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ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk a with
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with ah, yeah, she got a you know, use this done on a posterior composite via a give me a call when you can. this certainly agree
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with on that because all and you live with low grade a the with he will not with of why he why not throw you way now on frederick is dying you way. not teaching your way, not i will be can leave the key in some way. grandma me, he thought he will not need new school choice. you will not. when you come down, you know, at the bill of the session, a stronger solution, but the most a, c, p u h. it will not the keys or family could not oh, a december 2013. the lowest peaceful year in the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end.
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the year in my dance movement is gaining momentum into protests that prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. georgia. and i saw that you might do, you'll see it for just your race paper. yeah. ah. so it's yellow solution. all is cooker. if you see one we took we made on other show up at below senior color tissue. i left no bottom jojo, a store where we'll edit, we'll edit the quinn with the us that she can, will you be useful? but he could get a lot of i was some of my brother. i name any bullets initially. i knew 1000000 a put it will sit on it. so i just
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saw where you oh oh oh oh, it is a with junction for the if there's a song calling from eastern onions come bonus really of his or we're in london by surprise for us. cuz i had some, some, it's a push or someone's almost as soon as many was you know, in the as well. so just when you, when you try to stop, because when the police with
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the john millsman from law, my mom for the children from which if you will, you write them down most numbers last night you there as a companion when you most of our lives, human production can great partition, can you believe me, jacob, who used to still move, moving towards the worst of which to us. i use of just giving you the number you will did as a couple. but you see of because most up at least the other one you still with my room, if you still green switch start and you'll be what is the meat is with the new julie at the new that when you shirley my last the feel of the grad school, but i just look on the list and somebody was, nuclear was, was probably goes on a shilling. you're going the grains of going to show you a new one using sure and when you, when it was a nice boy,
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your voice isn't sion. leaders and rank and file members of nationalist organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protests and gulf key. lee supposedly had to believe no. so let's just go ahead and put that green number la wallace. he slipped and lives, but i don't much elliptical acumen will grow cream school school when i actually bought into. so i just bought a greens which are the rings come all the time. some are not really off topic as a warning boy on 2nd russian. yes, i told him with another company, you know, it's not to let you install that edition in solar way of getting on the door. william dr keith from william, if you knew how to keep going to stay on the
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low green scheme for money. seals, e noise. marsha napoleon, you blew a junior way on the quote you, you get a quote to greenly view up on me, but i'm still here at the national board a little further more lis. some of the charlotte actually put us the edge of less. don't put it in the store in the parentheses, give me a call, and then i'm gonna send you a draw. you need to use
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the the book up a little mature of what the molecule our dealership can look much you would use in your style. yes. move with it or she knew it was of use of us talk with the bustle just below those pleasing each unless among the muslims lucian. nice national union you or was it just need you to sort or disease much the lives of somebody. but the sufficient jewelry, my name is michelle football schedule. my grade was reasoning, webpage vehicle dumbly cheap, done with a coolness bureau. you all know that video monthly studio eve will get back on your switches. siena was michelle, it have
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a to asia atoria residential in redwood. we missed those 2 night useful. told shift that was probably deliciously, was from police to keep us. they had left with the yoga still gray in it, morley, and was janet and you. but i wish we did go on with it or should i just leave it from wish i see. i just received a quiz. totally study shasky new canada. don't you go in and communicate there's where is that about the what is union with the boy that with v lease up with us, we chose to brainstorm drip up because the worse than we was at or about them, we mean probably will pressed on years up on the green, because you think you didn't give to them, not the use of can pull the mccoys. she's always an acre. and we sure john mitchell by discourse was why they would come to the end. you made them and you bring your
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porch a field in the grassy and conceal it because it's the lowest possible. unbelievable . or anybody d flange brenda regionally. they've got the low promotion list or viewer boys. when you, when you do business with you to way mass to live each is we would the sketch. wally eastern rachelle, a little just land. i'm in my down daily. says go, i don't. which is, was a boy will be to go on to be will be g, h t, all. so please, you know, i'm, i'm a scholastic governance co conflict from mr. look at or but i'm the store and you put us in the movies to watch him. right. ah, a little boy, he's really he's got a little guy. this isn't really good. we'll do that show you spoke lobo
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up. don't you just good sell a list of those schools when you pull up, but you will see on yes, but he'd say i spoke with you to do what you scared and thought. see a with a with world with you is with you. i have with
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that we believe there is activity in this was up i believe i need to keep on. we need your i was calling about a land on record. show color was learning to more with when you get a minute. sure. switch your paperwork was calling about an issue with almost 2. sure. first one is a sub with counselors to pardon difficult. ah ah, the at the like when you blow me of them. yes. but almost w permanently and you talk a could tell you more toys,
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shop or the tolan you joke are still you said you buy sold safety, your son, you thought a nice design or do you need some conflict? is days with real seamless cure was totally new or just for sure. putting it in course go with the whole little plan in your bloodstream. when would you flavor 1st you have time of creation when use because all still would you for i know the order a purchase, a new machine. i understand that a lot of credits or is in core. the program said she did not include us law, especially with super liberty was for ritual. so be external. ah ah,
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a minute to charlotte. where's the one that you have a question with? i sent you with a
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ah concert you cut out literally in what happened to the order in order ocean come, reduce your number down your bush multiple don't do much for it. like
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a ball so sure. the blue process, the yeah, yeah, new port in worth of done actually circle time in the home from school. i was just go to solution for new multiple trust her principal to chose fall. nobody called but i'm still still play with them or do you do them? somebody put a book, the one on 100, you know, so you can proceed. you knew this was, i'm sure it's high quality about a property that you knew you were with them. here we go to somebody, present the radicalization of my down is proceeding apace barricades appearing all over central key. my dance self defense activists seize and control government buildings. confrontations with the police are no mere skirmishes. any more real battles, arranging in the city streets, protested wheels, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones, and stacks of molotov cocktails. i'm
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with, oh, journalist ruslan cut saba covered the events on my down in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes. and he's still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my down going. and why
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does this it would you could do it, or what would you mind if you, let's see, the one that you, if you didn't get pretty young of thomas it hooked up. what you really got hope could be cutting you up in the world. that was why we were so push neither. when was wanted with involvement. if you missed this, i'm is, is really, you suddenly need to bring money breath away. but between the awesome of sure, bowling, israel's mr store for the says social press 3 to say no beautiful the world. the one of the more general, more jojo harsh people from cuz i'm over from a holler what i'm hopeless. oh. 6 6 i see him with. 6 a. 6 bush, i'm coming to an uber not got us. wouldn't end up pushing gabriella coastal spaniels
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on the webpage and jump emilio and we should airline. yep. yeah. yeah. oh cool. yeah. alex on dakota, kosky was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security services alpha group internets. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest, written streets by february 2014. the situation on my dad had to escalated seriously from okay, me a was it was, it was beautiful. what? nothing on the brain look at on you. the new molly, it's almost more than the velocity which is the phone and you've been with you both . good. well, it will be problem. yeah. because of you through the model from that is name, which is a little more me interested over maybe a couple of them with my luck. wouldn't you or do you believe she was to lack of level of some of the probably on my way them finish up with your soup you
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williams much and you said when but he bought them google chrome you to be in the usual got them. but once you go neutral, so when you have a choices here we go for a potomac with much we could keep them deal it to school. so but yeah, we do you to work with them to. so boy, but the most, but i'm still eat so just a little chip when you my dish windshield dealer cereals. i'm still communion but the more i just returned with
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someone to quote me on a minute. the believe with with some let's they do it. they bought something to what our next transporter machine runs for children and, and show a state about. but you minute, you said be external solution like issue or problem. but i don't know what's up to watch, just local hostile carlo and manually shall ish and shut q g. so it will. yeah. a and you will so for sure. but just to shut it down worse, you're probably out as a mistake or leave me a good show you. when you ask, i go to court less really of still quite a standard wish. total 1000000 is a bunch of stores. you use a gym. museum. me
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a shop can joy this report and use the book when you can then use them for all the diseases. this was going to look look what it could you bob obese, got other pussy marsha grier ski. but you would, you, she, you know, guys, you clued ye those did really, you know, my done some bill onto my done it. i, you know, to shut up shifting body of the most affordable. i don't even look when you might before the thought of the movie get it. got just go with people double folk. lavinia look a diesel to put your america was a photo. what that was yesterday for. if it's on the graph, i'm with calcium can only get those you believe, you know what you like a fit with thought about could be 40 you fish just even goes yes, but she them, the pretty give me a little kit. judy, i'm as if
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a nice one with a scott g up allows to produce kiddos in the middle school. oh, a elsco enough for them to look it up for you. let's go across a sequential. so the, the, i'm not sure. i mean, i will stop by now much talk blown up to plymouth. yep. no idea. but did you
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cleaned up from your books do by we just keep us up on that. let's look at movie shows. are you still a nuclear? you know what else with a, with your sense akila a yellowish bushel and all still kept as you say, but the cell is washing yet no subsidize. the solution uniquely useful. he emphasizes reason, you know, we're issue digital is friendly and i'm just request to get us going to deal with that music or with some stuff is still school as a cross cultural issue. go spoke with a boy what's not the key prestige which can be she is not the number of cousin still greens come or what the national numbers think about anybody who's doing this . i'm she called simple machine. yeah. you really need to put on models. can music, you can keep them with voice shuler. meshida got the property at the window,
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cleans gulick campbell, so i would choose a go for you. progressive snow nouns, can you then use jewish opinion that i'm looking to wait and that was communicate with her team. meach, my name is emma machine, your question was she didn't use back when they use it for school. why wouldn't you build it up? mostly, my goodness. we started that kind of that was appointed to stalls. but steve does not say she will not feel free to move. i use cuz i just love you whirlpool nominalism, motionless, i use when you live. i see it would seem like you should be more team viewer, i'll say. and i will to the post to place you a few cash muscles will show was mitchell, which is a fusion post. and you've been running normal whiskey as well as for some more going towards 1st news off. and then you go switches to talk to comment on your own deals a lot of these se,
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so shows here the one from those are what, what are the abuse that c will not work usually with car. so just get a can you, would you like me to leave garza with a show bull, but i would sit on a master's up on the green auto stores and i should leave my 30, some of the buyers here at the cost credit. the problem and you computer, when enough i was talking capital cost agility, an up when you talk to the student nuclear missile. sure. talk is sure. is there some found up with your number as for them? if i'm just the user, i bounce up is the cable went on there. so unless somebody give birth slow them the receipt to skew. those or lady looks of those forms for or you were think of a should algebra from reflected or all dominic form or was empty law was
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a digital lucille is osha, japan. you prefer engineering the niche energy mm hm. with ah, the 1st time in history, an entire countries culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled
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culture nearly desert willow. will sheffield malice will dos in one bully frog yet just me sitting the one it would preclude the phrase now, particularly for us to canceling russian culture yet and know what secret of she was the zip code when you miles bookstore, which will be all there is charlie, so out that go with the most of the sub reached yolanda e. normally what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no questions. ashley condemned, reviled and rejected. a bill of bramble. there's a lot closer on a whole apology. i guess it'll show the list. joining total condemnation gross daily and now includes does dance gauge to cascade shostakovich that i need to talk. but yes, you're seeing that with the time will you do a bomb lee,
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or that with a with with
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ah, yes, but then joe biden blame is vladimir putin for the highest inflation in the u. s. and more than 4 decades by u. s. senator says, it's the body administration itself that can't handle the crisis. i'm talk to your daughter and then that phone went to that was in the disclosure. there's just one little later and online. it would have the 7900 civilians die and dozens are wounded in don't boss in the latest ukrainian army shut enough according to local authorities and china claims the u. s. all packaged to taiwan, undermines peace in the region and threatens all our war. if the island declared independence.


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