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ah, ah ah, the queen's army shells the center of dawn, yet 30 damaging a residential building near the office of the republic leader. and i pro on social media after a mainstream news article showed a random ukrainian resident with a wall sticker on his arm despite west and denial of a near not be present in the country with african countries back russia in opposing a western unipolar world. according to what the architects of most goes foreign policy, and it's a constant thing cause a child who's given the an exclusive entities to most african countries share russian approaches of disagreement with the western concept of the unit po to well,
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there is a willingness between our states to establish cooperation in order to develop alternative models, the well good everyone . welcome. this is dorothy international with the latest headlines. it's good to have you with this this hour. and we start with the latest one. don't yet city which has been walked by too powerful explosions, hitting a residential area. here's some of the footage from the scene showing the aftermath of the attack, which came from ukrainian control territory and residential building is seen. it seems to have been damaged. but luckily, without any casualties, and the shell hit very close to a busy street also in the city center, a correspondent, the ecos donna reports from the impact site. so the ukranian forces have once again used a close to munition, to hit a very residential area of the and that's behind me. you can see the aftermath of the strike. you can see the wall. let me just show you. the wall is caved outwards
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into the adjacent garage and from what we've heard from the military here, partly not all of this cluster. munitions has exploded some pause or laying their dorm. and this is one of the debris that we found on seen. you can see how thick it isn't. it is very, very heavy. so i can say that a disaster has been averted. not only his well, i'm surrounded by residential buildings, but a few dozen meters. that way there's a pedestrian street and there's a heavily, well, a very popular road, basically to the city center. so there's a lot of people there right now. it's rush hour here in the capital of the da nets people's republic. so if they were to hit that area, were there would be mass casualties and an absolute it would be an absolute disaster. now again, this is not the 1st time that the ukranian forces have hit, have head dynette sk again. this is there's, i mean let me give, let me just show you that this is, there's no military facilities here. they, here are old, while soviet may be even older than that buildings. same story over over there. so
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they have been hitting the, the nets, people's republicans, the capital, relent to slit relentlessly, excuse me, in the past couple of days. and this time while we can very close to causing mass civilian casualties. we've also heard from a local woman whose house was hit by the shelling. she described the moment of the attack in detail. if a foster i felt that something was flying right till with me. when i realized as i ran and lay down in the corridor as fast as i could, i still can believe it, but there was a terrible sound and i need if we understand it was flying right into our house. and in another area of the conflicts own russian military forces, i believe, to have successfully secured a waterway to the key ukrainian port of a check of office thinking a navy ship and some verified video, post on social media repairs to show drawing postage of the size at thomas
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ukrainian corvette justine partially submerged near its talk. later the footage, another vessel shone, coming on to an apparent shilling attack. as we no mention of casualties, we're still waiting for comments for moscow and care regarding those reports. russia foreign minister say 0 is disjointed when it comes to attempts and negotiations with moscow. liberty of him as always, we are open to dialogue, but it takes 2 to tango and at the moment in our western partners are engaged in break dancing by themselves. think a lot of statement comes after the polish president slammed the leaders of france and germany over the phone calls with me. and i'll see is really trying to explain in response to how the polish president blamed the german and the french leadership for dealing with the russian government. foreign minister searcy la rob, accused him of a growing historical ignorance and also pointed at poland own moves
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against ukraine's sovereignty. my good sir through it's perhaps they should be advised to study history. so their own history and those events that underlie polish history. so far, we see that behind the talk about the in admissibility of any dialogue with russia polish colleagues are beginning to actively assimilate ukrainian territories. and then the decisions by presidents lensky and the ukranian government on the special rights on the poles who are essentially being made equal to the ukrainians and everything except the right to vote. just to give you some background a little earlier this week or the polish leader went as far as drawing parallels between vladimir putin and adult hitler. and also pretty much coal on the entire international community to forget any ideas of trying to make contact with
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the russian officials up to prompt our guest them. though i am amazed at all these conversations, the chancellor shows in president micron are having with putin, these conversations are useless. what are they doing? they legitimize the person responsible for the crimes committed by the russian army that he is responsible for this. she decided to send troops there. what if someone spoke like this to adolf hitler during world war 2? did anyone say that adolf hitler must say face that we should proceed in such a way that it is not humiliating for adolph hitler? i have not heard such voices in response to my question about these latest comments by polish president duda, the russian foreign minister, sir gay lab rav reminded how the likes of germany and france, and also other you countries were always in favor of leaving door open for talks with russia and stressed that moscow is always ready for talks, no matter what the russian viewpoint is, that diplomacy should always have a chance. however, in the current circumstances,
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when all western leaders keep talking about is isolating russia, this scenario doesn't seem very likely. author and journalist thomas where i believe is washington is the real driver behind poland, alleged efficiency annex parts of ukraine. colon. this is one of the real hawks in europe, which wants to escalate situation and having in mind how poland is now trying well, maybe you can call it next parts of ukraine. when you treat you with key of poland has an interest in escalating the situation. when i put all this together, i have the feeling that russia doesn't really take europe, european union, and the states for cirrus anymore. they are really just for filling commands from, from the u. s. and from my feeling just russia right now on the stands and says, quite openly, when there's something to discuss, we have to discuss with the people who make the decisions and they're not in brussels. they're watching me want to slip up on
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a mainstream news article is shown in the image of a person who is being called the local resident of ukraine city of hong kong, with a large tattoo of a swastika on his arm. if i say fire flies in the face of western denial of neo nazi activity and ukraine, and some observe is a now wondering if the issue is much bigger than is being admitted. do you think western media would have learned to come through every picture from ukraine? they consider posting to make sure there isn't any swastikas or other nazi symbolism. big swastika tattooed on his arm? yup. for sure there are no nazis in ukraine. how hard can it be to take a picture of a random person and not have them with a swastika tattoo? i was 4 times in the bus and i have seen all this myself. i was the headquarters of the i as of a battalion. there is no doubt that this the country is ruled by people with, with really nazi ideology. and this is also in the command of the, of the armed forces. the western media doesn't want to see it when you report. this
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is fake news, but i've been that have seen it. so we have, we have to ask west the media why they denied that. but, but it's obvious. while the west accuse is russia of bringing about a global food crisis, african states have joined moscow's position, encountering the western unipolar world, as, according to top russian senate, se constantine cause a child who has given us an exclusive interview. the gulf continued the african continent to space, a very dynamic development, and beyond any doubt, a space that attracts geopolitical interests from all of the points of the globe. there is an outright rivalry for andrea in almost any case. this is a favorable space for investment. and of course, the very promising market products from other regions as well as export from countries, primarily agricultural products, as well as not for resource. this constant has, therefore context with african countries, the absolutely important for russia, and they are not opportunistic, temporary,
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and the nature of this is the strategic direction of russia foreign policy. now, during a visit to most and beacons in bob weight, we've been convinced that russia is still high on the list of priorities of african countries. most african countries share rushing approaches of disagreement with the western concept. unipolar world with the same african countries and countries from other geographical regions, including russia, will find themselves in the position of a secondary subordinate to the interest of the west. there is a willingness between us states to establish cooperation in order to develop alternative models of the world, not pulling over the blanket, but ensuring the all states to equally comfortable in the future model of the world . and each of them could equally realize that national interest and not serve the national interest of the powers that be in african countries. they are obviously worried about what is happening in agricultural markets now. and there's 2 dimensions to these in the 1st is
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a violation of the current logistic supplies of the grain. for example, to foreign markets from ukraine, russia. it is clear that now there is enough great. the problem is to deliberate from the manufacturer to the consumer. there is also a 2nd plan. this is be upcoming harvest. many of our african interlocutors have expressed concern due to the fact that fertilizer prices have sharply increased. there will be fear of them introduced into the solar than required, which means that next year, in addition to disrupting logistics chains, many states expect failures. i have not heard of criticism of the russian federation in the conversation. people who deal with these issues professionally clearly understand what is happening now. and there is no doubt that the problems began long before the start of rushes, military operation in ukraine, in africa. now, they are said to me not expecting any concessions from russia, and it's positional ukraine. for example, rusher is now expected to make decisive progress in order to defend the interest of the whole well to the food by energy. military security isn't short. for the year
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was the or near it. so it's a sub for the last 500 to 600 years. history has been marked by attempts by the west to impose its will on the whole well for quite a long time. the west is able to do this for the simple reason that it was more competitive. the 20th century radically changed the situation because the west was not as competitive anymore, but the west began to impose its leading position by force. even this story ended by the end of the 20th century. it turned out that it was not so comfortable to subordinate other peoples to their will using in the global competition took a qualitatively different from the west in order to maintain its hedge. many had to change the meanest to ensure its leading position. the west is beginning to consistently pull down its competitors by creating problems and that development was clearly seen in the example of our country. in the example of any of the states that do not agree to be loyal to the west, the model of the unit poet, well. and after february of this year,
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the line to contain russia quickly degenerated into a line to destroy russia. because the policy of containment did not justify itself, this can only be counted by rallying the rest of the world and a position of denying west and unit polarity. but not in this country, surprisingly diverse and russia, like no other country has learned harmonious co existence of different cultures, traditions and religions. so that they do not suppress that neatly. enrich each other from my point of view, if unique russia model is actually a prototype of the model that ultimately be the only one the answers to the interest of manhood. or if we turn to history, we can see that the colonial west did not culture, its traditions, its language to local ones, but it replaced and displaced them. this is a completely different model compared to what russia was doing. really, most european countries, a monitor ethnic amana cultural and they cannot cope with the so called multiculturalism now. and as a result, new,
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a new threats will arrive to the societies of these countries. we don't have this in russia, and i'm sure the town model is highly attractive to the outside world. and in this sense, we are a source of the highest humanitarian widget. and i'm sure that the future belongs to the eurasian space, which will not be centered in relation to any particular part of the globe. but as far as say, they're anxious off the spiraling energy prices for one of 2 major. first lies the plants in burst in so close as wal inflation on shortages are already hitting hung hard announcement from c s. fertilize. this is a 3rd low performers who are already suffering from incredibly high inflation. this comes at the time when costs and supply face unprecedented risk. disclosure is likely to serve. there is trig global supply. this is very sad and disappointing news nitrogen fertilizer is the meat and balance diet for plants. this will affect all sorts of things. if we don't have access to nitrogen fertilizes it effects
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everything from the cost of milk and meat products on the shelves to the price of bread. because milling wheat needs the high protein level you get from nitrogen fertilizers will close. it's planted, chester, which provides crucial supplies of nitrogen fertilizer and carbon dioxide shut down has been activated c one affordable gas prices and the environmental taxes expected to heavily impact the u. k. food industry, as the gas produced at the plant is used for many food products and the beverages as well as the processing and packaging of castle award. winning journalist found that it's her martin j. u. k. guzman was apparently unprepared to deal with the ramifications of ukraine's crisis. i think it was a no brainer. so some of these are the impacts of the volatile gas prices and availability around the world. you know, was going to have a ripple effect to industries in the you k, which use industrial quantities of gas. so we shouldn't really be surprised that
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this company is gone. is going against the wall. i think there are, there will be others in the future, not only in this sector, but in whole range of sectors. i mean, the point here is that nobody plans for a long war, or is johnson and joe biden did not plan for the tricia with russia to go on for months or even years. they were hoping for a very short outcome. and so clearly they've been caught up with very, very poor preparation to how to adapt the economy to global war as radical as bizarre as it sounds. i think, britain, i think morris johnson's government needs to start accepting a few principals that we're struggling to pay for this. we want to ukraine, and there will be a huge knock on effect right across the board. not into fuel prices for 2 inflation and all sorts of other areas in including energy bills and basically commodities. i think that needs to be a different approach approach, which is more like a state of emergency. that doesn't sound too drastic. any you embargo on russian
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gas impose will destroy europe's economy. that's according to a new statement by hungarian prime minister victor all been as comes as l n. g. prices have skyrocketed in the e u after an explosion as an export terminal in texas, which has been sending fuel to europe earlier. washington bows did that. it has enough gas to replace europe's impulse from russia. a texas plant having shut down will cause its total output by 8 percent which could further threaten europe's fragile energy security. most of the fuel from that terminal has been shipped to the you are considering europe sapa time for l n g and it's pushed to cut off rushing gas. impose some analysts say the e u is edging closer to a cold winter. here demand that is projected to outstrip supply by $26000000.00 tons by the end of the year. while for more let's close line to corresponding caleb moping. keller, good to see you. so what else are experts saying about the ramifications of this texas gas plant explosion?
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well, it was in freeport, texas. residents are 3 very loud bangs them essentially what they were hearing was a liquefied natural gas terminal exploding. now this explosion has been widely decried as an indicator of the possible threats of public health, the fumes, but it's also going to have a pretty big impact on the international market. so we've heard analysis about the ability of the united states, the import and export natural gas about the crisis and the rising costs. here's some of what we've heard in the aftermath of this dramatic explosion in texas. this is going to take supply out of the market when it's badly needed. we were already moving into a very precarious set of market dynamics. this is going to tight and prompt supply, particularly in the atlantic. as a majority of the cargoes have been destined for europe. so it's important to note that as a result of this explosion, the l. n g hub in freeport,
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texas is going to be shut down for 3 weeks, 3 weeks. it will not be operating in the aftermath of this rather large explosion. in addition to that 20 percent of all us natural gas exports are going to be affected by the explosion that took place and the shutting down of the hub. in addition to that, it's also important to point out that 75 percent of us, natural gas exports have been going to europe. now, there has been some relieves for domestic natural gas perfect purchasers in the united state. because the fact that biden instituted some action and basically required domestic producers to get priority to the u. s. market before exporting that resulted in price is going down in the united states. but it had a negative effect on the international market and basically forced the european markets to pick up the bird. and now we have a situation where we have countries and you saying they want to completely go off of russian gap that i completely shut down. russian gas,
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but now as the aftermath of this explosion is showing their confidence in american markets and the ability of the states to supply gas to europe is a little bit shaken. people look at what was done by finland that recent 10 year contract that they signed in order to win off of rush and gas and import american gas in the next 10 years. people are wondering if that decision made by fin one was a bit to a stick. ok to many thanks for the thought is kellum open and speaking to his lie from new york. algeria has frozen foreign trade in products and services with spain emitted escalating disputes over the state of western sahara. on thursdays announcements came a day off. the african nation suspended a 20 year old friendship treaty with spain, which committed the country to jointly control the mutual flow of migrants. you ask, hold on our gerry to reverse that decision with brussels urging dialogue to resolve the dispute. meanwhile, the spanish foreign minister has called
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a mutual respect between all countries in the region. well, that's another. so for an equality of states, not interference in internal affairs. mutual respect, mutual benefit for our 2 countries. it is under these premises that we want to have the best relationship as possible without area, like we have with the rest of our neighbors as her last ticket in spain was the former colonial power in western sahara until the area was unexplained rocco and $975.00 since then, how gerry and neighboring morocco have had 10 discussions over the status of the region. the diplomatic stand off continued until $991.00. when the 2 countries reached an agreement for a referendum to be held and the implementation of a un box buffer zone will last that agreement, morocco has controlled the majority of western sahara, spain backflow codes or autonomy plans for western sahara, while algeria oppose it unsafe the region should be completely independence. elaine can, how we unofficial for independence movement in western sahara, how the keys,
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morocco replacing spain as the colonial power in the region saying has taken a position, siding completely with the aggression fan of the colonial power. and they're very by. they will fix, fix spain, to be an honest broker, to have the solution, the co sustained in the end is the response of the entire process. the model is have and develop. new motto has substituted and europe and colonialism and behavior in a classic colonial power. they have him be the western sahara since 1975, it was happening going on for many years between different people defending the free and independent degradation of morocco. and they all that a 100,
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some additional support to benefit ation, movement during the entire history of the start of the variation in africa. they out of taken this position because of their, their own, his study jedi, a father of the british and movement angler merkel said nato did not let you create into the blog 15 years ago because it was not the democratic state. it is now. this though, is still debatable as art contributor, rachel marston, explains. i know, merkel has kept a pretty low profile since the retirement last year. so what brought the former german chancellor back into the spotlight this week? ukrainian president vladimir once. he had called it a miscalculation that she and her french counterpart, former president nicholas stop with the block. you crazed across to join nato. back in 2008 merkel is defending her decision by pointing out that ukraine wasn't an internally democratic country. and that it was divided and run my own, but then merkel added that ukraine was not the one we know today from
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a tip. diplomacy does not succeed, it has not necessarily been wrong. so i do not see that. i have to say it was wrong now, and therefore i will not apologize. vacation seems to be that now ukraine is a thriving democracy that totally belongs in the trans atlantic alliance demands, democratic stability as the absolute lowest common denominator for membership. ukraine tried to, jo nato, would be like someone who still scribbled on the walls applying to harvard university. ukraine has never met the criteria of democracy and simply saying that it does now reduce any incentive to work on becoming one if that's what they choose to do. and surely, merkel can't be suggesting that a country that has now been flooded with western weapons who central government previously spent 8 years attacking, harassing and distributed. yes, it's all restful people. is nail ready asked for american sections against russia. merkel suggested that she's in favor of that be used as a weapon, except when
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a project in boston already like the north stream to pipeline, to transport russian gas into europe via germany of multiple they do that with iran . ok, with russia now. absolutely right. but that they did that with us, i did not think it was okay with the elephant in the room here being that sanctioning russia in this case is effectively sanctioning germany in europe. it's unfortunate that merkel didn't seize the opportunity to unambiguously defend the interests of german and european citizens, which would have also met under slightly damage done by anti russian sanctions to european nations. that mark irons benevolence have reportedly opposed granting ukraine, the status of a candidate for e u membership. while germany has offered to give key of some kind of conditional status. ukraine does not sufficiently fulfill criteria related to the stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy. the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities g of will need to
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fundamentally improve its legislative and institutional framework to progress on all these areas. according to the bloomberg where paws, copenhagen dowse ukraine's ability to take our membership obligations and to build a progressive market economy. the u. member states reportedly also a poet giving here preference over other applicants. the decision on ukraine state is expected on june 17th and a positive. it reportedly still may take more than a decade to become a full fledged member of the blog. meanwhile, the ukrainian court has bound to the opposition block party with another tenant pro russian political parties expecting to get the same treatment. political commentators on break mon stays, ukraine's e u. membership is complicated by the fact that it's a poor country. i think these are the most already countries. amazingly, we please, if you can become a member of the european union, it will have to be heavily subsidized by other countries because believe they fail the poorest country so can for his leg,
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hold on them or not that we want to spend money on that they think and then they, so i mean if you change was it was the 1st of all it is very poor. and the other thing is that will be mass immigration. and since it still allows population, of course, the bus is may like having to see migration, but they do need your opinion and even more, but it is in europe. so with the expect many people to hesitate to have the bang you train in on the other hand, is the small pressure because of the war. that may push politician to, you know, at least in principle to pull the entrance of ukraine. but whether they will do it or not, they don't know, it may take a long time, and i don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. and the fundamental question is, what really mean to train when the war ends? me thanks for joining us here in our santa national. we're back in the top of the out the notice ah,
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because of the conflict in ukraine, europe in russia are going there different ways and like a divorce separation is full of anguish and finger pointing. the biggest loser of all in this, of course is europe. washington couldn't be more please. it's a gemini is being sealed. ah ah ah
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ah ah ah, since the bank away but donates people's republic was been ranging and don't buy ukrainian artillery. it's been showing civilian, townsend, mining, villages. your more very lovely deal with blue one with
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the little above level of the 3 of the little boys will give us one ah, well joe middle, alex, she's just gonna be on the left in columbia. nobody but i just bought a level that he thought young my real name is logical is law school health coverage with belinda fit on which it is public. you fear to be a number if you feel okay that.


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