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green asked, use weapons. none of which will go to ukraine, all of which will go to shelby armories above their respective nations. but this is a windfall for military industrial. a corporation was come, it's a former marine coin. so just officer alpha and analysts. thank you very much. feel take to day later. let's wrap for now. my name is peter scotts and i'll be back again at the top of the i with all the latest news and views. how naughty international ah ah ah ah
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ah ah, because of the conflict in ukraine europe in russia are going there. different ways in like into for separation is full of anguish and finger pointing. the biggest loser of all in this, of course, is europe. washington couldn't be more please. it's a gemini, is being sealed the
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quote for more than a classical commodity listen to what i went to like and i just got another message in deal. lucky. so starbuck all. okay. did that make people a month, barry? this is linda. nope. with carlos, myrtle superintend, scan in for this. you call me about this and what i meant the most possible
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possible form in for us for my son to get it to do. what if that's just me most katy though, i want to set some time to go jo, which has persona, which is company, those amigos milan this or not this saturday. i see some which is on which is almost a month. if i place you lose, do more with i looked up at the delinquent as we left us in college at yellowstone called me on the phone. i mean i'm too particular
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on the vehicle more or less police for the cameras, the principal financial. but a lot more to me on the last initial moment i could go in and if a woman and this, i mean more for the company us, you may have to sit on the list, but we get this one which i can look up on. this is good. that sounds great joe. we'll talk, we'll look at this and i'll get a little chat. ah,
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variable drama did a little washington. why these are your weapons destroyed is that you can't give it to weapons and you just continue. you just don't stop in we'll clubs court the hey, or current strike tribunal. whether you go to nato officials, military officials from united states, will see their day in court judgment day. and they will pay for every inch of territory that's been destroyed.
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they will have to pay with key bank, then they will pay for a room with a with while while they're going i me said that i need to do it to them when you are. but my board at that for each video, we spend a lot a new set on your door issue. do we move to the new movie just day it? can you monitor pena beauty? if the would you a chance? give me 3 your proof of riddle,
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and that's why your manual credit union will new wasn't when you're tricky by 2 crimes here. when i ask you, when i say yeah, the new post 3 a prostate illusion, especially with the deal. if you feel about this question, i see ski with wildly share money. i bet that he sleeps here funny. it's worth a dump, a will be as we ship above my dad's you for. right. and you guys last month i didn't vote with football with a
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little bit more with with, with the, with that i really feel like i've, you know, with your, with your a here that will help you with that when you do it with you or if you're working with, with awarded
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with a short pinner from the one thing for a few cried yet i picked to saw it and we lost our can accept this clearing to clear the 2001 thing. anything else i've done is voluntary. i'm not hidden on did some of my training with the british army of not lied about that. i didn't know in years as a british soldier. i was a, with the 1st battalion. i must get a hold to the marines. are you currently marines or was still she still, with more unit? i my biggest worry was getting catch. it was on british knowledge,
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suspense for 6 weeks. literally avoiding tanks, we got smashed, basically. we go, absolutely hammered. so wait one day we'd have people next day there were debts are saying we're sort of it. and i don't progress to say ever against grimaced. i wish it would stop and some dialogue. so it started . and that should go on a story. i just wish it would just stop a redial. this is petra park. so you know, i don't want to, i want to see my wife again. i wanna live in respect to where i am the place i'm at now. yeah. are foreign are get bread and water and you know, the total co borrower named sean untreated a
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still won all danielle danielle. it was, it's uni. oh, totally. i went to the door. you're going to them. okay. you know, savannah, do you know? so both authority grinding nobody but i just bought a level that he thought yeah. a but the linguist stork i guess what the, what you got a little need but i would use the let me just bits alley deparga with dr. wichita, for i speak to leads, that's only gonna be me assault authority, particularly the biggest in dallas law in will, shouldn't, shouldn't. and which opinion who slew in cry. now i'm going to scream to pull
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a story. look at, are you not new lucian, which opinion to them, you know, not to the, the full white on was digitally but the, you need to know these to guy, and i don't want that a saudi project because i went a little much with your money boss. middle school board or order support to top line, but it's 1 o'clock request on what other people because the don't yes, i don't know. could you not little fuck, would you be difficult for that? one? a lot of hello miss. give you money to come into law. did you want to stay a normal way to really la shawna lee since i put in was she didn't have a much out of the that was kind of close. the ticket video was paula. no, probably gonna have to go to the school to anyone, but about 1 o'clock, one door,
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somebody what the noise from interacting with a question though. not a school as any cousin center. probably me with the official with to the student for those going to the 2 more last year, a year, a year or so ago with little a little critical thinking. going to finish with a while yet. many people in the 8 that so. uh huh. because i mean with no boss soon started to do to what about a, a good
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which was done very don't, but i was there a queen, she gentlemen queen condo then too much. he'll kill mantle that i want you don't want you to come in too, but i do agree to load the football awards and that i didn't get huge or me level then of me that she did. she will not until about a give a gift. it's just called a city with a pool medicine audio, but it goes from middle to pop one door wondering vc one is not able to get me into bed. so do you want to see what the welfare pool would want
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a media in ah, a, what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline trajectory boy that they call this area the greys a really early found the real quick pretty me what that was only about that you had to call with villa rica dale door. so no way more so
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that similarly wasn't dumb or was it a show berella? i knew i saw one where she has a machine that tell us that she made up. pleasure. was that what does that double hit? thumbs again. what buddy? luckily was jeff before he boise cool. here scott reply, grow your favorite them with a green nissan engine and i got it and you should be had with
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l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to place trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various charlene with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with
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the boys will live with him so they don't have to see him. but down the la. yes, you can get on the windows. let's go on the back but i suppose the
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interesting part of the minute in dixon, you know my number is ignacio or heather may he got the pin thread, comb or tardy or color of this sort of thing go sequence. i think one of your men listed on for the boxes or whether the problem on the left is more than a 1000000 a guardian. but i'm also going to come up with this idea that there motivated what i want to, but i will not forget to get out. let them so not be
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a big need to do with this with oh you oh no, that is listed of them. when i get them to medical care, so i might be bad with that. i wanna let them know when i get done, whether it's been a good also. it's been a good, a lot of people i feel so what i'm gonna feel portal and that'll be as well. okay. i, i got like with our dentist about that. yeah. okay. good. mm good, i got some k, i think for list to pick out a little bit. caveon busters can, if you okay with the
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with the, with looking with lisa for the last has put the that is not the morning we bought it in. can we buy the summer and then also the last one will still come i'm gonna go, oh no, it's a good one. well, how would i could l k? put this together and talk with landlord on what you must last feel badly than you think
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a dozen viewed them both with which he was the majority of a monarch with number of a
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night. but they understood that shit's apathy understood violet, so that the doing but that was the ideal set looming heidi to seek niche and bully . well yeah. i think my love she'll be to know lisa lester think, but yes, i don't know. we'll say come in to the wound. well my field for her mama, i need them to call up with which when i don't get a color calais still biting is that they're easier to say. yeah, yeah, that was the late you pass that there was a mean and then does that with the lady nasha but less if you got enough effect, kill us if it's on. but then you mute but. but you got that in. um, you could, you would let me easily a b, m is your billing address, but the doors,
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the accountability isn't so with escalating so that there with eskoville, he said that the healing conference and up a be filing if the sticker will start number can yes, ma'am. yolanda he had benefit enough at your heart by being there yet the piano bill of the whole number lot which is but i businesses below demarco shame it then you know, do it then you know, dick up more than that but yeah, it's all cool. now boys of then you got more than i could open that i am with ah, with if you could just go home, we shall see when you go to school with a book. if someone you course for somebody that they might your,
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i think the way she this, even with them, with the, with student routine or i guess when you're ready to go to vote for book to we're sure the slow too early here with me for a score for with us and those are 2 more for what do do do super for brought to georgia to do a future trooper for her a oh,
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[000:00:00;00] with a lot more than a will. hi barbara. how are you? i was speaking with how long you live here
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with major joy. i'm on too much to do a lot and what's amazing, you know, people think, you know, shaq your issue. thank you for coming on that to hear your own as a share. well, you guys have to hear the kids who continue to go to school. the teachers continue to teach while bob's are for when you heard them this morning, right. and so to continue with life, you are that you're not, i'm interested to be a special operations, right? now is truly it is incredibly brilliant. we're gonna
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finish this one couple of months. okay. how long was america i couldn't do. how long was about to do? do you clean needle? can you use it badly after this data will collapse later will be destroyed. ah, there's our flag. the russian flag is waving. we have liberated mario soon we will have a free world. peaceful everything will be rebuilt,
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ah, to lou with . and then you can look at a strategic partner with i posted disease that we are depending on the, you know,
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in a ah, yes, present, joe biden blame is vladimir putin for the highest inflation in the u. s. in more than 4 decades. while a u. s. senator is divided administration itself, they're trying to do with the crisis who went out and close the door. and in that moment there was an explosion just one minute later and all alive. this would have been so different. 19 civilians die and dozens of wounded in done by the latest ukrainian army shelling those according to local authorities. fund china claims the u. s. army pockets to taiwan undermines peace in the region of assistance all out


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