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the the, the with ukraine shells, residential homes in the city need don't. yes, we need to get least 5 civilians from western media outlets. so we can get for the real numbers. it's just how much money is being made fun. all supplies ukraine with nato will ready, sending more than $8000000.00 in a on the u. k. agree to send a new batch of heavy weapons to key as we hear from russia's faster to britain, who says he doubts london, willingness to support ukraine when the conflict. and it's an interesting question whether you will be interested after that one particular in the building you're
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putting in quoting money to the sort at this time in permanent us political adult security. china not being the ukranian president's speech as an international summit, but later apparently delete the a warm welcome. this is, are you into national with the latest news is good to have you with us that we thought with the latest when they don't yet scans le ganske republics where the ukrainian military has intensified its shelling of residential areas. at least 5 people have been wounded after a massive hit. the city of goal of coaches, north of don't you ask a number of homes that have been severely damaged as well as the vital infrastructure is comes off the don. yes, school thirty's reported friday. the 5 civilians were killed and 21 injured by ukrainian shelling across the republic. meanwhile, rushes defense ministry says his forces have destroyed dozens of targets,
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including a foreign mercenary vase. in the past 24 hours is comes of ukrainian authorities have admitted that taking heavy losses with up to a 100 soldiers killed each day. well, less than the show the company think you bluestorm at the beginning of the conflict every day we will losing $100.00 soldiers on average. so can we assume that the ukranian army lost up to 10000 soldiers? yes, something like that. citizens of the ukrainian city of military police started to obtain rush and passports off the moscow approved these local authorities in the supposed region say more than 85 percent of the population. they want to become russian citizens with more than $4000.00 having already done so. the area has been under the control of the russian military for more than 3 months. in the meantime, salvage and recovery efforts are in full swing in the dorm by city of mario poll,
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recently retaken by russian. that forces from some of the emergency services personnel who are helping the local stuff. but it's a big building. we started work in the city immediately after the end of the hostilities, as russian and don't get sick. emergency services began to perform their duties. the city gradually began to come back to life. we also have a large group of sappers who diffuse mind, buildings, ukrainian troops, mind everything here as they were retreat it was then yes, calling. this is a school building. it is almost completely destroyed. a group of ukrainian military were here. we found equipment, personal belongings, weapons and a case from a night vision device, as well as a special report on the c. genario pope. bring you exclusive accounts from those who witnessed and took part in the battle for the city you most are documented to be in full on sunday, honor and on our website for now, here's a quick teaser. ah,
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anyone else that you should was done to live in for the shoulder? us, as i said, will leave mary. you pull in ruins and that's exactly what happened. i knew barbara lastly promised them up for you was nazis tortured us for 8 years. not to do it. we were leaving in 2 cars, hamilton and i both course came on, their sniper fire, without warning as a cell hotel, a bullet grace, my daughter. they shut mom in the legs. ah, they didn't allow us out. they were shooting at us. what are they called snipers? i know that they wouldn't let us out or in calm down. western analysts sorry, exposing just how much money the military industrial profit is a raking in by continuing to send weapons to ukraine with us as nato countries have
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already sent more than a $1000000000.00 worth of arms to keith. washington is sending $6500.00 javel and anti tank missile systems, which are made by raytheon and lockheed martin. the cost of each missile is about $78000.00 and the reusable launcher is another $100000.00. ukraine will receive more of these systems from france in estonia, with another 200 coming from the u. k. where you can see how the share price is of some defense. johns have risen, is invested, anticipate rising profits, us contractor era venue amount is expected to be one of the biggest beneficiaries along with european companies, wind metal. and leonardo, who says, have risen by a 120 and 67 percent, respectively. however, fuller, marine corps intelligence officer, scott, risk essays, western weapon supplies will not change the outcome of the conflict. not getting the benefit of um, the new production ukraine is receiving. ah,
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your weapons that have been in storage told her weapon, but as these are moved out of storage, that creates a gap in western cape, building each be filled by new production. and so this, these companies bringing as use weapons, none of which will go to ukraine, all of which will go to fill the armories of other respective nations. but though this is a windfall for military industrial, a corporations the, the, the situation is deteriorating, of the best the supply of western arms can do is reduce the rate of deterioration. it will never reverse the outcome of no amount of web western weaponry will. ready enable ukraine to gain the upper hand. all it will do is length in the conflict. and more importantly, from the western perspective, kill more russians because that's all this is about. we heard that from void austin, the american secretary to fred's who said that the goal here is up to make russia pay a cost to inflict aim on russia. that means dead russians. and so that's what the,
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the west is trying to accomplish here. and it's very cynical because it's not just russians that are dying, as we said, for every one russian to goes down, you know, maybe 20 ukrainians are going down. so it's about dead ukrainians as well. maybe it's time ukraine wakes up and understands that the west is seeking to extend this conflict, not to help you frame president zalinski hath price london's military assistance. a key as during a visit by the u. k, the fence secretary to the ukrainian capital was less guilty to the chance to pay for another batch of weapons from bison. will krinski school. the robot sin, shall ukrainian troops are doing everything they can using the artillery. they have to stop the occupiers offensive. well, as much as the heavy weapons in modern artillery all that we have asked and continue to ask our partners to provide, allow them to support. i have met the u. k. secretary of state for defense, ben wallace, when we discussed how to stop russian aggression and how to stop at mounting
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a potential offense and what supplies are needed for our army. the british show true leadership in defense matters, what the person has now confirmed and new shipments have long range, rocket launchers, 1000 additions, and thousands of on the tank missiles, ahmed vehicles, and our defense systems. the head of ukraine's military intelligence has recently said that the country's troops have almost run out of ammunition and now rely on western supplies. russia's ambassador to the u. k. andre kellen dallas, whether london will be interested in supporting ukraine when the conflicts eventually ends at it put a long, gave the call. it makes ukraine and so just continue fight. and it is a cynical, i should say, because it is providing money not much, but it is, it is providing weapon in forces, cottages, in the army, to continue funding and no single knowledge about or sickly about the future. or if
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you great what's going to happen after that, it's an interesting question. whether you will be interested after one in a building you're putting in considering voting can run it to the sort of this in key if that brought to me that in the future in, in building up the country and handling countries. economy once again in doing something. so i'm afraid the interest will be lost in some, some. so to live, if there will be a failure to continue to make such a project as an international, to start out of your free and then to rational state. and it will be a no more capabilities, and no more should be to do that, then will probably be less interest than now. of course, we have seen of that wisdom by what us has. we're preparing the ukraine of war for
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the corn flakes by play arms for many years before the united kingdom can specifically maintain for grace for a bit to prepare needed for the people you're putting up for this perfect as well. and as, and also your case has to spec to enable basis on the course when the dance can be either in the life. of course, we have seen all the stipulations that has been done to in, in the kind of ukraine or conflict. so in a certain way it is that they have the beveled into it. and of course, at the moment i think that they are preventing any kind of war and safety if for negotiation before they will, they are continuing to to push ukraine in these along the
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same way to continue waiting not to think about the future. the longer conflict will less of the week, a situation in ukraine will be more consistent, more consistent, you could and should undo if it, bill berlin, gate for more some or of his weapon or grip has been supply to give, has been used against civil war. elation or bananas. in lugens, we have seen radio that is sitting by the french artillery of the destruction of houses and civilians. only a last week. i think it's about asia because of the shipping and the more weapon that has been chosen for that. that's exactly, it was the sort of hillary that has been supplied. i don't even mention that it is in contradiction with the basic principles of supply of items into the zone of
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conflicts and responsible behavior. this is a principle which is a guy that you're going to union need to buy new supply weapons to zones of conflict. and as you understand, it is used not only in the meet the process, but at different qualifications or what is going on right now in ukraine. sam saying that it is a candle ones between east and west of it's been arrested and west. i think it is just a match. it's certainly an exaggeration ghost. the activities are concentrated in one place on the right now with that bus and a bit wider. so the best definition where they feel in my mind, this is the and on the civil war from william of that has started in the 20142015. it was in years, has been illegally seized,
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and u. k continues to, to make we b, this was in a grocery stage door, which is of course continue with our interest to our situation. and that this is one of the main reasons that out and integral most in a into the regional with the president biden has once again blamed vladimir putin for a surgeon, energy and food costs. working america of the u. s. consumer innovation hit its highest level in more than 4 decades and a point 6 percent increase. i talked russian diplomats as poked fun at biden's attempts to accuse the kremlin days of leisure report. confirm what america's already know. prudent price, i consider america hard. gas prices at the pump, energy and food prices cover, half of the monthly price increases. since may my administration going to do
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everything we can to lower the price. this is american people, and the congress has to act and they have been of late. it sure sounds like president putin also runs the u. s. considering he can impose taxes on food and gasoline. there that was a lame and futile attempts by president biden, to shift the blame and dodge his own duty, widens claim flying the faith. besides, the us inflation has been on the rise ever since his term began back in january 2021. so from an average of 1.4 percent to 7 by december. oh, that's happening months before the outbreak of the conflict in ukraine to make matters worse, washington went all in on anti russian sanctions, the spillover effects of which are now aggravating the crisis in the us with administration official scrambling with damage control and biden statements, the state department has made an attempt to explain why the american sanctions are hitting home so hard from the beginning. we here in the united states and our
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allies and partners around the world, particularly in europe. understood. i think there we are. second, clear about this, that there will be costs that we'll have to take measures and impose costs on russia that will have spill overs into or in economies that we'll know again, 1st of all the, these prices were rising even before the conflict in ukraine. but also it is clear that the us sanctions themselves are playing a role in this. and they're not the ones that the people of the us or europe really should accept the american people are suffering. and why should they suffer from the sanction? why should they tolerate this? you know, we don't have baby formula in this country. there will be food shortages here. why is that acceptable to the american vapor? the sanctions are hurting people that to it's hurting people in russia, people in europe, people in the united states, i think the u. s. has given up on the economy. it's given up on the american people
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were sending billions of dollars down the toilet on military aid, much of it, which will never even reach the people we're trying to send it to. meanwhile, homeless is increasing. we're seeing this on the streets of america. i'm seeing it on the streets of pittsburgh. people can't afford food, they can't afford fuel, they can't afford health care. and the u. s. government doesn't care that that's what's clear in the polls are reflecting in the approval for the white house or historic low levels, which shows the american people know who is putting the screws to them. an international security. so my thing, singapore has been overshadowed by a controversy of the a prominent us research falsely accused. the chinese delegation of walking out during a speech by ukraine's president at the event and its weight, washington base political analysts, olivia, in all claims that chinese officials had left the hall during a broad cause. vladimir lensky speech, however,
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apparently later deleted her post. last month during the devil's world, he can make for him us congressman michael macau showed a picture of what he called, the chinese delegation, refusing to stand up during an evasion off the landscape. speech with the media will also quick to jump on that claim until it turns out that it is actually been to vietnamese delegation. aging responded by calling on the be american know, make it to take back his baseless accusations. that is during president's lensky speech. the chinese delegation was not even at the venue. we urge the u. s. congressmen to make a correction and stop spreading. does information come to vice president of the center for china and the globalization? vic, take our se such scandals demonstrate and on the lion western gender against staging . first of all, such allegations are groundless and now fabrication is they demonstrate the complete lack of professionalism and seriousness on the parts, although so called
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a journalist. and it also reflects, in general, this kind of anti china, china passion, attitude among western media in general, and among many politicians in western countries. now on the other hand, i think china stands very firmly, all matters of principle and is committed to doing the right thing, rather than being agitated by such false accusation and falsification of facts. so i hope the people in the world will use their own brain to make their own judgment as to the false flute that has been portrayed by such irresponsible journalists in the west. during the security summit and singapore, beijing also took the chance to exchange diplomatic sholtes with washington. over taiwan, china's defense ministry criticize the pentagon, following news. if the latest u. s. ons package for taiwan. if anyone dares to split taiwan from china,
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the chinese military has no choice but to fight at all costs and take all necessary measures to crush any attempt by taiwanese separatists to split taiwan from the motherland. the chinese military will resolutely safeguard national security and territorial integrity. and we remain focused on maintaining peace stability and the status quo across across to try one straight. but the p. r c's moves threatened to undermine security of stability and prosperity and the endo pacific. we will defend our interests without flinching, but will also work toward our vision for this region. one of expanding security, one of increased cooperation and that one of growing division. the chinese defense ministry of also lay down the list of conditions the
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us must meet the easing tensions, including not interfering in china's internal affairs or harming china's interests . china and taiwan splits during a civil war in 1949 and beijing has been following b. one china policy since then, the latest on the package will see the us provide parts, the taiwanese naval ships with an estimated cost of a $120000000.00. now a long vice chairman of the shank, i center for international studies on the vow di club experts phase. the us is using ty, one as a trump card against china. i think the u. s. government has always been using the tie one issue as it's one of the measures to contain china in its relations, which china, taiwan, the pie, one card is always in their hands to play with from time to time. and i think this is they believe this is the time to create trouble for china to,
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to mess around with the internal affairs of china. so it's nothing new, it's nothing new to china. but if they play it too hard, i think the chinese government would take some actions and in terms of any upcoming threat to separate to taiwan from the motherland. and then the chinese government is going to take actions and announcement has already been made. what china has been expressing itself quite clearly over the years over the decades is that this is an internal affairs of china. and taiwan issue is left over issue from china's civil war way back when and the international committee has all recognized the one china policy, even including the united states government. it has also recognized the one china
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policy. so based on this understanding, china, its government has always been trying to seek a national re unification through peaceful parks, manufacture joining a foreign, authentic national web back at the top of the hour with more ah, ah
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ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been cancelled the very modern weapon council of culture nearly desert. wonderful. i will, sheffield my last will thought william frog here. just me sitting on it with the phrase now particularly refers to canceling russian culture. yet i know what to create the few orders. because if you, when you miles for cure, which will be your there is chill, i thought that the most of the temperature random e, normally what rushes created over the past 1500 years. there's no question,
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partially condemned, reviled and rejected to sort of like a bullet brown. there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you, said a little short list. joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now enclosed da staff skate to cascade shostakovich that i need to you all the pool left. but yes, sir, that would be the time. will you do? obama lee? you're not with ah, what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see
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how that strategy will be successful, very difficult, time. time to sit down and talk ah way. no one nation. no, no, no, no. what the most of the limitation of the unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. real to production. but it will show up enough keel to build on it. so new to
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keep on moved to new mom doesn't know what to do and i got the sale. i wonder, i wish to know about jewelry, who i know he didn't more or less than a jewel it's. i had a couple of the mother and all buddy, you know, nice little to do you want to on this she might new on it and all, i isn't more similar to the you know, put them out to think of us. i dependent
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is why does that why you don't you don't get my us. and then if you look at our policy on the policies to strategic policies also needed the welcome. i posted these. let me in, depending on who is the aggressor today, i'm authorizing the additional strong sanctions today. russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. a number that's constantly growing. i figure which of the problem was to call soon as you speak on the bill in your senior most in mine or will ship. we're banding all in ports of russian oil and gas, new g i g
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with info. let me know, we're pretty good regarding joe biden, imposing these sanctions on russia. jo has destroyed the american economy. so there's your boomerang with a with,
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[000:00:00;00] with ah, ah, yeah, a you know, either to use this on, on a posterior composite via a wiki,
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merely if you do that, you lost it. and when you so your doorstep, because when you're gone this suddenly green is domes on that because all, and you live with a low grade, a facility that you're not winning with. of course why he, why not? can you throw you away now on frederick is stein you, why not she she away not i will be can leave the key only so many. grandma me, he thought he will not need school choice. you're not letting you come down, you know, at the bill of the session, a stronger solution, but the most to see you pretty way each. it will not. the key is a family could never style a


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