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internally to so called coastal, which has not been able to establish itself as any kind of a viable state. it's a failed state and without international aid, without natal troops will survive today. and to what extent do you think what we're seeing in ukraine today or what happened in yugoslavia? it's an absolute echo. it's a clear, it's just a, it's a logical conclusion to what started in yugoslavia, $999.00. a paper that we know well here in serbia, which was the main part of you dislike, you know, just a year after nato's aggression. that there was a security conference and brought this law sponsored by the state department and the american enterprise institute. and a german politician winner wrote a report on that to den german chancellor. gerhard schroeder. and he
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said that it's time the u. s. officials said that you, this was a pack in order to correct eisenhower mistake from 1945 when he didn't succeed. in stationing american troops in yugoslavia, he also quote, an american officials are saying that the goal of america was to expand to the borders of the old roman empire at the height of its expansion. meaning the entire space from the baltics to the black sea. meaning that all the countries in between had to be admitted into nato. as a result, in the succeeding years, we have 5 ways of nato expansion, despite of, in spite of russia's warnings. and as a result, once they came into crane, russia just had to draw a red line. so it all really started back in 1099. and this is the logical outcome
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. and you know, unless things change very radically, which i don't expect. and washington things are not going to get better anytime soon. as alex on the package many, thanks for your time. we appreciate it. thank you. and thank you for joining us here in our international web back at the top of the hour with the latest ah. with dog or of brings food to the city and on her way back,
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she takes people who are too weak to live in the ruins of murray. you pull any more april over the guy from los angeles and you would accumulate a dog because women of a dumb d t i d t e did the school knew her, she just got out post marketing for customers with the coastal grains just right up of the little logo, it shows now to get them to do that, that again, if my brozowski, which genuine wasn't her deal, of the young people to know also that those who may have not got an e. what group you have a child shows about, do you only have to still know ah ah, be maria, who's old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities, horrifying battles. many couldn't get down to basements or
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a shelter because of their age. so they watched the horrors of war from the windows of shell flats. oh oh. oh, i got with you a with, [000:00:00;00]
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with my grandma tomorrow. this is the 2nd storming of my real blue she seen in her life . she survived the horrors of world war 2 is a child with a she think the day t as later she'd say nazi tag. thanks again. this time from ukrainian military, using civilians as human shields. and the once again, t p thanking russian soldiers for saving them.
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a a toy, a thing i do like a go
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with a child go i how about and zanna does not give me a little book as you said, would you build on with a b, b a to this is the focus you what they're gonna do with ds bonus you want to when you are sure this by yourself. and so i did the last creative. what did you, how do you say that one second i believe gonna do. you said if you book i'm done with this hot, you know, a foolish for thorn from full for on shirts
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with in spring 2022, many mario pl residence. remember that he has previous date. they've been visited by one of my dads ringleaders, fields up our shanker, who become the president of ukraine shortly before his visit. even then he knew
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that the russian speaking se and regional could only be kept from exiting ukraine with punitive measures for me with only now did the people understand the meaning of these words about a human shield defending the city shallow herself scotia? well, it was, unless you will styled our daughter will show more clearly lusciously, or for ideally, should go fios willingly for last month. and it was a sunday, hers ask, your schedule is for it, you know, so personally and you do you still love where you love you?
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meaning it was really touch on like your oil slower you a since 2014 variable on the john bass region of being considered disney oil territory by cave stay tv channels. oakland, he called to suppress the pro russian sentiments of the regions residence in the most radical manner. no. it's in the past of the pressing that are you and that was made to them next it just took on the percentage. yep. and b program like that. what do you think you could have a cost of with just 3 or orchard boosters? really?
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condenser picky store. said you may unique when your school got school was where she's been that of go nature. i need you for we. yes. christie, to push fries a little bit bigger of for the less you should students come, gamble local residents, explain the nationalist truancy simply in 2015 pro russian militia repulsed and counter attack to another ukrainian army offensive. the frontline was just 15 kilometers from are you both for those sort of thought they in the meantime, what do you live? ah, is she needs me off the market? said them on the call is about kate dixon. luca for real up with
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what they did that also update from shower in which at the thought they had the minsk accord, stipulating heavy weapons with school was signed at that time. those agreements enabled kenya to keep control of the city for 8 years with a particular masika video. yet what was the brought sima to live here close to because you know, my, you know, get a bunch don't you start going for someone you paula was a prominent, is she, i mean, is she still really? she is lost on the stuff they were most of the coming thoughts, gremlins, caraway, only designers, personal abuse. can you switch one of those dumb pro, which they probably could have someone give me a call? would you potentially one of those just my daughter has oh, you're more bush and it was heated me. and while it's,
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i'm with today, the militia man regret believing ukraine's assurance at peace and not taking control of mary. you pull in 2015. mm hm. with in may 2019 lady measure lensky defeated fields of irish and get an ukraine's presidential election with a promise to end the bloodshed in don bass. a straight answer his election. he immediately changed the rhetoric and started talking about withdrawing from the men's could cause
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a problem to meet each other the only she mocking them from that moment. nato military experts stepped out of the ukrainian armies training for the upcoming war. so when you watch on the morning, which i was somewhat of high school grades, given where we left sharon, your seabreeze device, and too much data where you will lose of them, minute. so miser. she's actually a queue operator. dryden. this issue with even before the active combat phase, as of nationalist regimens, militants were ready to sacrifice murray. you both civilians to keep control of the city. with
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l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to race trust rather than fear with take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race, movies on often has very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist . i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very political time. time to sit down and talk. yes unit. a new local bonsa isn't as a security schemata medical special shipment out to mental dylan norton because of a different different bunker from went off and just looking for if so he's not on the policy with an organ nissan, which is a senior call usually come down to kind of like the miranda stuff that you can give me some familiar with the banking you're about to talk to proseries to say cool trip them on the stuff you know, gotten you know more of the future. i need to learn it. you can walk through so
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such an approach has now resulted in the dance of thousands of civilians on both sides of the front line. ah a t shirt is up in a dud dileskimo. there was a more than a deposit yet a bit more durable. a particular good just can surely should go in there a day and a shimmering distorted mouth is yours. but everybody does time specific when especially your significant other version, the upper right rest of the boys under the quote say not shiny enough of care done yet. i see absolutely. well, i mean, those are the guy li as all parts. scott,
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help me my re enough time. i know that people choose money by michelle for a small bed or not safe there to be at the on our family of nature shows on your quarter because i journey the shy to great deal. great book writing awards shock briefly. mother as dian jordan reba. i knew you spoke with north salt and several things from nicole logo. what did surely form through that across the domain itself? good. been updated yet. yep. um. what a month old was him to have a good amount about jameer for the normal nor true on bus minute. what they'll say on that was it with journalists follow to brianna, is one of those who have been trying in vain for 8. he is to bring the truth about
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the horrors of the ukrainian civil war to the world. yeah, but in my story of a few weeks when you thus the new yes. certainly the 60 mile east that also should the good kind of pick up new they up and most of the nazis thought he heard that us supervision. i put up not still and dusted. i was good much, i believe. joke. what up like new. okay, that's what i'm still with my found d. stolen us a place where it says, i think most of each of us who she's national below. i like listening. right today pavel is going back to the city he left 8 years ago. he wants to see what's left of his form alive, which changed forever in 2014 mm mm hm. we'll just send it to the sustaining good. this quote
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good little chance. coca cola finished showing him logan. he said he was looking than you krishi. just need to see if see it on the ocean. it wasn't okay. 2 bottles from from feller at a inch is there he did ask any national natal up there? jessica? ah, i was just unless you go to china. st. louis, cause that is the list though we seen him. you buy us. can these cars? i just the windshield company, my boy nice continuously. you feel like design, it wasn't a day of the other. the football really is a brand new product that you boise just frustrated about that cuz i just saw board that that'll go. but i didn't say it may just, you know,
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not good with blue cross or not a good one. yeah. cuz he said that system, that was very of shit. but then we'll start a book that it went up quite a kiddo for organum. undeniable, a pretty takes a couple how when you go to city water moines. yeah. she's done. you have said silly, better parties can you have? no, can you insure to somebody to clean it up? but it is typically a normal vanya, i'm all ready to discuss, you can or are through steepness opportunity there, but it's usually 50 with already cuba. vanya people who are tunica,
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he's not here. we do watch video booking because he thought i'm listening but i look, i'm with you on the show. so severe, but he was horror. i'm when you, i am here to walk down there. mr. ross just can't. you don't thompson's, i mean, you know, he's almost all supported on my call just so you think you can see us and we will not study my thoughts other than you bringing a blue with women though. so another g o u d a does give you my general full say good as accord in reserve by the yes this i'm, if you're my daughter, don't boys to leave it. can you see us when we see it? do we do it? but the one that does not go quiet does it started just out of school if we spoke about god dog, why do i drive a dog or
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a dum will arrange is performing. melissa, need a much to go with the city who's learned you have, but i do, you know, i've got genius. mm mm. to day, mary, you police getting used to peaceful life again. the city is recovering after almost 3 months of fighting. mm hm. everyone's looking for something new housing, food and water, lost relatives and friends through stories of rescue repeat themselves. ah, with sure that when you that show
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a film on a fucking to give to the little one a few days for all of us in the she didn't the one leave a little we didn't don't with alyssa, a volunteer has just a few hours left before the curfew. she's been looking for the stopping her family all day long or something else. i've been to go this with a i don't know. the main thing is to get ready and leave the city before dark. so
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that people notice through the call, you know, there's those invoices, those i've already used to both for the least most conditions are using their motion to bring to you alone with the funds from a photo and video from of the issue. yes, i see a function with the force of mom them was just by you them from ikea or my last that there now stated in those a. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready life. ready ready ready ready but this family, the terrible battle for mary village in the past that going to their relatives in
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relatively quiet mackey has defended all these years by don bass militia. the 1st shower in 3 months and a sound sleep and a warm bed, a waiting for them. i ah with a with . ready ready ready ready ready
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no one knows what they will dream about. battles on the streets of their home city or the militia men who came to live rate, their homes, or maybe about a new piece coming to the land of don bass, torn by an h e. s. civil war. mm. hm, with our most comfortable, i'm more than you know, also such as long as you can leave that say several more move you know, with the talk to them. you and i can say you have plenty to russia forward too much . yeah. let me go see the most homer williams america sub. i'd be like a little just always go quarter. we're not sure what's going on. i butchered so against with on may the 16th 2022 as of regimen. representatives approached alexander hud. gov
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skis. unit with white flags. the unit was storm in the as of star plans basements, the last ukranian stronghold as of had finally surrendered. the battle on mary, opal had lasted almost 3 months. ah ah. ah,
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ah . the, the with crane shells residential homes and the city needs on. yes, we need to get least 5 stability with the media outlets. so we can get the real numbers. how much money is being made fun. all ukraine with nato will ready, sending more than $8000000.00 in a on the u. k. agree to send a new batch of heavy weapons. the key, as we hear from russia's britain who says he doubts london, willingness to support ukraine when the conflict it's an interesting question


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