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tv   News  RT  June 10, 2022 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a little above level of the city of flo will give us one ah, the average gas price in the us reaches an all time record of more than $5.00 per gallon with the cost at its highest in california. we don't want to go too far. we don't want to use the part to my it's pointing to the way again, right now with a lot of buying. i can't do because i have to pay for one thing. lifts, boom, lifts, light, 3rd us media bloss washington dumping billions of dollars worth of weapons into the black hole of the ukrainian military. that's a key. now it keys is the liberty stalling on delivery. i
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protest break out in the pakistani capital after an indian ruling party spokeswoman, it seemed to enfold prophet mohammed a very welcome. i'm charlotte tv, and this is oxy international. with all the latest news headlines, i good to have you with average gas prices in the u. s hayton all time national high. if more than $5.00 per gallon. that's almost $2.00 more than dr. is we're paying just a year ago. a lot of buying i can't do because i have to pay for it. lifts, boom lifts later. or you got to think about gas. now you gotta decide, is it really worth it to go out there or not? good. then you guys might want to go to the co. we're go to the bar. so been gotta spend money just to have fun with then on that get well, so you know,
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you gotta think about that. i usually put full pay probably like the dollars maybe like a $100.00. we don't want to go too far. like we don't want to use the car too much because it is pointless to the way again, right. gas prices started to rise rapidly following the start of the war in ukraine . when the u. s. imposed tash sanctions on russia's energy sector. however, the measures have now come back to bite with the price of gas in the state of california at more than 6 dollars but gallon. it's just one of $21.00 us states who a price is of climb to more than $5.00. and while some predict even worse consequences, the government, it's proposing unpopular decisions in an attempt to handle the crisis. ortiz dongle, quota reports, us gas prices, just keep on skyrocketing, breaking new records nearly every week. the strain on americans wallets that the gas pump has gotten. so bad that one republican congressman says, people would save money by getting high to get around at this point. and in my
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state, the price of gash is so high that it would be cheaper to back co. kane and just wanna everywhere. it probably wasn't serious, but the point still stands. prices have gotten so high that a michigan police department has asked its officers to keep eating donuts at the office and just follow up on calls over the phone to avoid using gas with 3 and a half months left and its fiscal year. the department has already used up 96 percent of its gas budget. according to the american automobile association, people's' cars are breaking down in the middle of the road a lot more frequently as people try to test the limits of their gas tanks all the while. the white house continues to blame vladimir putin for the suffering of americans. you know, if you look at what happened when prudent started amassing troops on the border with russia, the price of gas has increased by a dollar and 51 cents. of course,
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those well off enough to afford electric cars are so disconnected from reality that they're wondering why all these ordinary people don't just stop buying gas if it's so expensive. i do have to say just on the issue of a gas prices after waiting for long time read to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle. i got it and drove it from michigan to here. i had this last weekend and went by every single gas station. it didn't matter how high it was. and so i'm looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that aren't going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies. and the international markets. surprise, surprise. many did not appreciate that sentiment niss stabenow as a typically clueless, arrogant, smug shelter, democrat politician, vote every democrat out. nothing shows how out of touch democrats are like saying people should just buy an expensive electric car. they can't afford in the middle
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of record high inflation. what self righteous thrills like these don't care is that 90 percent of the american population will never be able to afford an electric car . it's no wonder a recent a b. c. news poll shows americans are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with how joe biden is handling the economy. over 70 percent of respondents said the u. s. president wasn't doing enough to bring down the price of gas and inflation as a whole. and with mid term elections right around the corner, the democrats are likely to get a run for their money. that's nonsense. i mean, look at the price. the cars are going up very fast, and electric vehicles are going up even faster than the average price. the cars, the price of a, of financing the interest rates are going up and up people's real disposable income is going down because of inflation. i mean, you know, how are you gonna finance? are you going to buy a new car? they clearly did not to estimate the impact that the sanctions would have on global inflation. and to me, it seems very, very stupid by u. s. policy makers, you know,
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just coming off of this terrible cove at impact on the economy to take this big risky move here with, with the sanctions. i don't think they were really thinking this thing through very well because certainly especially europe is going to be very much impacted by this very seriously. and it's, it's obviously going to lead to another recession here. certainly in the u. s. in europe. and maybe not in china, certainly in the emerging market countries. meanwhile, america's energy security envoy doesn't deny that russia may not be getting more revenue from its fossil fuels than before. the war in ukraine, u. s. and e. u sanctions on the russian energy sector. they gave moscow the room to redirect it, supplies to other major energy consumers, such as china and india. however, washington has recently asked india not to purchase too much russian oil,
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professor of economics and politics. jack ross, miss again says he believes countries worldwide continue to suffer as a result of u. s. policies. u. s. a whole strategy here was in part to dry russia out of western europe economy. so the u. s. corporations can move to typically the oil and gas corporations, and that's exactly what's happening as long as the war goes on and the sanctions go on, which will go on even after the war, according to martin. as long as that occurs, the economic pressure on europe, both in terms of inflation and recession, will intensified. i think europe and some emerging market countries whose currencies are collapsing because of your policy are going to be the hardest hit as a result of what's going on here globally. the u. s. rule will take some, some heat to economically current global economic challenges, all the result of countries. internal policies says the russian president and anti
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russian sanctions that exacerbating things for those who impose them. yes, this daughter, if someone tries to limit us on something, they in fact limit themselves. for example, when someone tries to can tail if the export of our fertilizer or the price is fine . i sure that i'm primarily for them or not for us when they are trying to limit our energy resources and prices dyrock it again, machine already calling inflation to my my name. we haven't absolutely nothing to do with it. this is the result of their own mistakes and long term. once they made those areas, i thought the phase of them and now getting them out with the company. i'm still we are trying to shift all the blame to rush him. the syrian president, bashar al assad, has also been talking about the global economy, blaming the long term economic policies of separate countries and global economic trends for the current crisis. not only the war in ukraine and the sanctions that
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followed that in an exclusive interview without c, you can see that full later this hour. but for now is a quick preview. then what's going on here for the sanctions are part of the problem because they raise costs and slow the economic process. but there are other global reasons like cobra, 1900, for example. the west is presenting a narrative that the current problems are a result of the ukraine war and more precisely a result of russian policy. but the reality, however, is different. some of the national challenges are due to internal economic planning and not only external factors. so it is important to distinguish between challenges arising as a result of sanctions as a result in government plans or as a result of the overall economic environment which could be due to policies of companies or happens to the citizen. all of the impact the economic situation, both positively and negatively. and who does some u. s. media outlets. the peters made
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a u turn in their coverage to the war and ukraine. and then criticizing washington for what's being called incompetent oversight in helping key f or t is caleb open picks up the story. the new york times is generally been quite support in the u. s. actions supporting ukraine. it's demonized. russia is celebrated. the relationship between us officials and the ukraine government. however, this latest article seems to indicate things between the united states and ukraine are not as cosy as you might have been led to believe. from what this latest article indicates, us officials are not receiving classified briefings and information about ukraine's upcoming military operations. ukraine is not sharing information with the states while ukraine continues to demand more weapons and funding. here's what a former senior us intelligence official had to say about us relations with the ukranian government. how much do you really know about how you green is doing? can you find a person who will tell you with confidence,
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how many troops has ukraine last? how many pieces of equipment has ukraine last? now at this point, united states is spending $100000000.00 her day on arming the ukraine, whether it's in terms of direct financial aid or weaponry. and there's been an approval recently for long range missiles given to the ukrainian government, and this indicates that concerns about where are these weapons and where this funding is actually going and whose hands might end up in are becoming more serious . here's how some analysts have viewed the situation. the new york times report, if accurate reveals shocking incompetence on the part of joe biden, and his national security team. would you give a hand gun to a man with no arms and no legs? hell, no. but the new york times is admitting that the united states is supplying weapon systems without any idea whether there are competent personnel and ukraine capable of using the weapons. now concerns have been raised by members of the u. s. congress and calls for an inspector general's we'll look into that continued flow
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weapons and funding and the ukraine barriers concerns about weapons turning up on the black market after the states has provided them. ukraine has been described widely as a country known for having lots of corruption. so at this point, it seems the new york times is joining this echo of concern about us activities in the region. we've spoken to former c l a analyst, larry johnson, who says it's unlikely that the u. s. lack such information on the ukrainian military now has to be smoke and mirrors. number one ah, united states has a collection plan. i'm certain on them against ukraine. so this should have been collect intelligence from the outset, but apart from that, you've had goal c, i a officials and senior military officials co located with ukranian military officers and credit intelligence officers. so if the united states is
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complaining that it doesn't know what's going on or simply sell your internal communication, but they're not sharing the information. i actually think what's going on is this is being trotted out as an excuse because in the united states, i believe was trying to figure out a way to disengage itself from their saw harp. it finds itself in with respect to the war in gray weapons which have been sent by the west to kiev all already apparently leaving ukraine being sold for vast amounts on the black market. that's according to moscow, which stresses that such moves, leaves the e you playing with fire. the arms could end up in the hands of terrorists. since the thought of russia's military operations, several countries have sent billions of dollars worth of arms and ammunition to ukraine. that includes heading weapons and harm tailed onto tank and pensive across launches several international law enforcement agencies, including your poll,
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already voice that concerns about those weapons highland ending up on the black market. we've received some insight on the issue from the head of the russian delegation of arms control in vienna. an open source is an intimate you can discover then the jelly and search systems as a tgm, they are already in the hands, so it live terrorists and the price will lead to $30000.00 and deliver to the place. there are some are where from weapon shops in doc internet offering. not only lease, but i think that it's a weapons and it's really dangerous. and we warmed our partners. colleagues in the forum that it's dangerous, not only for ukraine,
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but it's collateral damage over these illegal spreading of small arms and light weapons. it's collateral damage to be also for europe, other parts of the world, because it's very dangerous weapons for the civilians. we want a lot of times, what do they think are sending more and more weapons to ukraine? and where is their responsibility? accountability. i don't think they really think about my view that the, the aid is this. the bill is ation in ukraine. but the, they have forgotten that they call it a little damage of these is this, the bill is ation situation in europe too. and we are fighting to persuade them. come on guys, please sing, deliver the message to your capitals that it's really dangerous. meanwhile,
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we don't have clear, clear answer to lose. the chair of the african union says it's necessary to de mind, campus waterways in odessa to let your cranium grain reach the global market that comes with the whole continent. now, under a real fright of a fit crisis, a sulphur, it is necessary to do everything to help free the grain of ukraine, sending it through the black sea from the port of odessa la, we already experiencing a shortage of cereals on the continent and also shortage of fertilizes agriculture in africa is not very productive. around a 100 vessels are believed to be stuck in the black sea, with a cruise unable to leave. and it looks like that they could be there for months as the un maritime agency stresses. even if the porch wanted to reopen tomorrow, it would take some time until ships could enter or depart completely removing c mines and the port areas would take several months. the main issue affecting the
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export of ukrainian grain is said to be the many mines that block the countries ports, but russia stresses that it was not responsible for the explosives. moreover, it is offered a planned mind, those waterways underlying the ukrainian ships, all carrying grain are free to travel through the black sea. but he has his apparently said no claiming that if the port city of a deserter is d mind, it will undermine its security presence. lensky blames russia for stopping the export of ukraine's grain and wheat. for cab itself doesn't hide its attempts to limit it. we cannot exports away wheat, corn, vegetable oil leave. they, and other products that have all played a satellite role in the global market. these means that, unfortunately, no dozens of the countries may face a physical shortage of food, as millions of people may less,
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carver live rushes blockades of the black sea continues, saw them all. recently, our foreign minister made a statement in which he clearly defined that the 1st priority is security. the 2nd is security, and the 3rd is security. if this issue was not resolved, if our country is not safe, no grain will go anywhere because the issue of security is number one for us. michael mallory is a former senior security policy analyst for the u. s. secretary of defense says, this is the landscape, rejection of the de mining agreement should be taken seriously in areas leading up to, particularly in the odessa area, you're going to have my, you're going to have mines which which ukrainians laid ukrainians know where they are or they should a, since they laid them, prognosis is. busy that a food crisis could developed, could develop, considering,
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particularly in certain regions of the world, probably more so in the middle east, in africa. and even though the repercussions could be felt in other parts of the world to a lesser extent. but it is, it is beginning to be a serious problem. and the, the fact that mr. zalinski, or doesn't want to go along with an agreement, ah, that was reached ah, at brokerage by turkey. ah, is indicative of something more serious to me. ah thought, protested broken act in the pakistani capital of his lum. about falling statements by an indian ruling party spokeswoman seen to insult the prophet mohammed. wow.
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the pretense and violent when demonstrated clashed with police. as they tried to approach the indian embassy, the crowd has demanded an apology from delhi, along with the expulsion of its ambassador to pakistan, demonstrates his health flags, banners, and many were armed with wooden sticks. his what people on the streets had to say. if needed, we will go to the indian embassy, even if we have to sacrifice our lives and we will tell them we're lovers of the prophet mohammed. we all muslims with full power solidarity and unity must make it clear to the world that there is a difference between freedom of expression and blasphemy. 5 this is unacceptable by any means, a common muslim i will never tolerate a single word against the prophet muhammad, are most precious thing, our lives, money, children are businesses, all is ready to be sacrificed. in short, i would say those who pass derogatory remarks, we will kill them. we must be a boycott indian products. this is the most effective economic hit to something
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that they pointed out over a dozen countries and international organizations have condemned. the indians spokeswoman statements that includes bangladesh where hundreds flooded into the streets in solidarity. the spokeswoman has been suspended. an indian prime minister has condemned any insults against religious figures ah, to you. k cinema chains have cancel screenings of a movie. that many was names according both blasphemous and racist. the movies called the lady of heaven. and it depicts the story of lady fatima, the daughter of the prophet mohammed. but critics of claimed that the plot doesn't accurately portray historical events. it is underpinned with the sectarian ideology and blasphemous in nature to the muslim community. it grossly disrespects the prophet mohammed in many ways and is deeply disturbing to every muslim. now around a $120000.00 people have signed a petition against the movie and furious,
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missing protests all taking place outside the cinemas, chains that were screening it saying that they have not canceled the screenings to ensure the safety of staff and customers. the british health minister such a job, it has come up against that decision. stressing that britain has freedom of speech . you might not like what someone's got to say, but they have a right to say it. what we have in this country is freedom of speech and expression, and that is a fundamental value. we talk to journalist ali rizza who stressed that the west doesn't always share the same perception of some religions as those who practice them. moslems consider a certain issues to be a red line. certain western states say that they're not confined by the all these red lines don't consume them. and i think, you know, such controversies are expected to continue. why the western media chooses to do this. as i said,
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i don't know despite the fact that they most games out of time and again reacted strongly. i think that part of it is due to the fact that there is a difference when it comes to religion. for example, many in the wish to believe religion to be such a sacred issue even their own religion of christianity. we have a spirit of secularism in the west and when it comes to muslims they're still very much attached to their religion. it turns out x u. s. president barack obama prove the statement by american intelligence in 2016 that accused russia of stealing e mails from the democratic national committee. now, despite the fact that his government still has failed to obtain any evidence to show that ortiz rachel blevins reports, the trial of michael fassman didn't just leave doing not guilty verdict for the former dnc attorney. it's also giving new insight into the obama administration
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handling of russia gate from the very beginning. it all started back in august 2016 with the cyber security company crowds drive f. b. i heavily redacted documents which they claim prove to russia, hack the servers of the d. n. c. the sci then spent the next few weeks trying to verify the company's claim and emails that were made public in the sussman k show that in september they were actively searching for the full version of the crowds. drake report then came october 7th, 2016 when the u. s. intelligence community released this statement in which they claim they were confident that russia was behind the notorious d. n. c. the u. s. intelligence community is confident that the russian government directed the recent compromises of emails from us, persons and institutions, including from us political organizations. the recent disclosures of alleged hacked emails are consistent with the methods and motivations of russian directed efforts . these thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the u. s. selection
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process. given the confidence, the obama administration expressed, one would think that they had obtained prove the claims made by cross. right. so then one of the emails from october, 13th, 6 days after that statement was made, show the crown strike still had not handed over the evidence. they claim to ha, our team is in the process of gathering this data now. and we'll just need to know where the f b, i would like this data to be sent. it's also notable the statement from the intelligence community wasn't a mistake or the work of a single agent. as former d h s. secretary j johnson, testify before congress and 2017. the statement was made at the direction of president obama himself. the president approved the statement. i know he wanted us to make the statement. so that was very definitely a statement by the united states government. not just jim corporate me after the assumption that crowds sure i was a reliable company that could back up the claims that made to the f b. i. well,
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the company is our president admitted to congress that his firm never had any proof in the 1st place. we did not have concrete evidence that the data was ex, will treated, moved electronically from the d, n. c. but we have indicators that it was actual treated. there are times when we can see data, actual treat it, and we can say, conclusively, but in this case it appears it was set up to be actual treated. but we just don't have the evidence that says it actually left. there's not evidence that they were actually expert treated. there is circumstantial evidence, but no evidence that they were actually expert treated. just by being made here. revelations from the sussman trial in its implications for the entire u. s. and tell is community it continues to receive personally know media coverage here in the us as the political. if you are responsible, continue to walk free in washington. rachel blevins, r c. thanks very much. for joining us, i'm sure. even c a r t dot com and check out the stories that and hope you'll say
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as well on top stories with ah, nelson as a while you. while you easy while furnace us? ah. yeah. for you, it's a fun slide. yes. south, yeah. thrashing with
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a new dock. awesome boys. now watch done the for me at the table up. i pete on the is emily apple's video from sheila vicious kim's room. she thought video to watch the ela. a bill them come? yes, my thought or change in the again the, your fortune very up my be a lot of all this morning. such financial ah ah, lisa counter russians state total narrative. i've side as on the most landscape div with all sunset for a group in 55. when okay,
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so mine is 2000 speedy. when else with we will van in the european union, the kremlin. yup. machines. the state aren't russia to date and sports r t sport mckibben or video agency, roughly all band on youtube with ah mm ah ah ah ah,
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ah. hello and welcome to crosstalk. were all things considered? i'm peter lavelle because of the conflict in ukraine. europe and russia are going there different ways and like a divorce. separation is full of anguish and finger pointing. the biggest loser of all in this, of course, is europe. washington couldn't be more pleased. it's a gemini, is being sealed, ah, cross sucking russia in europe. i'm joined by my guess. i'd real consanzo in london . he is founder of a k consulting and a foreign affairs analyst in brussels. we have lucas bay. he's an independent journalist and in mary cash we costume martin j. he's an award winning journalist, an commentator or a gentleman, cross hoc rules and effect. that means you can jump any.


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