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i posted a depending on the table ah ah, you train shells residential homes in a city near dawn. yes. wounded at least 5 civilians. with the media outlets on waking up to the real numbers of just how much money is being made by all the suppliers to you, great. with nato will ready something more than $8000000000.00 and a and is the u. k. agree to send a new batch of heavy weapons. the key as we hear from russia's ambassador of britain, who says he doubts logins, willingness to support ukraine when the conflict. it's an interesting question. with building
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a plus, a prominent to us, political analyst accused is china not being the ukranian president's speech as an international summit, but later parent need to leave her with . i will welcome this is off to international with the late as well. news is good to have you with this, this, our i, we thought with the latest one, they don't. yes. guns, no guns. republics where the ukrainian military has intensified it. shelling of residential areas, at least 5 people that be wounded off to a massive bow hit. the city of goal of cut just north of don't, yes. a number of homes that have been severely damaged as well as vital infrastructure. what this comes off to don't yet school authorities reported on friday that 5 civilians were killed and 21 injured by ukrainian shelling across the republic. meanwhile rushes defense ministry says his forces have destroyed dozens
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of targets including a foreign mercenary base in the past 24 hours. as comes as ukrainian authorities have admitted that taking heavy losses with up to $100.00 soldiers killed each day . well, not necessarily company for hugo, still at the beginning of the conflict every day we were losing 100 soldiers on average, one of them. so can we assume that the ukranian army lost up to $10000.00 soldiers? yes. and something like that. to the citizens of the ukrainian city of military pull have started to obtain rushing passports, local authority, authority, and with 85 percent of the population. and that port ozy region are planning to become russian citizens with more than 4000 people that having already done so. salvage and recovery assets are in full swing in the dorm by city of mario paul recently retaken by russian lead forces. we heard from some of the emergency
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services personnel who were helping the locals there but it's a big building. we started work in the city immediately after the end of the hostilities, as russian and don't get sick emergency services began to perform their duties. the city gradually began to come back to life. we also have a large group of sappers who diffuse mine, buildings, ukrainian troops, mind everything here as they were retreated. then you're calling. this is a school building. it is almost completely destroyed by a group of ukrainian military. we're here. we found equipment, personal belongings, weapons and a case from a night vision device. or a special report on the stage of mario pope brings you exclusive accounts from those who witnessed and took part in the battle for the city. you can watch that documentary and full on sunday on and on our website for now. here's a quick tesa. ah,
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anyone else there? she was going to live in the shell dress. as off said, we'll leave mary. you pull in ruins and that's exactly what happened on you. barbara. jesse promised them up for your spirit was nazis tortured us for 8 years. much of the ways that we were leaving in to cars, him or seen them. both course came on, their sniper fire, without warning as a cell hotel. i got a bullet grace, my daughter. they shut mom in the legs. ah, they didn't allow us out. they were shooting at us. what are they called snipers? i think they wouldn't let us out for in. home. dow western analysts are exposing just how much money the military industrial prophecy is a re, can gain by continuing to send weapons to ukraine losses. nato countries have
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already sent more than a $1000000000.00 worth of arms to keith. washington is sending $6500.00 javel and anti tank missiles systems which are made by raytheon and lockheed martin. the cost of each missile is about $78000.00 and the reusable launcher is another $100000.00. ukraine will receive more of these systems from france in estonia, with another 200 coming from the u. k. where you can see how the share price is if some defense joins have risen as investors anticipate rising profits, u. s. contractor era venue months is expected to be one of the biggest beneficiaries along with european companies. ryan metal and leonardo who shares have risen by 120 and 67 percent, respectively. however, fuller, marine corps intelligence office scores were to say is western weapon supplies will not change the outcome of the conflict. ukraine is not getting the benefit of um the new production ukraine is receiving. uh,
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your weapons that have been in storage, older weapon. but as these are moved out of storage that creates a gap in western cape, building each be filled by new production. and so this, these companies green as use weapons, none of which will go to ukraine, all of which will go to fill the armories of their respective nations. but though this is a windfall for military industrial, a corporations the, the, the situation is deteriorating, of the best the supply of western arms can do is reduce the rate of deterioration. it will never reverse the outcome of no amount of wet western weaponry will enable ukraine to gain the upper hand. all it will do is lengthen the conflict and more importantly, from the western perspective, kill more russians because that's all this is about. we heard that from void austin, the american secretary defense. you said that the goal here is to make russia pay a cost to inflict aim on russia. that means dead russians. and so that's what the,
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the west is trying to accomplish here. and it's very cynical because it's not just russians that are dying, as we said, for every one russian to goes down, you know, maybe 20 ukrainians are going down. so it's about dead ukrainians as well. maybe it's time ukraine wakes up and understands that the west is seeking to extend this conflict, not to help you frame a president. lansky have praised london's military assistance to kiev during a visit by the u. k. defense secretary to the ukranian campus or was less guilty to the sounds to plead for another batch of weapons from breton will. krinski school. the robot sin, shall ukrainian troops are doing everything they can using the artillery. they have to stop the occupiers offensive. well as much as the heavy weapons and modern artillery all that we have asked and continue to ask our partners to provide, allow them to support. i have met the u. k. secretary of state for defense, ben wallace, hold on. we discussed how to stop russian aggression and how to stop it. mounting a potential offense and what supplies are needed for our army. the british show
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true leadership in defense matters. fortune has all confirmed a new shipment of long range rocket launchers. this, in addition to thousands of on to tank missiles, ahmed vehicles on the air defense systems ahead of ukraine's military intelligence has recently said that the country's trips have almost run out of ammunition. and now rely on western supplies. russian ambassador to the u. k. andre kellen doubts whether london will be interested in supporting ukraine when the conflicts eventually ends. it put a long gave, it makes ukraine and so just continue to fight. and it is a cynical, i should say because, but it is providing money, not much money. it is, it is providing weapon in for says kind of just put in the army to continue funding and no single knowledge about or seagly about the future. or if you agree, what's going to happen after that?
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it's an interesting question. whether you will be interested after the one in the building you're putting in considering voting can run it to the sort of this in if that brought to be that in the future in, in building up the country and handling countries. economy once again in doing something. so i'm afraid the interest will be lost in some, some sort of if, if there will be a letter to continue to make such a project as an international mark out a few frames and then to rational a state. and it will be a no more capabilities and no more or should be like to do that, then most will probably be less than now. at the moment, i think that they are preventing any kind of war and safety for negotiation before they will. they are continuing to,
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to push your grade in of these along the same way to continue waiting, not to think about diffusion as i have said. president biden has once again blamed vladimir putin for a surgeon, energy, and food costs. rocking america off the u. s. consumer innovation hit its highest level in more than 4 decades. an 8.6 percent increase a top russian diplomats as poked fund biden's attempts to accused the kremlin days and place report. confirm what americans already know. prudent price, i consider america hard. gas prices at the pump, energy and food prices, confir half of the monthly price increases. since may, my administrator going to do everything we can to lower the prices, the american people. and the congress has to act and they have been of late. it sure sounds like president putin also runs the u. s. considering he can impose taxes on food and gasoline. there. that was
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a lame and futile attempts by president biden, to shift to blame and dodge his own duty. biden's comments. com, despite us inflation writhing sharply since his turn began. in january 2021. soaring from an average of 1.4 percent in december 2020 to 7 percent a year later. all that's happening months before the outbreak of the conflicts in ukraine, despite button housing, his efforts to handle the economy, us and it's a john kennedy says, it looks like the white house has actually given up. it's destroying the american dream. and. and when we have to address it, which the main like bad administration has just given up what as calls now to don kovachick, human labor rights lawyer. many thanks for joining goes on the program. i'd lights while he was your reaction to president biden's late attempt to blame russia for the economic loss of americans. yeah. why think it's
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a pretty transparent attent for him to shift blame from himself from the us government's own policies. the u. s. has been printing money like it's going out of style and it's backed by nothing where $30.00 trillion dollars in debt . so obviously the dollar is losing value for those reasons, it was losing value and inflation was increasing even before the special operation began in february. and biden's poll numbers are now and historically low levels. and so he's desperately trying and in advance of the mid term elections in november to find a way to blame someone out. so of course he blames the usual whipping boy russian. who right, you've been blame for everything from the truckers striking canada to the black lives matter protest even calling catherine a taking any right. so anytime the democrats get in trouble,
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they blame the russian to me. this is just childish, the us deputy assistant secretary of state eric woodhouse has tried to explain why americans are bearing the brunt of the sanctions against russia. we can now take a listen to exactly what the u. s. official had to say. in any sanctions program. the aim is to maximize the intended impact on the target while mitigating and minimizing to the extent possible, the impacts to ourselves, to our allies, partners. obviously in many situations, we can't fully mitigate or avoid still over costs to ourselves or to allies and partners. i think the russia program is a great example of that. i think from the beginning we here in the united states and our allies and partners around the world, particularly in europe. understood. i think that we're clear about this, that there will be costs,
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and we'll have to take measures and impose costs on russia that will have spill over into our economies. so there you go. what do you make of that statement? this sounds like a good ex case that was happening with food and fuel prices in the us. will know again, 1st of all, these prices were rising even before the conflict in ukraine. but also it is clear that the u. s. sanctions themselves are playing a role in this and they're not the ones that the people of the us or europe really should accept. i mean, frankly, the people of europe are going to suffer greatly from these sanctions. they're going to suffer greatly if they're forced by the us to not accept russian oil and gas. and let's face it. i think a lot of us know that the sanctions against russia, or maybe aimed as much against western europe. you know, the u. s. c's, every country as a competitor in this capitalist system,
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and sometimes in the u. s. is as hard on its friends as it is on its adversaries. and we're seeing that now with what's happening in western europe, but also the american people are suffering. and why should they suffer from these sanctions? why should they tolerate this? you know, we don't have baby formula in this country. there will be food shortages here. why is that acceptable to the american people? the sanctions are hurting people that were turning people in russia. people in europe, people in the united states, or some of biden's critics on capital hill, they're saying that the white house seems they're just given up on the economy. i was your take on those claims. i think the u. s. has given up on the economy. it's given up on the american people were sending billions of dollars down the toilet on military aid, much of it, which will never even reach the people we're trying to send it to. meanwhile,
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homeless is increasing. we're seeing this on the streets of america, seeing it on the streets of pittsburgh. people can't afford food, they can't afford fuel, they can't afford health care. and the u. s. government doesn't care that that's what's clear. and opposed to reflecting the approval for the white house or historic low levels, which shows the american people know who is putting the screws to them. con cavallo came in and labor by slow em any. thanks for your time. we appreciate it. thank you . nicky and international security summit in singapore has been overshadowed by a control of a c. after a prominent us research a falsely accuse, the chinese delegation of walking out doing a speech by ukraine's president at the events and a tweet, a washington base political analysts. olivia in all came the chinese officials had left the whole during a broad concept vladimir polanski speech, however, apparently later deleted her post. last month, during the devil's woe,
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the comic form us congressmen michael macau showed a picture of what he called the chinese delegation, refusing to stand up during innovation after the landscape speech there are with the media. we're also a quick to jump on that claim until it turns out that it has actually been the vietnamese delegation. aging responded by cooling on the american law. make it to take back kids baseless accusation. that is, during president the lens and the chinese delegation was not even at the venue to our we urge the us congressmen to make a correction and stop spreading. does information come to vice president of the sense of china and globalization? vic to gal say such scandals demonstrating underlying western agenda against aging . first of all, such allegations are groundless and they are fabrication as they demonstrate the complete lack of professionalism and serious this on the part, although so called
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a journalist. and it also reflects, in general, this kind of anti china, china passion, attitude among western media in general, and among many politicians in western countries. now on the other hand, i think china stands very firmly, all matters of principle and is committed to doing the right thing, rather than being agitated by such false accusation and falsification of facts. so i hope the people in the world will use their own brain to make their own judgment as to the false foot that has been pro trade by such irresponsible journalists in the west during the defense summit and singapore, on friday paging and washington exchange diplomatic shots have a taiwan chinese defense ministry condemned to the pentagon following news. if the latest us alms package for taiwan. if anyone dares to split taiwan from china, the chinese military has no choice but to fight at all costs and take all necessary
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measures to crush any attempt by ty, when he separatists, to split taiwan from the motherland. the chinese military will resolutely safeguard national security and territorial integrity. we remain focused on maintaining peace stability and the status quo across across the try, one straight. but the p. r c's moves threatened to undermine security and stability, and prosperity and the endo pacific. we will defend our interests without flinching, but will also work toward our vision for this region. one of expanding security, one of increased cooperation and that one of growing division a chinese defense ministry is also laid out a list of conditions. the u. s. must meet for eating tensions,
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including no attentive fairing and chinese internal affairs harming china as interests. china and taiwan split during a civil war and 949 and beijing has been following b one china policy since then. the latest alms package will see the us provide pause for tie when he's naval ships at an estimated cost of a $100.00. $20000000.00. nelson, one vice chairman of the shank eye center for international studies under val, di, club experts say the us is using taiwan and his trump card against china. i think the u. s. government has always been using the tie one issue as it's one of the measures to contain china in its relations, which china, taiwan, the pie, one card is always in their hands to play with from time to time. and i think this is they believe this is the time to create trouble for china to, to mess around with the internal affairs of china. so it's nothing new,
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it's nothing new to china. but if they play it too hard, i think the chinese government will take some actions and in terms of any upcoming threat to separate to taiwan from the motherland. and then the chinese government is going to take actions and announcement has already been made. what china has been expressing itself quite clearly over the years over the decades, is that this is an internal affairs of china. and taiwan issue is left over issue from china's civil war way back when and the international committee has all recognized the one china policy, even including the united states government. it has also recognized the one china policy. so based on this understanding, china,
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its government has always been trying to seek a national re unification through peaceful pokes ah, those flash backlash either washington's refusal to invite cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, to the u. s. hosted summit of the americas. the chill, a president has called the decision, a mistake. i got vivian, i'm one that bulls emerge them with pals. we should all be here, but we are not all here because i do not like the exclusion of cuba, venezuela and nicaragua. and do you know why? because it would be different to argue in a forum like this, with all the countries presently, even those who decided to stay away because of this exclusion for the urgent need for the release of political prisoners in nicaragua are also the moral and practical importance of ending once and for all the unjust and unacceptable us blockade of the cuban people, if, if you the earlier angry cross. so to this trace of los angeles to protest against
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the exclusion of the latin american pantries, from the summit, local journalists, fiorella isabel, was at the scene here to protest the exclusion of nicaragua, cuba and venezuela. among other things, the lack of attention paid to the economy and the economic situation in the country right now. the a missing baby formula student that crisis health care crisis, climate change prices and all sorts of issues that people are bringing up specifically in l. a. where the homelessness ray is absolutely catastrophic and it's one of the highest in the entire country. this, i protest marks the end of the people summit, which was of course, a opposition of added to the joe biden democracy, some it focusing on people's issues. which is why they called it the people. so i'm, and again, this is the 1st time where our presidents have addressed the people, some it via a, a proud in online video web for i'm especially right now, of course,
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where the mainstream media is so focused on january 6 coverage of insurrections. when of course, they have been ignoring the attention paid by these activists organizers, movement social movements on the imperialist agenda of the united states. that has, of course, installed regime changes and continues to provide billions of dollars to neo nazi factions in ukraine. ah, how strongly pakistan says is counting on chinese loans to help raises foreign reserves within the next few days? good news. the terms and conditions for refinancing of our m. b. 15000000000 deposit by chinese banks. about $2300000000.00 united states dollars have been agreed in flow is expected shortly after some routine approvals from both sides. this will help shore up our foreign exchange reserves. the current economic crisis
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in pakistan has been after you had to be to, to, with extensive spending on financially and viable projects which cause a growing decline in foreign currency reserves plus a reco to year high inflation, mainly affecting food and fuel prices. pakistan is also continuing negotiations with the international monetary fund as the government hopes to with the payment on a $6000000000.00 package loan agreed back in 2019 was suspended due to non compliance with conditions the current, the authorities play out, the prime minister in ron con for the crisis and accusation, he's always denied. if the i m f, agrees to review is decision pakistan will receive $900000000.00, which will help access other sources of external financing. back in town has already fulfilled one of the funds requirements by removing fuel subsidies and moves that lead to a 40 percent growth in prices. the government also intends to raise taxes on the rich cut tax leaks. privatized government assets,
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and bond officials from buying cause. as they continue to struggle with spiraling costs and energy shortfalls, we spoke to a professor and research fellow who believes that negotiations with the i m. s. have been severely hampered by difficulties in relations with the us. it is very, you know, difficult for the current government to overcome these crisis, which is quite disturbing for the i'm a founder boss. this is why we are not reaching to our d. u. s. you know, contribute at least 100. 17000000000 to the i'm a quarter. and if i have to, you know, make a deal with the i m f. it is a very important for pakistan to have consent from the united states and have also the confidence that we are going to do the job that is expected from us. but. busy so far, the problem that arose during the last is a fans administration, our bilateral relations with the united states, but really disturbed in the international monetary system. the sun is dependent
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upon the flexible exchange rate international market in which it has just like any of the country. it's currency with the u. s. dollar. and any la christian in the value of the us dollar is going to affect the entire currencies around the world. and buyers on has to make reserves of the u. s. dollars. and if there is no macro level economic policies that is going to affect a positively, the pakistan economy minus on reserves are going to get down. many thanks for joining us here at the international. we will be back in the top of the out with a with
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oh, so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time, time to sit down and talk awe
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. on february, the 24th 2022. russia launched a special military operation in ukraine. the campaigns 1st major battle was an operation to bring the city of murray. you pull back under the control of pro russian don bass with a group.
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i want you to work with almost 3 months now. alexander had a cough skis unit made up of volunteers from dun ask, has been fighting on the murray you put front for community profit you from previous because the parents who said you're gonna do, sir, my gosh, there were. so she was there starts here, but i see your brother, printer looks the i'm capable of like it could have been sort of a little better because you'll ah .


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