india is undecided. i think india that have been shown to join the rest. and we have the you creating their own currency. some years ago, it will take some work, but it's doable. 34 minutes, that's when i will be back with another full and fresh lecture newsday where this, this is our international. ah, ah. today i'm authorized to additional strong sanction foreign companies, quitting russia. i'm design, jordan, thank you. this glycine. so atm, cause of blantan banks disconnected from the international payments system. functional move hoppey, jermel donna and euro exchange rates follow up on that level up article more so. so carbon would know what that what he met, that he woke up the pillow from that is the current. can you say, i don't know? sure. she, i'm a jail
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a couple of months volume and russian business overcome this song. see, yeah, i bought it in nasty to huddle. she ins tremendously. just me don't plus voice, bullshit, national, productive notches, steel dash, a mere bull. what i see that but then self. so that when you come, when you with, before you have already got annual of in your mind, go just eating out, but i, she's appraisal, i need to have no cost to get the group when you, when you're speaking with dr. new flison, who is a school, so for her to lose with the affordable to lucian, produce a since the break away at the donates people's republic was been ranging and don't boss ukrainian. artillery it's been showing civilian. townsend, mining village is that you're more than welcome to deal
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with a new one with school with doable was update. little does level of the video, the little boys will give us quality one of them. ah, ah hello and welcome to cross hawk. were all things considered? i am peter lavelle. the 350th anniversary of peter, the great's birth is june 9. he ruled from 168221725 founded the city of saint petersburg as russia's window to europe has his dream of russia being part of
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europe come to an end. at this point, the scenes very likely, ah cross sucking russia and europe, i'm joined by my guest on laughlin in paris. he's a university lecture in history and political philosophy in saint petersburg. we have gilbert doctorow. he's an independent political analyst, an author of memoirs of an ex pat manager in moscow during the 19 nineties and in province we cross through laudermill goldstein. he is the chair of the department of slavic studies at brown university. i gentleman cross sack rules and the fact that means he can jump anytime he want. and i always appreciate, i want to ask you all 3. the same question. i'll start off with john. here is the window to europe that same p, that peter, the great envisioned, is it coming to a close? is it closed? yes,
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it's been slammed by europe or in russia throughout the last 1020 years has repeatedly said how much it wants to cooperate with the west, with europe in particular, of course, but even with the americans and are, you know, the door has been slammed in its face or the window has been slammed in its face in a very, very fundamental way. as angular merkel used to remind people, even at the height of the cold war when there was a very acute ideological confrontation between communism and capitalism. economic relations continued between the soviet union and the west picture in the form of energy supplies. and as we all know, those have now been largely cut off. not yet the energy supplies, but are all other forms of economic corporation. and as we know, some countries are pushing for even the energy to go. and the reason why i say it's slammed and i think definitively, i mean nothing is ever definitive in history,


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