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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 10, 2022 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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so mr. right. something yeah. look i had one week out at that point. yes m i c e l resident. yes. hm. okay, nice to have that. ah, ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things are considered. i am peter lavelle because of the conflict in ukraine. europe and russia are going there different ways in like a divorce. separation is full of anguish and finger pointing. the biggest loser of all in this, of course, is europe. washington couldn't be more pleased. it's a gemini, is being sealed, ah,
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cross sucking russia in europe. i'm joined by my guess. i'd real consultant in london. he is founder of a k consulting and a foreign affairs analyst in brussels. we have lucrative a. he's an independent journalist and in mary cash we crossed to martin j. he's an award winning journalist and commentator. hard gentleman crosswalk rose in effect. that means you can jump any in time anytime you want. all right, adrian, let me go to you 1st in london. ah, there is the conflict, continues the dragon in europe at the behest of the u. k, i have to say and washington, and what is the end game here? what, what does europe get out of all of this? because all i see is a lot of downside and subservience to washington. and to some degree london london bay. they left the european union, but now they're back through the back door of nato. it's amazing. a drill in london . i think that no one is pretty much sure. what is the end game? i mean, the game, i mean most people familiar with the case from 2014 until now. i think the game
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might be in the worst case scenario, a nuclear war. but people in the west not very much keen to pay attention to what the moscow is saying. they are not very much king to pay attention more. the independent journalists and analysts are saying, i'm my so most of the conduct the interview with jeffrey sachs who were warned at the united nations. the escalation of this company might lead to the potential nuclear exchange between the western russia. but people don't, don't get it. i think that because of the fact that the west hasn't seen war for many years, people somehow don't get it. they seen it on the screen and they
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associate war with something that is played on the playstation of x box. but really and truly my generation don't know what the world war and the consequences of war. that's why they are ridiculous position of russian by that, that's why they are really getting these incompetence beyond the mr. julie. because this compet could have been prevented very easily in february if the western side would have provided guarantee security guarantee russia. but apparently a russia is not in the position to have the same security rights of other countries in the west. and we have found that out, martin, let me go to you and mirror cash. basically the same question because what is europe getting out of this conflict? as is been just pointed out, could have been easily avoided. okay, going back to the december 17th, the 2 notes, one to the european, about one to that nato and went to the united states here. very clear with the
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russians wanted and they didn't take it seriously. so are the europeans, serious now in what is their goal in pursuing this conflict and backing zalinski and back in ukraine, that is losing very badly on the battlefield. go headlong. yeah, i think it's pretty obvious for me, it's quite simple. i mean, i was in brussels for 11 years. i understand the psyche, pals of officials, the thing i think they won't chaos. i think they want a justification, a reason to boost themselves geopolitically and militarily. and it's been on the calls for very, very long time. use the word seriously, i'll be taking a russian seriously than we haven't been taking russian seriously for a very, very long time. we look at the timeline, we go back to not only forward agreement, strong enough between you and russia, there was a lot of good with a lot of positive thinking through media sending really want to be part of the story and the lead time. but, you know, we lost, i think a lot of credibility was last,
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that 3 is the latest to sign it because of kenya. and that was the 1st red flag. i think the 2nd flag came about a decade later, when a number of frontline neighboring countries, russia were offered some sort of association agreement with the net with neighborhood including you credit that was another slap in the face. and so the know the nominee just continued to rush of humiliation. and then finally in 2014, you know, to offer ukraine a special situation agreement, which is just one step away from an exception. i think that blew a fuse. they went over alliance. they were never serious. you will never actually have a serious about taking russia in as a real part as real plow because they wanted to impose the had gemini on russia from the very beginning, russia kick back on that. right from the early days. i think this is now the accumulation of the situation we have now, when we talk about an end is i think the you, itself is capitalizing on this conflict to give itself a boost and to justify
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a new ami, to scrap the voting rules so that the type system that works on the shortest time. you talked about london and doris johnson, i think it was very much a play for distraction for him to actually shift the media camera away from so a lot of domestic honesty which are saying and to some extent. so, sensing about origin, we binds history and in ukraine goes back to who before to son, 14. and you know, there's a, there's a certain bad taste in the mouth out of his cheer from school lunches. so when the end game really is to push russia further away, i believe. okay, well, i mean that's about martin. that's going to happen. look, that's good. that's going to happen. i mean, i, whatever the outcome on the battlefield is the sanctions will not come down. ok, the sanctions will probably stay in effect forever. so it's a divorce. that's what i'm calling this program. bitter divorce. so when there is a divorce, luke, each side get some assets. what's the asset that you know the europe gets?
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there's a get the house. there's a keep the dog, i mean what, what is it get from all of this? have i see is misery, luke, go ahead. i wonder indeed, but there is in this for europe. certainly nothing in my brain. certainly nothing. for america is clear in all day bridges is doctrine was that russia had to be isolated. and the worst that could happen for the market was that germany and russia would work together. that was to be avoided at all costs while they're succeeded, they're going to sell their liquefied gas ross seeds in the future. and they're very high price in great profits. so for americans, everything's fine, they will sell their wage as well. but for you know, nothing. i mean, we lose the source of our energy and we don't sell anything anymore to russia. so it's awful. the situation, the only thing we gain is that is a country which is completely bankrupt. you crying with 40000000 poor people to join euro. that's wonderful. thank you. ok, well i,
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i drill. i mean it again the political labor gary are gaining capital all out of all of this here. but i mean, when you, when france are giving out food vouchers, you know, if you, if we could see a rationing of energy during the winter. i mean, i mean, did anybody think i had, because i can tell you the russians have been thinking about this since 2014, after the illegal overthrow of the legal government in, in ukraine. so they've thought this all out here is anybody thinking it out in europe? hello, unfortunately not in my opinion. i mean, not. i agree with chuckle edition, very famous up a close school and i miss the recently said, the only statesman and in europe is a mr. arbor who is standing for a he's a country is national interest. 3 and he's the most vocal edition in europe
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currently. also he's wanting to go to raj as well, who is calling out loud calling him. i'm not calling the bus and he's i'm having a serious mental problems, but i'm not going to follow that part. what i'm trying to say is that i will disagree with the previous commentators that europe is getting nothing. what we are getting is poverty. what we're getting is a great research us. the people i say, yes, we will have nothing and we will be happy. this is what we are saying. we have a skyrocketing inflation in united states. we have skyrocketing inflation here in this country in the united kingdom, but everyone is using you create as a substitute, but i know, but this is, this is just the transition. they keep it, it's a, it's a tough transition, but you know, it's a transaction, but it's a transition for home. they keep the power,
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they keep their riches and everybody else gets poor. that's what this great reset is all about. martin jump in before we go to the break. yeah. and how long can it last? you know, we keep talking about this so called war of attrition. you know, but it's really a, it's tom game, isn't it? you know, and i think the big question now is, how much stamina does european union a new countries have versus what rushes got in stock? i think we massively miscalculated this. i, we're heading towards a brick wall. and let me, let me say to you before we go to the break, i mean, as we speak right now, there are divisions in europe. the, the older europe and new europe there, you know, as rumsfeld said, but i mean, how can, what's going to be after the conflict the mean? is there still going to be internal contradictions in the european? yeah, i mean, how do they move forward here when they're not even unified, now go ahead, keep going. exactly. i think division division and more bricks it's, you know, i see there's a, there's a streets that there's really a line right on the middle of the you countries, you're on the right. you got
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a number eastern european countries to a much more crow. i'd like to assist and more pragmatic above their role and, and a very wary about getting brussels more power, more federalist superpower. and so i think, come, i think we can see tuition and more chaos. and how does that translate? that translates of the polls in 2024 to far more far right. m p 's getting seats, which in many ways you know, any you, a mandarin will tell you, is the beginning of the end from the european union. so i see on the doom and gloom for the european union, let me, let me jump in here. let me get in the loop before we go to the break, reflect on what we just heard from martin. go ahead look that. oh, i think what was your thinking pointing between the leaders in europe? let's say this went to probably wow, things get really worse now. the cost of the, the leisure of actual and the say she used to be role in more than 2 year old. but one of which is 3 year old, there will be
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a lot of questioning from the citizens getting really poor by the day with inflation, homeland cost of energy going, getting higher and cost of food as well. so this is a disaster with who are they, who are they going to blame their leaders? are they going to blue blame they can try to blame who didn't, but i think the people will well not follow this. we will realize more in the coming months that we put ourselves, we are so all right, that's what i wanted to hear. we're going to go to a quick break. and after back break, we'll continue our discussion on russia in europe. same with for the well done middle alex,
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she's just going to be on the left in columbia. nobody but i just want to talk and then go that it's a real name is logical as well, which who else could reach that? it's probably give me a number to dig enough. okay, that's fine. make you need to put in the museum bushing below that season. now she did the way volley. we're really not too young at the snow and yes, it just had like, i don't, i don't bus and deal this wouldn't have happened if indeed advisor didn't push this agenda. this was because on the other she said what about a bit of getting nothing. one of the,
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get anyone up at the moment, this is put, it's okay. i was filmed with them when i would say wrong. why don't just don't any rules yet to fill out this thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in ah, welcome back. across stock were all things are considered on peter labelle tremonti . we're discussing russia in europe with
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okay, let's go back to london and real if you, if you look at the biden administration's foreign policy, it's an unmitigated disaster just about everywhere you look. however, one are in it, it's kind of a, a backhanded success, i would say is that they have unified europe behind the united states. now i posit, oh, in watching this conflict is that sure america has a sealed, it's a gemini over europe. okay. but it's kind of a pirate victory, isn't it? i mean, a, that part of the content is just going to get poor more isolated, less profit productivity and in misery. i mean, what kind of price is that? it's like $13.00 place pink ribbon. go ahead in london. i think the, you know, by the administration not united states, i don't ministration sure is so in the book. because if we look at the polls, whatever pulls, whether this is provided by n, b, c,
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or harvard university. by them has the lowest possible appreciation from, from the citizens among the presidents who are really the country. so he's not very popular, but what he's doing is, i mean he's, he's capable to do this because he's an old man. i mean, he will not be prosecuted for what he's doing. so whatever he's doing, he's doing this in mind that he will not get any consequences for what he's doing and he knows what he's doing. so i would not say that the administration is mad. no, they're, you know, playing according to the plan. i mean, the impoverishment of the american citizens or 1st of all now they will be back to. busy guns because they will be the militarize. so the average citizens will not have the same access to the guns. i used to apparently,
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and also because of the fact that they are because of the inflation and gas prices . they will not be able to live to the american standard as they used to a. 2 2 festival at present binder and his ministration is acting against his own people and also against the people around the world. and at the same time he's blaming the put in and obviously yeah, they hated credit. i mean, if we continue with your line of argument, i mean this means that they just know better than everyone else. ok. by your electric car. ok. i read that. yeah, that's right. that's what i'm getting out. that's what i'm getting at. exactly. i mean, this is the by the experts so that they, they routing by the measures. they see digits and they don't see human beings behind this digits. they, you know, they are the sacrifice of the emotions,
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human emotions open a new, they know what they know, what's best for us. remember that the dub dub, those ghouls, they know what? spencer martin, what's really interesting about this conflict it's, i've, someone pointed out in media is that, you know, most war president get a bump in the polls, but there's no bomb for biden. but the reason is very clear, why that isn't the case because it's an elite war. this is not a popular war. this is an elite driven war. martin. yeah, we should come when and you know, i think that the, the previous comment of some buying being oh which my little chuckle is quite run of them. i don't think he's really planning to even stick around to, to receive the long term opprobrium from press or from others who are holding to account for screwing up the economy. and i think ruin relations with european you make quite a big deal pizza, of this relationship between the you and biden. and i have to take you to task one
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is, i don't agree with you. i don't agree that there is this great friendship is great ship. i think that go i my home. no, i'm not saying it's friendship, not at all. okay. i think it's, it's cold. calculated geo politics. keep going, you know, say it's forced to germany. it's america basically leaning on the europeans. they've always done that, you know, ever since i arrived in brussels in 1995, i was, was shocked. i wanted main international institutions in brussels, morris for the americans on practically everything. it's embarrassing. i mean, it's really shameful, and i think it's part of that the identity of the which is losing its role as, as he is losing the popularity pulse with the fiasco covered. and the, all these things accumulated together now to pushing the, to actually have his own policies, its own independent on me, you know, so it doesn't take the orders of washington. so i think there's a contradiction going on there, but it's never going to end. well, i mean, if that division carries on and the european union gets what it wants, which is more power federally speaking,
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then that's bad news to everybody. and i think there's no, there's no test cases. there's no, there's no experience, no track record is all experimental and you know, when you start making these huge for raisins, international channel politics with surprise, arms to regime like ukraine. you know, you wonder where that's going to and i, i can't, i can't see a rosy picture for anybody. i think we're pushing washer into the arms of china into india. i see a new bricks is already then. this is a success story that i think is going to get more successful along this will consume. yeah, look at, it seems to me, i mean, the, this whole effort to isolate russia, isolate russia, but it's not isolated at all. and the more the europeans do this, the more they isolate themselves. i mean, it's so counterproductive for them. luke and brussels react. well, if you look at the say, 84 percent of the world population doesn't follow the west, doesn't follow your kind of america. so this is the isolation, it's on our side,
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we are oscillating ourselves. we are, we are making sure that europe will not be leaving the world in the future for sure . for sure. you know, america, my whole thing will go china there of course. but you know, it's, it's really going to the pits. and at the same time, the frenzy of support for ukraine is fading out slowly. here for a time, you don't believe that when, when this fall, i don't know based on what on the creations of experts on tv, but this is fading out and when winter comes and the difficulty is linked to the energy issue, then the questions will come up and are both the euro crafts and european commission brussels that he's trying to suppress the rule of unanimity and the european counts. it shows how, how terrified they are of disagreement. well,
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they're, they're, they're terrified of democracy in general. ok. they really are. ok. i mean, what was it during breaks ago? we've had too many referenda that's, you know, that that's anti democratic. it's, it's the, at the essence, it is ok. and it will let me go back, you in london. and now i understand that the polls have initiated a st 7th round of sanctions against russia. well, it will, why does interest russia sanction europe once and just turn off the energy, go ahead. it could have russia, but russia doesn't have to sanction those people. i mean, they're coming to and so russia is just doing its own policy and rightly so, it's concentrating on the voting away from the west. i mean, it's very rational and i agree with it. i mean, a scone just recently an article, a west is isolating it. so from the rest of the world, but that is the oil and gas to india. it an oil,
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i'm going to china. i mean, who would like to, i mean they will accommodate, i mean, rush hour, people don't understand it. i mean, in the low run, euro will be home and future generation will remember what the euro across the us because it will have a long lasting impact on this continent. we will be irrelevant in the geopolitical role in international affairs. we just know as they like to coin it between russia and china, we will be a junior partner, not even a servant of the united states, which is a mom a let me go to europe is going to be a junior partner that has to pay of steeply for energy, and if you're going to have your own army,
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you have to buy american made. ok. i mean, every step of the way, martin, you said in the beginning, the program, the europeans didn't take russia seriously. do you think they take russia seriously now? that i, i think i have to, you know, they, they realizing that rushes go a lot more staying power. and also more importantly, i think the point was made earlier. you know, that some media is starting to lose his interest in the ukraine will quite quickly . i was in london last week and i had a cheeky lunch time drink with edison, good national newspaper, accountants, which one. but he told me within last 2 or 3 weeks, the interest of reduce, the ukraine's plummeted dramatically. and i think that's also going to have a barrier on, on public perception, on how res now receive use it is, is, is the you taking russia seriously? it will have to a certain point when people around the world who don't really want to get involved in this conflict, the global south african nations, for example, who missed recently recently met newton, you know, those, those partners who may be forced to choose between them a ross will say, no,
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we're going to play that game, you know, where we don't have the same problem with, with russia and russia. i, in terms of some colonies, some former colonies in africa. puget proved to be very resourceful for countries like monte, we've helped them with internal security, for example. so i think come, there's going to be a little division and it's only gonna harm the european union that it starts to look like. not even a junior plan, maybe even a non class. i think the 1st casualty in this conflict will be the use own diplomatic international department. i think we're going to see the end of this job is fast of ease, so called foreign policy. i think that's can be the 1st victim, you know, and russia always was more comfortable anyway, talking to a member states individually, a mostly laterally and i think that's just kind of enhanced that's just going to increase to the point where no one is talking to the this ciocca in brussels, usa burrell, you know,
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the man so incredibly boring that when he was parliament president, that actually video footage, people nodding off in class on one martin, me. apparently he's a polyglot, but i, i hear you can speak gibberish and 7 language. it's really quite amazing. look at we have one minute laugh, finish off the program for us. well, i guess it was said earlier that some of the situation for europe geopolitical situation is for us any, i mean, mr. michael says that we should humiliate russia, a profiler position of every on turkey with helping out in this conflict. while you're doesn't do anything except co stores. i think it's kind of what we're doing to ourselves here in europe and people own start to realize in the coming months, because now it still can that copy paste from what you're saying, but it is changing slowly and i hope it does. yeah, well i think i like game of thrones and one of the great names of game of thrones
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is winter is coming. gentlemen. it will be fun. yeah, i'm, i'm sure it's sergeant schultz will be cheering on, you know, the, the, that the, you, i'm, it's a prevails with russia. that's all the time we have. i want to thank my guess in london, brussels and america. want to thank our viewers for watching us here to see you next time. remember, cross talk with ah, ah, ah, adam nicole trading and actually you are welcome to new edition of anatomy are
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coming from the syrian capital, damascus, with an interview with syrian president bashar mr. president, welcome to our team, and thank you for saving us on august 15th. i know you are welcome in damascus, syria, if you do much. thank you very much. start mister president with the most prominent issue in the international arena and willful motion from our viewers on rabbit cartoon, has demonic supported the russian special military operation. ukraine. and there are several reasons. first, russia is, syria is allied, and russia is facing a war which in my view is not linked to the expansion of nato. as some people may think them awesome has existed even before communism and the 3rd world war. here it is an ongoing war and russia plays an important role to ensure an international equilibrium exists. so we can view russia from 2 perspective. so the 1st is that of an algo, using our allied triumphs in the battle. or if their political position is strengthened on the international arena, then this is a win for us all from a 2nd perspective,
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russia's power today constitutes a restoration out by partial of an international equilibrium. this re balance that we are witnessing, impact smaller countries, including syria. this is my strategic view that the bottom line without going into other legal battles, the russian officials say that it is a battle for a new world order. mister president, do you see this as the final throws of american hedge money, or are we still far away from multiple world? but there are those who refer to this war as the end of the unit polar system was created as a result of the collapse of the soviet union. this is an accurate, initial, partially correct if we are referring to nato after the disappearance of the warsaw pact. or we view it from a political perspective and the dominance of western powers that under the leadership of the united states at the head of the un security count like this. however, in reality, the unix system was created after the 2nd world war when the bretton woods
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conference established a new monetary order that made the u. s. dollar the world reserve currency. today, what is more important than the military outcomes, or at least one is equally important. so as not to exaggerate the economic outcomes of this war, particularly the status of the dollar. if the dollar continues to govern the world economy, nothing will change regardless of the results of the warrior. the thing with the dollar and the many people say that the united states is using the dollar to blackmail the world. and those who opposed it. 100 view this western economics in the war against moscow. and can it be compared with the economic sanctions against syria? first, using the dollar is not blackmail. it is robbery because after the 2nd world war, the americans pledged that the dollar would reflect the gold reserved. but they have the dollar to gold at the beginning of the 1970 starting the next and destruction the united states decided to abandon the gold standard of separating the dollar from gold. what kind of consequently, it became overworked and it's a piece of paper quite enough.


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